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Full text of "Paramatthadipani. Dhammapala's commentary on the Therigatha"

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jfSali Ccjtt ^ociMp. 




E. MULLEE, Ph. D. 

Professor in the University of Berne. 









Introduction ... ... ... ... ... ... vii 

Text 1 

Index of Proper Names ... ... ... ... 303 

Index of Words and Phrases ... ... ... 310 

Corrections and Additions ... ... ... ... 316 



In editing Dhammapclla's commentary on the Therigatha 
I have made use of a paper manuscript in Sinhalese cha- 
racters which was sent to me by Subhilti in the beginning 
of 1891, and which is a copy of the palm-leaf manuscript 
described by Pischel in the preface to his edition of the 
Therigatha, p.. 119 (C). This manuscript was copied and 
corrected very carefully by Subhuti and his pupils, and, in 
fact, a great many of the clerical errors which occur in 
Pischel's extracts of the commentary, and therefore must 
belong to the original manuscript, have been avoided in 
this copy. A certain number of blunders, however, have 
escaped Subhiiti's care, and for correcting these, as far as 
the prose text is concerned, I had to resort to conjecture, 
since all the trouble I took in obtaining a second manu- 
script of this portion of the Paramatthadipani proved 

For the poetical part I had better chances. The Theri- 
gatha itself has been edited critically by Professor Pischel, 
and his readings could be adopted in most cases, although 
they do U'^t always agree with those of the commentary. 
Professor Pischel justly remarks that the text of the Therl- 
giltha must have been corrupted already at the time when 
Dhammaprda wrote his commentary ; otherwise such mis- 
understandings as theriti for te rindl in the explanation of 
verse *26o would be quite impossible. In this and similar 
cases I have put the correct reading in the Therigatha 
text ; but I have not ventured to alter the reading in 


Dhammapala's commentary, except when a clerical error 
could be assumed with certainty.^ 

In the notes to my text of the Therigatha I have only 
given the various readings found in my manuscript of the 
Paramatthadipani (marked cd.) and those of a Therigatha 
manuscript in Burmese characters belonging to the Man- 
dalay collection of the India Office in London (No. 169), 
which Pischel could not yet compare. The readings of 
this manuscript are marked by the letter m. In a few 
cases, especially when they agreed with those of the com- 
mentary, I have preferred them to Pischel's readings. 

We now have to deal with the portions of the Theri 
Apadana embodied in our text. For these I used two 
MSS. in Burmese characters belonging to the Mandalay 
collection of the India Office Library (Nos. 141 and 142).. 
These MSS. are beautifully written and very correct ; their 
readings are generally better than those of the Para- 
matthadipani MS., and agree nearly throughout the whole 
text. In the notes I have marked them by the letter A, 
and in a few cases, where there is a difference, No. 141 is 
marked by Aj and No. 142 by A2. The readings of the 
Paramatthadipani MS. in these Apadana portions are 
marked by the letter P. 

I have also compared the Apadana MS. of the Biblio- 
theque Nationale in Paris, which, in a few cases, offers 
better readings than A and P ; the readings of this MS. 
are marked by the letter B. 

The arrangement of the theris in the Therigatha is 
made according to the number of stanzas pronounced by 
each theri, and the commentator Dhammapala inserts 
behind the prose preface, which introduces each stanza in 
his commentary, the respective portion of the Apadana, if 
there is anything corresponding in this collection. In 

^ I believe Kern's explanation of rindi=driti (Bijdrage 
tot de verklaring van eenige woorden in Pah, p. 15 f.) to 
be the correct one ; yet we might assume, with Morris, 
that it is a mistake for ritti, ' empty.' 



order to enable the reader to draw a parallel between the 
Theri Gatha and the Theri Apadana, I give here a list of 
the theris in the order in which they are arranged in the 
TherT Gatha, and on the other side the corresponding 
names in the Theri Apadfma, with the numbers they bear 
in this collection. It will be seen from this list that in a 
certain number of cases the names of the theris do not 
agree in both collections, although the verses as given in 
the Apadana and in the ParamatthadipanT are identical ; 
it will also appear which of the 73 theris belonging to the 
Theri Gatha do not occur in the Theri Apadana, while those 
belonging to the latter collection only may be left out of 
question here. 


1 Aimatara theri 1 

2 Mutta 2 

3 Punna 3 

4 Tissa sikkhamana ... 4 

5 Tissa theri 5 

6 Dhira 6 

7 Aiinatara Dhira 7 

8 Mitta 8 

9 Bhadda 9 

10 Upasama 10 

11 Mutta 11 

12 Dhammadinna 12 

13 Visakha 13 

14 Sumana 14 

15 Uttara 15 

16 Sumana vuddhap° ... 16 

17 Dhamma 17 

18 Sahghcl IS 

19 Nanda 19-20 

20 Jenti 21-22 

21 Sumahgalanjuta .. 23-24 

22 Addhakcisi 25-26 

23 Citta 27-28 


Maudapadayika 3 

Sahkamanadayika 4 

Nalamalika 5 

Dhammadinna 23 

Pindapatadciyika 6 

Addhakasi 37 

Nalamalika 5 



24 Mettika 29-30 

25 Mitta 31-32 

26 Abhayamata 33-34 

27 Abhayattheri 35-36 

28 Sama 37-38 

29 Annatara Sama... 39-41 

30 Uttama 42-44 

31 Annatara Uttama 45-47 

32 Dantika 48-50 

33 Ubbiri 51-53 

34 Sukka 54-56 

35 Sela 57-59 

36 Soma 60-62 

37 Bhadda Kapilani 63-66 

38 Annatara bhik- 

khuni apannata 67-71 

39 Vimala 72-76 

40 Siha 77-81 

41 Sundarmandci ... 82-86 

42 Nanduttara 87-91 

43 Mittakali 92-96 

44 Pakula 97-101 

45 Sona 102-106 

46 Bhadda Kun- 

dalakesa ... 107-111 

47 Patacara 112-116 

48 t i m s a m a 1 1 a 

bhikkUnniyo 117-121 

49 Candfi 122-126 

50 pancasata Pata- 

cara 127-132 

51 Vasetthi 133-138 

52 Khemfi 139-144 

53 Sujata.... 145-150 

54 Anopama 151-156 

55 Maliapajtlpati 

Gotami 157-162 


Siimekhala 2 

Nalamali 16 

Katacchu 7 

Uppaladayika 8 

Salalapupphika 12 

Ekuposathika 11 

Timodaki 13 

Nalamalika 5 

Ekasanadayika 14 

Sukka ^ 35 

Dipadayika 9 

Uppaladayika ... 8 (1 nloka) 
Kapilani 27 

Varanand a 25 

Sakula 24 

Sona 26 

Kundala 21 

Patacara 20 

Khema 18 





56 Gutta 163- 

57 Vijaya 169 

58 Uttara 175- 

59 Gala 182- 

60 Upacala 189- 

61 Sisiipacala 196- 

62 Yaddhamata ... 204- 

63 Kisagotami ... 213 
61 Uppalavainia... 224 

65 Pimna 236 

Qij xlmbaprdi 252- 

67 Eobim 271- 

68 Capa 291- 

69 Sundari 312- 

70 Subha Kamma- 

radblta 338- 

71 Subha Jivam- 

bavanika ... 366- 

72 Isidasi 40')- 

73 Smnedha 448- 


-223 GotamT 

-235 Uppalavanna 

-251 Piinna 

-270 Ambapall 

-337 Katacchu 





Among the theris named in the above Hst there are a 
number of historical persons. First of all, MahapajapatI 
Gotami, Buddba's foster-mother, at whose instigation he 
established the order of female mendicants. We learn 
from the Apadana portion (verse 118) that her father was the 
Sakya prince Aiijana, and her mother Sulakkhana (in the 
Mahavamsa, chap. II., their names are Aiijana and Yaso- 
dhara), while in Dhammapilla's introduction (p. 140) the 
father is called Mahasuppabuddha of Devadaha (he is 
given as her brother in the Mahavamsa). 

Besides Mahapajapati GotamT, another of Gotama's rela- 
tions entered the order of female mendicants — viz., his 
sister Nanda (No. 41). In order to distinguish her from 
the other Nanda (No. 19), she is called Suudarlnanda Jana- 
padakalyani in our text. The Apadana explains the name 
Nanda as given to her because her whole family was de- 


lighted (nandita), and Janapadakalyani because she was the 
prettiest among the young girls in the city of Kapila- 
vatthu, excepting always Yasodhara. In the commentary 
to Dhammap., verse 150 (p. 313 ff.), she is called Eiipananda 
Janapadakalyani. When her brother had become a Buddha, 
and Eahula, his son, Nanda, her brother, Mahapajapati, 
and Yasodhara had all taken holy orders, she thought : 
" All the members of my family have entered the priesthood ; 
what shall I do at home by myself? I will follow their 
example." Thus she became a priestess, " through love to 
her family, not through faith." Her further adventures 
are related at length in the Apadana. The teacher, seeing 
that she was not yet firmly established in the true religion, 
created by his supernatural power a beautiful young 
woman, similar to an apsaras, and placed her before 
Nanda's eyes. While she was lost in amazement at this 
unusual sight, he made the woman pass from youth to 
middle age, and then to old age, broken-toothed, grey- 
haired, and wrinkled, until she fell in a heap on the floor. 
Nanda was frightened by this sudden change, thinking 
that this woman's fate would also befall her one day ; but 
then the teacher consoled her by reciting the stanzas 
aturam asucim putim, etc., and the Dhammapada verse 
(150) atthinam nagaram katam, etc. Thereupon Nanda 
realised arahatship and pronounced stanzas 85 and 86 : 
tassa me appamattaya, etc. 

Dhammapala, in his introduction, refers the reader to 
the commentary on Abhirupananda (No. 19)^; but he 
notices a difference between the two theris in the fact that 
Sundarinanda's mind was prepared to receive instruction in 
the Kammatthanas, while concerning Abhirupananda this 
must not have been the case. There is a Sundarinanda, 
daughter of Thullananda, alluded to several times in the 

^ There also the legend is not given in its whole extent ; 
but we have it in Dhammapala's introduction to Khema's 
stanzas (No. 52) and in the Dhammap. commentary to 
stanza 150. 


first chcapters of the Bhikkhunivibhaiiga, but I do not 
believe that the two are identical. 

I will now say a few words about this Abhiriipananda, 
although I am not certain that she is an historical person. 
At the time of the Buddha Vipassi she was born as the 
daughter of a wealthy man at Bandhumati, and married 
Prince Bandhumji. In this dispensation she was the 
daughter of the Sakya prince Khemaka at Kapilavatthu ; 
on account of her beauty she was called Abhirupananda. 
Her bridegroom, Carabhuta, having died on the wedding- 
day, she was compelled by her parents to take holy orders. 
Intoxicated with her own loveliness, she thought : The 
teacher will declare there is sin in beauty, and she 
would not go to see him. The Buddha, having seen in 
what state of mind she was, ordered Mahapajapatl that all 
the nuns should come to the exhortation (ovada). Abhiru- 
pananda, however, did not come herself, but sent another 
nun in her stead. The Buddha said : When your turn has 
come, you should go yourself, and not send another one in 
your stead. Thereupon she was obliged to go, and then the 
Blessed one proceeded with her in the same way as with 
Sundarinanda (see above), and spoke to her stanzas partly 
the same, partly similar in meaning. 

In our review of the historical persons of our text we now 
come to the two aggasavikas Khema and Uppalavanna. They 
were both the daughters of King Kikl of Kasi at the time of 
the Buddha Kassapa. At the time of the Buddha Koiui- 
gamana Khema, together with DhananjanT and Sumedha 
gave an arama as a present to the priesthood. In this 
Buddhuppada Khema was born as the daughter of the 
Madda king at Sagala, in the Magadha country, and after- 
wards married King Bimbisara. Soon after her marriage 
the king's attendants took her to the Buddha, who resided at 
the Veluvana vihara. The Buddha proceeded with regard 
to her very much in the same way as he had done with 
regard to Sundarinanda (see above), and then when she was 
frightened he consoled her by reciting the stanza ye raga- 
rattanupatanti sotam, etc. (Dhp. verse 347). 


Shortly afterwards Khema realised arahatship, but before 
this event took place she was tempted by Mara, who 
addressed to her stanza 139 (=Samy. V. 4, 2). Khema 
resisted the temptation ; her refusal is contained in stanzas 
140-144 (140 corresponds to Samy. V. 4, 5 ; 141 to Samy. 
V. 1, 6.) Comp. Caroline Foley, "Women Leaders of the 
Buddhist Reformation," p. 8-10. 

In my Glossary of Pali proper names, printed in the 
Society's Journal for 1888, I have given the theri Khema 
as one person, and the aggasavika Khema, who is generally 
mentioned together with Uppalavanna, as another. After 
careful consideration I now come to the conclusion that 
they are one and the same. A totally different person, 
however, is the Arhati Kshema, daughter to King Prasena- 
jit of Kosala, whose conversion is related in the Avadana 
Cataka VIII. 9 (Annales du Musee Guimet, XVIIL, p. 
293 K). 

The second of Gotama's aggasavikas was the theri Uppa- 
lavanna. The name occurs several times in the Vinayapi- 
taka (C.X. 8; Par. 1. 10, 5; Niss. 5, 1) and also in the Jataka, 
but we do not know whether the persons mentioned in 
these passages are identical with our Uppalavanna. Accord- 
ing to a statement in the London Apadana MSS., which is 
omitted in my Paramatthadipani MS. (p. 192, verses 28, 
29), she was born at Aritthapura as the daughter of the 
l)rahmin Tiritavaccha, and was called Ummadanti. This 
reminds us of the Ummadantijataka (Jat. V., p. 209 ff.), of 
the story of the Piahandama Uppalavanna in Buddhaghosa's 
parables, trans, by Rogers, p. 188-190, and of the Unmada- 
yantljataka, the 13th story of the Jatakamala (p. 80 in 
Kern's edition). It appears from all these stories that 
Ummadanti was known to be the name of Uppalavanna in 
one of her former births. The name of her father is given 
as Kiritavatsa in Sanskrit, and as Tiritavaccha in Pali. 
About the other adventures she met with in her different 
births the Apadana gives us no information, but Dhamma- 
pala in his introduction has a long and detailed account 
how, under the name of Padumavati, she married the King 


of Benares; how the other wives of this king, out of jealousy, 
bribed her servant girl to substitute a blood-stained wooden 
puppet for the child she had born, and how the king, 
having learned the truth, gave her his other wives as slaves. 
In this Buddhuppfida she was born as the daughter of a 
rich merchant at Savatthi, and was called Uppalavanna on 
account of her colour, which was similar to that of the lotus. 
When she was grown up all the kings and princes of -Jam- 
budlpa sent messengers to ask her in marriage, but her 
father thought that he could not satisfy the mall, and pro- 
posed to his daughter to take holy orders. She consented, 
and, after having spent some time in a nunnery, she realised 

We learn from Therlg., verses 230-285, that Uppalavanna 
also, like the other aggasavika Khema, was tempted by 
Mara. Stanza 230 contains the words that Mara spoke to 
her, and stanzas 281-235 her answer. This whole dialogue, 
together with one or two sentences explaining the situation, 
occurs again Samy. V. 5. 

A particular difficulty seems to lie in the first stanzas 
attributed to Uppalavanna, viz., stanza 224 and 225. In 
order to explain these two stanzas Dhammapfda gives us a 
special story of the thera Gangatiriya,^ who married his own 
mother and sister (p. 195 f.). After having recognised her 
daughter by a mark on the head, the mother went into 
a nunnery at Eajagaha and took holy orders. This story is 
considered as an episode in one of Uppalavanna's former 
lives, although I cannot say why Dhammapala did not com- 
bine it with his introductory chapter. The first half of 
stanza 226, where she gives the reason why she renounced 
the world, corresponds to Sutta Nipata, verse 424. 

Another historical person is the courtezan AmbapalT, who 
presented the fraternity of bhikkhus with the Ambapali 
grove. She is mentioned several times in the Mahavagga 
and in the Mahaparinibbana sutta, but the narrative of her 
previous existence is only given here in Dhammapala's 

Cf. Theragatha, 127, 128. 


introduction and in the Apadana. She was born as a 
member of the royal family at the time of the Buddha 
Sikhi, and became a priestess. One day, when going to 
worship a certain shrine, in company with other nuns, in 
the course of their circumambulation of the relic, one of 
them happened to sneeze, and a part of the mucus fell to 
the ground. The princess, however, who had not seen her 
sneezing, exclaimed: "What courtezan has defiled this 
place ? " In consequence of having thus insulted a sacred 
person, she was, during an immense period, in different 
hells enduring great pain ; at last, however, she was reborn 
in an apparitional (opapatika) birth at the foot of the mango- 
tree in the garden of the Licchavi princes at Vesali, and 
therefore was called Ambapali. After having been a 
courtezan during a certain time, she obtained spiritual 
instruction from her son, the thera Vimalakondaniia and 
renounced the world. 

We now proceed to deal with those theris concerning 
which it is difficult to say whether they are historical or 
not. One of them has often been alluded to in books on 
comparative mythology and folk-lore — viz . , Kisagotami. She 
was born at the time of the Buddha Kassapa, as the fifth 
daughter of King Kiki of Kasi, and was called Dhamma. In 
her last birth she was the daughter of a poor merchant, and, 
when married, she was ill-treated by the family of her rich 
husband. Her only son died at the time he was able to 
walk by himself, and when she asked the Buddha for a 
medicine that would do him good, he told her to bring some 
mustard-seed from a house where no son, husband, parent, 
or slave had died. As all her efforts in this direction 
proved useless, the Buddha consoled her by reciting the 
stanza : " Yo ca vassasatam jive," etc. (Dhp. verse 114). 
The whole narrative is given in full length in the Dhamma- 
pada commentary to this verse ((/. Thiessen : Die Legende 
von KisagotamT. Breslau, 1880). Comp. Samy. V. 3. 

A similar story to the preceding one is that of the theri 
Patacara (No. 47). She was born at the time of the Buddha 
Kassapa as the third daughter of King Kiki of Kasi, and 


was called Bhikkhunl. In this Buddhuppada she was the 

daughter of a merchant at Savatthi, and ran away with her 

lover against the will of her parents. When she had given 

birth to two children she wanted to return home, and, being 

on the way, she was overtaken by a fearful thunderstorm. 

Her husband hastened to prepare a shelter for her and the 

children, but while doing so he was bitten by a poisonous 

snake and died. Patacrira continued her way with the 

children, and came to a broad river, which she had to cross. 

She left the elder of the children behind and took the 

younger one across the river, but when she was on her way 

back a hawk seized one of them and carried it away, while 

the other one fell into the water and was drowned. Thus 

she entered Savatthi all by herself ; at the gate she met a 

man who told her that her parents and her brother had 

been killed in the previous night by the collapsing of their 

house. Patacara grew nearly mad from sorrow, and cried 

about the streets of Savatthi ; the people drove her away, 

but the Buddha, who resided at the Jetavana, offered her a 

refuge, and consoled her by reciting the stanzas " Catusu 

samuddesu," etc., " Na santi putta tanaya," etc., and "Yo 

ca vassasatani jive,*' etc. The last of these occurs also Dhp. 

verse 118, and I suppose that in the commentary to this 

stanza the legend of Patacara must be given ; unfortunately 

Fausboll has not printed it in his edition. 

The third then of our collection, who, like Kisagotami 
and Patacara, lost her child and entered monastic life as a 
relief from sorrow, is YasetthI (No. 51). 

No. 48 contains the gilthas of some theiis who received 
their instruction from Patacara. The number of these 
theris is given as twentj^ by Dhammapala in his introduc- 
tion, while at the end we find the statement : Timsamatta- 
nam therinam gathavaiinana samatta. Stanzas 117 and 
118 are first spoken by Patacara in order to exhort the 
theris and then repeated by these together with their own 
gathas 119-121. In No. 50, on the contrary, we have the 
gathas of five hundred theris who all, like Patacara, had lost 
their children, and came to her rocjuesting that she might 



console them. The arrangement is analogous to that in 
No. 48. The first four stanzas were originaJly spoken hy 
Patacara in order to console the five hundred women before 
their pabbajja, and all the six stanzas were afterwards 
uttered severally by these women when they had become 
bhikkhunis. Stanza 131 occurs again in the Sujatajataka 
Jat. III. 157, and in the Migapotakajataka Jat. III. 215 
(Comp. Caroline Foley, p. 10). 

We now have to consider the theris Dhammadinna, 
Visakha, and Bhadda Kundalakesa. They all were at the 
time of the Buddha Kassapa daughters of King Kiki of 
Kasi, and sisters to Khema, Uppalavanna, Patacara, and 
Kisagotami. In this Buddhuppada Dhammadinna was 
born as the daughter of the setthi Visakha at Kajagaha. 
One day Visakha, having received instruction from the 
Buddha, refused to touch his daughter's hand, and ate his 
meal in silence. Being questioned by Dhammadinna about 
the reason of this behaviour, he said that he considered him- 
self unworthy to touch a woman's hand and to talk during 
his meal. At the same time he advised her to take holy 
orders. When her instruction was completed she went to 
Eajagaha, where Visakha lived, and had with him a con- 
versation about the most difficult questions (gambhire 
nipune panhe). This conversation is known as the Calla- 
vedallasutta, and forms the 44th Sutta of the Majjhimani- 
kaya (p. 299 in Trenckner's edition). In consequence of 
the skill she displayed in answering these questions 
Dhammadinna was placed by the Buddha at the head of 
the dhammakathikas (cf. Ahgutt. I. 14, 5). 

About Visakha's (No. 13) life Dhammapala gives us no 
details ; but in the introduction to Bhadda Kundalakesa 
(No. 46) a story is related which bears close resemblance 
to the Sulasajataka (Jat. III. 435 ff.). The name of the 
thief who wanted to kill Bhadda Kundalakesa, but finally 
found his death at her hands, is Sattuka in the Jataka and 
Satthuka in our text (both Apadana and Paramatthadipam). 
The woman is called Sulasa in the Jataka. According to 
Dhammapala her name was simply Bhadda when she was 


the daughter of a merchant at Rajagaha and took a fancy 
to the chaplain's son, Satthuka. The second name, Kunda- 
lakesa, was added when, after Satthuka's death, she resorted 
to a Nigaiitha monastery, and had her hair shaven accord- 
ing to the Nigantha fashion. Later on she had a theo- 
logical discussion with the Dhammasenapati (Sfiriputta), 
which led to her conversion, and received the upasampada 
ordination from the Buddha himself (stanza 109). In 
Pischel's edition of the Therigcltha her name is given as 
Bhadda PurananigaiithT (which also alludes to her former 
creed), and this seems to be the reading of all the Therl- 
gcltha MSS. A similar story is that of Cyama Mahavastu 
II., 166 ff. 

The first theri of the ilpadana collection, and at the same 
time the last in our text, is the therl Sumedhii. At the 
time of the Buddha Konagamana she associated with 
Khema and Dhananjani in pious works, and was allowed 
to enter the Tavatimsa heaven. Later on, at the time of 
the Buddha Kassapa, she was the daughter of a setthi at 
Benares, and kept friendship with the seven daughters of 
King Kiki (see above). In this Buddhuppada she was the 
daughter of King Konca of Mantavatinagara. Her parents 
wanted to give her in marriage to King Anikaratta of 
Varanavatlnagara ; but she, being accustomed from her 
early childhood to visit the nunneries, did not comply with 
their desire, but preferred to take holy orders, and was 
encouraged in this intention by Anikaratta himself. 

The courtezan, Addhakasi (No. 22), had a similar fate as 
Ambapali (see above). She also had insulted another nun 
by calling her ganika, and therefore was condemned to live 
in hell. In this dispensation she was a courtezan at 
Benares, and had received the pabbajja from the bhikkhunis. 
The manner in which she obtained the upasampada 
through a messenger is descril)ed in Cullavagga X. 22 : 
and Dhammapala, in his introduction, quotes the beginning 
of this chapter almost verbatim. The meaning of her nick- 
name Addhakasi is explained in the commentary to stanza 
25, cf. Vinaya Texts, transl. by Ehys Davids and Oldenberg 
II. 195 note. 


We now come to a group of theris who made their first 
appearance in this world at the time of the Buddha Padu- 
muttara. One of them is the theri Mutta (11). She was 
born in this dispensation as the daughter of a poor brah- 
min, Oghataka, in the Kosala kingdom, and married a 
hump-backed brahmin. This is the reason why she says 
in her stanza that she has been released of three crooked 
things, viz., of the mortar and the pestle (which obliged 
her to bend her back when pounding the grain), and of her 

Another is the therl Ubbiri (No. 33). She was the 
daughter of a householder at Savatthi, and married the 
King of Kosala, by whom she had one daughter, Jivanti. 
This daughter died very young, and the mother, grief 
distraught, would not leave the cemetery where her child 
was buried. The Buddha asked her about the reason of 
her sorrow, and being acquainted with it he said : " In this 
cemetery 84,000 daughters of thine are buried, which of 
these doest thou lament ?" The story bears great resem- 
blance to those of Kisagotami and Patacara, and a metrical 
version of it is given in the Petavatthu XL 13. The name 
of the woman in this version is Ubbarl, and the one whose 
death she laments is, not her daughter, but her husband, 
King Brahmadatta of Pancala. Verse 14 and 15 corre- 
spond to our stanzas 52 and 53. 

Bhadda Kapilani (No. 37) was, at the time of the Buddha 
Padumuttara, the wife of the setthi Videha, at Hamsavati, 
and obtained the first place among those theris who 
remembered the former states of existence (Aiigutt. I. 14, 
5). Later on, when living in Benares, she had a quarrel 
with her sister-in-law, who had given a portion of rice to a 
begging Paccekabuddha. Bhadda Kapilani took away the 
rice from him and filled his bowl with mud ; but as the 
bystanders blamed her for thus illtreating the Pacceka- 
buddha, she gave him honey and ghee, and expressed the 
wish that his body might be as white as the colour of the 
ghee. In another birth she was the queen of King Nanda 
(cf. the commentary to Petavatthu IL 1, 16), and in this 


capacity she continually served on five hundred Pacce- 
huddhas. In this dispensation she v^^as born at Silgala, 
in the Madda country, as the daughter of the brahmin 
Kapila. She obtained spiritual instruction from the disciple 
Kassapa, " who knew tlie former states of existence and 
had realised the threefold knowledge," and after having 
vanquished ]\Iara, she entered Nibbana together with her 
teacher. One Bhadda KapilanT is mentioned several 
times in the Bhikkhunivibhahga, but as no details are 
given there about her life, we cannot ascertain whether she 
is the identical person. 

Pakula (No. 44) was born at Hamsavatinagara as the 
daughter of King Ananda, and as the step-sister of the 
Buddha Padumuttara, Nanda by name. In this Buddhup- 
pada she was the daughter of a brahmin at Savatthi ; 
and after having been instructed by the teacher she 
obtained the first rank among those therls who possessed 
the heavenly eye. Pischel gives her name as Sakula, and 
this is also the reading of the Apadana MSS. A and B, and 
of Ahgutt. I. 14, 5. 

We now proceed to consider those theris whose history 
begins at the time of the Buddha VipassT. The first is 
Mutta (No. 2), then follows Metta (No. 25). She was the 
wife of prince Bandhuma at Bandhumati, and, in conse- 
quence of her pious works, she was allowed to enter the 
Tavatinisa heaven. In this dispensation she was born as 
the daughter of a Sakya prince at Kapilavatthu and received 
religious instruction from Mahapajapati GotamT. 

Sama (No. 29) was a kinnari on the banks of the river 
Candabhaga. One day, when the Buddha YipassT was 
wandering about there, she presented him with a bunch 
of Salala flowers, and thereby obtained admission into 
the Tavatinisa heaven. In this Buddhuppada she was 
born at Kosambi and became the friend of Sjimfivati. 
After the tragical death of this queen she took holy 
orders, but could not obtain tranquillity of mind during the 
first twenty-five ^^ears after her ordination (stanza 39). 

Uttama (No. 31) was a slave girl at Bandhumati and 


presented the Buddha Vipassi, who happened to come 
there on his begging rounds, with three cakes. For this 
reason she is called Timodaki in the Apadana. 

Sukka (No. 34) after having performed meritorious 
actions through innumerous kalpas was born in her last 
birth at Eajagaha in the family of a rich householder ; 
she was ordained by Dhammadinnri and took it upon her- 
self to teach the Dhamma to the citizens of Eajagaha, who, 
as it seems, did not pay her great attention. (Cf. Caroline 
Foley, women leaders of the Buddhist Eeformation, p. 17 f.) 
A different person from ours is the Arhati Cukla, daughter 
of Eohina, mentioned in the Avadana Cataka viii. 8 (An- 
nales du Musee Guimet xviii. 271). 

Punnii (No 65) was born as the daughter of Anathapiiidi- 
ka's slave girl at Savatthi. One day, at winter time, when 
going to the river to fetch water she met a brahmin who 
emerged from the flood shivering from cold. Punna, full 
of compassion, asked him why he had bathed in the river 
in such a bad season. The brahmin replied : " Thou 
knowest very well, o Punna, that in doing so I have 
accomplished a good deed and prevented a bad one." 
Punna said: *'Who told you that by ablutions one can 
be purified from sin. If this were the case all the frogs 
and tortoises and other aquatic animals would go to 
heaven and thieves and murderers might get rid of their 
crimes by performing ablutions ; moreover, if the river did 
take away the bad deeds from thee it would also take 
away the good ones. If thou art really afraid of bad 
actions take care not to commit any, that will be a better 
plan than to perform ablutions afterwards." The brahmin 
was convinced by Punna's arguments and became an ad- 
herent of the Buddhist faith. In the Dhammapada stanza 
226 is ascribed to one Punna, but we do not know whether 
our Punna is meant or the slave girl of Sujata mentioned 
in the introduction to the Jataka I. p. 69 ff. 

EohinI (No. 67) was the daughter of a brahmin at 
Vesali, and had a conversation with her father about the 
merit of the samanas which led to his conversion. The 


name Eohini, but with the epithet Khattiyakaiinri occurs 
again in the Commentary to Dhp. vs. 221. 

The therl Abhayamatfi's (No. 26) history begins at the 
time of the Buddha Tissa, whom she presented with a 
portion of rice when she met him on his begging rounds. 
In this dispensation she was the courtezan Padumavati at 
Ujjenl. King Bimblsara fell in love with her and she had 
one son by him who was called Abhaya. This Abhaya 
became a thera ^ and converted his mother who, after 
her conversion, changed her name into Abhayamata. 
The stanzas 33 and 34 were, according to Dhammapilla, 
first uttered by Abliayatthera and then repeated by his 

Abhayamata's friend was Abhayattheri (No. 27). xit the 
time of the Buddha Sikh! she was the wife of King Aruiia, 
of Arunavati (Samy. vi. 2, 4), and honoured the Buddha, 
who resided at her husband's palace by presenting him 
with a bunch of water-lilies. In this Buddhuppada she 
was born at Ujjeni, and after having been ordained by 
Abhayamata she went together with her to Eajagaha ; 
there the teacher addressed her stanzas 35 and 36. 

The theri Soma (No. 36) has, according to Dhammapala, 
the same Apadana as Abhayattheri. After having realised 
arahatship she was tempted by Mara, who reproached her 
the women's two-finger intellect which renders it im- 
possible for them to reach a high point of knowledge 
(stanza 60). This stanza and the first of those by which 
Soma rebuked Mara (61) occur again in the Bhikkhuni- 
samyutta v. 3. (Comp. Caroline Foley, p. 6). The arhati 
Soma mentioned in the Avadana Cataka YIII. 4 seems to 
be altogether a different person. 

Sela (No. 35) was the daughter of the King of Alavi and 
was also called Alavika. Mara addressed her stanza 57 
and she rebuked him in stanzas 58 and 59 with the same 

^ To him are ascribed stanzas 26 and 98 of the Thera- 


words Kbema had spoken at a similar occasion (stanzas 
141, 14'2). In the Bhikkhunlsamyutta of the Samyutta- 
nikaya Sela and Alavika are considered as two different 
persons. Both are tempted by Mara, but our stanzas 57 
and 58 are given under the heading '' Alavika " (Samy. Y. 
1, 3, and 6). 

No 38 contains the gathas of Mahapajapati's nurse Vad- 
dhesi. After having renounced the world, she was troubled 
during 25 years by sensual desires and could not find 
tranquillity of mind even for a minute (stanza 67) until, 
at last, she took her refuge to Dhammadinna, who preached 
her the Dhamma. 

Yimala (No. 39) was the daughter of a courtezan at 
Yesali, and tried to seduce Moggallana when she met 
him on his begging rounds. Most probably she did so at 
the instigation of the Titthiyas. The thera rebuked her 
and gave her an admonition (ovada) which, according to 
Dhammapala, is to be found in the Theragatha. I have, 
however, not been able to discover Yimala's name in the 
portion ascribed there to Moggallana (1146-1208). Comp. 
Caroline Foley, p. 8. 

Siha (No. 40) was the daughter of the Licchavi General 
Siha's sister, and was called after her uncle. Together 
with him she received religious instruction from the Buddha 
(cf. Mahavagga YI. 31) and was ordained, but during 
seven years she was engaged in evil thoughts and could 
not obtain tranquillity of mind. In her despair she seized 
a rope, passed it round her neck, and was going to fasten 
it at a tree, when suddenly her mind was '' freed from 
the asavas " and she could realise arahatship. 

Gala (No 59), Upacala (No. 60), and Sisupacala (No. 61) 
were the daughters of the brahmin woman Suriipasari 
at Nalakagama in the Magadha country and sisters to 
Sariputta. They were all tempted by Mara, and their 
respective gathas contain a dialogue in which Mara tries 
to persuade them to enjoy the sensual pleasures, but the 
theris refuse. These stanzas, with a few introductory words, 
are also contained in the Bhikkhunisamyutta Y. 6-8, but 


their order is inverted. The stanzas spoken hy CTda ' in 
the Therigfitha are attributed here to Sisupacfila, those 
spoken by Upacrda are attributed to Cilia, and those 
spoken by Slsupacala are attributed to Upacala. 

Vaddhamata (No. 62) was born as the daughter of a 
noble family at Bharukaccbanagara. Her proper name not 
being given in the Commentary, we only know her as 
'' Yaddha's mother." The stanzas ascribed to her form a 
dialogue between herself and her son Yaddha.- Stanzas 
•204-20() ;ire spoken by Yaddhamatfi to her son in order to en- 
courage him to give up the world and to follow the example 
of the *' raunayo." Stanza 207 is Vaddha's reply, 208 and 
209 are again spoken by his mother, and in stanzas 210- 
212 Yaddha sums up the result of his mother's exhorta- 
tions which led to his reaching arahatship. 

Capa (No. 68) was the daughter of a hunter in the 
Yankahara country. Her husband was Upaka, an adherent 
of the ajTvaka sect ; Dhammapala, in his introduction, tells 
us all he knows about the life of this mendicant. When 
Buddha was on his way from Uruvela to Benares, he was 
seen by Upaka, the naked ascetic, who asked him : "In 
whose name have you retired from the world ? "Who is 
your teacher ? Whose doctrines do you profess ? " There- 
upon the Blessed One addressed him the stanzas : Sabba- 
l)hibhii sabbavidii 'ham asmi, &c.3 Upaka replied : " You 
profess then, friend, to be the absolute Jin a." Buddha 
said : '' I have overcome all states of sinfulness, therefore, 
Upaka, I am the Jina." When he had spoken thus, 

^ Or by Mara to Cala. 

2 To him are ascribed stanzas 335-839 of the Thera- 

^ Cf. Majjhima Nikaya 170 f., Mahavagga I. 6, 7 seq. 
and the Commentary on Dhp. stanza 393, where the whole 
story is repeated ; a short allusion only is found Jat. I. 81. 
For the northern version of the legend, whieli agrees almost 
vrrho tenus with the Mahavagga, see Lalitavistara, pp. 526-- 



Upaka replied : " It may be so, friend," shook bis head, 
and went to the Yankabara country. There he fell in love 
with a hunter's daughter, Capa, married her, and had a 
son by her who was called Subhadda. Capa, however, 
insulted her husband by giving him all sorts of nicknames, 
and when he could endure her abuse no longer he left her, 
went to Benares and inquired if any one knew the absolute 
Jina. The people directed him to the Jetavana at Savatthi 
where the Buddha resided. On his arrival he was admitted 
by the Buddha in spite of his old age, and, after his death, 
he was born in the Avriha heaven. There were only seven 
theras ^ who realised arahatship after having been born in 
the Avriha heaven, and he was one of them. 

When Upaka had left her, Capa was in despair. The 
stanzas ascribed to her contain a dialogue between hus- 
band 2 and wife, in which the latter tries to persuade the 
former that he should return to the domestic life. Seeing, 
at last, that all her efforts in this direction were useless, 
Capa abandoned her child, went to Savatthi, and following 
her husband's example, sought admission to Gotama's order. 

Sundari (No. 69) was the daughter of the brahmin 
Sujata at Benares. Grieving for her brother's death and 
imitating her afflicted father, who had been converted by 
the theri Yasetthi, she entered the order with her whole 
family. The paribbajika Sundari mentioned Jat. II. 415 f., 
Udana lY. 8, and in the Commentary to Dhp. 306 seems to 
be a different person. The story of Ka9isundari as given in 
the Avadana Cataka YIII. 6 (Annales du Musee Guimet, 
xviii. p. 284 f.) agrees more with the introductory tale to 
No. 54 (Anopama) than with this one. 

Subha Jivambavanika (No. 71) was the daughter of a 
brahmin at Eajagaha. One day, when she had gone to 

1 The list is repeated Samy I. 5, 10 ; II. 3, 4, with the 
difference that instead of Salakantha we have Phalaganda, 
and instead of Bahunandi we have Bahuraggi in the 

2 Upaka is always called Kala in the stanzas. 


rest in the Jivakambavana/ a young man from Eajagaha 
followed her and solicited her affection. Sublia tried to 
show him the guilt of evil desires, and to preach him the 
Dhamma, but as this proved useless and he did not listen 
to her, she pulled out one of her eyes and presented it to 
him on the palm of her hand. Having seen this the young 
man was frightened and withdrew, while Subha took her 
refuge to the Buddha, who restored her eye in its ancient 
place. A story analogous to this is that of " the prince 
who tore out his own eye " in the Kathasaritsagara trans- 
lated by Tawney, I. 247, and further analogies are given in 
Tawney's note on p. 248, and in two articles by Whitley 
Stokes and Henri Gaidoz in the Revue Celtique, III. 448 ft'., 
and Y. 129 f. 

No. 72 comprises the gathas of the theri Isidasl. Stanzas 
400-402 are attributed to the sangitikaras, and tell us 
that two bhikkhunis belonging to the Sakya race Isidasl 
and Bodhi met on their begging rounds at Pataliputta and 
uttered the following verses. Stanza 403 is spoken by 
Bodhi to Isidasl, and stanza 404 again by the saiigitikaras. 
The following stanzas are all uttered by Isidasi, who tells 
us her whole life. She was born as the daughter of a setthi 
at Ujjeni. Her father gave her in marriage to a setthi of 
Saketa, but in spite of all the trouble she took she could 
never satisfy her husband, and was sent back to her parents. 
A second marriage, which was concluded for half the prize 
(upad(lhasunkena) had no better results. Then her father 
advised her to receive religious instruction from the tlier! 
Jinadatta and to take holy orders ; seven days after she had 
been ordained she knew the history of her former births. 
She remembered that she had been a goldsmith at Eraka- 
kaccha and had loved another man's wife, in consequence 
of which misdeed she was reborn, one after another, in 
the wombs of a monkey, a goat, and a cow ; later on she 
was the child, neither male nor female, of a slave girl, and 

I This grove belonged to Jivaka Komarabhacca, the phy 
sician to Kin^ Bimbisara. 


then the daughter of a carter ; in this last capacity she 
married Giridasa, the son of another carter, and created 
enmity between him and his first wife. All these adven- 
tures Isidasi related to her friend Bodhi while sitting on a 
sand-bed in the river Ganges. 

I have now briefly examined all the historical and mytho- 
logical matter contained in Dhammapala's introductions, 
and in the Therl Apadana as far as the theris of the Theri 
Gatha collection are concerned. Only a small number of 
them has been left out, as about these there was nothing 
particular to say. Of course I might have given a great 
deal more analogies from other collections of fables, both 
Oriental and Occidental, had I not feared that this intro- 
duction would be too extensive. 

My best thanks are due to Subhuti for procuring me the 
Paramatthadipani MS., and to Dr. Eost in London as well 
as to the authorities of the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, 
for the loan of their Apadana and Therigatha MSS. 


Berne, July, 3893. 



Idani therigathrinam attbasamvaiiiianriya okaso anup- 
patto. Tattlia yasma bhikkliuninam adito yathil pabbajja 
upasampada ca patiladdba tarn pakasetva atthavannanaya 
kayiramcinaya tattha tattha grithanam atthuppatti vibbave- 
tum sukara hoti supakatri ca, tasma tarn pakasetum adito 
pattbaya samkhepato ayam anupubbikatba. 

Ayam bi lokanatbo manussattam liiigasampattinyadina 
vuttani attbaiigani samodbanetva Dlpaiikarassa bbagavato 
padamule katamababhinibaro samatimsaparamiyo purento 
catuvisatiya buddbanam santike laddhabyakaranato anuk- 
kamena paramiyo piiretva iianattbacariyaya lokattbacari- 
yciya buddbattbacariyaya ca kotim patva ^ Tusitabbavane 
nibbattitva tattba yavatayukam tbatva dasasabassacakka- 
valadevatabi buddbabbavaya : 

Kalo kho te mabavira uppajja matukuccbiyam 
sadevakan tarayanto bujjbassu amatam padam 
ti ayacitamaniTssupapattiyo tasam devatandm patimiam 
datva katapancamabavilokato Sakyarajakule Suddboda- 
namabarajassa gebe sato sampajano matukuccbi-okkanto 
dasamase sato sampajano tattba tbatva sato sampajrmo 
tato nikkhanto Lumbinlvane laddbilbbijatiko vividba dhatiyo 
adikatva inabata paribarena sammade (?) paribariyamano 
anukkamena vuddbipatto tisu pasadesu vividbanatakajana- 
parivuto devo viya sampattim anubbavanto jinnavyadbi- 
matadassanena jiltasamvego nanassa paripakam gatatta 
kamesu adlnavam nekkbamme ca aDisamsam disva Eabu- 
lakumarassa jatadivase Channasabayo Kantbakam assa- 

kotipatva, cd. 


rajam aruyba devatrihi vivatadvarena addharattikasamaye 
mahabhiDikkhamanam nikkhamitva teneva rattavasesena 
tini rajjani atikkamitva Anomanaditlram patva Ghati- 
karamahabrabmuna anite arabattadbaje gabetva pab- 
bajito. Tavad ev'assa Sattbikathero viya akappasam- 
panno butva pasadikena iriyapatbena aiiukkamena Eaja- 
gabam patva tattba pindaya caritva Pandavapabbatapab- 
bbare piiidapatam paribbunjitva Magadbarajena rajjena 
nimantiyamano tarn patikkbipitva Bbaggavassaramam 
gantva tassa samayam pai'igaiibitvci tato Alariiddakanam 
samayam pariggabitva tarn sabbam analamkaritva anuk- 
kamena Uruvelam gantva tattba chabbassani duldvarakari- 
kam katva taya ariyadbammapativedbassabbavam iiatva 
nayam maggo bodbayati olarikam abaram abaranto katipa- 
heiia balam gabetva Visakbapunnamadivase Sujataya din- 
navarabbojauam bbunjitva suvannapatim imdiya patisotam 
kbipitva ajja buddbo bbavissamiti katasannittbano sayan- 
hasamaye Kalena nagarajena abbittbutaguno Bodhimandam 
aruyba acalatthane pacinalokadbatuabbimukbo aparajita- 
pallanke nismno caturangasamannagatam viriyam atittbaya 
suriye anattbangamine yeva Marababim vidbamitva patba- 
mayame pubbenivasam amussaritva majjbimayame dibba- 
cakkbum visodbetva paccbimayame paticcasamuppade na- 
nam otaretva ^ anulomapatilomam paccayakaram samma- 
santo vipassanam vaddbetva sabbabiiddhebi adbigatam 
ananiiasadbaranam sammasambodbim adbigantva nibba- 
narammanaya pbalasamapattiya tattbeva sattabam vitina- 
metva teneva nayena itarasattabe pi Bodbimande yeva viti- 
nametva Eajayatanamule madhupindikabbojanam bbunjitva 
puna AjapalanigTodbamule nisinno dbammataya dbamma- 
gambbiratam paccavekkbitva appossukkataya cittena matte 
mababrabmuna ayacito buddbacakkbuna lokam oloketva 
tikkbindriyamudindriyadike satte disva mababrabmuno 
dbammadesanilya katapatinno " kassa nu kbo aham patba- 
mam dbammani desissami" ti avajjanto Alaruddakanam 
kalakatabbavam ilatva " babupakara kbo me pancavaggiya 

^ cd. okaretva 


ye main padhrmapcibhiunam iipattbaliimsu. Yanuuuuliaiii 
tesam pancavaggiyrmam pathamam dhammam deseyyan " 
ti cintetvfi Asalhipuiinamayam mababodhino Baranasim 
uddissa attbrirasayojauam maggam patipajjanto antarfi- 
magge Upakena ajivikena saddbim mantetva anukkamena 
Isipatanam patva tattba pancavaggiye sannripetva dve me 
bbikkbave anta pabbajitena na sevitabb.i ti Dbammacak- 
kappa vatt anas ut t ant adesanay a Aiinako n dannap amukba a t - 
tbai-asa Brabmakotiyo dbammamatam payetva patipade 
Bhaddajittheram pakkbassa dutiyayam Yappattberam pak- 
kbassa tatiyayam Mabanamattberam catuttbiyam Assajit- 
tberam sotapattimagge patittbapetva pancamiyam pana 
pakkbassa anattalakkbaiiasuttantadesanaya sabbe pi ara- 
batte patittbapetva tato param Yasadarakapamukbe pafica- 
pannasapurise Kappasikavanasande timsamatte Bhaddavag- 
giye Gayasise pittbipasjlne sabassamatte pnranajatile ti 
evam mabajanam ariyabbumim otaretva Bimbisarapamu- 
kbani ekadasanabutani sotapattipbale ekanabutam saranat- 
taye patittbapetva Yeluvanam patiggabetva tattba viba- 
ranto Assajitberassa adbigatapathamamagge Sanjayam 
apuccbitva saddbim parisaya attano santikam upagate Sari- 
puttamoggaUane aggapbalam saccbikatva savakaparamiya 
mattbakam patte aggasavakattbane thapetva KaHidriyittbc- 
rassa abbiyacanaya Kapilavattbum gantva manattbaddbe 
natake yamakapatihariyena dametva pitaram anagamipbale 
Mabapajapatim sotapattipbale patittbapetva Nandakumfi- 
ram Eabulakumaram ca pabbajetva punad eva Eajagabani 

Atbaparena samayena sattbari Yesalim ^ upanissaya 
kutagarasablyam vibarante Suddbodanamabarajil setaccbat- 
tass'eva hettba va arahattam saccbikatva parinibbayi. 
Atba Mabapajripatigotamiyil pabbajjriya cittam uppajji. 
Tato Piobaninaditire Kalabavivadasuttantadesanaya pariyo- 
sane nikkbamitvil pabbajitanam paucannam kumarasatanam 
padaparicilrika ekajjbasaya 'va butva Mabapajapatiya 
santikam gantva : " sabbil 'va sattbu santike pabbajissama " 

^ Yesali, cd. 


ti Malicipajapatim ^ jettliikam katva satthu santikam gantu- 
kama ahesum. Ay am ca Mahapajapati pubbe pi ekavaram 
sattharam pabbajjam yacitva nalattha. Tasma kappakam 
pakkosapetva kese chindapetva kasayani acchadetva sabba 
ta Sakiyaniyo adaya Vesalim gantva Anandattherena dasa- 
balam ^ yacapetva atthagarudhammapatiggahanena pabbaj- 
jam upasampadanca alattha. Itara pana sabba pi ekato 
upasampanna ahesum. Ayam ettha samkhepo. Vittharato 
pan' ettha vatthum tattha tattha paliyam agatam eva.3 

Evam upasampanna pana Mahapajapati sattharam 
upasankamitva abhivadetva ekam antam atthasi. Ath' assa 
sattha dhammam desesi. Sa satthu santike 4 kammattha- 
nam gahetva arahattam papuiii. Sesa pancasata bhikkhu- 
niyo Nandakovadapariyosane arahattam papunimsu. Evam 
bhikkhunisamghe suppatitthite puthuLhute tattha tattha 
gamanigamajanapadarajadhanisu kulitthiyo kulasunhayo 
kulakumariyo buddhasubuddhatam dhammasudhamma- 
tam samghasuppatipattim ca sutva sasane abhippasanna 
samsare ca jatasamvega attano samike 5 matapitaro natake 
ca anujanapetva sasane uram datva pabbajimsu.^ Pabba- 
jitva 7 ca silacarasampanna satthuno ca theranam ca 
santike ovadam labhitva ghatentiyo vayamantiyo na cirass' 
eva arahattam sacchakamsu. Ta hi udanadivasena tattha 
tattha bhasita gatha paccha samgitikarakehi ekajjham 
katva ekanipatadivasena samgitim aropayimsu. Ima 
theriya gatha nama ti. Tasam nipatadivibhago hettha 
vutto yeva. Tattha nipatesu eko nipatadi. Tattha pi : 

Sukham supahi Therike katva colena paruta 
upasanto hi te rago sukkhadakam va kumbhiyan ^ ti 

ayam gatha adi. Tassa ka uppatti. Atite kira annatara 

^ Mahapaja pati, cd. 2 dasaphalam, cd. 

3 See espeeialhj Cullavagga x. 1. 4 bhikkhu santike, cd. 
5 samikri, cd. 6 pabbajjimsu, cd. 

7 pabbajjitva, cd. 8 kumbhiya,' cd. 

therT gatha. '6 

kuladhltfi Konugamauassa bhagavato kale sasanc abliippa- 
sanna hutva sattliTiraip nimantetva dutiyadivase sfikliriman- 
(lapam karetva vrdikaiu attbaritva ii[)arivitriiiaiu bandbitva 
gandbapuppbridTni pujaiu katva sattbu kalam arocapesi. 
Sattbii tattba gantva paunatte Tisane nisTdi. Sa bhaga- 
vantani vanditva panltena kbadanlyeua bbojaniyena pari- 
bhunjapetva bbagavantam bhuttrivim^ onTtapattapanim 
ticivarena accbridesi. Tassa bbagava anumodanain vatva 
pakkrimi. Sa yavatayiikam punnani katva ayupariyosane 
devaloke nibbattitva ekam buddbantaram sugatim samsa- 
rantl Kassapabbagavato ktlle patikule - nibbattitvri vimiutam 
patvil samsare jatasamvegfi sasane pabbajitvanpasampridetva 
visati vassasabassani sllam puretyfi putbiijjanakalakiriyam 
katva sagge nibbatta ekam buddbantaram saggasampattim 
anubbavitva imasmim buddbuppfide Yesriliyam khattiyama- 
basabikule nibbaiti. Tarn tbirasantasarlrataya Tberika ti 
voharimsu. Savayappatta kulapadesadinji samanajatikassa 
kbattiyakumarassa matapituhi dinna patidevata '^ butva 
vasati.4 Sattbu Yesclb'gamane sasane patiladdbasaddha upa- 
sika hutva aparabbage Mabapajapatigotamitberiya santike 
dhammam sutva pabbajjaya rucim uppfidetva " abam pab- 
bajissamiti " samikassarocesi. Samiko nanujanati. Sasane 
katadbikarataya yatbasukbam dbammam paccavekkhitva 
ruparupadbamme pariggabetva vipassanam aniiyutta viba- 
rati. Atb' ekadivasam mabanase vyaiijane paccamane 
mahati aggijabi utthabi. Sa aggijabi sakalabbajanam tata- 
tatayantam jhayati. Sa tarn disva tam evarammanam katva 
suttbutaram aniccatam upattbabantam upadbaretva tato 
tattba dukkbaniccanantatan ca aropetva vipassanam anuk- 
kamena ussukkapetva maggapatipatiya anagamipbale patit- 
tbabi. Sa tato patthfiya abbaraiiam vTi alamkaram va na 
dbfireti. Tassa 5 samiko : " kasma tvam bbadde idani pubbe 
viya fibharanam vji alamkaram va na dbaresT " ti vutte at- 
tano giblbbave al)babljabbavam arocctvcl pabbajjain anuja- 
napesi. So Visrddia-upasako viya Dbammadinnam^' mabatti 

^ bhuttavl, ed. - patikule, cd. ^ patidevatTi, cd, 
4 vasanti, cd, ^^ tassa, cd, ^ Pbammadiniiri, cd, 


pariharena Mahapajapatigotamiya santikam netva : " imam 
ayya pabbajetha " ti aha. Atha Pajapatigotami tarn pabba- 
jetva upasampadetva vibaram netva sattharam dassesi. 
Sattha tassa pakatiya dittharammanam eva vibhavento 
s u k h a m s u p a h i ti gatham aha. 

Tattba s u k h a n t i bhavanapumsakaniddeso. S u p a h i 
ti anattivacanam. T h e r i k e ti amantavacanam. K a t v a 
c 1 e n a p a r u t a ti appicchataya niyojanam. Upasanto 
hi t e r a g ti patipattikittanam. S n k k h a d a k a m v a 
ti iipasametabbassa kilesassa asarabhavanidassanam. 
kumbhiyan ti tadadharassa aniccatucchadibhavani- 
dassanam. Sukhan ti cetam itthadhivacanam sukheDa 
nidiikkha hutva ti attho. S u p a h I ti nippajjanidassanam 
cetam catmmam iriyapathanam. Tasma cattaro pi iriya- 
pathe sukhen' eva kappehi snkham vihara ti attho. 
T h e r i k e ti idam yadi pi tasma namakittanam anvattha- 
saiinabhavato pana thire sasane thirabhavappatte thirehi 
sihididhammehi samamiagato ti attho. Katva colena 
paruta ti pamsukulakacolehi civaram katva acchadita- 
sarlra. Tarn nivattha c'eva paruta ca. Upasanto hi te 
r a g ti. Hi saddo hetvattho. Yasma tava santiine uppajja- 
nakakamarago upasanto anagamimaggananaggina daddho 
idiini tadavasesam ragam aggamaggananaggina dahitva 
snkham supahiti adhippayo. S u k k h a d a k a m v a k u m - 
bhiyan ti yatha tarn pakke bhajane appakam dakavyaii- 
janam mahatiya aggijalaya pacamanam jhayitva sussantam 
vupasammati yatha va udakamisse dakavyanjane uddha- 
nam aropetva pacamane udake tarn ciccitayati udake pana 
chinne upasantam eva hoti, evam tava santane kamarago 
upasanto i+arampi upasamitva sukham supahi ti. Theri 
indriyanam yatha paripakam katatta satthu desanavilasena 
ca grithapariyosanesahapatisambhidahi arahattam papuni. 
Tena vuttam Apadane : 

Konagamanabuddhassa mandapo karito maya. 
dhuvam ticivaram dasim buddhassa lokabandhuno. 1. 
Yam yam janapadam yami nigame rajadhaniyo ^ 

^ rajatthaniyo, A. 


sabbattlia pfijito homi piifiriakammass' idam plialam. 2. 
Kilesfi jhapitri mayliam bhavfi sabbe samiibatfi 
nfigl va bandlianaiu chetva viharrimi anfisava. 3. 
Svilgatam vata me ilsi buddbasetthassa santike 
tisso vijja aniippattfi katam biiddbassa susanam. 4. 
Patisambbida catasso vimokkba pi ca attba me 
ehabibbirina saccbikat;! kataiu buddbassa susanam. 5. 

Arabattani pana patva tberl iidrmcutl tarn eva gatham 
abbasi. Tenayam gatbfi tassfi tberiya gatbii abosi. Tattba 
tberiy.i vuttagiltbriya ^ auavaseso ra,i;o pariggabito agga- 
maggena, tassa vupasamassa adbipetatta rfigavupa&a- 
men'eva c'ettba sabbesampi kilesanam vupasamo vutto ti 
dattbabbam. Tadekattbataya sabbesani kilesadbammanam 
viipasamasiddbito tatba bi vuccati 

** Uddbaccavicikiccbribi - yo mobo sabajo mato 
pabauekattbal)bavena ragena sarakebi so" ti. 

Yathil c'ettba sabbesam kilesanam vupasamo vutto evam 
sabbattbapi tesam viipasamo vutto ti veditabbam. Pubba- 
bbage tadaiigavasena samatbavipassanakbane vikkbam- 
bbanavasena lakkbane patipassaddbivasena vupasama- 
siddbito, tena catubbidbassfipi pabanassa siddbi veditabbri. 
Tattba tadaiigapabanena silasampada siddbi vikkbambba- 
nappabanena samjidbisampadri siddbi. Itarebi paimasam- 
pada siddbi dassit.l boti. Pabanabbisamayo 'va sijjbanto 
yatba bhavanabhisamayam sadbeti. Tasmim asati tada- 
bbfivato tatbcl saccbikiriyjibbisamayam parinnabbisam- 
ayam ca sadbeti evati caturasTtisamayasiddbiya tisso 
sikkha patipattiyfi tividbakalyanatfi pattivisuddbiyo ca 
paripunna imfiya gfitbriya pakasita bonti ti veditabbam. 

Aunatara tberi amiritati namagottfidivasena apfdvatii, 
ekri tbcrilakkbanasampanna bbikkbunl imain gatbam 
abbiisi ti adbippfiyo. 

Anfiatarjiya tberiya gatbavaniiana samatta. 

vuttag°, cd. * °ncikiccabi, cd. 



Mutte muficassu yogehi cando Eahuggaho iva 
vippamuttena cittena anana ^ bhunja pindakam ti. 2. 

Ayam Muttilya nama sikkhamanaya gatha. Ayam pi 
purimabuddhesu katadbikara, tattha tattba bbave vivattu- 
panissayam kusalam upacinanti Vipassissa bhagavato 
krde kulagehe nibbattitva vinnutam patva ekadivasam 
sattharam rathiyam gaccbantam disva pasannamanasa 
pailcapatittbitena vanditva pitivegena satthu padamille 
avakujja nippajji. Sa tena punnakammena devaloke 
nibbattitva aparaparam sugatisu yeva samsaranti imas- 
mim buddhuppade Savatthiyam brahmanamahasalakule ^ 
nibbatti. Mutta ti 'ssa namam ahosi. Sa upanissaya- 
sampaniiataya visativassakale Mahapajapatigotamiya san- 
tike pabbajitva sikkhamana hutva kammatthanam katba- 
petva vipassanaya kammam karoti. Sa ekadivasam 
bbattakiccam katva pindapatapatikkanta therinam bhik- 
khuninam vattam dassetva divattbanam gantva raho nisinna 
vipassanamanasikaram arabhi. Sattha surabbigandha- 
kutiya nisinno 'va obbasam vissajjetva tassa purato nisinno 
viya attanam dassetva Mutte muccassu yogebi ti 
imam gatbam aha. 

Tattha Mutte ti tassa alapanam. muccassu yogehi 
ti maggapatipatiya kamayogadihi catiihi yogebi muccahi 
vimuttacitta hobi. Yatha kim ? cando Eahuggaho 
iva ti Eahusaiikhatato gahato cando viya upakkilesato 
muccassu. Vippamuttena cittena ti ariyamagge 
samucchedavimuttiya sutthu vimuttena cittena. Ittham- 
bhutalakknanam cetam karanavacanam. A n ajn a ^ b h u n j a 
p i 11 (1 a k a n ti kilesainam pahaya anana 4 hutva rattha- 
pindam bhunjeyyasi. Yo hi kilese appahaya satthara 
anuimfitapaccaye paribhmijati so sano bhunjati nama 
yatbrdia fiyasma Vakkulo : Sattaham eva kho ayam avuso 

^ anana, cd. 2 og^j^yg^ \^^^Iq^ q^^ 

3 Anana, cd. 4 anana, cd. 


sano ratthapindam bliunjati. Tasmfi sasanc pabbajitena 
krunaceliandridiinani pahaya anano ^ hutva saddliadeyyain 
paribliuiijitab])ani. P i n d a k a n ti desanrisisam ova cattfiro 
pi paccaya ~ ti attho. Abbinham ovadati ariyamaggap- 
pattiyfi, iipakkilese 3 visodbento l)abuso ovridam deti, sa 
tasmim ovade tbatva nacirass' eva arabattani papuni, 
Teua vuttam Apadane : 

Vipassissa bbagavato lokajetthassa tadino 
ratbiyam patipannassa tarayantassa pfinino 1. 
Gbarato nikkbamitvana avakujja nipajj' abaiii 
auiikampako lokanatbo 4 sisante akkami mama. '2. 
Akkamitvana sambuddbo agama lokanayako 
tena cittappasadena Tusitam iipapajj' abam.^ 3. 
Kilesa jbapita maybam — pe — katam buddbassa sasa- 
nanti. 4. 

Arabattam patvana sa tarn eva gatbam udanesi. pari- 
punnasikkba upasampajjitvri aparabbage parinibbanakale 
tarn eva gatbam ajjbabbrisi ti. 

Muttaya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 


P u n 11 e p ii r a s s u d b a m m e b I ti Punnaya uama 
sikkbamaniiya gatba. Ayam piirimabuddbesu katadbikarji 
tattba tattba bbave vivattiipanissayam kusalam upacinanti 
buddbasmlne loke Candabhagaya nadiyil tire kinnariyoni- 
yam nibbattii. Ekadivasam tattba afinataram paccekabiid- 
dbam disva pasannamanasri nalamfdaya tarn pujitva ^ anja- 
lim pagga3'ba attbasi. Sa tena pmmakammena sugatisu 7 
samsaranti imasmim ])uddbuppade Savattbiyam gabapa- 
timabasalakule nibbatti. Punmi ti 'ssa namam abosi. Sa 
upanissayasampannatriya s vTsati vassani vasamrma Maba- 
pajapatigotamiya santike dbammam sutva patiladdba- 

^ anano, cd. ^ paccayo, cd. ^ upakkileso, cd. 

4 lokajettbo, A. => agamas' abam, A. 

^ pujitri, cd. 7 sugatiyo,, cd. ^ upanissatava, cd. 


saddhfi pabbajitva ^ sikkhamana eva biitva vipassanam 
arabhi. Sattha tassa gandbakutiyam nisinno eva obbasam 
vissajjitva : 

Punne piirassu dbammebi cando pannarase-r-iva | 
paripunnaya pannaya tamokkhandbam padalaya ti.ji 3, 

Imam gatham aha. Tattba Punne ti tassa alapanam. 
P ii r a s s u dbammebi ti sattatimsabodhipakkbiya- 
dbammebi paripnnna bobi. C a n d o p a n n a r a s e - r - i v a 
ti. Piakriro padasandbikaro. Pannarase punnamasiyam. 
Sabbabi kabibi paripunno cando viya. Paripunnaya 
pannaya ti solasannam kiccanam paripuriya paripun- 
naya arabattamaggapannaya. T a m o k k b a n d b a m 
padalaya ti tamokkbandbam ~ bbavasesato bbinna- 
samuccbinnamohakkbandbapadalanena sab'eva sabbe pi 
kilesa padalita honti. Sa tarn katbam sutva vipassanam 
vaddbetva arabattam papuni. Tena vuttam Apadane : 

Candabbaganaditire abosim kinnari tada 
addasam virajam buddbam sayambhum aparajitam. 1. 
Pasannacitta sumana vedajata katanjall 
nalamalam gabetvana sayambbum abbipujayim. 2. 
Tena kammena sukatena agaiichim tidasam ganam '^ 
cbattimsa devarajunam mabesittam akarayim. 3. 
Dasannam cakkavattmam mabesittam akarayim 
samvejayitva me cittam pabbajim 4 anagariyam. 4. 
Catunavute ito kappe yam puppbam ^ abbipujayim 
duggatim 6 nabbijanrmii buddbapiijay' idam pbalam. 5. 
Kilesa jb.:pita maybam — pa — katam buddbassa sasanam 
ti. 6. 

Arabattam pana patva7 sa tberl tam eva gatbam udanesi. 

' pabbajjitvii, cd. ^ tamobakkbandbam, cd. 

3 tidasam gatim, A. 4 pabbajjim, P. 

5 yapuppbam, P. ^^ duggati, P. 7 patvapana, cd. 

TTTE-RT TrATHA. 8. 4. 11 

Ayam eva c'assfi aimii ^ vyakaranagfitha liotl ti. 
Puiiiiaya theriya .i;atbrivannauri samatta. 


T i s s e s i k k li a s a u s i k k li a y a - ti Tissfiya sikkha- 
mfmriya grithii. Ayam pi purimabuddbesu katadhikara 
tattba tattba l)bave vivattupaiiissayain kusalam upacinitva 
sambbatakusalapaccaya imasiniui baddbuppade Kapila- 
vattbusmim Sakyarajakule 3 nibbattitva vayappatta bodbi- 
Rattassa orodbabbuta paccba Mabapajfipatigotamiyjl sad- 
dbini iiikkbamitva4 pabbajitva vipassauriya kammam karoti. 
Tassa sattbfi betthavuttanayen'eva obbasam vissajjitva : 

Tisse sikkhassu sikkbaya mfi tarn yoga iipaccaguni | 
sabbayogavisamyutta cara loke anasava ti.,; 4. 

gatbam abbasi. 

Tattba Ti s se titassfdapanam. Sikkbassu sikkbaya 
ti adbisilasikkbadikiiya tividbaya sikkbaya sikkha, magga- 
sampayuttji tisso sikkbayo sampadebT ti attbo. Idani 
tasam sampadane karanarp aha. Ma tarn yog a u p a c - 
c a g u m ti manussattani indriyfi vekallam buddbuppado 
saddbapatiblbbo ti. Ime yogfi samaya dullabbakkbana 
tarn ma atikkamnm. Ivamayogadayo eva va te cattaro 
yoga. Ma u p a c c a g u m mil abbi])baveyyum. Sabba- 
yogavisamyutta ti sabbebi kamayogadibi yogebi 
vimutta tato eva anasava butva loke ca dittbadbamma- 
sukbavibfirena vibarabiti attbo. Sa tarn gritham sutva 
vipassanam vaddbetva arabattam pfipuiiT ti adinayam 
bettba vuttanayen'eva veditabbam. 

Tissaya theriya gathavannana samatta. 

Y— X. 
Tisse yunjassus dbammehi ti Tissaya theriya 

^ afinam, cd. ^ sikkha susikkbaya, cd. 

3 Sakyar° cd. 4 nikkamitva, cd, 5 ynfija siulb°, cd, 

12 V.-X. VARIOUS. 

gatha, tassa vattliu Tissaya sikkhamanaya vatthusadisam. 
Ayam pana then hutva arahattam papuni. Yatha ca ayam 
eva ito para DhTra Dhira Mitta Bhadra Upasama ^ ti 
pancannam thermam vatthu ekasadisam eva. Sabba pi 
ima Kapilavatthuvasiniyo bodbisattassa orodhabbiita 
Mabapajapatigotamiya saddbim nikkbanta^ obbasagatbaya 
ca arabattam patta tbapetva sattamim.3 Sa pana obbasa- 
gatbaya vina samvegam sattbu santike laddbam ovadam 
nissaya vipassanam iissukkapetva arabattam papunitva 4 
udanavasena D b I r a d b i r e b I ti gatbam abbasi. Itara 
pi arabattam patva : 

Tisse yunjassu dbammebi kbano tarn ma upaccaga 
kbanatita bi socanti nirayambi samappita. 5. 
Dbire nirodbam pbussebi pannavupasamam sukbam 
aradbayabi nibbanam yogakkbemam anuttaram. 6. 
Dbira dbirebi dbammebi bbikkbun! bbavitindriya 
dbarebi antimam debam jetva Maram savabanam. 7. 
Saddbaya pabbajitvana Mitte mittarata bbava 
bbavebi kusale dbamme yogakkbemassa pattiya. 8. 
Saddbaya pabbajitvana Bbadre bbadrarata bbava 
bbavebi kusale dbamme yogakkbemam anuttaram. 9. 
Upasame tare ogbam maccudbeyyam suduttaram 
dbarebi antimam debam jetva Maram savabanam ti. 10. 

gathayo abbasimsu. 

Tattba yunjassu d b a m m e b i t i samatbavipassana- 
dbammebi ariyebi bodbipakkbiyadbammebi ca yuiija 
yogam karobi. Kbano tarn ma upaccaga ti yo 
evam yogabbavanam na karoti tarn puggalam patirupadese 
uppattikkbano cbannam ayatananam avekallakkbano 
buddbuppadakkbano saddbaya patiladdbakkbano sabbo pi 
ayam kbano atikkamati nama. So kbano tarn ma 
atikkami. K b a n a 1 1 1 a ti ye bi kbanam atita yebi ca 
puggalebi so kbano atito te nirayambi samappita 

Upasamadbi, cd. 2 nikkbandba, cd. 

sattamam, cd. 4 papunetva, cd. 

TllERl GATIIA. 5-10. 13 

liutvil s c a n t i. Tattha nibbattitva mabaclukkham 
paccauubbavanti ti attbo. 

N i r d b a m p b u s s e b I ti kilesanirodbam pbussa 
patiiribhani. Sannrivupasamam sukham aradbayjlhi 
n i b b a n a n ti kamasarinridTnam pripasamianam upa- 
samain nibbrmain accantasukbani nibbanam aradbebi. 

D b i r a d b i r e b i d b a m m e h i ti viriyappadbanataya 
dbirebi tejussadebi ariyamaggadbammebi. Bbavitindriya 
vaddbitasaddbadiindriya. Dbira bbikkbuni vattbukamebi 
saYfibanam kilesamaram jinitvri ayatipunabbbava bbavato 
a n t i m am d e b a m d b Ti r e b I ti tberl ailnam viya 
katva attanam ^ dasseti. 

M i 1 1 e ti tarn alapati. M i 1 1 a r a t a ti kalyanamittesu 
abbirata. Tattba sakkarasammanarata bobi. Bhavehi 
k u s a 1 e d b a m m e ti ariyamaggadbamme vaddhebi. 
Yo g a k k b e m a s s a arabattassa nibbanassa ca p a 1 1 i y a 

B b a d r e ti tarn alapati. B h a d r a r a t a ti bbadresu 
siladidbammesu rata abbirata bobi. Y o g a k k b e m a m 
a n u 1 1 a r a n ti catiibi yogebi kbemam anuppadavam. 
xlnuttaran ti suduttaram nibbanam. Tassa pattiya 
kusale bodbipakkbiyadbamme bbavehi ti attbo. 

Upasame ti tarn alapati. Tare o g b a m m a c c u- 
d bey yam suduttaran ti. Maccu ettba dbiyati ti 
maccudbeyyam. Anupacitakusalasambbarebi suttbu dutta- 
ran ti suduttaram samsaramabogbain. Tare 
ariyamagganavaya taressami. Dharebi ant imam 
deb am ti tassa dbarane no antimam debam dbaiii bobi ti 

Tissaya tberiya gathavannana samattii. 

Nittbita patbamavaggavannana. 


Sumutta sadbu mutt' ambi ti adika Muttatberiya 
giltha. Ayam pi purimabuddbesu katadbikara tattba 

atthanam, cd. 

14 XI- ^lUTTA. 

tattba bhavesLi kusalam npacinitva imasmim buclclliuppride 
Kosalajanapade Oghatakassa nama daliddabrahmaiiassa- 
dhita hutva nibbatti. Tarn vayappattakale ekassa khujja- 
brabmanassa adamsu. Sa tena gbaravasam arocati. Tarn 
anujanapetva pabbajitva ^ vipassanaya kammam karoti. 
Tassa bahiddharammaiiesu cittam vidhavati. Sa tarn 
nigganhati.- S u m u 1 1 a s a d b u m u t t'a m h i ti gatham 
vadanti yeva vipassanam ussukkapetva saba patisambbidabi 
arahattam papuni, Tena vuttam Apadane : 

Padumuttaro nama jino sabbadbammesu cakkbnma 
paiiino anuganbanto pindaya pfivisi puram. 1. 
Tassa agaccbato sattbu sabbe nagaravasino 
battbatuttha samagantva valika akarimsu te. 2. 
Yitbisammajjanam katva kadalipiinnaivaddbaje 
dbmnam cunnam ca malam ca sakkaram katvana sat- 

tbuno 3. 
Mandapam patiyadetva nimantetva vinayakam 
mabadanam daditvana sambodbim ^ abbipattbayi. 4. 
Padumuttaro mabaviro tarako sabbapaninam 
anumodaniyam katva vyakasi aggapuggalo. 5. 
Satasabasse atikkante kappo bessati bbaddako 
bbavabbave sukbam laddba papunissati bodbijam. 6. 
Hattbakammaii ca ye keci kadaci naranariyo 
anagatasmim addbane sabbe bessanti 4 sammukba. 7. 
Tena kammavipakena cetanapanidbibi ca 
uppanna devabbavanam tuybam te paricarika. 8. 
Dibbasukbam asaiikbeyyam 5 manusam ca asankheyyam ^ 
anubbon+i ciram kalam samsaritva bbavabbave. 9. 
Satasabasse ito kappe yam kammam akari tada 
sukbumfda manussesu atbo devapuresu ca 10. 
Eiipam bhogam sayam ayu atbo kitti sukbam piyani 
labbfimi sattbu tarn sabbam sukatam kammasampadam. 11. 
Paccbime bbavasampatte jataham brabmane kule 

I pabbajjitva, cd* 2 nigganbati, cd. 

3 sambodbi, P. 4 hissanti, P. 

5 asankbe.yyum, P« ^ manusayam ca asankbayam, P, 


suklmmriLahattliapridri ramaniyc nivGsane. 12. 
Sabbakalam pi patbavim apassam' anaLaiikataiu 
cikkbalbibhumim asucim ' apassrimi kuclricanam. 13. 
Kilesa jbripitfi maybam kataiu buddbassa sasanan ti. 1*1. 

Arahattani paua patva udanenti : 

Sumuttri sadbu mutt' ambi tibi kbiijjebi muttiyfi | 
udukkbalena musalcna patina kbnjjakena ca | 
mutt' ambi jfitimarana bbavanctti samiibatriti. 11. 

Imam gatbam abbasi. Tattba sumutta ti sulUm 
mutta. S a d b u m u 1 1' ambi ti sadbu sammad eva mutia 
ambi. Kuto paua sumutta sfidbu muttfi ti fiba ? T T b i 
k h u j j e b i m u 1 1 i y a ti vaiikakebi parimuttiyfi ti attbo. 

Iti tani sariipato dassenti u d u k k b a 1 e n a m u s a 1 e n a 
pat i na k b u j j a k e n a c a ti aba. Udukkbale hi dbannam 
pakkbipantiya parivattentiya musalena kottentiya pitthi 
onametabba botl ti.- Kbujjakaraiiahetutaya tad ubbayam 
kbujjan ti vuttam. Samiko 3 pan assa khujjo eva. Idani 
yassa muttiya nidassanavasena tibi khujjebi mutti vutta 
tarn eva dassenti mutt' ambi j a t i m a r a n a ti vatva 
tattba karanam aba. B h a v a n e 1 1 i s a m u b a t a ^ ti 
tass' attbo na kevalam mabatikbujjebi eva mutta. Atba 
kbo sabbasma jaramarana pi yasma sabbassa pi bbava- 
nettinilyika tanha aggamaggena maya samuggbatita ^ ti. 

Muttatheriya gathavannana samatta. 


C b a n d a j a t a a v a s a ye ti Dbammadinnattheriya 
gatha. Sci kira Padumuttarabuddbakrile Hamsavatinagare 
paradbinavuttika hutva jivati.^ Nirodbato vuttbitassa 
aggasavakassa piijasakkarapubbakam danam datva devaloke 
nibbattci. Tato cavitva devamanussesu samsaranti Pbus- 
sassa bbagavato kale sattbu vematikabbatikanam kammi- 

I obhiimi asuci, P. 2 hohTti, cd. 3 samika, cd. 

-^ samohata, cd. ^ sammuggbo, cd. ^ jivanti, cd. 


kassa gehe vasamananam danam paticca ekam dehi ti 
samikena vutte dve denti bahum punnam katva Kassapabu- 
ddbakale Kikissa Kasikaranno gehe patisandhim gahetva 
sattannam bhagininam abbhantara butva visati vassasa- 
hassani brabmacariyam caritva ekam buddhantaram 
devamanussesu samsaranti imasmim buddhuppadeKajagahe 
kuLagehe sa nibbattitva vayappatta Visakbassa setthino 
gehe gantva — ath' ekadivasam Visakho setthi satthu 
santike dhammam sutva anagami hutva gharam gantva 
pasadam abbhubanto sopanamatthake dbitaya Dhamma- 
dinnaya saritabattham analambitva 'va pasadam 'bbiruhitvri 
bhunjamano pi tunhibhiito va bhuiiji. Dhammadinna tarn 
apadbaretva *' ayyaputta kasma tvam mama hattham 
nalambi, bhunjamano pi na kiiici kathesi ? Atthi nu kho 
mayham doso " tiaha? Visakho " .Dhammadinne^ na te 
doso atthi, aham pana ajja patthaya itthisariram phusitum 
ahare ca lolabhavam katum anaraho. Tadiso maya dhammo 
patividdho, tvam pana sace icchasi imasmim yeva gehe 
vasa, no ce icchasi yattakena dhanena te attho tattakam 
gahetva kulagharam gacchahi " ti aha. "Naham ayyaputta 
tassagantugamanam agamissami, pabbajjam me anujanabi " 
ti Visakho "sadbu^ Dhammadinne" ti tarn suvannasivikaya 
bhikkhunJupassayam pesesi. Sa pabbajitvakammattbanam 
gahetva katipaham tattha vasitva vivekavasam vasitukama 
acariyupajjhayanam santikam gantva " ayye akinnatthane 
mayham cittam na ramati gamakavasam gacchami" ti aha. 
Bhikkhuniyo tarn gamakavasam nayimsu. Sa tattha vasati. 
Atite madditasamkharataya nacirass'eva saha patisam- 
bhidahi arahattam papuni. 
Tena vuttam Apadane : 

Padumuttaro nama jino sabbadhammana paragu 
ito satasahassamhi kappe uppajji nayako. 1. 
Tadaham Hamsavatiyam kule aiinatare ahum 
parakammakari asim nipaka silasamvuta. 2. 
Padumuttarabuddhassa Sujato aggasavako 

I Dhammadinna, cd. 2 gadhu om., cd. 

ther! gatha. 12. 17 

vibara abhinikkhamma piiidapataya gaccbati.^ 3. 
Gbatam gabetva gaccbanti tadji udakabarika 
tarn disva adadam puvam^ pasanna sebi panibi. 4. 
Patiggabetva tattbeva nisinuo paribhunji so 
tato netvana tarn gebam adfisim tassa bbojanam. 5. 
Tato me ayyako tuttho akari sunisam sakam 
sassuya samagantvanas sambuddbam abhivridayim. 6. 
Tada so dbammakatbikam bbikkbunim 4 parikittayam 
tbapesi etadaggambi ; tarn sutva mudita abam. 7. 
Nimantayitva sugatam sasamgbam lokanayakam 
mabadiuiam daditvanas tarn tbanam abbipattbayim, 8. 
Tato mam sugato aha gbananinnadasussare ^ 
samuttbauaniggata tvam sasamgbaparivesike. 7 9. 
Saddbammasavane yutte gunavaddbitamauase ^ 
bbadde bbavassu9 mudita laccbase panidbipbalam.iQ 10. 
Satasabasse ito kappe Okkakakulasambhavo 
Gotamo nama namena sattba loke bbavissati. 11. 
Tassa dbammesu dayada orasa dbammanimmita 
Dbammadinna ti namena bessasi" sattbu savika. 12. 
Tarn sutva mudita hutva yavajivam mabamunim ^^ 
mettacitta paricarim paccayebi vinayakam. 13. 
Tena kammena sukatena cetanapanidbibi ca 
jabitva manusam debam tavatimsam agaccb' abain. 14. 
Imasmim bbaddake kappe brabmabandbu mabayaso 
Kassapo nama namena uppajji vadatam varo. 15. 
Upattbako mabesissa tada asi narissaro 
Ivasiraja Kiki nama Baranasipuruttame. 16. 
Cbattba tassas' abam dbita Sudbamma iti vissuta 
dbammam sutva jinaggassa pabbajjam samarocayim. 17. 
Nanujanasi mam tato/^ agare va tada mayam ^-^ 

^ pattam adayag^, A. ^ adadim, P. ; piipam, A. 

3 sabagantvana, A. ^ bbikkbunl, P. 5 adatvana, P. 
^ gbaradinnasassurika, P. ; mamupattbananirate, A. 

7 samgbaparivesika, P. ^ yutta ^manasa, P. 

9 avassam, P. ^o laccbam sapan°, P. 

" bessati. A. 12 mabamuni, P. 

^3 anujani tato tato, P. ^4 agare talaya mayam, P. 


Visa vassasahassani vicarimha ^ atandita^ 18. 

Komarim 3 brahmacariyam 4 rajakanna sukhedhita 

buddhopatthananirata 5 mudita satta dhitaro. 19. 

Samani Samanagutta ca Bhikkhuni Bhikkhudayika 

Dhamma ceva Sudhamma ca sattami Samghadayika. 20. 

Khema Uppalavanna ca Patacara ca Kundala 

Gotanii ca aliam c'eva Visakha hoti sattami. 21. 

Tebi kammehi sukatebi cetanapanidbibi ca 

jabitva manusam debam tavatimsam agaccb' abam. 22. 

Paccbime ca bbave dani Giribbajapuruttame 

jata setthikule pbite^ sabbakamasamiddbme.7 23. 

Yada^ rupagunopeta patbame yobbane tbita 

tada parakulam gantva vasim sukbasamappita. 24. 

Upetva 9 lokasaranam sunitva dhammadesanam 

anagamipbalam patto samiko me subuddbima. 25. 

Tada tarn anujanetva^^ pabbajim anagariyam 

Naciren' eva kalena arabattam apapunim. 26. 

Tada upasako so mam ^^ upagantva apuccbatba 

gambhire nipune ^^ panbe, te sabbe vyakarim abam. 27. 

Jino tasmim gune tuttbo etadagge tbapesi mam 

bbikkbunim dbammakatbikam,n'aiinampassamiedisam. 28. 

Dbammadinna yatba dbira evam dbaretba bbikkbavo 

evabam pandita bomi ^3 nayakenanukampita. 29. 

Paricinno maya sattba ^4 katam buddbassa sasanam 

obito garuko bbaro bbavanetti samubata. 30. 

Yass'attbaya pabbajita agar asm anagariyam 

so me attbo anuppatto sabbasamyojanakkbayo. 31. 

Iddbisu ca vasi bomi dibbaya sotadbatiiya 

paracittani janami satthu sasanakarika. 32. 

Pubbemvasam janami dibbacakkbum visodbitam 

khepetva asave sabbe visuddb' ambi sunimmala. 33. 

^ vicaramhi, P. ^ atandika, A. 3 komari, P. 

4 brabmacariya, P. 5 ^niyata, P. ^ tbite, P. 

7 osamiddbino, P. ^ tada, P. 9 upeta, P. 

^° tadabam anujanitva, P. ^^ samam, P. ^^ nipune, P. 
^3 evayam pandita jata, P. ^4 paricinno yo tattha, P. 

THERl GATHA. 12. 19 

Kilesii jbapitii maybam — pa — katani buddhassa sasanam 
ti. 34. 

Arabattam pana patvil maybam mattbakam pattam, 
idfmi idba vasitvii kim karissrimi. "Eajagabam eva gantva 
sattbaran ca vandiss;imi babii ca me nataka puiinani karis- 
santT " ti bbikkbunlbi saddbim Eajagabam eva paccagata.^ 
Yisakbo tassa agatabbavam fiatva sutva tassfi ^ adhigamam 
vImamsanto3 pancakkhandbadivasena panbam pucchi. 
Dbammadinna sunissitena4 sattbena kumudanale cbin- 
dauti viya puccbitam panbam vissajjesi. Visilkbo sabbam 
puccbavissajjananissayain sattbu arocesi. Sattba " pandita 
Yisakba Dbammadinna bbikkbuni" ti adina tarn pasamsanto 
sabbannutananena saddbim sandbetva 5 vyakatabbavam 
paveditva tam eva Ciilavedallasuttam atthuppattim katva 
tarn dbammakatbikanam bbikkhunmam aggattbane 
tbapesi. Tada pana sa tasmim gamakavase vasantl 
bettbimamagge adbigantva aggamaggattbaya vipassanam 
patthapesi. Tada : 

Cbandajata avasaye ^ manasa ca pbuta siya 

kamesu appatibaddbacitta uddbamsota vimuccati ti. 12. 

Imam gatbam abbasi. Tattba cbandajata ti aggap- 
pbalattbam jataccbanda. A v a s a y e ^ ti. Avasayo vuccati 
avasanam nitthanam, tam pi kamesu appatibaddbacitta- 
taya7 uddbamsota ti vakkbamanatta samanakiccassa nit- 
tbanam veditabbam yassa kassaci. Tasma padadvayenapi 
appattamanasa anuttaram yogakkbemam pattbayamana ti 
ayarn ettbo vutta%oti. Manasa c a pbuta s i y a ti 
bettbimebi nitimaggacittebi nibbanam pbuta phusita 
bbaveyya. Kamesu ca appatibaddbacitta 9 ti 
anagamimaggavasena kamesu na patibaddbacitta.^° U d - 
d b a m 8 1 a ti uddbam eva maggasoto samsarasoto ca 

^ paccbagata, cd. - tassa, cd. 3 vimamsato, cd. 
4 sunisitena, cd. s sanditva, cd. ^ avasayi, cd. 
7 appatipannacitto, cd. s vutto, cd. 

9 appatibandbac°, cd. ^^ patibandbacQ, cd. 


ekissa ti uddhamsota anagamino hi yatha aggamagga ca 
uppajjati. Na anna evam avihadlsu uppannassa ya va 
kanittha uddham eva uppatti hoti ti. 

Dhammadinnaya theriya gathavannana samatta. 


Karotha buddhasasanan ti Visakhaya theriya 
gatha. Tassa vatthu Dhlratheriya vatthusadisam eva» 
Sa arahattam patva vimuttisukhena vitinamenti : — 

Karotha buddhasasanam yam katvananutappati 
khippam padani dhovitva ekamante nisidatha ti. 13. 

Imaya gathaj^a aiinam vyakasi. Tattha karotha 
buddhasasanan ti buddhanam sasanam ovadam anu- 
sittham karotha yathanusitthi patipajjatha ti attho. Yam 
katvananutappati ti anusitthikatva karanahetu 
na anutappati takkarassa sammad eva adhippayanam 
samijjhanato. Khippam padani dhovitva eka- 
mante nisidatha ti. Idam yasma sayam paccha- 
bhattam pindapatapatikkanta acariyupajjhayanam vattam 
dassetva attano divatthane padam dhovitva raho nisinna 
arahattamatthakam papesi. Tasma tattha aiine pi niyo- 
jenti avoca. 

Visakhaya theriya gathavannana samatta. 


Dhatuyo dukkhato disva ti Sumanaya theriya 
gatha. Tassa vatthu Tissatheriya vatthusadisarn. Imissa 
pi hi sattha obhasam vissajjetva purato nisinno viya atta- 
nam dassetva : 

" Dhatuyo dukkhato disva ma jati punar agami 
bhave chandam virajetva upasanta carissasi." 14. 

Imam gatham aha. Sa gathapariyosane arahattam 

THERI GATHA. 13. 14. 21 

papuni. Tattha dhrituyo dukkhato disva ti san- 
tatim pariyapanna dukkhcididhatuyo ^ itarii pi ca udayab- 
bayassa - patipilanfidinci dukkhjl ti iianacakkhunri disva 
m a j a t i p u n a r ji g a m I ti puna jatiayatipunabbhavam 
ma ugganchi. B h a v e c b a n d a m v i r fi j e t v a ti 
krimabhavJidike sabbasmim bhave tanbfi cbandam vira- 
gasamkbatena maggena pajabitva up as ant fi caris- 
8 a s i ti sabbaso na kilesatfiya nibbuta vibarissasi.3 Ettha 
ca d b a t u y d u k k b a t o disva ti iminji dukkbanu- 
passanamukbena vipassana dassita. B b a v e cbandam 
Y i r cl j e t V a ti imina maggo. Upa8anta4 carissasi 
ti imina saupadisesa nibbanadbatu. Ma jati punar 
a g a m I ti imina anupadisesa 5 nibbanadbatu dassita ti 

Sumanaya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 


Kayena samvuta asi ti Uttaraya tberiya gatba. 
Tassa pi vattbu Tissatberiya vattbusadisam. Sa pi bi 
Sakyakulappasuta bodbisattassa orodbabbiita Mabapajil- 
patigotamiya saddbim nikkbanta obbasagathaya arabattam 
patva pana : 

Kayena samvuta asi vacaya uda cetasa 

samiilam taubam abbuyba sitibbut' ambi nibbuta ti'i 15. 

Udanavasena tarn eva gatbam abbasi. Tattba kayena 
samvuta asiti kayikena samvuta abosi ti. Vacaya 
ti vacasikena samvuta asi ti yojana. Padadvayenapi samsa- 
samvaram aba. U d cl ti atba. C e t a s a ti samadbicittena. 
Etena vipassanabbavanam aba. Samulam tan bam 
abbuyba ti sanusayam. Sabava avijjaya bi paticcba- 
danadlnave bbavattaye tanba uppajjati. 

Aparo nayo kayena samvuta ti sammakamman- 

' cakkbadicatuyo, cd. 2 udayabbassa, cd. 

^ vibarissati, cd. 4 maggopasanta, cd. s anupada, cd. 


tena sabbasc micchakammantassa pahana maggasam- 
varen'eva kayena samvuta asi. V a c a y a ti sammavacaya 
sabbaso micchavacaya pahana maggasamvaren'eva vacaya 
samvuta asi ti attho. C e t a s a ti samadhina. Cetoslsena 
h'ettba samadhi vutto. Sammasamadhigahanena eka- 
lakkhana sammadittbiadayo gahita 'va honti ti maggasam- 
varena abbijjhadikassa asamvarassa anavasesato pahanam 
dassitam boti. Ten'eva samulam^ tanbam ab- 
buyba^ sitibbut' ambi nibbuta ti sabbaso ki- 
lesaparilahabbavena sitibbavappatta anupadisesanibba- 
nadhatuya nibbuta ambiti. 

Uttaraya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 


Sukham tvams vuddbike sehi ti Sumanaya 
vuddhapabbajitaya gatha. Ayam pi purimabuddhesu 
katadhikara tattba tattha bhave kusalam upacinitva4- 
imasmim buddhuppade Savattbiyam Mahakosalaranno 
bbagini butva nibbatti. Sa sattbara raimo Pasenadissa 
Kosalassa " cattaro kho maharaja daharaS na uniiatabba " 
ti adina desitam dbammam sutva laddhapasada saranesu 
silesu ca patitthaya pabbajitukama ^ pi " ayyakam patijag- 
gissami " ti cirakalam vitinametva aparabhage ayyikaya7 
kalamkataya raiina ^ saddhim mabagghani attbarana- 
pavuranani gabapetva viharam gantva samghassa dapetva 
sattbu santike dbammam sutva anagamipbale patittbita 
pabbajjam yaci. Sattha tassa nanaparipakam disva : 

Sukham tvam vuddbike sehi katva colena paruta 
upasanto hi te rago sitibhuta 9 si nibbuta ti. 16. 

Imam gatham abhasi. Sa gathapariyosane saha ^° pati- 

I tenevassamo, cd. ^ abbuyha ti, cd. 3 tvam om. cd. 
4 upanicitva, cd. s dahara ti, cd. ^ pabbajjituk°, cd. 
7 ayyika, cd. 8 rafinaya, cd. 

9 sitibbut'ambi, cd. lo qq}^[^ q^^ 

THERI GATHA. 15. 16. 23 

sambhidahi arahattam patva udanavasena tarn eva gatham 
abhasi. Idam eva c'assfi ailfiam vyakaranam ahosi. Sa 
tavad eva pabbaji.^ Gathaya pana vaddhikehi vuddbo 
yo vuddbo ti - attbo. Ayam ]3ana sibidiguiiebi pi vuddba. 
Tberiya vuttagiltbriya catuttbapade sltibbiit' ambi nibbuta 
tiyojetabbani. Sesam vuttauayam eva. 

Vuddbapabbajitaya Sumauaya gathavannana samatta. 


Pindapatam caritvana ti Dbammaya tberiya 
gatha. Ayam pi purimabuddbesu katadbikara tattha 
tattha bhave vivattiipanissayam kusalam upacinitva 
sambhava puniiasambbara imasmim buddbuppade Savat- 
tbiyam kulagbare nibbattitva vayappatta patirupassa 
samikassa geham gantva sasane patiladdbasaddba pabba- 
jitukama hutva samikena ananuiiiiata paccha samike ka- 
laiikate pabbajitva vipassanaya kammam karontl ekadi- 
vasam bbikkbaya caritva vibaram agaccbanti parivattitva 
tarn eva arammanam katva vipassanam vaddbetva saba 
patisambhidabi arabattam patva : 

Pindapatam caritvana dandam olubbba dubbala 

vedhamanehi gattebi tattb'eva nipati cbama 

disva adinavam kaye atba cittam vimucci 3 me ti. 17. 

Udanavasena imam gatbam abbasi. Tattba pinda- 
patam caritvana dandam olubbba ti piiida- 
patattbaya yatthiupattbambbena nagare vicaritva bbik- 
kbaya abindetva. Cbama ti cbamayam. Bbumiyam 
padaya avasanena bbumiyam nipatantl ti attbo. Disva 
adinavam kaye ti asubbaniccadukkbanantatadibi 
nanappakarehi pade dosam pamiacakkhuna disva. 

Atba cittani vimucci me ti adlnavanupassanaya 
parato pavattehi nibbidanupassanadibi vikkbambbana- 

pabbajji, cd. ^ vuddbe ti, cd. 3 vimucca, cd. 


vasena mama cittam kilesacittam kilesehi vimucci ^ puna 
maggaphalehi yathakkamam samucchedavasena ceva pati- 
passaddhivasena ca sabbaso vimucci. Vimuttam na 
dani'ssa vimocetabbam ^ atthiti. Idam eva c'assa annam 
vyakaranam ahosi ti. 

Dhammaya theriya gathavannana samatta. 


Hitvas ghare pabbajita ti Samghaya theriya 
gatha. Tassa vatthu Dhiratheriya vatthusadisam. Gatha 
pana : 

Hitva gliare pabbajitva 4 hitva puttam 5 pasupiyam 

hitva ragaii ca dosam ^ ca avijjan ca virajiya 

samiilam tanham abbuyha upasant' amhi nibbuta ti. 18. 

gatha abhasi. Tattha hitva ti chaddetva. Ghare 
ti geham. Gharasaddo7 hi ekasmim abhidheyye kadaci ba- 
husu bijam viya riilhivasena vohariyati. Hitva puttam 
pasu piyam ti piyayitabbe ceva gavadimahisadikesu 
ca tappatibandhachandaragappahanena pahaya. Hitva 
raganca dosaii cati rajjanasabhavam ragam dussana- 
sabhavam dosam ca ariyamaggena samucchinditva. A vij- 
jan ca virajiya ti sabbakusalesu pubbaiigamam 
moham ca virajitva maggena samugghatetva icceva attho. 
Sesam vuttanayam eva. 

Samghaya theriya gathavannana samatta. 

Ekanipatavannana nitthita. 


Dukanipate a t u r a m a s u c i m ^ p u t i n 9 ti adika 
Abhiriipanandaya sikkhamanaya gatha. Ayam kira Vipas- 

I vimuccina, cd. 2 imeva, cd. 3 hetva, cd. 

4 pabbajita, cd. 5 muttam, cd. ^ desam, cd. 

7 ogadda, cd. 8 asuci, cd. 9 sutin, cd. 

THERl GATHA. 17. 18. 25 

sissa bhagavato krde Bandhumatinagare gahapatimahasri- 
lassa dhita hutva satthu santike dhammam sutvji saraiiesu 
ca sTlesu ca patitthita satthari parinibbute dhatucetiyam 
ratanapatimanditena suvannachattena pujam katva kalam 
katva sagge nibbattitva aparriparam sugatisu yeva sam- 
saranti imasmim buddhuppade Kapilavatthunagare Khema- 
kassa Sakkassa aggamahesiyti kucchiRmim nibbatti. Nanda 
ti'ssa namam ahosi. Sa atthabhavassa ativiya rupasobhag- 
gappattiya abhirupa dassaniya pasadika. 

Abhiriipananda nama tveva paniiayittha. Tassa vayap- 
pattaya^ dhareyyadivase yeva Carabhiito Sakyakumaro 
kalam akasi. Atlia nam mjltapitaro akamam pabbajesum. 
Sa pabbajitva pi riipam nissaya uppannamada. Sattha 
rupam vivanneti- garahati anekapariyayena riipe adina- 
vam dassetl ti buddhupatthanam na gacchati. Bhagava 
tassa nanapariprikam natva Mahapajapatim 3 anapesi 
*' sabba pi bhikkliuniyo patipatiya ovadam agacchantu " ti. 
Sa attano vare sampatte annam pesesi. Bhagava " vare 
sampatte attano 'va agantabbam na annam 4 pesetabban 
ti" aha. Sa5 satthu anam langhitnm asakkonti l)hikkbu- 
nihi saddhim buddhupatthanam ^ agamasi. Bhagava 
iddhiya ekam abhiriipam mapetva puna jarajinnam das- 
setva samvegam uppadetva : 

Aturam asucim piitim 7 ^Dassa Xande samussayam 
asubhaya cittam bhavehi ekaggam susamahitam. 19. 
Animittam ca bhavehi mananusayam ujjaha 
tato manabhisamaya upasantii carissasi ti. 20. 

Ima dve gatha abhasi. Tasam attho hettha vuttanayo ^ 
eva. Gathapariyosane Abhiriipananda arahattam papuni. 
Tena vuttam Apadane : 

Nagare Bandhumatiya Bandhuma nama khuttiyo 
tassa ranno aham bhariya carikam carayam' aham.9 1. 

I vayappatta, cd. ^ vivanneti, ed. 

3 Mahapajapati, cd. -^ anna, cd. 5 So, cd. 

^ baddhup*^, cd. 7 piiti, cd. ^ vuttanaya, cd. 

^ ekaccam vadayamaham, B. ; ekicchfi carayam' aham, A. 


Kahogata nislditva evam cintes' aliam tada ^ 
adaya gamaniyam hi kusalam n'atthi me katam.^ 2. 
Mahabhitapam katukam ghorariipam sudarunam 
nirayam niina ^ gaccbami ettha me n'atthi samsayo. 3. 
"^ Evaham cintayitvana pahamsetvana manasam 4 
rajanam upasamgamma^ idam vacanam abravim. 4. 
6 Itthita mama yam deva purisanugata sada ^ 
ekam me samanam dehi bhojayissami khattiya. 5. 
Adasi me tada raja 7 samanam bhavitindriyam 
tassa pattam ^ gabetvana paramannena piirayim. 6. 
Piirayitva paramannam sahassagghaDaken' aliam 
vatthayugena chadetva adasi tntthamanasa. 7. 
Tena kammena sukatena cetanapanidhihi ca 
jahitva manusam deham Tavatimsam agaiicbi 'ham. 8. 
Sahassam devarajunam mahesittam akarayim 
sabassam cakkavattinam mahesittam akarayim. 9. 
Padesarajjam vipulam gananato asamkhayam 
nanavidbam babu pmmam tassa kammapbalam tato. 10. 
Uppalass' eva me vanna abbirupa sudassana 
ittbisabbangasampanna abbijata jutindbara. 11. 
Pacchime bhavasampatte ajayim Sakiyakule 
narisabassapamokkha Suddbodanasutass' abam. 12. 
Nibbinditva agare 'ham pabbajim anagariyam 
sattamim rattim sampatva catusaccam apapunim. 13. 
Civaram pindapatam ca paccayam sayanasanam 
parimetum na sakkomi pindapatass' idam phalam. 14. 
Yam maybam purimam kammam kusalam janitam muni 
tuyh' attbaya mahavira paricinnam bahum maya. 15. 
Ekatimse ito kappe yam danam adadim tada 
duggatim nabbijanami pindapatass' idam phalam. 16. 
Duve gati pajanami devattam atha manusam 
aimam gatim na janami pindapatass' idam phalam. 17. 

^ evam cintesi tavade, P. 

" kusalam me katam n'atthi adaya gamiyam mama, P. 

3 nidassam niina, P. ^ — 4 not in A. 

5 upasamgantva, P. 6 — 6 ^^gf {^^ ^^ 

7 maharaja, A. 8 tappayim, A. B. 

THERI GATHA. 19. 27 

Ucce kule pajanilmi tayo sale mahadhane 
annam kulam na janami piiulapatass' idam phalam. 18. 
Bhaviibliave samsaritva sukkamuleiia coditfi 
amanapam na passrimi somanassakatain pbalam. 19. 
Iddhisu ca vasi homi dibbaya sotadbiituya 
cetopariyanaiiassa vasi bomi mabtimune. 20. 
Pubbenivasam jTiDami dibbacakkbum visodhitam 
sabbasava parikkbina n'attbi dani punabbbavo. 21. 
Attbadbammaniriittisu patibbilne tatb' eva ca 
uauam mama mabavira uppannam tava santike. 22. 
Kilesa jbapita maybam — pa — katam buddbassa sasa- 
nan ti. 23. 

Arabattam patva pana sa sayam pi udauavasena ta 
yeva gatba abbasi. Idba-m-eva c' assa annaiii vyakaranain 
abosi ti. 

Abbirupanandaya theriya gathavannana samatta. 


Ye i m e s a 1 1 a b o j j b a u g a ti adika Jentaya tberiya 
gatba. Tassa atltam paccuppannam ca vattbu Abbirupa- 
nandavatthnsadisam. Ayam pana Vesaliyam Liccbavira- 
jakule nibbatti ti. Ayam eva viseso : Sattbara desitam 
dbammam sutva desanapariyosane arabattam patva attano 
adbigatam visesam paccavekkbitva pTtivasena : 

Ye ime satta bojjbaiiga maggii nibbanapattiya 
bbavita te may a sabbe yatba buddbena desita. 21. 
Dittho hi me so bbagava antimo 'yam samussayo 
vikkhino jatisamsaro n'attbi dani punabbbavo ti. 22. 

Ima dve gatba abbasi. Tattha ye ime satta boj- 
j b a 11 g a ti ye ime satta ^ dbammavicayaviriyapitipas- 
saddbisamadbiupekkba samkbata bodbiya yatbavuttaya 

^ ime sati, cd. 


dhammasamaggiya bodhissava bojjhangassa samangino 
puggalassa angabhutatta bojjhanga ti laddhanama satta 
dhamma. Magga nibbanapattiya^ti nibbanadhiga- 
massa upayabhuta. Bhavita te may a sabbe yatba 
buddhena desita ti te sattatimsa bodhipakkhiya- 
dhamma sabbebi maya yatba buddbena bbagavata desita 
tatba maya uppadita ^ vaddbita ca. Ditthobismeso 
bhagava ti bisaddo hetuattbo. Yasma so bbagava 
dbammakayo sammasambuddbo attano adbigataariya- 
dbammadassanena dittbo tasma a n t i m o 'yam s a m u- 
ssayo 'ti yojana. Ariyadbammadassanena bi buddba 
bhagavanto aniie ca ariya dittha nama honti, na rupakaya- 
dassanamattena yatbaba : " Yo kho Vakkali dbammam 
passati so mam passati" ti. " Sutava ca kbo ariyasavako 
bbikkbave ariyanam dassavi " ti ca adi. Sesam vuttana- 
yam eva. 

Jentaya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 


S u m u 1 1 i k e ti adika Sumaiigalamataya tberiya gatba. 
Ay am pi purimabuddhesu katadbikara tattba tattba bbave 
kusalam upacinitva imasmim buddbuppade Savattbiyam 
daliddakule nibbattitva vayappatta afiiiatarassa nalaka- 
rassa dinna patbamagabbhe yeva paccbimabbavikam 
puttam labbitva tassa Sumangalo ti namam abosi. Tato 
pattbaya Sumangalamata ti pannayittba. Yasma pan' 
assa namam 4gottam na pakatam, tasma annatara bbik- 
kbmii r; ^.amlata ti 5 paliyam vutta.^ So pi 'ssa putto ^ 
viniiutam patto pabbajitva saba patisambbidahi arabattam 
patva Smnangalatbero ti pakato abosi. Tassa mata 
bbikkhuni pabbajitva vipassanaya kammam karonti ekadi- 
vasam gibikale attana pattadukkbain paccavekkbitva sam- 

I nibbanapo, cd. 2 uppadika, cd. 

3 dittbo ti, cd. 4 nama, cd. 

5 asanna ti, cd. 6 yuttam, cd. 7 putto, oui. cd. 

THERI GATHA. 20. 21. 29 

vegajdtri vipasscanam vaddlietva salia patisambhidcihi ara- 
hattam patva udrmentT : 

Sumuttike sumuttika sadhii muttik' ^ amhi iimsalassa 
ahii-iko me cliattakam yH pi ukkhalikamedaddubhava.- 23. 
Eagan ca aliam dosan ca vicchindanti viharami ^ 
sa rukkhamulam upagamma alio sukham ti sukhato jha- 
yami ti. 24. 

Ima dve gatha abhasi. Tattha s u m u 1 1 i k e ti sumutta. 
Kakciro padapuraiiamattam. Sutthu mutta vata ti attho. 
Sasane attana patiladdhasampattim disva pasadavasena 
tassa YR pasamsavasena amantetva vuttam sumuttike 
sumuttika ti. Yam -^ pana giliika visesato ^ jiguccbati 
tato vimuttim ^ dassenti : s a d b u muttik' a m b i adim 
aha. Tattha s a d b u muttik' a m h I ti sammad eva 
mutta vata ambi. M u s a 1 a s s a ti musalato. Ayam 
kira daliddabbavena gihikale sayam eva musalakammam 
karoti, tasma evam aba. 

A h i r i k me ti mama samiko 7 abiriko nillajjo. So 
mama na ruccati ti vacanaseso. Pakatiya 'va kamesu 
virattacittataya kamadhimuttanam pavattim ^ jigucchanti 
vadati : c h a 1 1 a k a m v a s i ti. Jlvitahetukena kariya- 
manam chattakam pi me na vuccati ti attho. Yasaddo 
avuttasamuccayattbo. Tena pelacangotakadi samganbati. 
Yeludandadmi gabetva divase divase cbattadinam kara- 
navaseua dukkhajivitam jigucebaDti vadati 9 : a h i t a k o 
me tato ti. Keci tato ti vatvil abitako jaravaho 
gihikale ^° mama sarlrato vilyatl ti attham vadanti. Apare 
pana abitako paresam duggandhataro ca mama sarlrato 
vayati ti attham vadanti. U k k li a 1 i k a me d a 1 i d d a- 
b h a V a " ti me mama bhattapacanabhajanam cirapari- 

^ sadhu muttik', ow. cd. ^ deddubh°, M. 

3 vicchindi, cd.; vibanami, m. 4 ya, cd. 

^ sesato, cd. ^ vimutti, cd. 7 savako, cd. 

^ pavatti, cd. 9 vadasi, cd. 

^° jaravabhogihikale, cd. ^^ daddubhava, corr. cd. 


vasikabhavena aparisuddhataya udakasabbagandham va- 
yati. Tato ayam sadhu muttik' amhl ti yojana. 

Eagaii ca aham dosaii ca vicchindanti vi- 
haramiti aham kilesajetthakam ragan ca dosaii ca 
vicchindanti viharami ti. Imina saddhena saddhi viharami 
vinasemi vijahami ti attho. Sa kira attano samikam jiguc- 
chantl tena divase divase piliyamananam dukkham velu- 
dandadlnam saddam arahanti. Tassa pahanam ragado- 
sappahane samam katva avoca. Sa rukkhamulam 
u p a g a m m a ti sa aham Sumangalamata vivittam rukkha- 
mulam upasamkamitva. S u k h a t o j h a y a m i ti su- 
khan ti jhayami. Kalena kalam samapajjanti phalasu- 
kham ca pativedayamana phalajjhanena jhayamT ti attho 
A h s u k h a n ti idam pan' assa samapattito paccha 
pavattamanasikaravasena vuttam. Pubbabhogavasena ti 
pi yujjate.i 

Sumangalamataya theriya gathavannana samatta. 


Yava Kasijanapado^ ti adika Addhakasiya the- 
riya gatha. Ayam kira Kassapassa dasabalassa kale kula- 
gehe nibbattitva viniiutam patva bhikkhuninam santikam 
gantva dhammam sutva patiladdhasaddha pabbajitva 
bhikkhuni sile thitam annataram patisambhidapattam 
khinasavatherim 3 ganikavadena akkositva tato cuta niraye 
pacitva imasmim buddhuppade Kasiratthe ularavibhave 
setthikule nibbattitva vuddhippatta pubbe katassa vaci- 
duccarita^^a nissandena dhatuto parittba ganika ahosi na- 
mena Addhakasi nama. Tassa pabbajja ca dutena upa- 
sampada ca khandhake agata yeva, vuttam h'etam : Tena 
kho pana samayena Addhakasi ganika bhikkhunisu pabba- 
jita4 hoti, sa Savatthim gantukama hoti " bhagavato santike 
upasampajjissami " ti. Assosum kho dhutta : " Addhakasi 

I yujjato, cd. 2 yava kapij° cd. 

3 sakhinris°, cd. 4 pajjita, cd. 

THERI GATHA. 22. 31 

kira ganika Sfivattliim gantukamri " ti, te magge pari- 
yutthimsu. Assosi ^ kho AddbakfisI ganika " dhutta kira 
magge pariyutthita" ti, sfi bhagavato santike dutam pahesi: 
*' aham pi upasampajjitukrunri kathaiu tu maya patipajji- 
tabbam " ti. Atha kho bbagavfi etasmim nidfiije dbammi- 
katham katva bhikkbii amantesi: Anujanilmi bbikkbave 
diitena pi upasampadetum ti. Evam laddbupasampada 
pana vipassanaya kammain karonti nacirass' eva saba 
patisambbidabi arabattam papuni. Tena vuttam Apa- 
dane : 

Imambi bbaddake kappe brabmabandbu mabayaso 
Kassapo nama namena uppajji vadatam varo. 1. 
Tadabam pabbajitvana ^ tassa buddbassa sasane 
samvuta patimokkbamhi indriyesu ca pancasu 2. 
Mattannu mcaasane 3 siitta jagariye pi ca 
vasanti yuttayogabaip '^ bbikkbunim vigatasavam 8. 
Akkosim dutthacittabam '* ganike " ti bbanin tada 5 
tena papena kammena nirayambi apaccisam. 4. 
Ten'eva kammasesena ^ ajayim ganikakule 
bahuso parivattanti 7 paccbimayam pi jatiyam.^ 5. 
Kasikaratthe settbikule 9 brabmacarabalen' abam 
accbara viya devesu abosim riipasampada. 6. 
Disvana dassanlyam mam Giribbajapiiriittame 
ganikatte nivesesnm akkosanabalena me. 7. 
Sabam sunitva saddbammam ^° biiddhasettbena desitam 
pubbavasanasampanna pabbajim ^^ anagjiriyam. 8. 
Tad upasampadattbaya gaccbanti jinasantikam. 
magge dbntte tbite sutva labhim duto 'pasampadam. 9. 
Sabbakammam ^- parikkbinam puiinam ^3 papam tatb' 
eva ca 

^ Assosum, cd. 2 pabbajjitvilna, P. 

3 abhiasane, P. 4 yuttayogani, P. 

^ sabi tada, P. 6 ^ena kammavasesena, A. 

7 babuso 'va paradblna, A. ^ paccbimaya ca j^, A. 

9 Kasisu settbikulaja, A. 1° sutvana saddbammam, A. 
" pabbajji, P. ^^ sabbakamma, P. ^3 punna, P. 


sabbasamsaram uttinna ^ ganikattaii ca khepitam. 10. 
Iddhisu ca vasi homi dibbaya sotudhatuya 
cetopariyananassa vasi homi mahamune. 11. 
Pubbenivasam janami dibbacakkham visodhitam 
sabbasava parikkhina n'atthi dani punabbliavo. 12. 
Atthadhammaniruttisu patibhane tath' eva ca 
fianam mama mahavlra uppannam tava santike. 13. 
I^ilesa jhapita mayham — pa — katam buddhassa sasa- 
nam. 14. 

Arahattam pana patva udanavasena : 

Yava Kasijanapado sunko me tattako ^ ahu 

tarn katva negamo aggham agghe 3 'naggham thapesi 

mam. 25. 
Atha nibbind' abam rupe nibbindam ca virajj' aham 
ma puna jatisamsaram 4 sandhaveyyam punappunam 
tisso vijja sacchikata katam buddhassa sasanam ti. 26. 

Ima gatha abhasi. Tattha yava Kasijanapado 
s u li k me t a 1 1 a k o ^ ahu ti Kaslsu janapadesu gato 
sunko Kasijanapado. So yavatako ^ tattha mayham sunko 
ahu ahosi. Kittako pana so ti sahassamatto Kasiratthe 
kira tada suiikavasena ekadivasam raiiiio uppajjanakaayo 
ahosi. Sahassamatto imaya pi purisanam hatthato ekadi- 
vasam laddhadhanam tattakam. Tena vuttam yava 
Kasijanapado sunko me t a 1 1 a k o 7 ahu ti. Sa 
pana Kasisunkaparimanataya Kasi ti samannam labhi. 
Tattha yebhuyyena manusso ^ sahassam datum asakkonto 
tato upaddham datva divasabhagam eva ramitva gaechati^ 
tesam vasenayam Addhakasi ti pannayittha. Tena vuttam 
tarn katva^o negamo aggham agghe 'naggham 
thapesi man ti. Tarn paiicasatamattam dhanam 

I uttinna, P. 2 tatthako, cd. ^ addhe, m. 

4 osamsaro, cd. 5 tatthako, cd. ^ yavatthako, cd. 
7 hatthako, cd. s manussa, cd. 

9 gacchanti, cd. 10 vuttakam katva, cd. 

THERI GATHA. 22. 33 

a g g b a m k a t v a n e g a m o nigamavasl jano ittbirata- 
nabhiwena anaggbam pi samanam aggbena aggbanimittam 
Addbakasi ti samafinrivasena mam tbapesi, tatba mam 
vobari ti attbo. A t b a n i b b i n d ' a b a m ^ r u p e ti evam 
rupupajivini butvfi tbita. Atba paccbfi sasanam nissaya 
rupe abam nibbindanti iti pi riipam aiiiccam iti rupam 
dukkbam asubbau ti passantl tattba ukkantbi. N i b - 
b i n d a n c a v i r a j j ' a b a m ti nibbindanti cab am tato 
param viriigam apajjin ti nibbindagabanena c' ettba taru- 
navipassauam dasseti. Yiragagabanena balavavipassanam 
nibbindanto virajjati viraga vimuccatT ti bi vuttam. M a 
p u n a j a t i s a m s a r a m s a n d b a v e y y a m p u n a p- 
p u n a m ti imina nibbindanavirajjanakarena dasseti. 
Tisso vij ja ti adina tesam attham kappati, tarn vutta- 
nayam eva. 

Addbakasiya tberij'a gatbavannana samatta. 


Kim c a p i k b o 'm b i k i s i k a ti adika Cittaya tbe- 
riya gatba. Ayam pi purimabuddbesu katadbikara tattba 
tattba bbave vivattupanissayam kusalam upacinanti ito 
catunavute kappe Candabhagaya nadiya tire kinnaiiyoni- 
yam nibbatti. Sa ekadivasam ekam paccekasambuddbam 
rukkbamule nisinnam disva pasadamanasa attba puppbebi 
piTJam katva vanditva aiijabm gabetva padakkbinam katva 
pakkami. Sa tena puiinakammena devamanussesu samsa- 
ranti imasmim buddbuppade Rajagabe gabapatimabasala- 
kule nibbattitva vinnutam patva sattbu Eajagabappavesane 
patiladdbasaddba paccba Mabapajapatigotamiya santike 
pabbajitva maballikakale Gijjbakutapabbatam abbirubitva 
samanadbammam karontT vipassanam vaddbetva saba 
patisambbidabi arabattam papuni. Tena vuttam Apa- 
dane : 

Candabbaganadltire abosim kinnarl tada 

addasam virajam buddbam sayambbum aparajitam. 1. 

nibbindayam, cd. 


Pasannacitta sumana vedajata katanjali 
nalapuppham ^ gahetvana Sayambhum abhipujayim. 2. 
Tena kammena sukatena agaiichim tidasaganam 
chattimsadevarajunam mahesittam akarayim. 3. 
Dasannam cakkavattinam mahesittam akarayim 
kilesa jhapita mayham bhava samghatita mama. 4. 
Sabbasava parikkhina n'atthi dani punabbhavo. 
Samvejayitva me cittam pabbajim anagariyam. 5. 
Catunavute ito kappe yam puppham abhipujayim 
duggatim nabhijanami buddhapujay' idam phalam. 6. 
Kilesa jhapita mayham katam buddhassa sasanam ti. 7. 

Sa pana arahattam patva attano patipattim paccavek- 
khitva : 

Kincapi kho 'mhi kisika gilana balhadubbala 

dandam olubbha gacchami pabbatam abhiruhiya. 27. 

Sanghatim nikkhipitvana ^ pattakam ca nikujjiya ^ 

sele khambhesi attanam tamokkhandham padaliya4 ti. 28. 

Ima dve gatha abhasi. Tattha k i m c a p i kho 'mhi 
kisika ti aham jarajinna appamamsalohitabhavena kisa- 
sarira amhi. Gilana balhadubbala ti dhatvadivi- 
karena gilana ten'eva gelannena ativiya dubbala. D a n - 
dam olubbha gacchami ti yattha katthaci gacchan- 
ti kattarayatthim alambitva 'va gacchami. Pabbatam 
abhiruhiya ti evambhuta vivekakamataya Gijjhakuta- 
pabbatam abhiruhitva. S a m g h a t i m s n i k k h i p i t v a n a ti 
santaruttara eva hutva yatha samghatiamse thapitam sam- 
ghatihatthapasse thapetva. Pattakam ca nikuj- 
jiya^ ti mayham valaiijanamattika mattikapattam 
adhomukham katva ekamante thapetva. Sele kham- 
bhesi attanam tamokkhandham padaliya7 
ti pabbate nisinna imina dighena addhuna apadalitapubbe 
mohakkhandham padalitva ten'evaca mohakkhandhapada- 

^ A. nalamalam. 2 nikkhepetvana, cd. 

3 nikucchiya, cd. 4 padalaya, cd. 5 samghati, cd. 
6 nikucchiya, cd. 7 padalaya, cd. 

THERI GATE A. 23. 24. 35 

lanena attfinain attabhfivam khambliesi mama sattanam 
ayatim amippattidhammatfipadrinena vikkhambbesi ti attho. 
Cittaya theriya gfithaya vannanfi samatta. 


Kim c a p i k li o ' m b i d u k k b i t a ti adi Metti- 
kaya^ tberiya gatba. Ayam pi purimabuddhesu kata- 
dbikaril tattba tattba bbave vivattupanissayam punilam 
upacinanti Siddbattbassa bbagavato kille gabapatikule 
nibbattitva vifiiiutam patva sattbu cetiye ratanena pati- 
manditaya mekbabiya - piijam akasi. Sa tena pumiakam- 
mena devamanussesn eamsaranti imasmim buddbuppade 
Ecijagabe brabmanamabiisalakule nibbatti. Sesam anan- 
tare vuttasadisam. Ayam pana patibbagakiitam abbirii- 
hitva samanadbammam karonti vipassanam vaddbetva 
saba patisambbidabi arabattam papuni. Tena vuttam 
Apadane : 

Siddbattbassa bbagavato tbiipakaradbika abum 3 
xQekbalika maya dinna navakammaya sattbuno. 1. 
Nittbite ca mabatbupe mekbalam 4 puna das'abam 
lokanatbassa munino pasanna sebi panibi. 2. 
catnnavute ito kappe yam mekbalam adam5 tada 
duggatim nabhijanami tbiipapujay' ^ idam pbalam. 3. 
Kilesa jbapita maybam — pa — katam buddbassa sasanam 
ti. 4. ' * 

Arabattam pana patva attano patipattim paccavekkbitva 
udanavasena : 

Kim cfipi kbo 'mbi dukkbita dubbabi gatayobbana 
dandam olubbba gaccbami pabbatam abbirubiya. 29. 
Nikkbipitvana samgbatim 7 pattakam ca nikujjiya 

^ Pettikaya, cd. ^ makbabiya, cd. 

3 Supakarapure abu, P. 4 mekbali, P. 5 adi, P. 

6 tbupakarass', A. 7 samgbati, cd. 


nisinna c'ambi selamlii atha cittam vimucci me 
tisso vijja anuppatta katam buddhassa sasanam. 30. 

Ima gatha abhasi. Tattha d u k k b i t a ti rogabbibba- 
vena dukkbita sanjatadukkbappatta. D u b b a 1 a ti taya 
ceva dukkbappattiya jarajinnataya balavirabita.^ Tenaba 
gatayobbana ti addbagata ti attho. Atba cittam 
vimucci me ti. S e 1 a mbi pasane. Nisinna c'ambi 
atbavanantaram viriyasamataya sammad eva yojitatta 
maggapatipatiya sabbebi pi asavebi mama cittam vimucci. 
Sesam vuttanayam eva. 

Mettikaya ^ tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 


Catuddasi pancaddasiti adika aparaya Mettaya 
tberiya gatba. Ayam pi purimabuddhesu katadbikara tattba 
tattba bbave vivattupanissayam kusalam upacinanti Vipas- 
sissa bhagavato kale kbattiyakule nibbattitva viniiutam 
patva Bandbumassa raiifio antepurika butva Yipassissa 
bbagavato savikam ekam kbinasavam tberim disva pasanna- 
manasa butva tassa battbato pattam gabetva panitassa 
kbadaniyabbojaniyassa puritva mabaggbena satakayugena 
saddbim adasi. Sa tena puiinakammena devamanussesu 
samsaranti imasmim buddbuppade Kapilavattbusmim Sak- 
yarajakule nibbattitva viilnutam patva sattbu santike 
dbammam sutva patiladdbasaddba upasika abosi. Sa 
aparabbage Mabapajapatigotamiya santike pabbajitva kata- 
pubbaki':ca vipassanaya kammam karonti nacirass' eva 
saba patisambbidabi arabattam papuni. Tena vuttam 
Apadane : 

Nagare Bandbumatiya Bandbuma nama kbattiyo 
tassa raiino abam bbariya carikam caraj^am' abam.3 1. 
Rabogata nisiditva evam cintes' abam tada 

^ pbalavirabitata, cd. 2 Pettikaya, cd. 

3 ekiccba carayam abam, A. ; caritam cariyam', P. 

THERi GATHA. 24. 25. 37 

adaya gamaniyam hi kusalam n'atthi me katam. 2. 
Mahabhitapam katukani ghorarfipam sudarnnam 
nirayam uuna gacchami tattha me n'atthi samsayo. 3. 
EajTmam upasaiikamma ^ idani vacanam abravim 
" ekam me samaiiam dehi bhojayissami khattiya." 4. 
Adfisi me mahfirajfi samanam bhavitindriyam 
tassa pattam gahetvrma paramannena tappayim. 5. 
Piirayitva paramannam gandhalepam akas' aham 
- sahassagghanaken'eva - vatthayugena chadayim. 6. 
Arammanam mama etam sarami yavajivitam 
tattha cittam pasadetva Tavatimsam agaiich'aham.3 7. 
Timstmam devarajimam mahesittam akarayim 
manasa patthitam 4 mayham nibbattati yathicchitam. 8. 
Visanam cakkavattinaip mahesittam akarayim 
ocitatta 5 ca hntvana samsarami bhavesu 'ham. 9. 
Sabbabandhanamuttaham asekkha me upadika ^ 
sabbasava parikkhina n'atthi dani punabbhavo. 10. 
Ekanavute ito kappe yam danam adadim tada 
duggatim nabhijanami pindapatass' idam phalam. 11. 
Kilesa jhapita mayham — pa — katam buddhassa sasa- 
nam. 12. 

Arahattam pana patva7 attano patipattim paeeavek- 
khitva pitisomanassajata ndanavasena : 

Catuddasi pancadasi ya va pakkhassa atthami 
patiharikapakkhan ca atthangasusamilgatam 
uposatham upaganchi devakayabhinandinl.s 31. 
Sajja 9 ekena bhattena mnnda sahghatiparuta 
devakayam na patthe'ham vineyya hadaye daram ti. 32. 

Ima dve gatha abhasi. Tattha c a t n d d a s I ^° p a n c a- 

^ upasangamma, A. 

- — 2 jalena pidahitvrma, A. B. ; mahatelena ch°, B. 
3 anchiyam, P. 4 patthitam, B. 5 ocitattha, A. 
6 apeta me upaditfi, B. 7 patva om. cd. 

2 °abhinandani, cd. 9 sajja, cd. ^° catuddasi, cd. 


d a s i ti cuddasannam piirani catuddasi ^ pancadasannam 
purani pancadasi ti. Catuddasi pancadasi ya va pakkhassa 
ti sambandbo. Accantasamyoge c'etam upayogavacanam. 
Y a V a p a k k b a s s a a 1 1 b a m i ti ya ca ^ ti yojana. Pa- 
t i h a r i k a p a k k h a il c a ti paribaranakapakkban ca ca- 
tuddasipancadasiattbamlnam yatbakkamam adito antato 
va pavesanigamavasena uposatbasilassa paribaritabbapak- 
khan ca. Terasispatipadasattamlnavamisu ca ti attbo. 
Attbangasusamagatan ti panatipata veramania- 
dibi attbabi angebi suttbu samannagatam^ u p o s a t b a m 
upagancbi ti upagamim upavasin ti attbo. Yam san- 
dbaya viittam : 

Panam na bane na cadinnam adiye 
iiiusa na bbase na ca majjapo siya. 
Abrabmacariya virameyya methuna 
rattim na bbmije^'ya vikalabbojanam. 
Malam na dbare na ca gandbam acare 
mance cbamayam va sayetba santbate. 
Etam bi attbaugikam ab' uposatbam 
buddbena dukkhantaguna ^ pakasitan ti. 

Devakayabbinandini ti nandiipapattiakam- 
kbavasena^ catumabarajikadevakayam abbipattbenti uposa- 
tbam upagailcbin ti yojana. Sajja7 ekena b bat- 
ten a ti sa abam ajja imasmim yeva divase ekena bbatta- 
bbojanakkbanena munda samgbatiparuta ti 
munditakesa samgbatiparutasarira ca butva pabbajita^ ti 
attbo. Devakayam na patthe 'bam ti aggamag- 
gassa adbigatatta kimcid eva nikayam abam na pattbaye. 
Ten' evaiia vineyya badayedaran ti cittakatam 
kilesapatbam samuccbedavasena vinlta ti attbo. Idam 
eva c'assa aniiam vyakaranam abosi. 

Aparaya Mettaya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 

^ catuddasi, cd. 2 attbami yan ca, cd. 3 terasa, cd. 
'^ sampannagatam, cd. 5 dukkbandhaguna, cd. 

6 oakamkbav°, cd. 7 sajja, cd. ^ pabbajjita, cd. 

THERI GATHA. 'J5. 2G. 39 


U d d h a m p fi d a t a 1 a ti cldika Abhayamataya theriya 
grithtl. Ayani pi purimabuddliesu katridliikara tattha tattha 
bhave punnrmi upacinautT Tissassa bbagavato kille kula- 
gehe nibbattitvri vinnutain patva ekadivasam sattharam 
piiiibiya carantam disva pasannamanasa pattam gabetva 
kataccbumattam bbikkbam adasi. Sii tena pumiakammena 
devamanussesu samsaranti imasmim buddhuppade tadisena 
kammanissandena ^ Ujjeniyam PadumavatT nama nagara- 
sobbani abosi. Eaja Bimbisaro tassa rupasampattiadike 
guue sutva purobitassa acikkbi: " Ujjeniyam kira Paduma- 
vatT nama ganika abosi, tarn abam datthnkamo 'mbi " ti. 
Purobito ''sadbu deva " ti mantabalena Knmbbiram nama 
yakkbam avabetva yakkbanubbavena rajanam tavad eva 
Ujjenlnagaram nesi. Raja taya saddbim ekarattim samva- 
sam kappesi. Sa tena gabbbam ganbi ranfio ca arocesi : 
" Mama kuccbiyam gabbbo patittbabi " ti. Tarn sutva 
raja nam '* sace putto bbaveyya vaddbetva mam dassebi " 
ti vatva muddikam datva agamasi. Sa dasamasaccayena 
puttam vijayitva namagabanadivase Abbayo ti namam 
akasi, puttaii ca sattavassikakale " tava pita Bimbisara- 
raja " ti ramio santikam pabini. Eaja tarn passitva putta- 
sinebam patilabbitva kumarakaparibfirena vaddbesi. Tassa 
saddbapatilabbo pabbajjavisesadbigamo ca bettba agato 
yeva. Tassa mata aparabbage puttassa Abbayattberassa 
santike dbammam sutva patiladdbasaddba bbikkbunisu 
pabbajitva vipassanaya kammam karontl nacirass' eva saba 
patisambbidabi arabattam papuni. Tena vuttam Apa- 
dane : 

Pindapatam ~ carantassa Tissanamassa sattbuno 
kataccbubbikkbam paggayba buddbasettbass' adas* 

abam. 1. 
Patiggabetva sambuddbo Tisso lokagganayako 
vltbiya samtbito sattba 3 aka me anumodanam. 2. 

°nisandena, cd. ^ pindacaram, A. 3 sattbu, P. 


Katacchubhikkham clatvana Tavatimsam gamissasi 
chattimsa devarajunam mahesittam karissasi. 3. 
Paiinasam cakkavattinam mahesittam karissasi 
manasa patthitam ^ sabbam patilacchasi sabbada. 4. 
sampattim ^ anubbotvana pabbajissasi 'kincana 
sabbasave parinnaya nibbayissasi 3 'nasava. 5. 
Idam vatvana sambuddho Tisso lokagganayako 
nabham abbhuggami dhiro hamsaraja va ambare. 6. 
Sudinnam me danavaram suyittba yagasampada 4 
katacchubhikkham datvana pattaham acalam padam. 7. 
Dvenavute ito kappe yam kammam akari tada s 
duggatim nabhijanami bhikkhadanass' idam phalam. 8. 
Kilesa jhapita mayham — pa — katam buddhassa sasanam 
ti. 9. 

Arahattam pana patva a.ttano putt ana Abhayatberena 
dhammam katheutena ovadavasena ta gatha^ bhasita, 
udanavasena sayam pi ta eva paccudaharanti : 

Uddham padatala amma adho ve kesamatthaka 
paccavekkhassu 'mam kayam asucim putigandhikam. 33. 
Evam viharamanaya sabbo rago samiihato 
pari}aho samucchinno sitibhilt' amhi nibbuta ti. 34. 

aha. Tattha pathamagathaya tava ayam samkhepattho : 
Amma Padumavatl padatalato uddham kesamatthakato 
adho nanappakaram asucipucchitaya asuci sabbakalam 
piitigandhavayanato putigandhikam imam kucchitanam 
yatha yathayam sariram iianacakkhuna paccavekkhasu ^ ti. 
Ayam hi sa putteua ovadadanavasena bhasita gatha. 
Sa tarn sutva arahattam patva udanenti acariyapujavasena 
tarn eva gatham pathamam vatva attano patipattim^ 
katheuti, evam viharamanaya ti dutiyagatham aha. 
Tattha evam viharamanaya ti evam mama puttena 
Abhayatberena; Uddham padatala ti adina dinne ovade 

^ patthitam, B. ^ sampatti, P. 3 nibbayissati, B. 

4 carasampada, P. 5 yam danam adadin tada, A. 

6 sagatha, cd. 7 patiavekkhasu, cd. ^ patipatti, cd. 

THERi GATHA. 26. 27. 41 

thatvil sabbaktiyam asubhato disvci ekaggacitta tattha 
bbutupadaya bhede riipadhamme tappatibandbe vedana- 
dike arupadbamnie pariggabetv.! tattba tilakkbanam aro- 
petva aniccrmupassanfidivasena vibaramanaya s a b b o 
r a g s a in u b a t ti vuttbilnagaminivipassanaya mag- 
gena gbatitfiya maggapatipatikfiya aggamaggena sabbo rago 
maya samiibato samnggbatito. P a r i 1 fi b o s a m u c - 
c b i n n tato eva sabbo kilesaparilabo sammad eva 
uccbinno tassa ca samuccbinnatta evam sitibbiita 
saupadisesaya nibbfinadbatuya n i b b u t a ambi ti. 
Abbayamatilya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 

A b b a y e b b i d u r o kayo ti adikil Abbayatberiya 
gatbci. Ayam pi purimabuddbesu katadhikfira tattba tattba 
bbave Yivattupanissayam puiinam upacinanti Sikbissa 
bbagavato kale kbattiyamabasalakule nibbattitva viniiu- 
tam patva Arunaranno mabesi abosi. Eaja tassa ekadiva- 
sam gandbasampannani rattauppalani adasi. Sa tani 
gabetvanime imebi pilaudbebi '' yanminaham imebi tarn 
bbagavantam piijissami " ti cintetva nisidi, bbagava ca 
bbikkbacaravelayam rajanivesanam pavisi. Sil bbaga- 
vantam disva pasannamanasa paccuggantva tebi puppbebi 
pujetva pancapatittbitena vanditva-sa tena punnakammena 
devamanussesu samsaranti imasmim biiddbuppade Ujjeni- 
yam kulagebe nibbattitva viniintam patta Abbayamatu 
sabayika butva taya pabbajitaya sinebena sayam pi pabba- 
jitvfi taya saddbim Rajagabe vasamTma ekadivasam asu- 
bbadassanattham Sitavanam agamasi. Sattba gandba- 
kutiyam nisinno'va tasscinubbiitapubbam arammanam 
purato katvil tassa uddbumatakadibbavam ^ pakasesi. 
Tain disva samvegamanasa attbasi. Sattba obbasam 
pbaritva purato nisinnam viva attanam dassesi : 

Abbaye bbiduro kayo yattba satta putbiijjana 
nikkbipisscim' imam debam sampajana satTmati.^ 35. 

uddbumatakadiribbavam, cd. ^ satimata, m. 


bahuhi dukkhadhammehi appamadarataya me 
tanhakkhayo anuppatto katam buddhassa sasanan ti. 36. 

Ima gatha abhasi. Sa gathapariyosane arahattam 
papuni. Tena vuttam Apadane : 

Nagare Arunavatiya Aruno nama ^ khattiyo 

tassa raiino aliam bhariya carikam carayam' ^ aham. 1. 

Satta mala gahetvana uppala devagandhika 

nisajja pasadavare evam cintesi tavade : 2. 

Kim me imabi malabi sirasi ropitahi 3 me 

varam me buddbasettbassa fianamhi abbiropitam. 3. 

Sambuddbam patimanenti dvarasanne nisid'aham 

yadi ebiti sambuddbo pujayissam mabamunim.4 4. 

Kakudbo vilapanto 5 va migaraja va kesaii 

bhikkhusaiigbena sabito agauchi vitbiya jino. 5. 

Buddbassa ramsim ^ disvana battba samviggamanasa 

dvaram apapuritvana buddbasettbam apiijayim. 6. 

Satta uppalapuppbani parikinnani 7 ambare 

cbadim ^ karonti 9 buddbassa. Matthake dbarayanti te. 7. 

Udaggacitta sumana vedajata katanjali 

tattha cittam pasadetva Tavatimsam aganebi 'ham. 8. 

Mahanilassa chadanam i° dbarenti mama muddbani 

dibbam gandbam pavayami, sattuppalass' ^^ idam pbalam. 9. 

Kadaci niyamanaya natisamgbena me tada ^^ 

yavata parisa ^3 maybam mahanilam ^4 dbariyatL^s 10. 

Sattati devarajunam mabesittam akarayim 

sabbattba issara butva samsarami bbavabbave. 11. 

Tesattbi cakkavattinam mabesittam akarayim 

sabbe mam amivattanti : adeyyavacana ^^ abam.i7 12. 

^ Arunava nama, A. 

2 varitam Yar°, A. : naralam padayam', B. 

3 ropitebi, A.B. 4 mabammii, P. 5 vilasanto, A. 
6 ramsi, P. 7 parikkbinani, P. s cbadi, P. 
9 karonto, A. lo mabanelassa chadanam, A. B. 

" sattuppabm', P. ; satta malan', B. ^^ mamtada, A. 
^3 yava taya disa, P. 14 mahanelam, A. B. 

^5 padissati, P. 16 adbeyyav°, P. ^7 ahum, A. 

THERI GATHA. 27. 43 

Uppalass' eva me van no gandlio c'eva pavilyati 
dubbanniyam na jrinami ^ buddhapujay' idam phalam. 13. 
Iddbipadesu kusala ~ bojjliai'igabbrivanri rata 
abbiimaparamlppatta buddbapujay' idam pbalam. 14. 
Satipattbanakusabl samadbijjbauagocarri 
sammappadbrinamanuyuttfu buddbapujay' idam pbalam. 15. 
Viriyam me dburadboraybam yogakkbemridbivabanam 4 
sabbasava parikkbliiri ii'atthi driui puuabbbavo. 16. 
Ekatimse ito kappe yam kammam akari tada^ 
duggatim nribbijanfimi puppbadcinass' idam^ phalam. 17. 
Ivilesa jbapita maybam — pa — katam buddbassa sasa- 
nam. 18. 

Arahattam paua patva udauentl til eva gjltba parivat- 
titva abbasi. Tattba A b h a y e ti attrmam eva alapati. 
B b i d u r ti bbijjauasabbilvo anicco ti attbo. Y a 1 1 h a 
s a 1 1 a p u t b u j j a n a ti yasmim kbaiie bliijjauaslle 
asuciduggandbajiguccbapatikulasabbave kaye ime andba- 
putbujjana satta lagga laggita. Nikkbipissam' 
imam d e b a m ti abarn paua imam debam putikayam 
puna anadanena nirapekkba kbipissami. Tattba karanam 
aba : sampajana satimati ti^ babiibi dukkbadham- 
mehi jatijaradibi auekebi dukkbadbammebi pbutthaya ti 
adbippayo. A p p a m a d a r a t a y a ti taya eva duk- 
kbokinnataya patiladdbasamvegatta sati avippavasasaii- 
khate appamiide ratfiya. Sesam vuttanayam eva. Ettba 
ca satthara desitaniyamena nikkbiprdii imam debam ^ 
appamadarataya te tanbakkbayam papunati. Karobi 
buddbasasauam ti patbo. Tberiya vuttaniyamen'eva paua 
saiigiti aropita appamadarataya tassa bbavitabban ti 

Abhayatheriya gatbavannana samatta. 

^ duggatinabhijanami, B. ; ajanami, P. 

2 kusalo, P. 3 samapadhanamayatta, B. 

4 °kbemanivrib°, P. ^ yam puppbam abbipujayim, A. B. 

^ buddbapujay' idam, A. B. 

7 satimata ti, cd. ^ idam deham cd. 



Catukkhattum pancakkhattum ti adika Sa- 
maya theriya gatha. Ayam pi piirimabuddhesu katadhikara 
tattha tattha bhave vivattiipanissayam kiisaiam •apacinitva ^ 
sugatisu yeva samsaranti imasmim buddhuppade Kosambi- 
yam gahapatimahasalakule nibbattitva Samati 'ssa namam 
ahosi. Sa viiinutam patta Samavatiya upasikaya piya- 
sahayika hutva taya kalam kataya saiijatasamvega pabbaji. 
Pabbajitva 'va Samavatikam arabbha uppannasokam vino- 
detiim asakkonti ariyamaggam ganhitum nasakkhi. Apa- 
rabhage asanasalaya nisinna Anandattherassa ovadam 
sutva vipassanam patthapetva tato sattame divase saha 
patisambhidabi arahattam papuni. Arahattam pana patva 
attano patipattim paccavekkbitva tarn pakasenti : 

Catukkhattum pancakkhattum vihara upanikkhami 
aladdha cetaso santim citte avasavattmi. 37. 
Tassa me atthami ratti tanha iDayham samiihata. 
Bahiihi dukkhadhammehi appamadarataya me 
tanhakkhayo anuppatto katam buddhassa sasanan ti. 38. 

Udanavasena dve gatha abhasi. Tattha catukkhat- 
tum pancakkhattum vihara upanikkhami 
ti mama vasanakavihare vipassanamanasikarena nisinna 
samanakiccam matthakam papetum asakkonti utusappaya- 
bhavena "na nu kho mayham vipassanamaggena ghatteti " 
ti cintetva cattaro panca ca ti nava vare vihara upassayato^ 
bahi nikkhami, tenaha aladdha cetaso santim 
citte v4;Vasavattini ti. Tattha cetaso santin ti 3 ariya 
maggasamadhim4 sandhayaha. Citte avasavattini 
ti viriyasamathaya abhavena mama bhavanacittena vasa- 
vattini ti. Sa kira ativiya paggahitaviriya ahosi. Tassa 
me atthami ratti ti yato patthaya Anandattherassa santike 
ovadam patilabhi, tato patthaya rattindivam atandita 

^ upacinetva cd. 2 upapassayato, cd. 

3 santi ti, cd. 4 ogamadhi, cd. 

THERI GATHA. 28. 45 

vipassauaya kammam karontl rattiyam catukkbattum pan- 
cakkbattum vibfirato nikkliamitva mauasikaram pavattenti 
visesam anadbigantva attbamiyam rattiyam viriyasama- 
tbam labbitva maggapatipatiya kilese kbepenti ti attbo. 
Tena vuttam t a s s a me a 1 1 b a m T r a 1 1 i y a t o 
t a 11 b a s a m u b a t a ti. Sesam vuttanayam eva. 

Sjimaya tberiyu gatbaya vaiiiiana samatta. 

Dukanipritavaniianfi uittbita. 


Tikanipate p a n n a v i s a t i^ v a s s a n I ti adika aparaya 
Samaya tberiya gatba. Ayam pi purimabuddbesu kata- 
dbikara tattba tattba bbave vivattupanissayam knsalam 
upaciuaiiti Vipassissa bbagavato kale Candabbagaya nadiya 
tire kinnaiiyoniyam nibbatti. Sa tattba kinnarebi saddbim 
kilapasuta vicarati. Atb' ekadivasam sattba sattakusa- 
labijani ropanattbam tattba gantva naditire cankami. Sa 
bbagavantam disva battbatuttba salalapuppbani adaya 
sattbu santikam gantva vanditva tebi puppbebi bbagavan- 
tam pujesi. Sa tena pumiakammena devamanussesu 
samsaranti imasmim buddhuppade Kosambiyam kulagbare 
nibbattitvci vayappattji Samfivatiya sabayika butva tassa 
maranakale ^ samvegajata pabbajitva paficavlsati vassani 
cittasamodbanam alabbitva maballakakale sugatovadam 
labbitva vipassanam vacblhetva saba patisambbidclbi ara- 
battam papuni. Tena vuttam Apadane : 

Candabbaganaditlre abosi kinnarl tada 
atb' addasain devadevam cankamantam narasabbam. 1. 
Ocinitvana salalam buddbasettbassa das' abam 
upasiugba mabavira salalam devagandbikam. 2. 
Patiggabetva sambuddbo Yipassi lokanayako 
upasiiigbi mabaviro pekkbamanaya me tada. 3. 
Anjalim paggabetvana vanditva dipaduttamam 

pannavisati, cd. ^ manakale, cd. 


sakam cittam pasadetva tato pabbatam aruhi. 4. 
Ekanavute ito kappe yam puppham abhipujayim 
cluggatim nabhijanami buddhapujay' idam phalam. 5. 
Kilesa jbapita mayham — pa — katam buddhassa sasanam. 6. 

Arabattam pana patva attano patipattim ^ paccavek- 
khitva udanavasena : 

Pannavisati vassani yato pabbajitaya me 
nabhijanami cittassa samam laddham kudacanam. 39. 
Aladdha cetaso santim ^ citte avasavattini 
tato samvegam apadi saritva jinasasanam. 40. 
Babiibi dukkhadbammebi appamadarataya me 
tanhakkhayo anuppatto katam buddhassa sasanam. 
Ajja me sattami ratti yato tanha visosita ti. 41. 

Ima gatha abhasi. Tattha cittassa samam ti 
cittassa vupasamam cetosamathamaggaphalasamadbl ti 
attho. Tato ti tasma. Cittavasam vattetum asamattha- 
bhavato samvegam apadi t i satthari dharante pi 
jjabbajitakiccam matthakam papetum asakkonti paceba- 
katham papissasi ti samvegaiianutrasam apajji. Saritva 
jinasasanan ti kanakacchapupamadi satthu ovadam 
anussaritva. Sesam vuttanayam eva. 

Aparaya Samaya theriya gathavannana samatta. 


C a ' a k k h a 1 1 u m p a n c a k k h a 1 1 u m ti adika 
Uttamaya theriya gatha. Ayam pi purimabuddhesu kata- 
dhikara, tattha tattha bhave vivattiipanissayam kusalam 
upacinanti Vipassissa bhagavato kale Bandhumatinagare 
aniiatarassa kutimbikassa gehe gharadasl hutva nibbatti. 
Sa vayappatta attano ayyakanam veyyavaccam karonti 
jivati. Tena ca samayena Bandhumaraja anuposatham 

^ patipatti, cd. 2 g^nti, cd. 

ther! gatha. 29. 30. 47 

uposathiko liutva purebhattcam drmriui datva pacchfibhattam 
dhammain sunati. Atlia mahrijauri yatha nija patipajjati 
tath'eva anuposatham uposathangrmi samridaya vattanti, 
ath' assfi dasiya etad aliosi : " Etarahi kbo nyTi mabfijana ca 
uposatbangani samadriya vattanti, yannunabam uposatba- 
divasesu uposatbasilam samadaya vatteyyan ti." Sa tatba 
karonti suparisuddbam uposatbasilam rakkbitva Tavatim- 
sesu nibbatta, aparaparam sugatisu yeva samsaranti imas- 
mim buddbuppride Savattbiyam settbikule nibbattitva, 
vinnutam patta, Patacarilya tberiyfi santike dbammam 
sutva pabbajitvri vipassanam pattbapetva tarn mattbakam 
pcipetum nasakkbi. Patacara tbeii tassa cittacaram natva 
ovadam adclsi. Sa tassa ovade tbatYfi saba patisambbi- 
dabi arabattam pfipuni. Tena vuttam Apadane : 

Nagare Bandbumatiya Bandbuma nama kbattiyo 
divase puniiamayam so upagaiicbi uposatbam. 1. 
Abam tena samayena kumbbadasi abum tabim 
disva sarajikam ^ senam evabam cintayim tada. 2. 
Kaja pi rajjam cbaddetva upagaiicbi uposatbam 
sapbalam vata - tarn kammam janakayo pamodito. 3. 
Yoniso paccavekkbitva duccajam ca daliddakam 3 
manasam sampahamsitva ^ upagaiicbim uposatbam. 4. 
Abam uposatbam katva sammasambuddbasasane 
tena kammena sukatena Tavatimsam agailchi 'bam. 5 5. 
Tattba me sukatam brabmam ubbbayojanam uggatam 
kutagaravariipetam mabasayanabbusitam.*^ 6. 
Accbarasatasabassani ^ upatittbantimam sada 
aniie deve atikkamma ^ atirocami sabbadji. 7. 
Catusattbi devarajilnam mabesittam akarayim 
tesattbi cakkavattinam mabesittam akarayim. 8. 
Suvannavanna butvana bbavesu samsaram' abam 
sabbattba pavara bomi, uposatbass' idam pbalam. 9. 

^ sarajakam, A. ^ sapbalam niina, A. 

3 duggaccan ca daliddakam, A. 4 sampablsitva, P. 
^ agaccb' abam, A. ^ mabasanasubbusitam, A. 

7 °satasabassa, A. ^ atikkama, P. 


Hatthiyanam assayanam rathayanam va kevalam ^ 
labhami sabbam etan ^ ca, uposathass' idam phalam. 10. 
Sovannamayam 3 rupimayam atho pi phalikamayam 
lohitankamayam 4 c'eva sabbam patilabham' aham. 11. 
Koseyyakambaliyani khomakappasikani ca 
mahagghani ca vatthani sabbam patilabham' aham. 12. 
Annapanam kbadamyam vatthasenasanani ca 
sabbam etam patilabhe, uposathass' idam phalam. 13. 
Varagandhaii ca malan ca cunnakam 5 ca vilepanam 
sabbam etam patilabhe, uposathass' idam phalam. 14. 
Kutagaram ca pasadam mandapam hammiyam guham 
sabbam etam patilabhe, uposathass' idam phalam. 15. 
Jatiya sattavassaham pabbajim anagariyam ^ 
addhamase asampatte arahattam apapunim. 16. 
Ekanavute ito kappe 7 yam uposatham upavasim 7 
duggatim nabhijanami uposathass' idam phalam. 17. 
Kilesa jhapita mayham — pa — katam buddhassa sasanan 
ti. 18. 

Arahattam pana patva attano patipattim paccavekkhitva 
udanavasena : 

Catukkhattum pancakkhattum vihara upanikkhami 

aladdha cetaso santim ^ citte avasavattini. 42. 

Sa bhikkhunim 9 upagaiichi ya me saddhayika ahii 

sa me dhammam adesesi khandhayatanadhatuyo. 43. 

Tassa dhammam sunitvana yatha mam anusasi sa 

sattaham ekapallahke nisidi pitisukhasamappita. 

atthamiya pade pasaremi tamokkhandham padaliya^° ti. 44. 

Ima gatha abhasi. Tattha s a bhikkhunim" 

^ rathayanaii ca sivikam, A. 2 etam pi. 

3 sonnamayam, A. 4 lohitangamayam', A. 

^ cunnakam, P. ^ anagariyam, A. 

7 — 7 yam kammam akarim tada, A. 

s santi, cd. 9 bhikkhuni, cd. 

1° padcllaya, cd. " bhikkhuni, cd. 

THERI GATHA. 30. 49 

u p a g a n c li i y fi me s a d d h a y i k a a li u ti ja maya 
saddhatabbri saddheyyavacaua abosi, tain bbikkhunim ^ 
sahani upagancbi upasanikaini. Patricfiratberim- saudbaya 
vadati. S a b h i k k b u n I upagancbi y a me s a d - 
d h a y i k a y i pi patbo. Sil Patacara bbikkbuni anukam- 
paya mam upagaucbi yii maybam padattbassa sadbika ti 
attbo. S a me d b a m m a m a d e s e s i k b a n d b a y a- 
t a n a d b a t u y o ti Patacara tberl ime pailcakkbaudba 
imaui dvadasayatanani ima attbarasa dbatuyo ti kbandba- 
dike virajetva dassenti maybam dbammam adesesi. T a s s a 
dbammam sunitvana^ ti tassa patisambbidapan- 
iiaya tberija santike kbandbadivibbagapubbaiigamam 
ariyamaggam papetva desitasanbasukbumavipassanadbam- 
mam sutyfi. Y a t b a mam a n u s a s i s a ti sa tberi 
yatba mam annsasi [ovado] tatba patipajjanti patipattimat- 
tbakam papetva pi. S a 1 1 a b a m e k a p a ] 1 a n k e 4 
n i s 1 d i . Katbam ? Pitisukbasamappita jbanava- 
yena pitisukbena samangibbilta. Atthamiya pade 
pasaresi tamokkbandbam padaliya^ti ana- 
vasesamobakkbandbam aggamaggena padaletva attbame 
divase pallankam abbinandanti ^ pade pasaresi. Idam eva 
c'assa 7 annam vyakaranani abosi. 

Uttamaya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 


Ye ime s a 1 1 a b o j j b a ii g a ti adika aparaya Utta- 
maya tberiya gatha. Ayam pi pm'imabuddbesu katadhi- 
kara tattha tattha bbave vivattiipanissayam kusalam 
upacinanti Vipassissa bbagavato kale Bandbumatinagare 
kuladcisi hutva nibbatta. Sa ekadivasam sattbii savakam 
ekam kbinasavatberam pindilya carantam disva pasaniia- 
miinasa tiui modakani adasi. Sa tena pumiakammena 

^ bbikkbuni, cd. ^ otheri, cd. 3 sunitvana, cd. 

"^ ekapallaiikena, cd. ^ padrdaya, cd. 

^ abbinandati, cd. 7 ca sa, cd. 



cTevamanussesu samsarantl imasmim buddhuppade Kosala- 
ianapade annatarasmim brahmanamahasalakule nibbattitva 
vinnutam patta janapadacarikam carantassa satthu santike 
dhammam sutva patiladdhasaddha pabbajitva nacirass'eva 
saha patisambhidahi arahattam papuni. Tena vuttam 
Apadane : 

Nagare Bandhumatiya kumbhadasi ahosi 'bam 
mama bhagam gahetvana agaiicbim udakabarika. 1. 
Pantbambi ^ samanam disva santacittam samabitam 
pasannacitta sumana modake tini das' aham. 2. 
Tena kammena sukatena cetanapanidbibi ca 
ekanavuti kappani vinipatam na gancbi 'bam. 3. 
Sampattikam karitvana^ sabbam anubbavim abam 
modake tini datvana pattabam acalam padam. 4. 
Kilesa jbapita maybam — pa — katam buddbassa sasanan 
ti. 5. 

Arabattam pana patva attano patipattim paccavekkbitva 
udanavasena : 

Ye ime satta bojjbanga magga nibbanapattiya 
bbavita te maya sabbe yatba buddbena desita. 45. 
Sunnatassanimittassa 3 labbini 'bam yad iecbakam 
Orasa dhita buddbassa nibbanabbirata sada. 46. 
Sabbe kama samuccbinna ye dibba ye ca manusa 
vikkbino jatisamsaro n'attbi dani punabbbavo ti. 47. 

Ima gatha abbasi. Tattba sunnatassanimittassa 4 
1 a b h ' n i 'bam yad i c c b a k a n ti sunnata- 
samapattiya animittasamapattiya ca abam yadiccbakam 
labbini. Tattba yam yam samapajjitum iccbami yattba 
yattha yada yada tarn tarn tattba tattba samapajjitva 
viharami ti attbo. Yadi pi bi suniiatagbanam bitani nama 
yassa kassaci pi maggassa suniiatadibbedatividbam pi 

I patbambi, P. B. 2 sapattikamitvana, B. 

3 suiinatassa nim°, cd. 4 sunnatassa nim^, cd. 

THERI GATHA. 31. 82. 51 

balam sambbavati, a3'am paua tber! sunriatridinimittasama- 
pattij'O ca samapajji ti.^ Tena vuttam s u n n a t a s s a n i - 
m i 1 1 a s s a 1 a b b i n I ' h a in y a cl i c c h a k a n ti. 
Yebbuyyavasena vfi etam vuttam. Nidassanamattam etan 
ti. Apare ye d i b b a ye c a m a n n s a ti ye devaloke 
pariyapanna ye ca manussaloke pariyfipanna vattbukama 
te sabbe pi tappatibandbacbandaragappabanena sammad 
eva iiccbinna ~ aparibbogfiraba. Vuttam bi : abbabbo 
fivuso kliTiifisavo bbikkbu kame paribbunjitum. Seyyatbapi 
pubbe anagclriyabhiito ti. Sesam vuttanayam eva. 
Aparfiya Uttamaya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 


Divavibara nikkbamma ti adika Dantikatheriya 
gatha. Ayam pi purimabnddbesu katadbikara, tattba 
tattba bbave vivattupanissayam kusalam upacinanti 
buddbasunnakale 3 Candabbaganaditire kinnarlyoniyam 
nibbatti. Sa ekadivasam kinnarebi saddbim kilanti 
vicaramana addasa aniiataram paccekabuddbam aiinata- 
rasmim rukkhamiile divavibaram nisinnam. Disvana 
pasannamanasa upasamkamitva puppbebi piijam katva 
vanditva pakkami. Sa tena punnakammena devamanussesu 
samsaranti imasmim buddbuppfide Savattbiyam Kosala- 
ranno purobitabrabmanassa gebe nibbattitva viufiutam 
patta Jetavane patiladdbasaddba upasika butva paccba 
Mabapajapatigotamiya santike pabbajitva Rajagahe vasa- 
mana ekadivasam pacchabbattam Gijjbakutam abhirubitva 
divavibaram nisinna battbarobassa abbirubanattbaya 
padam pasarentam batthim4 disva tarn eva arammanam 
katva vipassanam vaddbetva saba patisambbidabi 
arabattam papuni. Tena vuttam Apadane : 

Candabbaganaditire abosim kinnarJ tadcl 

addasam virajam buddbam sayambbum aparajitam. 1. 

^ samapajjim, cd. 2 uccbina, cd. 

3 buddbassunna°, cd. 4 battic, cd. 


Pasannacitta sumana vedajata kataiijall 
salamalam ^ gahetvana sayambhum abhipujayim. 2. 
Tena kammena sukatena cetanapanidhihi ca 
jahitva manusam deham Tavatimsam agacchi 'ham. 3. 
Chattimsa devarajunam mahesittam akarayim 
2manasa pattliitam mayham nibbattati yath' icchitam." 4. 
Dasannam cakkavattmam mahesittam akarayim. 
2 Ocitatta 'va hutvana samsarami bhavesvaham.^ 5. 
Kusalam vijjate mayham pabbajim anagariyam 
piijaraha aham ajja Sakyaputtassa sasane. 6. 
Visuddhamanasa ajja apetamanapapika 
sabbasavaparikkhina n'atthi dani punabbhavo. 7. 
Kilesa jhapita mayham katam buddhassa sasanan ti. 8. 

Arahattam pana patva attano patipattim paccavekkhitva 
pitisomanassajata udaiiavasena : 

Divavihara nikkhamma Gijjhakutamhi pabbate 
nagam ogaha-m-uttinnam naditiramhi addasam. 48. 
Puriso ankusam adaya " dehi padam " ti yacati. 
nago pasarayi padam, puriso nagam ariihi. 49. 
Disva adantam damitam manussanam vasam gatam 
tato cittam samadhemi khalu taya vanam gata ti. 50. 

Ima gatha abhasi. Tattha nagam ogaha-m- 
uttinnam ti hatthinagam nadiyam ogaham katva 
ogayha tato uttinnam. g a y h a - m - u 1 1 i n n a m ti va 
patho. Makaro padasandhikaro. Naditiramhi addasan 
ti Candabhaganadiya tire apassi. KarontI ti c'etam 
dassetiim vnttam puriso ti adi. Tattha dehi padam 
ti rajavithiarohanattham padam pasaretum saiinam deti, 
yatha paricitam sanfiam dento idha yacati ti vutto. 
Disva adantam d a m i t a n ti pakatiya pubbe adantam 
idani hatthacariyena hatthisikkhaya damitadamitam 
upagatam kiriyam. Manussanam vasam gatam 
yam yam manussa anapenti tarn tarn disva ti yojana. 

I nalamalam, A. 2 — 2 q^j^^ p. 

THERI GATIIA. 82. 83. 53 

T a t c i 1 1 a m s a m Ti d h e m i k li a 1 u t il y a v a n a m 
gatil ti. Klialu ti avadhriranatthe nipjito. Tato 
hattbidassanato pacclia. Tfiya Imttbino kiriyfiya 
lietubliutriya v a n a m arannam g a t a c i 1 1 a m s a m a- 
d h e m i yeva. Katbam ^ ayam pi tiracchanagato batthi 
hattbidamakassa vasena damanam gato ? Kasma manu- 
ssabbiitaya cittam purisadamakassa sattbii vasena 
damanam na gamissati ti samvegajata vipassanam vad- 
dbetvii aggamaggasamridbina ^ mama cittam samadbemi 3 
accantam samadanena sabbaso kilese kbepesi ti attbo. 
Dantikaya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 


Am ma J i v a 'ti adika Ubbiriya tberiya gatba. Ayam 
pi purimabuddbesu katadbikara tattba tattba bbave 
vivattupanissayam kusalam upacinanti Padumuttarassa 
bbagavato kale Hamsavatmagare kulagebe nibbattitva 
Tinnntam patta ekadivasam matapitusu maiigalam 
anubbavitum gebantaragatesu adutiya sayam gehe obina 
upakattbaya vebxya bbagavato savakam ekam kbinasa- 
vattberam gebadvarasamipena gaccbantam disva 
bbikkbam datukama bbante idba pavisatba 'ti vatva 
tbere gebam pavittbe pancapatittbitena tberam vanditva 
gonakadihi asanam paniiapetva adasi. KIsidi tbero 
pamiatte asane. Sa pattaiii gabetva pindapatassa puretva 
tberassa batthe tbapesi. Tbero anumodanam katva 
pakkcimi. Sa tena pumiakammena tavatimsesu nibbattitva 
tattba yavatayukam ulfiradibbasccmpattim anubbavitva 
tato cuta sugatisu yeva samsaranti imasmim buddbuppade 
Savattbiyam gabapatimabfisalakule nibbattitva Ubbiri ti 4 
nama abbirupa dassaniya abosi. Sa vayappattakale 
Kosalaranno attano gebe nlta katipayasamvaccbaratikka- 
mena ekam dbitaram labbi. Tassa Jlvanti ti namam 

^ Katam, cd. ^ samadbinam, cd. ^ samademi, cd. 
^ Ubbira ti, cd. 


akamsu. Raja tassa dhitaram disva tutthamanaso 
Ubbiriya abhisekam adasi. Dhita pan' assa adhavitva 
paridbavitva vicaranakale kalam akasi. Mata yattha tassa 
sariranikkhepo kato tarn susanam gantva divase divase 
paridevesi. Ekadivasam sattbu santikam gantva vanditva 
thokam nisiditva gata. Aciravatiya nadiya tire thatva 
dbitaram arabbba paridevati.^ Tarn disva sattba gandba- 
kutiyam yatba nisinno 'va attanam dassetva " kasma 
vippalapasi " ti puccbi. " Mama dbitaram arabbba vippa- 
lapami^ bbagava " ti. "Imasmim susane jhapita tava dbitaro 
caturasiti sabassamatta, tasam kataram sandbaya vippa- 
lapasi " ti. Tasam tarn tarn alabanattbanam dassetva: 

Amma Jiva ti vanambi kandasi attanam adbigaccba 

culasitisabassani sabba Jivasanamika 
etamb' alabane daddba tasam kam anusocasi ti. 51. 

upaddbagatbam aba. Tattba amma Jiva ti matu- 
pacaranamena dbituya alapanam. Idam c' assa vippala- 
panakaradassanam. Vanambi k a n d a s i ti vanamajjbe 
paridevasi. Attanam adbigaccba Ubbiri ti 
Ubbiri tava attanam eva tava bnjjbassu yatbavato jaiiabi. 
Culasiti sabassani ti caturasiti sabassani. Sabba 
Jivasanamika ti ta sabba pi Jivantiya samanana- 
mika. Sabassamatta sukbam sandbaj^a tvam anusocasi 
anusokams apajjasi ti. Evam sattbara dbamme 3 desite 
desananusarena Hanam pesitva vipassanam arabbitva 
sattbu desanavilasena attano betusampattiya yatba tbita 'va 
vipassanim ussukkapetva maggapatipatiya aggaphale 
arabattam patittbasi. Tena vuttam Apadane : 

Nagare Hamsavatiya abosim babka tada 

mata ca me pita ca^ me kammantam agamamsu te. 1. 

^ paridevasi, cd. 2 vippalapasi, cd. 

3 anu anusokam, cd. 4 dbamma, cd. s pitapica, A. 

THERI GATHA. 33. 55 

Majjhantikamlii suriyo addasam samanam aham 
vlthij-a anugacchaiitam. Asanam pafniripes' ^ aham. 2. 
Gonakavikatiktihi - paunripetvfi tad asanam 3 
pasannacitta sumanfi idam vacanam abravim. 3. 
Santattfi kiitliitri4 bbiimi siiro majjbantike tbito 
mfduta ca na vayanti kalo c'ettba upattbito.5 4. 
Paimattam Tisanam idam tav' attbaya mabamuni 
auukampam upadaya nislda mama asane. 5. 
Nisldi tattba samano sudanto*^ suddbamanaso 
tassa pattam gabetvaua yatbrirandbam7 adas' abam. G. 
Tena kammena siikatena cetanripaiiidblbi ca 
jabitva mfmusam debam Tavatimsam agancbi 'bam. 7. 
Tattba me sukatam brabmam asanena^ snnimmitam 
sattbiyojanam ubbedbam9 timsayojanavittbatam. 8. 
Sonnamaya^° manimaya atbo 'pi" pbalikamaya 
lobitaiikamaya^2 c'eva pallauka vividba mama. 9. 
TiiHkavikatikabi ^^ kattbissacittakabi ^4 ca 
uddbaekantalomi ^s ca pallauka me susaiitbita. 10. 
Yada iccbami gamanam basakbiddasamappita ^^ 
saba pallankasettbena gaccbami mama pattbitaiii.^7 11. 
Asiti devarajilnam mabesittam akarayiin 
sattati cakkavattinam mabesittam akarayim. 12. 
Bbavabbave samsarantT mababbogam labbam' abam 
bboga me imaka ^^ n'attbi, ekasanapbalam idam. 13. 
Duve bbave samsarami devatte ^9 atba manuse 
aiiiie bbave na janami, ekasanapbalam idam. 14. 

^ paiinapem', P. ; pailuapetvana as°, P. 

2 vikatikadihi, P. ^ mam' asanam, A. 

4 kutita, A2 ; santaka kutika, P. 

5 kalo c'ev' ettba me biti, A. ^ sunando, P. 
7 yatbaladdbam, P ; yatharantam, B. ^ asane, P. 
9 ubbiddham, A. ^° sovannamaya, P. 

" atbo 'si, P. 12 lobitangamS A. ^3 tulitav°, P. 

i^ kattissacitt°, P. ; kattissac^, A. 

15 uddbam ca kandalomibi, P. ^^ pasadinnas°, P. 

^7 pattbitam, B. ^s bboge me linata, A. 

19 devattbe, A. 


Duve kule pajayami khattiye capi brahmane 
uccakulina^ sabbattha, ekasanapbalam idam. 15. 
Domanassam na janami cittasantapanam^ mama 
vevanniyam na janami, ekasanapbalam idam. 16. 
Dbatiyo mam upattbanti 3 kbujja celataka4 babu 
angenas aiigam gaccbami, ekasanapbalam idam. 17. 
Aniia nbapenti^ bhojenti aiina ramanti7 me sada^ 
anna gandbam vilimpanti,9 ekasana]3balam idam. 18. 
Mandape rukkbamiile va sunnagare vasantiya 
mama sankappam aiiilaya pallanko me upattbabi.^o 19. 
Ayam paccbimako maybam" carimo^^ vattate bbavo 
ajjapi rajjam cbaddetva^3 pabbajim anagariyam. 20. 
Satasabasse ito kappe yam dauam adadim tada 
duggatim nabbijanami, ekasanapbalam idam. 21. 
Kilesa jbapita maybam — pa — katam buddbassa sasanan 
ti. 22. 

Arabattam pana patva attano adbigatam visesam paka- 
senti : 

Abbabi vata me sallam duddasam badayanissitam 
yam me sokaparetaya dbitu sokam apanudi. 52. 
Sajja^4 abbiilbasallabam niccbata parinibbuta 
buddbam dbammam ca sangbam ca upemi saranam mnnim 
ti. 53. * 

di^^addbagatbam aba. Tattba abbahi vata me 
sallam duddasam badayanissitam ti aniipaci- 
takusalasambbarebi yatbavato. D n d d a s a m ^5 mama cit- 
tasannissitam pilajananato dmimbaranato anto nudakato ca 

' kulika, A. ^ ogantasanam, P. a upattbenti, A. 

4 celapika, A ; celayika, B. 5 anga, P. 

6 anfie tapenti, P. 7 aiiiie ramanti, P. 

s dumenti mam, P. 9 anne g° vilepenti, P. 

^° pallanko upatittbati, A. ^^ maimani, P- 

'^ carime, P. 13 cbattetva, A. 

^4 Sajja, cd. 15 duddassam, cd. 

THERI GATIIA. 33. 34. 57 

sallan ti laddhanamain sokamtanbam ca. A b b a h i v a t a 
nlharivata.^ Yam me s o k a p a r e t ft 3' a ti yasma sokena 
abbibbiitaya maybam dbitu sokam vyapaniidi auavasesato 
nibari, tasma abbabi vat a me sallan ti yojana. 
S a j j a a b b u 1 b a s a 1 1 a b a n ti sa abain ajja sabl)aso 
uddbatatanbfisalla tato eva 11 i c c h fi t Ti p a r i n i b b u t a, 
M u n i n ti sabbannubuddbani. Tassa dositaiu magga- 
pbalam nibbanappabliedanavividbam lokuttaradbammam 
tattba patittbitam attbaariyapuggalasamubasamkbiitam 
samgbaii ca. Annttarebi tebi yojanato sakalavattadukkbam 
vinasanato saranam tanam lenam parayanan ti upemi 
upagaccbami- bujjbami sevami ca ti attbo. 
Ubbiriyfi theriya gatbavaniiana samatta. 


Kim m e 3 k a t a E a j a g a h e ti adika Sukkaya 
tberiya gatba. Ayam pi piirimabuddbesii katadbikara 
tattba tattba bbave vivattilpanissayam kusalam upacinanti 
kulagehe nibbattitva vinnutam patta upasikabi saddbim 
vibaram gantva sattbn santike dhammam siitva patilad- 
dbasaddba pabbajitva babussuta dbammadbara patibbana- 
vatl abosi. Sa tattba babimi vassasatani brabmacariyam 
cai'itva putbujjanakrdakiriyam eva katvfi Tusite nibbatti. 
Tatba Yipassissa bbagavato Yessabbussa Ijbagavato kale 
ti evam tinnam sammasambiiddbanam sasane sllam 
rakkbitva ■+ babussuta dbammadbara abosi. Tatba 
Kakusandbassa Konagamanassa ca bbagavato sasane 
pabbajitva visuddbasila babussutfi dbammakatbika abosi. 
Evam sa tattba tattba Imbu punnam upacinitvfi sugatlsu 
yeva samsaranti imasmim buddbuppade Efijagabanagare 
gahapatimabcisalakule nibbattitva Sukka ti 'ssa namam 
abosi. Sa vinnutam patta sattbu Eajagahappavesane 

I nibari va jayam, cd. 2 ogaccba, cd, 

3 Ki me, cd. 4 rakkbetva, cd. 


laddhapasacla upasika butva aparabhage Dhammadinnaya 
theriya santike dbammam sutva samjatasamvega tassa eva 
santike pabbajitva vipassanaya kammam karonti nacirass' 
eva saba patisambbidabi arabattam papuni. Tena vuttam 
Apadane : 

Ekanavute ito kappe Vipassi nama nayako 

uppajji carudassano sabbadbammavipassako. 1. 

Tadabam Bandbumatiyam jata annatare kule 

dbammam sutvana munino pabbajim anagariyam. 2. 

Babussuta ^ dbammadbara patibbanavati ^ tatba 

vicittakatbika capi ^ jinasasanakarika. 3. 

Tada dbammakatbam sutva 4 bit ay a janatam babum ^ 

tato cuta 'bam Tusitam upapanna yasassini. 4. 

Ekatimse ito kappe Sikbi piyasikbi jino 

tapanto yasasa loke ^ uppajji vadatamvaro. 5. 

Tadapi pabbajitvana buddbasasanakovida 7 

jotetva jinavakyani ito pitidivam ^ gata. 6. 

Ekatimse 'va kappambi Vessabbu nama nayako 

uppajjittba9 mabaiiani tada pi ca tatb' ev' abam. 7. 

Pabbajitva dbammadbara jotayim jinasasanam 

gantva marupuram rammam anubbosim mabasukbam. 8. 

Imasmim bbaddake kappe Kakusandbo anuttaro ^° 

uppajji narasarano tada pi ca tatb' ev' abam. 9. 

Pabbajitva munimatam jotayitva yatbasukbam ^^ 

tato cuta 'bam tidivam agam sabbavanam ^^ yatba. 10. 

Imasmim yeva kappambi Konagamananayako 

uppajji lokasarano^^ arano amatangato. 11. 

Tada pi pabbajitvana sasane tassa tadino 

babussuta dbammadbara jotayim jinasasanam. 12. 

Imasmim yeva kappambi Kassapo purisuttamo ^4 

^ babutvata, A. 2 patibbanavasi, P. 

3 casi, A. B. 4 katva, A. B. 5 janasam pari, P. 

6 na patto 'yam saba loke, P. 7 oj^ovidba, P. 

8 tato pitid°, A. 9 uppajjitva, P. 1° jinuttamo, A. B. 

II yatbayukam, A. B. ^^ sasavanam, P. 

^3 uppajjitva dipavaro, B. ^4 muni-m-uttamo, A. B. 

THEKl GATHA. 34. 59 

uppajji lokanri3\iko ^ sarano - maraiiautagii. 13. 

Tassa pi iiaravTrassa pabbajitvana sasane 

pariyapuni saddhammam 3 paripuccbiwisilrada. 14. 

Susib"i lajjinT 4 c'eva tlsu sikkbfisu kovidfi 

babiim dbammakatbam katyfi yrivajivam mabamune. 15. 

Teua kammavipakena cetanapanidbibi ca 

jabitva -^ mrmusam debam Trivatimsam agancbi 'bam. 16. 

Paccbime 'va bbave dani Giribbaje puruttame 

jata settbikule pbite mabaratanasancaye. 17. 

Yadti bbikkbiisabassena pareto^ lokanfiyako 

upfigami Eajagabam sabassakkbena vaniiito, 18. 

Danto dantehi saba puranajatilebi ca 7 

vippamiitto vippamuttebi singinikkbasavanno 

Eajagabam pavisi bbagava. 19. 

Disva buddbanubbavan tarn sutva 'va gunasancayam 

buddbe cittam pasadetva pujayim tarn yatbabalam. 20. 

Aparena ca kalena Dbammadinnaya santike 

agara nikkbamitvana pabbajim anagariyam. 21. 

Kesesu cbijjamanesu kilese jbapayim abam 

uggabim sasanam sabbam pabbajitva ciren'abam.^ 22. 

Tato dbammam adesesim mabajanasamagame 

dbamme desiyamanambi 9 dbammabbisamayo abil. 23. 

Nekapanasabassanam tarn viditva ^° 'ti vimbito 

abbippasanno me yakkbo bbamitvana " Giribbajam. 24. 

Kim me^2 ]jata Eajagabe manussa madbumpita 'va accbare^^ 

ye Sukkam na upjisauti desentim ^4 amatam padam. 25. 

Tarn ca appativaniyam ^5 asecanakam ojavam 

pivanti maiirie sappaiiua valabakam iv'addbagil.^^ 26. 

^ lokasarano, A. B. ^ arano, A. B. 

3 pariyapntasaddbamma, A. B. 4 lajjibi, P. 

^ jabetva, P. ^ apareto, P. " ca om. A. 

s cirena tarn, P. 9 desl3'amrinebi, P. 

lo samviditva, B. ^^ bbavitva bi, P. B. 

12 ki me, A. P. ^s accbaye, P. 

^4 desenti, P. B. ^5 appatibbaniyam, B. 

^^ vab\bagam ivantagii, P. ; kanakam iva vantagu, B. 


Iddhiya ^ ca vasi homi dibbaya sotadhatuya 
cetopariyananassa vasi homi mahamune.^ 27. 
Pubbenivasam janami dibbacakkhum visodhitam 
sabbasava parikkhina n'atthi dani punabbbavo. 28. 
Atthadhammaniruttisu patibhane ^ tath'eva ca 
nanam mama mahavTra uppannam tava santike. 29. 
Kilesa jhapita mayham — pa — katam buddbassa sasanan 
ti. 30. 

Arahattam pana patva pancasatabhikkhuniparivara ma- 
hadhammakathika ahosi. Sa ekadivasam Kajagaham 
pindaya caritva katabbattakicca bbikkhuniipassayam pavi- 
sitva4 sannisinnaya mahatiya parisaya madbnbhandam pi- 
letva sumadhuram payantl viya amatena abhisincanti viya 
dhammam deseti. Parisa c'assa dhammakatham ohitasota 
avikkbitta sakkaccam sunati. Tasmim kbane tberiya 
caiikamanakotiyam rukkhe adhivattha devata dbammade- 
sanaya pasauna Eajagaham pavisitvas ratbiyaya rathiyam 
siiighatakena siiighatakam vicaritva tassa guiiam vibha- 
venti : 

Kim me kata Kajagabe manussa madhn pita'va acchare ^ 
ye Sukkam na upasanti desentim buddbasasanam. 54. 
Tail ca appativaniyam asecanakam ojavam 
pivanti manne sappamia vahihakam iv' addbagu ti. 55. 

Ima gatha abhasi. Tattba k i m m e k a t a Pi a j a g a b e 
m a n 11 s s a ti ime Eajagabamannssa kim kata 7 kismim 
nama kicce vyavata. M a d h u pita 'v a a c c h a r e ti 
yatba bbandam gahetva ^ madhum pivanta 9 visailnino ^° 
hutva sisam ukkbipitum na sakkonti evam ime pi dham- 
masaimaya visamiino hutva manne sisam ukkbipitum na 
sakkonti, kevalam accbanti yeva 'ti attbo. Ye Sukkam 

I iddhisu, A. ^ mabamuni, P. 3 patibhane, P. 

4 pavisetva, cd. 5 pavisetva, cd. 

6 acchaye, cd. 7 kikata, cd. 

^ gahetva am. cd. 9 pivanto, cd. i° vissannino, cd. 

TIIKRl GATHA. 34. 61 

n a u p a s a n t i d e s c n t i ip ^ b u d d h a s a s a n a n ti 
buddhassa bhagavato sasanam yatbfivato desentim paka- 
sentim Sukkatherim - na upasanti na payirupasanti. Te 
ime Rajagahe manussa kim katfi ti 3'ojana. Tarn c a a p p a - 
ti vii ni ya n ti tan ca pana dhammam anivattitabhrivavaham 
niyyfmikams abhikkantatfiya tbasotujanasavanamanobara- 
bbavona avaseeaniyam a s e c a k a m anfisittakam pakatiya 
'va maiiarasam tato eva ojavantam. s a d h a n ti pi pali. 
Vattam dukkbavyadhihi kiccbaya osadbam bbiitam pivanti 
mafme. Sap pan 11 a valabakam iv'addbagu ti 
vabibakantarato nikkbantaudakam nirudakakantare san- 
haka viya tarn dbammam sappaiiiia panditapurisa pivanti 
maniie pivanta vij^a sunanti.4 Manussa tarn sutva pasan- 
namanasa tberiya santikain upasamkamitva sakkaccam 
dhammam sunimsu. Aparabbage theriya ayupariyosane 
parinibbanakale sasanassa niyyanikabbavanattbams aMam 
vyakarontT : 

Sukka sukkehi dhammebi vltaraga samabita 

dbjirebi antimam debam jetva Maram savabanam ti. 56. 

Imam gatbam abbasi. Tattba S u k k a ti Sukka tberi 
attanam eva param viya dasseti. Sukkebi dhammebi 
ti suddbehi lokuttaradhammehi. V i t a r a g a samabita 
ti aggamaggena sabbaso vitaragcl arabattaphale samadhina 
samabita. Sesam vuttanayam eva. 

Sukkaya theriya gathavannana samatta. 


N ' a 1 1 h i n i s s a r a 11 a m 1 k e ti adika Seblya tberiya 
gatha. Ayam pi purimabuddbesu katadbikilra tattba tattba 
bhave vivattiipanissayam kusaL^m upacinanti Hamsavatina- 
gare kulagehe nibbattitva viniiutam patta matapitubi sama- 

desenti, P. ~ desenti pakclsenti Sukkatheriye, cd. 
niyanikam, cd. ^ sunanti, cd. 5 niyanika°, cd. 


najatikassa kulaputtassa clinna. Tena saddhim bahimi vas- 
sasatani sukhasamvasam vasitva tasmim kalam kate sayam 
pi addbagata vayo anuppatta samvegajata kim kusalam 
gavesini kalena kalam aramena aramam vih arena viharam 
anuvicaranti " samanabrahmananam santike dbammam 
desessami " ti sa ekadivasam sattbu bodbirukkbam upasam- 
kamitva "yadi buddbo bbagava asamo samasamo appatipug- 
galo dassetu me ayam bodbipatibariyan " ti nisidi. Tassa 
tatba cittuppadasamanantaram eva bodbi pajjali, sabbasov- 
annamaya sakba upattbabimsu, sabba disa virocimsu, sa tarn 
patibariyam disva pasannamanasa garucittikaram upattha- 
petva sirasi anjalim paggayba satta rattindivam tattbeva 
nisidi. Sattame divase ularam pujasakkaram akasi. Sa 
tena pmiiiakammena devamanussesu samsaranti imasmim 
buddbuppade Alaviratthe Alavikassa raiino dbita butva 
nibbatti, Sela ti 'ssa namam abosi. Alavikassa pana raniio 
dbita ti katva Alavika ti pi nam vobaranti. Sa vinnutam 
patta sattbari Alavikam ^ damitva tassa battbe pattaciva- 
ram datva tena saddbim Alavim nagaram upagate darika 
butva ranila saddbim sattbu santikam upagantva dbammam 
sutva patiladdbasaddba upasika abosi. Sa aparabbage 
sanjatasamvega bhikkbunisu pabbajitva katapubbakicca 
vipassanam pattbapetva saiikhare sammasanti upanissaya- 
sampannatta paripakkanana nacirass' eva arabattam 
papuni. Tena vuttam Apadane : 

Nagare Hamsavatiya cariki ~ as' abam tada 
aramena ca aramam 3 carami kusalattbika. 1. 
Kalapakkbambi divase addasam bodbim uttamam 
tattl U; cittam pasadetva 4 bodbimiile nisidi 'bam. 2. 
Garucittam pattbapetva ^ sire katvana anjalim ^ 
somanassam pavedetva evam cintesi tavade. 3. 
Yadi buddbo amitaguno asamappatipuggalo 
dassetu patiblram me, bodbi 7 obbasatu ayam. 4. 

I AJavakam, cd. 2 carini, B. 

3 aramena vibarena, P. 4 uppadetva, B. 

5 upatthitva, A. ^ anjali, P. 7 odhi, B. 


Saha avajjite mayhniu Ijodbi pajjali tfivade 
sabbasoiinamayfi ^ asi disfi sabbfi virocati. 5. 
Satta rattindivani tattba bodbimfde nisid'abam ^ 
sattame divase putte 3 dipapujam akfis'abam.^ 6. 
Asanam parivjiretvfi paiica dlpani pajjalum 5 
j'fiva udeti suriyo dipfi me ^ pajjalum 7 tada. 7. 
Tena kammena sukatena cetanfipanidbibi ca 
jabitva manusam debam Tavatimsam aganch' aham. 8. 
Tattba me sukatam brabmam pafica dlpa ti vuccati ^ 
sattbivojanam 9 ubbiddbam ^° timsayojanavittbatam. 9. 
Asamkbayani dlpani parivare ^^ jalimsu me 
yavata devabbavanam dipa lokena jotati. 10. 
Parammukba nisTditva yadi iccbami passitiim 
uddbam adbo ca tiriyam ^^ gabbam passami cakkbumi. 11. 
Yavata abbikankhami dattbum sukatadukkate 
tattba avaranam ^3 n'attbi rukkbesii pabbatesu va. 12. 
Asiti devarajnnam mabesittam akarayim 
satanam ^-^ cakkavattinam mabesittam akarayim. 13. 
Yam yam yo mipapajjami devattam atba manusam 
dipasatasabassani parivare ^^ jalanti me. 14. 
Devaloka cavitvana uppajji matu kuccbiyam 
matukuccbigata santi akkbi me na nimllati.^^ 15. 
Dipasatasabassani puuilakammasamangita ^7 
jalanti siitike ^^ gelie. Paiica dlpan' idam pbalam. 16. 
Paccbime bbavasampatte manasam vimvattayimi9 
ajartlmatam ~° sTtibbavam nibbanam pbassayim -^ 
abam. 17. 

I 8abbasovannam°, P. ^ nisldayam, P. 

3 sampatte, P. ^ adas'abam, P. ^ pajjalam, P. 

6 diva me, P. 7 pajjalam, P. ^ dIpTtivuccati, P. 

9 oyojana, P. ^° ubbedbam, B. 

II parivaretvcl, P. ^- adbo tatba tiriyam, P. 

13 me varanam, B. ^4 sattannam, P. ^^ parivriretva, P. 
i6 nimmilati, P. ; nimissati, B. ^7 samangino, P. 

i8 siitika, P. B. 19 vinivattayam, P. B. 

20 ajaramaranam, P. ^^ passayim, A. ; pbussayl, P. 


Jatiya sattavassaham ^ arahattam apapunim 
upasampadayi budclho gunam aniiaya Gotamo. 18. 
Mandape rukkhamule va snmiagare vasantiya 
sada pajjalate dipam. Panca dipan' idam phalam. 19. 
2 Pacchime bhavasappanno 'gare vasantiya sada 
sada 3 pajjalate dipam. Pailca dipan' idam phalam. ^ 20. 
Dibbacakkhu visuddham me samadhikusala aliam 
abhimiaparamippatta. Panca dipan' idam phalam. 21. 
Sabbe tepitake nana 4 katakicca anasava 
panca dipa mahavira pade vandami ^ cakkhuma. 22. 
Satasahasse ito kappe yam dipam abhipujayim ^ 
dnggatim nabhijanami. Panca dipan' idam phalam. 23. 
Kilesa jhapita mayham — pa — katam bnddhassa sasa- 
nam ti. 24. 

Arahattam pana patva theri Savatthiyam viharati.7 
Ekadivasam pacchabhattam Savatthito nikkhamitva divavi- 
haratthaya Andhavanam pavisitva aiiiiatarasmim rukkha- 
mule nisidi. Atha nam Maro vivekato vicchinitukamo aii- 
natakarupena upagantva : 

N'atthi nissaranam loke kim vivekena kahasi ^ 
bhufijahi kamaratiyo mahu 9 pacchanutapini ti. 57. 

gatham aha. Tass' attho : imasmim loke sabbasamayesu 
pi uparikkhiyamanam nissarananibbanam kim vivekam na- 
ma n'atthi. Tesam tesam samanabrahmananam chandaso 
patinnayamanam va chavatthum ev'etam, tasma kim vive- 
k e n a kahasi evarilpe sampannapathame vaye thita 
imina kayavivekena kim karissasi ? Atha kho b h u li j a h i 
kamaratiyo vatthukamakilesakamasannissita khid- 
(laratiyo paccanubhohi, tasma mahu p a c c h a n u fc a- 

1 sattavassava, P. 

2 — 2 0,,^^ ^, 3 gacla om. P. 4 sabbavositavosana, A. 
5 vandati, A. ^ yam dipam adadim tada, A. 

7 theriyil Savatthiyam viharanti, cd. 

2 vivekakahasi, cd. 9 matu, cd. 

THERf GATIIA. Hi). (55 

pinT.^ Nissanmtam bmlimcicariyain carami, tad cva nib- 
bauain n'attbi, ten' eva tarn nadhigatain kamaraofo ca 
parihino anattbo vata inaybau ti vippatisririnl - mahosi ti 
adhippayo. Tarn sutva theii '' l)alo vatayain ^Iriro yo mama 
paccakkhabhiitain nibbanani patikkbipati kamesu ca mam 
pavareti, mama kbliiasavabhavam na janati, banda Dam 
tain jclnripetva tajjessami " ti ciutetva : 

Sattisubjpama krima kbandbanam adbikiittana 3 
yam tvam kamaratim brusi arati dani sfi mama. 58. 
Sabbattba vibata nandi tamokkbandbo padcilito 
evam janabi papima nihato tvam asi antaka ti. 59. 

Imam gatbcidvayani aha. Tattha s a 1 1 i s ii 1 ii p a m fi 
k Ti m cl ti kama nama yena adbittbita tassa sattassa vinivij- 
jbanato nisitasatti viya sulam viya ca dattbabbji. K h a n - 
d h a ti upadanakkhandba. N'attbi t e s a m a d h i k u t - 
t a n ci 4 ti kbandbanudittbanam ^ accridanan ti attho. Yato 
kbandbu accadaya sattfi kfimebi chijjabhijjani papiinanti. 
Y a ni t V a m k Ti m a r a t i m ^ b r u s i arati d Ti n i s ;i 
m a m an ti 7 *' papima tvam yam kamaratim ramitabbam 
sevitabbam katva ^ tvam vadasi, sa dani mama niratijati- 
kassa milbasadisfi, na taya mama koci attho atthi ti tattha 
karanam aha. Sabbattba vibata nandl ti adina 
tattha eva m j ii n a h T ti sabbaso pahinataiiba vijjtl ti 
mam janahi. Tato eva vrdavidbamanavipassanatikkamehi9 
antaka himaka ^° va Miira tvam m a y a nihato 
badhito. Asinclham taya badhitabbriti attho. Evam theriya 
Marc santajjito tatth' ev' antaradhasi. Therl pi phalasamTi- 
pattisnkhena Andhavane divasabbagam vltinametva 
siiyanbe vasanatthiinam eva gata. 

Selaya theriya gathavannana samatta. 

^ paccanutapi, cd. - vippatisriri, cd. 

3 adhikuddana, cd. •♦ adhikuddana, cd. 

^ candanuditthanani, cd. ^ kamarati, cd. 

7 mamata ti, cd. s kumarati, cd. 

9 °vipassati°, cd. ^° lamaka, cd. 



Yam tarn i s i b i ^ p a 1 1 a b b a n ti aclika Somaya 
tberiyil g^itha. Ayam pi purimabuddhesu katadhikara 
tattba tattba bhave vivattiipanissayam kusalam upacinanti 
Sikhissa bbagavato kale kbattiyamabasalakule nibbattitva 
vinnutam patta Arunavato ramio aggamabesi abosi. Sab- 
bam atitavattbum Abbayatberiya vattbusadisam. Paccup- 
pannavattbum pana : ayam tberi tatba devamanussesu 
samsaranti imasmim buddbuppade Rajagabe Bimbisarassa 
raniio purobitassa dbita butva nibbatti. Tassa Soma ti 
namam abosi. Sa vinnutam patta sattbu Eajagabappavese 
patiladdbasaddba upasika butva aparabbage samjata- 
samvega bbikkbunisu pabbajitva katabuddbakicca vipassa- 
naya kammam karonti nacirass' eva saba patisambbidabi 
arabattam papuni. Tena vuttam Apadane : 

Nagare Arunavatiya Arunavil nama kbattiyo 

tassa raniio abam bbariya earikam - carayam' abam. 1. 

Yavatakam b u d d b a s s a s a s a n a n ti sabbam Abba- 
yatberiya Apadclnasadisam. Arabattam pana patva vimut- 
tisukbena Savattbiya vibaranti ekadivasam divaviba- 
rattbaya Andbavanam pavisitva anfiatarasmim rukkbamule 
nisidi. Atba nam Maro vivekato viccbinditukamo adissa- 
manarupo upagantva akase tbatva : 

Yan tarn islbi pattabbam tbanam ^ durabbisambbavam 
na ^i>m dvaiigulisannaya sakka pappotum ittbiya ti. 60. 

Imam gatbam aba. Tass' attbo : silakkbandbadinam 
esanattbena isibi 4 biddbanamebi buddbadibi mabapaniiebi 
p a 1 1 a b b a m, 5 tarn aiinebi pana durabbisambba- 
V a m dunnippbadaniyam ^ yan tarn arabattasankbatam 
paramassasat tbanam. N a tarn d v a n g u 1 i s a ii ii a y a 

I isiti vattabban, cd. ^ vaditam, P. ^ santam, cd. 
4 isi ti, cd. 5 sattabbam, cd. ^ nu dun°, cd. 

ther! gatha. 36- 67 

i 1 1 h i y a papunitum sakka. Itthiyo hi sattatthavassa- 
kcllato pattbaya sabbakalam odanam pacantiyo pakkutbite^ 
udake tandule pakkbipitva ettavata odauam pakkan ti na 
jananti. Pakkutbiyamane paua tandule dabbiya uddha- 
ritva dvibi angulibi pilitva jTinanti, tasma dvangulisaniiaya 
ti vutta. Tain sutva tbeii Maram apascidenti : 

Ittbibbavo no kim kayira cittambi susamabite 
nanambi vattanicinambi samnia dbammaiii vipassato. 01. 
Sabbattba vibata nandi tamokkbaudbo padrdito 
evam janabi papinia, nibato tvam asi antaka ti. ()2. 

Itara dve gatba abbasi. T a 1 1 b a ittbibbavo no 
kim kayirfi ti miitugilmabbavo ambcikam kim kareyya ^ 
arabattapattiya kidisam bandbanam^ uppiideyya. Cittam- 
b i susamabite ti citte aggamaggasamadbina suttbu 
samahite. X a n a m b i v a 1 1 a m a n a m h I ti tato 
arahattamagganane pavattamrme. S a m m a d b a m m a m 
vipassato ti catusaccadbammam parinnildbividbina 
sammad eva passato, ayam b'ettba samkbepo. Papima 
ittbl va botu pnriso va botu aggamagge adbigate arabattam 
battbagatam eva ti. Idani tassa attano adhigatabbavam 
ujukatam eva dassenti sabbattba vibata nandi 
ti gatbam aba. Tarn vuttattbam eva. 

Somaya theriya gatbavannana samatta. 

Tikanipatavannana nittbita. 


Catukkanipate p u 1 1 o b u d d b a s s a d a y a d o ti 
adika Bbaddaya Kapilaniyfi tberiyil gatba. Sa kira Padu- 
muttarassa bbagavato kale Hamsavatinagare kulagebe 
nibbattitva vinnutam patta sattbu-^ santike dbammam 
sunanti sattbaram ekam 5 bbikkbunim pubbenivcisam 

^ pakkudhite, cd. ^ kareyyum, cd. 

3 kidisavibandbam, cd. '^ sattba, cd. 5 etam, cd. 


anussarantinam aggatthane thapentam disvci adhikara- 
kammam katva sayam pi tarn thanam patthetva yavajivam 
puniiani katva tato cuta ^ devamanussesu samsarati.^ 
Anuppatte buddlie Varaiiasiyam kulagehe nibbattitva 
patikulam gantva ekadivasam attano nanandaya saddhim 
kalaham karontl tcl3^a paccekabuddhassa pindaprite dinne 
" ayam imassa danam datva nhlrasampattim labhissatl " 
ti paccekabuddhassa hatthato pattam gahetva bhattam 
chaddetva kalalassa piiretva adasi . Mab aj ano garahi : ' * Bale 
paccekabuddho te kim aparajjhi " ti. Sa tesam vacanena 
lajjamrma puna pattam gahetva kalalam niharitva dhovitva 
gandhacunnena ubbattetva 3 catumadhurassa piiretva upari 
asittena padumagabbhavannena sappina vijjotamaDam 
paccekabuddhassa hatthe thapetva " yatha ayam pindapiito 
obhfisadato, evam obhasadatam me saiiram hotii " ti 
patthanam thapesi. Sri tato cavitva sugatisu4 yeva 
samsaranti Kassapabuddhakale Baranasiyam mahavibha- 
vassa setthino dhita hutva nibbatti. Pubbakammaphalena 
duggandhasarira manussehi jigucchitabba hutva samvega- 
jata attano abharanehi suvannitthakam karetva bhagavato 
cetiye thapesi uppalahatthena ca piijam akasi. Ten' assa 
sariram tasmim yeva bhave sugandham manoharam 
jatam. Sa patino piya manapa hutva yavajivam kusa- 
1am katva tato cuta sagge nibbatti, tatthapi yavajivam 
dibbasukham anubhavitva tato cuta Baranasiraiiiio dhita 
hutva tattha devasampattisadisam sampattim anubhavanti 
cirakalam paccekabuddhe upatthahitva tesu parinibbutesu 
samvegajatii tapasapabbajjaya pabbajitva uyyane vasanti 
jhanani bhavetva brahmaloke nibbattitva tato cuta Sagala- 
nagare Kosiyagottassa brahmanakulassa gehe nibbattitva 
mahata pariharena vaddhitva vayappatta Mahatitthagame 
Pippalikumarassa gehanita. Tasmim pabbajitum nikkhante 
mahantam bhogakkhandham natiparivattam pahaya pab- 
bajjatthaya nikkhamitva panca vassani Titthiyarame 
vasitva aparabhage Mahapajapatigotamiya santike pabbaji 

^ cute, cd. 2 samsaranti, cd. 

3 ubbiritva, cd. 4 suggatisu, cd. 

TiiEnl GATiiA. 87. 69 

iipasiimpaclan oa labliitva vipassanam patthapotva naoirass' 
eva arabattaiu pripiini. Tena vuttain Ajiadanc : 

Padumuttaro nama jino sabbadhaminesu cakkbnma 

ito satasabassambi kappe uppajji iiayako. 1. 

Tadabu '^ Hamsavatiyani Vidobo nama nfimako 

setthi pabiitaratano tassa jaya abosi 'baiii. 2. 

Kadaci so naradiccani upccca - saparijano 

dliammam assosi buddbassa sabbadukkbabbayappabani.3 8. 

Savakani dbutavadanani aggam kittesi nayako 

•sutva sattabikam danam datyfi buddbassa tadino. 4. 

Nipacca ^ sirasa pade tarn tbanain abbipattbayi 

pabasanto saparisam 5 tadfdia narapungavo. 5. 

Settbino anukamp^iya ima gatba abbasatba : 

laccbasi pattbitam ^ tbrmam nil)buto bobi 7 puttalca. H. 

Satasabasse ito kappe Okkrdvakulasambbavo 

Gotamo nama namena sattba loke l)bavissati. 7. 

Tassa dbammesu dayado oraso dbammanimmito 

Kassapo nama namena bessati sattbu sfivako. 8. 

Tarn sutvri mudito butva yrivajTvani tada jii'iaiu 

mettacitto paricari paccayebi vinayakam. 9. 

Sasanam jotayitvana so madditva kutittbiye ^ 

veneyye 9 vinayitvana nibbuto so sasavako. 10. 

Nibbute tambi lokagge pujanattbriya sattbuno 

ilatimitte samanetva saba tebi akrirayim 11. 

Sattayojanikain ^^ tbupaiu ubbiddbam " ratanamayam 

jalantam sataramsT va srdarrijani '- va puppbitam.^3 12. 

Sattasatasabassani patiyo tattba karayiiu 

nalaggi viya jotante ^^ rataneb' ^^ eva sattabi.^^^ 13. 

Gandbatelena pi'iretva dipa 'nujjalayini ^" tabirii 

^ tadati, P. - upacca, B. ; iippajja, P. 

3 odukkbakkbaya abani, P. ^ nipajja, P. 

-^ pabasayanto, 13. ; pabasaranto parisam tada so nara°, P. 

^' pattbitam, B. 7 boti, P. •"' kubttbiye, P. 

9 veneyyam, A. i° tattba yojo, P. ^^ ubbedbam, P. 

- sfilarajava, P. ^3 pbullitam, P. m jTitante, P. 

3 rataneva sova. ^^ sattati, P. ^7 divfuiujjalayi, P. 


piijanatthaya mahesissa sabbabhiitannkampino. 14. 
Sattasatasahassani punnakumbhani ^ karayim 
rataneh' eva punnani pujatthaya mahesino. 15. 
Majjhe sattattha^ kumbhani ussita kancanagghiyo 
atirocanti vannena 3 sarade va divakaro. 16. 
Catudvaresu sobhanti torana ratanamaya 4 
ussita phalaka ramma sobhanti ratanamaya. 17. 
Virocanti parikkhitta avatamsa ^ sunimmita 
ussitani patakani ^ ratanani virocare. 18. 
Surattam sukatam cittam 7 cetiyam ratanamayam 
atirocati vannena sasimajjhe ^ divakaro. 19. 
Thiipass' imadi patiyo 9 haritalena purayim 
ekam manosilay'ekam i° anjanena ^^ ca ekikam. 20. 
Pujam etadisam ramniam ^^ karetva varavadino 
adasi danam sanghassa yavajivam yathabalam.^^ 21. 
Saha'va ^4 setthina tena tani punnani sabbaso 
yavajivam karitvana saha'va sugatim ^^ gata.^^ 22. 
Sampattiyo 'nubhotvana devatte atha manuse 
chaya viya sarlrena saha ten'eva samsarim.^7 23. 
Ekanavute ito kappe Vipassi nama nayako 
uppajji carudassano sabbadhammavipassako. 24. 
Tadjiyam ^^ Bandhumatiyam brahmano sadhusammato 
andho santo gunenapi dhanena ca siiduggato. 25. 
Tada pi tassaham asim brahmani samacetasri ^9 
kadaci so dijavaro"*^ sangamesi -^ mahamunim. 26. 

^ so'ham satasahassani punnakumbha panamika, P. 

- atthattha kumbhlnani, A. 

3 vannani, P. 4 ratanamaya, P. 

5 bhctvitamsa, P. ^ dassitani satakani, P. 

7 cetam, P. 8 sasanchava, A. 

9 satiyo, B. ; padiyo, P. ^° eka manosilayeka, P. 

" ancayena, P. ^^ pnjiyam tadisam kammam, P. 

^3 yathaphalam, P. ^4 sahaya, B. ; pahaya, P. 

^5 sugatT, P. i6 aham, P. 

^7 samsari, P. is tada hi, P. 

'9 sammac°, B. ; mama c°, P. -° divagantva, P. 

^' samgame pi, P. 


NisiiiDaiu janakfiyamlii desentani ^ amatam padani 
sutva dbammam pamudito adasi ekasutakaiu. 27. 
Gbarani ekena vattliena gantvrmedain mam abravi '-' 
anumoda maliapufine ^ diunain buddhassa satakam. 28. 
Tadrdiam anjaliiu katva anumodiin supiiiitri 
sudinno satako sami 4 buddbasettbassa tadino. 29. 
Sukbito pabbajito butvas samsaranto bbaval)bave 
BaranasTpure ramme rajTi asi'^ mabipati. 80. 
Tada tassa mabesi 'bam ittblgumbassa uttama 
tassatidayita 7 asim publ)asnebena c'uttari.^ 31. 
Pindaya viearante '^ te attba paccekanayake 
disva pamuditri butvri datva piiidam mabfirabam 82. 
Puna nimantayitvana katva ratanamandapam 
kammclrebi katam pattam sovannam vata tattakam ^° 88. 
Samrinetvrma te sabbe ^^ tesam danam adasi so 
senasane^- pavittbanam pasanno sebi panihi.^s 84. 
Tarn pi danam sabridrisim Kasirajen'abam tada 
punabam ^4 Baraiiasiyam raja pi dvaragamake.^5 85. 
Kutimbikakule pbite sukbito so sabbatuko 
jettbassa bbatuno jaya abosi supatibbata. 86. 
Paccekabuddbam disvana mama bbattu kaniyasa ^^' 
bbagannam tassa datvabam agate tambi^7 pavadim. 87. 
Xabbinandittba ^^ so danam ^9 tato tassa adas' abaiii 
ukba amy a tarn annam puno ^o tass' eva so ada. 88. 
Tad annam cbaddayitvana duttha -^ buddbass' abam tadil 
pattam kalalapuiiiian tarn adasim tassa tfidino. 89. 

^ desenti, P. ^ gantvanetam samabravi, A. 

^ °puilfia, P. 4 sapi, P. ^ sajjito hutva, A. 

'^ I'cij'a rdiu, P. 7 tassa bi dayitva, P. 

° bbattari, P. ; uttarfi, B. " vicarantesu, P. 

^° sovannasatabatthakam, B. ; vata battbakam, P. 
^^ tarn sabbam, P. ^- soiinasane, A. B. 

^3 pfmibbi, A. ^4 puna pi, P. 

^3 ajanetvana kamato, P. ^^ kbaniyasa, P. 

^7 agate tassa, P. ^s iibbin°, P. 

'9 buddba aniyatam danam, B. 20 puna, P. 

21 uttba, P. 


Dane ca gabane c'eva apace paduse pi ca ^ 

samacittamuldiam ~ disva tadahaip samvijim 3 bhusam. 40. 

Puno 4 pattam gabetvana sodbayitva sugandbina 

pasannacitta puretva 5 sagbatam sakkaram adam, 41. 

Yattba yattbdpapajjami suriipa bomi danato 

biiddbassa apakarena dnggandba vadanena ca. 42. 

Puna Kassapadbirassa ^ nittbapentambi 7 cetiye 

sovannam ittbakam varam^ adasim mudita abam. 48. 

Catnjjatena gandbena nicayitva^ tarn ittbakam 

mutta diiggandbadosamba sabbaiigasamupagata.i° 44. 

Satta pcltisabassani ^^ rataneb' eva sattabi 

kriretva gbatapurani vattini ^- ca sabassaso.^3 45. 

Pakkbipitvri padlpetva ^-^ tbapayim satta panti^^o ^-^ 

piijattbam lokanatbassa vippasannena cetasa. 46. 

Tadapi tambi punnambi ^^ bbjiginl 'bam visesato 

puna Kasisu sanjato Sumitto iti vissuto. 47. 

Tassabam bbariya asim sukbita sajjita piya ^7 

tadabam paccekamune ^^ adasi ghanavetbanam.^9 4B. 

Tassapi bbagini ^o asim moditva danam uttamam 

puna pi Kasirattbambi jata"^ Koliyajatiya. 49. 

Tad a Koliyaputtanam satebi saba pancabi 

paiica paccekabuddbanam satani samupattbabi. 50. 

Temasam tappayitvana -^ adamsu -^ ca ticlvare 

jaya tassa tada asim punnakammapatbanuga. 51. 

Tato onto abu raja Nando nama mabayaso 

tassapi mabesT asim sabbakamasamiddbini. 52. 

^ amacce manase pi ca, B. 

2 samacittam sukbam, P. 3 samvijjbim, P. 

4 puna, P. 5 puritva, P. 

^ Kassapavirassa, A. 7 nidbayantambi, A. 

lO Oc 

ittbakagbaram, B. 9 necayitva, P. 

^susamagata, A. B. ^^ patis°, P. ^^ vaddbini, P. 
^3 sabassayo, P. 14 pasiditva, P. ^^ paniyo, B. 

^^ tasmim kule, P. 17 siya, P. 

^^ paccekabuddbassa, P. ^9 gana°, B. ^o bbagini, P. 
-^ jato, A. 22 tapayitvana, P. 23 adasi, P. 


Tadfi rfija bbavitvfina ^ Bralimaclatto mahlpati 
radiimavatTputtuuani paccckamuninam taclfi. 53. 
Satuni pane' anuuani yrivajivani iipaitliahim 
rrijiiyyiine nivasetva nibbutani ca piijayiiu. 5-1. 
Cetiyiiui ca karetvcl pabl)ajitvri ubbo mayaiu 
l)bavetva appamamiayo brabmalokani agambase. or). 
Tato cuto mabatitthe Sujfito Pippabiyano - 
Milta SumanadevT ti Kosigotto dijo pita. 50. 
Abam Madde janapade Sagablyani 3 puruttame 
Kapibissa 4 dijassrisim dbitjl,5 matfi Sucimati. 57. 
GbaDakan cana bimbena ^' nimminitvana mam pita 
ada KassapadbTrassa karaehi^ vajjitassa mam.s oS. 
Kadaci so kfirnniko gantva kammantapekkbako 
krdvadikebi9 kbajjante pane disvana samviji. 59. 
Gbare vabam i° tile jate ^^ disvanatapatapane ^- 
kimikakebi kliajjante samvegam alabbim tada. 00. 
Tadfi so pabbaji dbiro abam tarn anupabbajim 
panca vassani nivasim ^^ paribbajavate abam. 01 . 
Yada pabbajita asi GotamI jinaposika ^4 
tadribam tam upagantva ^5 buddbena anusasitfi. 02. 
Xaciren' eva kalena arab attain apapunim 
abo kalyanamittatam Kassapassa sirlmato. 03. 
Suto ^'5 buddbassa dayado Kassapo susamabito 
pnbl)enivasain yo vedi saggapayan ca passati. ()4. 
Ato jatikkbayam patto abbinnavosito muni 
etabi tibi vijjfdii tevijjo boti brabmano. 05. 
Tatb'eva Bbadda Kapibuil ^7 tevijja maccubayini ^^ 
dhareti antimam debam jetva ^9 Maram savabanam. GO. 

I tato abu cavitvrma, P. - ajato Pippale kule, P. 

3 Sakalaya, A. ^ Kappilassa, A. 

-^ dijassapi tbitva, P. ^' dbammena, B. 

7 kamabi, P. ^ otr^gg^ ,^^^^ y. 9 kakfidike, P. 

^° va sa, B. ^^ jato, P. 

^= °tapane, P. ; disvana tapanasano, J). ^3 nivasi, P). 
^4 °posita, A. B. ^"^ samnpag°, B. ^^' sutto, P. 

^7 Kapiblnl, A. ^^ paccubayini, P. ; DiaecubririnT, A. 
f^ jitva, A. 


Disva aclTnavam loke ubbo pabbajita mayam 
ty amba ^ khinasava danta sitibbnt' amba nibbuta. 67. 
Kilesa jhapita maybam — pa — katam buddbassa sasanam 
ti. 68. 

Arabattam pana patva pubbe nivasanane cinnavasi ahosi, 
tattba satisayam katadbikaratta. Aparabbage tarn sattba 
Jetavane ariyaganamajjbe nisinno l)bikkbuniyo patipatiyji 
tbanantaresu tbapento pubbenivasam anussarantinam 
aggattbane tbapesi. Sa ekadivasam Mahakassapattberassa 
gunabbittbavanapubbakam attano katakiccakatadivibbava- 
namnkbena udanam udanenti : 

Putto l)uddbassa dayado Kassapo susamabito 
pubbenivasam yo vedT saggapayan ca passati. 63. 
Ato jatikkbayam patto abbinnavosito muni 
etabi tibi vijjahi tevijjo boti brabmano. 64. 
Tatb'eva Bbadda Kapilanl tevijja maccuhayinl ^ 
dhareti antimam debam jetva Maram savabanam. 65. 
Disva admavam loke ubbo pabbajita mayam 
ty amba kbinasava danta sitibbiit' amba 3 nibbuta ti. 66. 

Ima gatba abbasi. Tattba putto buddbassa da- 
yado ti buddbanam buddhabbavato sammasambuddbassa 
anujatabbiito. Tato eva tassa dayadabbiitassa navalokut- 
taradbammassa adanena dayado Kassapagotto lokij^a- 
loknttarebi samadbibi suttbu samabitacittataya susa- 
mabito. Pubbenivasam y o v e d i ti yo Maba- 
kassapattbero pubbenivasam attano paresan ca nivuttbak- 
kbandbasattanam pubbenivasanussatinanena pakatam katvii 
a V e d i annasi patibujjbati. Saggapayan c a p a s - 
sat! ti cbabbisati devalokato saggam catubbidbam apa- 
yafi ca dibbacakkbuna batthatale amalakam viya passati. 
Ato j a t i k k b a yam patto ti tatoparam jatikkbaya- 
saiikbatam arabattam patto. A b b i fi n ay a abbivisuddbena 
nanena abbinnaya dbammam abbijanitva pariiineyyam 

tamba, P, = paccuh°, cd, ^ ambi, cd, 

TTTET^I G.\Tn.\. *>< . 7') 

parijanitvfi paliatabbaip pahfiya saccbikatabl)ani saccliT- 
katvfi. Yosito nittbappatto katakicco risavakkbayapan- 
nasankbatam moDam pattatta m u n i. T a t b ' e v a 
B b a d d a k a p i 1 a n T ti yatba Mabakassapo etabi yatba- 
vattabi tibi vijjabi tevijjo maccubriyi ^ ca, tatb' eva Bbad- 
dakapilanl t e v i j j d m a c c u b a y i n i - ti . Tato eva 
d b a r e t i a n t i m a ni d e b a m j e t v a M a ram s a v a- 
b a n a n ti attrmam eva param viya katva dasseti. Idrmi 
yatbri tberassa patipattiadimajjbapariyosanakalyanam 
evam ambasT ti dassenti d i s v a a d I n a v a n ti osanaga- 
tbam fiba. Tattba ty am ha khinasava danta ti 
te mayam Mabakassapattbero aban ca uttamena damanena 
danta sabbaso k b I n a s a v Ti 3 ca amba s T t i b b ii t' amlia 
n i b b u t a ti. Tato eva kilesaparilababbavato sltibbiita 
saupadisesaya nibbanadbrituyri nibbuta ca. 

Bbaddakapilanitberiyci gritbavannana samatta. Catuk- 
kanipatavannana nittbitfi. 


Pailcakanipate p a n n a v I s a t i v a s s a n T ti adika 
annataraya tberiya gatba. Ayam pi purimal)uddbesu kata- 
dbikara tattba tattba bhave vivattupanissayam kusalaip 
upacinantl imasmim buddbuppade Devadabanpgare Maba- 
pajapatlgotamidbatl butva VaddbesT iirima, gottato pana 
apafinata ahosi. Sa MahapajapatTgotamiya pa])bajitakale 
sayam pi pabl)ajitva pancavTsati samvaccbarani kamarfi- 
gena upadduta aecbarasanigbatamattain pi krdam cittekag- 
gatam alabbantl baba paggayba kandamana Dbammadin- 
nattberiya santike dbammam sutva krimebi vinivattitama- 
iiasa kammattbanam gabotva bbavanam anuyunjantl na 
cirass' eva chalabbinna butva attano patipattiiu paccavek- 
kbitva udanavascna : 

^ pacciihayT, cd. = paccub°, cd. 

3 kbinaso kblnasava, cd. 


PannavTsati vassani j^ato pabbajita aham 
n'accharasamgliatamattam ^ pi cittass' upasam' ajjha- 

gam. 07. 
Aladdha cetaso santim kamarrigen' avassuta 
baha paggayha kandanti viharam pavisim aham. 68. 
Sa bhikkbimim ^ upagaccbi ya me saddhayika abu 
sa me dbammam adesesi khandhayatanadhatuyo. 69. 
Tassa dbammam sunitvana ekamante npavisim 
pubbenivasam janami dibbacakkhu visodbitam. 70. 
Ceto paricca fianaii ca sotadhatn visodbita 
iddbi pi me saccbikatfi patto me asavakkbayo. 
Cba me 'bbinua saccbikata katani l)uddbassa sasanan 

ti. 71. 

Ime gatbfi abbasi. Tattba a c c b a r a s a 1 1 g b a t a m a t - 
tarn pT ti gbatikamattam 3 pi kbaiiam aiigulipotbauamat- 
lam pi kalan ti attbo. Cittass' upasam' a j j b a g a n 
ti cittassa upasamam cittekaggam na ajjbagaman tiyojana. 
Na patilabbT ti attbo. K a m a r a g e n ' a v a s s u t a ti 
kamagunasankbatesu vattbukamesu dalbatarabbinivesitaya 
bahulena 4 cbandarilgena tintacitta. S Ti b b i k k b ii n i n ^ 
ti Dbammadinnattberim sandbaya vadati. C e t o p a r i c- 
c a 11 a n a n c a ti cetopariyananaii ca visodbitaii ti sam- 
baiidbo. Adbigatan ti attbo. Sesam vuttanayam eva. 

Afnlatarriya tberiya gatbrivannaiia sammatta. 


M a 1 1 a V a n n e n a r ii p e n a ti adika Vimablj'a tberiya 
gfitba. Ayam pi pm'imabiiddbesii katadbikaril tattba tattba 
bhave vivattupauissayam knsalam npacinitva imasmini biid- 
dhuppade Yesabyam aiifiatar<1ya rupupajlvini}' a ittbiya dbita 
butva nil)batti. Yimabi ti'ssa namam abosi. Sa vayappattfi 
tato duccintitam ^' kappentl ekadivasam ayasmantam ]\raba- 

I accbara°, cd. - bbikkbuni, cd. 3 gbatikam°, ed. 
4 babalena, cd. 5 l)bikkbnni ti, cd, ^^ ducintitam, cd. 

TIIEPJ GATIIA. 08. 39. 77 

moggallunain Vesrdiyaiu piinlaya caraiitaia disva palibad- 
ilbacittri butva tlierassa vasauatthruiain gantva theram 
uddissa palobhanakamniam kfituin arabbi. Titthiycbi 
uyyojita tatba akrisi ti keci vadanti. Tbero tassa asubhavi- 
bhrivanamukhena ^ santajjanaiu katva ovadaiu adfisi. Tani 
bettba tberaj^atbabi agatain eva. Tatba pana therena 
ovade diune sa sainvcgajata liirottappaiii paccupattbripetva 
sasane patiladdhasaddbfi nprisika butva aparabbage bliik- 
kbunlsu pabl)ajitvri gbatenti vayamantT hetusaiupannataya 
11a cirass' ova araliattaiu patva attauo patipattini - pacca- 
Yukkbitvri udrmavasena : 

Matta vannena riipena sobbaggena yasuna ca 
yobbanena c' iipattbaddba anna Hamatimanni 'bam. 7*2. 
Yibbiisitva imam kriyam sucittam brdrdapanani 3 
atthrisi vesidvarambi laddo pasam iv' oddiya.-^ 73. 
Pilandbanam vidainsentT -^ guyliani pakrisikani baliuni 
a.kasi vividbam mayam ujjbagghanti^ balium janani. 7-1. 
Sajja piiidam caritvana munda sangbatiparuta 
nisinnri rukkbamulamhi avitakkassa blbbini. 75. 
Sabbe yoga samuccbinna ye dibba ye ca manusri 
kbepetvci fisave sabbe sTtibbiit* ambi nibl)uta ti. 70. 

Ima gatba abhasi. Tattba matt a v a n 11 e n a r 11 - 
p e n a ti gunavannena c'eva rupasampattiya ca. S b b a g - 
gen a ti subbagabbrivena. Yasena ti parivarasampat- 
tiya. Mattri van namadarupamadasobhaggamadaparivara- 
madavascna niadani fipanna ti aitbu. Yobbanena 
c ' u p a 1 1 b a d d b a ti yobbanamadciia uparuparittbaddba 
yobbanena nimittena abanikarena iipattbaddbacitta anupa- 
sautamanasa. A n ii Ti s a m a t i m a ii 11 i ' b a ni ti aiiiiil 
jttbiyo attano vannadiguiiebi sabbatbTi pi atikkamitvii 
manni. Abani aimasani vfi ittbinaiu vannadigune atimaniii. 
Atikkamitva aniiaavamanam akasini. 

' ovibbavana^, cd. ^ patipatti, cd. 

3 brdalapanani, cd. m. "^ oddiyam, cd. m. 

^ pi gbamsanti, cd. '^ ujjhayanti, cd. 


V i b h u s i t V ii imam k a y a m s u c i 1 1 a m b a 1 a - 
1 a p a n a n ^ ti imam nanavidbaasucibharitam jeguccham 
aham mama ti balaoam lapapanato vacanato balalapanam ^ 
mama kayam cbaviragakaranam kesathapanadina sucittam 
vattbabbaranebi vibhilsitva sumanditapasadhitam katva. 
A 1 1 b a s i V e s i d V a r a m b i 1 u d d o p a s a m i v ' o d d i- 
y a n 3 ti migaUiddo viya miganam bandhanattbaya danda- 
vaguradimigapasam Marapasabhiltam yathavuttam mama 
kayam v e s i d v a r a m b i vesiya gbaradvare oddiyitva 
attbasi. Pilandbanam vidamsentl'^ guybam 
p a k a s i k a m 5 b a b u ti ilrujagbanadassanadikam guybaii 
c'eva padajanusiradikam pakasan ca ti guybam pakasikaii 
ca babum nanappakarapilandbanaabbaranam dassenti.^ 
A k a s i V i V i d b a m m a y a m u j j b a g g b a n 1 1 b a - 
b u in j a n a n ti yobbanamadamattam babu balajanam 
vippalambbetum basanti gandbamalavattbabbaranadibi 
sarirasabbcivapaticcbadanena yava vilasabbavakadibi tebi ca 
vividbam nanappakaram vaiicanani akasi. 

S a j j a pi n d am c a r i t v a n a — pa — a vitakkassa 
labbiniti sa abam evam samavibarinl samana ajja 
idani ayyassa Mabamoggalhxnattberassa ovade tbatva sasane 
pabbajitva m u n d a s a n g b a t i p a r u t a biitva pindam 
caritvana bbikkbabaram bbunjitva. E u k k b a m ii 1 a m b i 
rukkbamule vivittasane n i s i n n a dutiyajjbanapadakassa 
aggapbalassa adbigamena avitakkassa labbini 
ambi ti yojana. Sabbe yoga ti kamayogadayo cattaro 
pi yoga s a m u c c b i n n a ti patbamamaggadina yatbara- 
ham sammad eva uccbimia pabina. Sesam vuttanayam eva. 

Vimalaya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 

Ayoniso manasikara ti adika Sibaya thetiya 

I balalapanan, cd. 2 balalapana, cd. 

3 iv'addiyali, cd. 4 vidbamsenti, cd. 

5 pakasitam, cd. 6 dassanti, cd* 

TlIKRf (lATIiA. 3\K 10. 79 

gathri. Ayaiii pi piiriinabiiddhesu katridhikrirri tattlia 
tattba bliave vivattiipaDissayani kusalaiu upacinitva 
imasmiiu buddliuppride Vcsrdh'ani Slhaseiiapatino bliagi- 
niyd dhitu hutvri nibbatti. Tassfi " niatubissa nrimam 
karotba " ti Sibri ti namaiii akaiusu. SA vinnntaiu patta 
L'kadivasam satthari ^ Sibassa senapatino dhamme dcsiya- 
mane tarn dbammam sutva paiiladdbasaddba matapitaro 
anujanfipetva pabbaji. Pabbajitva ca vipassanam ilrabhitva 
pi bahiddhasubbrirammaiie vidbavantani cittani nivattetuin 
asakkonti satta samvaccbarani miccbavitakkebi dbaviya- 
mana cittassadam abxbbanti " kim me imina papajivitena 
ubbandbitvfi ^ marissami" ti pasam gabetva rukkbasilkbaya 
laggitva tarn attano kantbe patimuncantl pubbacinnavasena 
vipassanaya cittam abbinlbari. Antiniabbavikataya pasassa 
bandbanam glvattbane abosi nanassa paripilkam gatatta 
till tavad eva vipassanani vaddhetva saba patisambbidabi 
arahattani papuni. Arabattani pattasamakrdam eva ca 
pasabandbo givato muiicitva vinivatti. Sa arabatte pa- 
tittbita udanavasena : 

Ayoniso manasikara kamaragcna attita 

abosi uddbata pubbe citte avasavattinl. 77. 

Pariyuttbita kilesebi sukbasaniianuvattini 

samam cittassa nfdabhi ^ ragacittavasanuga. 78. 

Kisa panduvivanna ca satta vassaiii cari 'bam 

nabam diva va rattim va sukbam vindi sudukkbita. 79. 

Tato rajjum gabetvana pavisi vana-m-antaram 

varam me idba ubbandbam yaii ca blnani pun' acare. 80. 

Dalbam pasam karitvana rukkbasclkbaya bandbiya ^ 

pakkbipi pasam givayain atba cittain vimucci me ti. 81. 

Ima gatha abhasi. Tattba a y o n i s o manasikara 
ti anupayamanasikarena asubbe subhan ti vipalbisaggjl- 
bena. K a m a r a g e n a a 1 1 i t a ti kamagunesu cbanda- 
ragena pilita. Abosi uddbata^ pubbe citte 
avasavattinl ti pubbe mama citte maybam vase 

I satthara, cd. - ubandbitva, cd. 3 nama bibbi, cd. 
4 bandbiya oin. cd. 5 uddbata, cd. 


avattamane uddhata nanarammane vikkhittacitta asama- 
hita abosi. P a r i y u 1 1 h i t a k i 1 e s e h i s u k li a- 
s a il n a n u V a 1 1 i n I ti pariyutthauapattehi kamaraga- 
dikilesehi abhibliuta rnpadisu sukhappattaya ^ kamasannaya 
anuvattanasilam s a m a ni c i 1 1 a s s a ^ n a 1 a b li i 
r a g a c i 1 1 a V a s a n u g a kamaragasampayuttacittassa 3 
vasam anugacchantl isakam pi cittassa samam cetosa- 
mathacittekaggatam na alabhi. K i s a pa n d u v i v a n n a 
ca evam ukkantbitabhrivena kisa dhamaiiisanthatagatta 
uppandupandukajcxta tato eva vivaniia vigatacliavivanna 
ca hutva. S a 1 1 a v a s s fi ii I ti satta samvaccharani 
carl ti cari abam. Nab am diva varattim va 
s u k b a m v i n d i s u d u k k b i t a ti evam sattasu 
samvaccbaresu evam kilesadukkbena dukkbita ekada pi 
diva vil rattim va samanasukbam na patilabbi. Tato 
ti kilesapariynttbanena samanasukbalabbabbavato. 

K a j j u m g a b e t v a n a p a v i s i v a n a m a n t a r a n 
ti pasam rajjum adaya vanantaram pavisi. Kim attbam 
pavisi ti ce abam ? V a r a m m e i d b a u b b a n d b a in 
y a n 4 c a b i n a m p ii n ' a c a r e ti yadabam samana- 
dbammam katum asakkonti binam gibibbavam puna 
acareyyam anutittbeyyam tato satagunesu sabassagunesu 
imasmim vanantare ubbandbanam bandbitva maranam 
varam settban ti attbo. Atba cittam vimucci 
me ti yada rukkbasakbaya baddbapasam 5 glvayam 
pakkbipi atba tadanantaram eva vuttbanagaminivipassa- 
namaggena gbatitatta maggapatipatiya sabbasavebi mama 
cittam vimuttam boti. 

Sibaya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 


Aturam asucin ti adika Sundarinandaya tberiya 
gatba. Ayam kira Padumuttarassa bbagavato kale 

I sukhantipp°, cd. 2 mama cittam, cd. 

3 °yuttacitassa, cd. 4 ubbandbayan, cd. 

^ bandbapasam, cd. 

THERI GATHA. 40. 41. 81 

Hamsavatlnagare kulagelie nibbattitva virinutani patvfi 
satthu santike dbammam sunanti satthfiram ^ ekam 
bhikkhunim jbri5'mTnam aggattbaue tbapentani disva 
adhikarakammam katva tarn tbriuantaraiu patthetva 
kusaLam upacinauti kappasatasabassam devamanussesu 
samsaranti iinasmim buddbuppfide Sfikyarajakule nibl)atti. 
Nanda ti 'ssfi nrimam akamsu. Aparabbage rupasam- 
pattiya Sundarlnanda Janapadakalyani ti ca pannciyittba. 
Sa ambakam bbagavati sabbannutam patva anupubbena 
Kapilavattbusmim gaiitva Nandakumfiran ca Rabulakumri- 
ranca pabbajetva gate Suddbodanamabfiraje ca parinibbute 
Mabapajapatigotaraiya Rahulamataya ca pabbajitaya 
ciutesi : " Maybam jettbabbata cakkavattirajjam pabilya 
pabbajitva loke aggapuggalo buddho jato, putto pi 'ssa 
Eabulakumaro pabbaji, bbata^ pi me Nandaraja mata pi 
MabapajapatigotamI bbagini pi Eabulamata pabbajita. 
Idanabam gebe kim karissami pabbajissami " ti bhikkbu- 
niipassayam gantva iiatisinebena pabbaji no saddbaya. 
Yasmas pabbajitva pi rilpam nissaya uppannamada, sattba 
riipam vivaiineti garabati anekapariyayena nlpe adinavam 
dasseti ti buddhupattbanam na gacchati ti adi sabbam 
bettha x\bbirnpanandaya vattbusmim vuttanayeu' eva 
veditabbam. Aj'am pana viseso : sattbara nimmitam 
ittbirupam anukkamena jarabhibbiitam disva aniccato 
dukkbato manasikarontij^a tberiya kammattbanabbimu- 
kham cittam abosi. Tarn disva sattba tassa sappayavasena 
dbammam desento : 

Aturam asucim putim passa Naiide samussayam 
asubbaya cittam bbavehi ekaggam susamabitam. 82. 
Yatha idam tatba etam yatba etam tatba idam 
duggandham piitikam vati bahlnam abbinanditam. 83. 
Evam etam avekkbanti rattindivam atandita 
tato sakaya panilaya abbinibbijja dakkbisan ti.4 84. 

Ima tisso gatba abhasi. Sa desananusarena nanam 

I sattbara, cd. 2 bbatta, cd. 

3 tasma, cd. 4 rakkbasi ti, cd. (see pp. 85, 86.) 


pesetva sotapattiphale patitthahi. Tassa upari maggattha- 
ya kammatthanam acikkhanto ''Nande imasmim sarire 
appamattako pi saro n'atthi mamsalohitalepano jaradmam 
avasabhuto atthipuiijamatto evayam " ti dasRetnm : 

Atthinam nagaram katam mamsalohitalepanam 
yattha jara ca maccu ca mano makklio ca obito ti. 

Dbammapade imam gatbam aba. Sa desaiiavasane 
arabattam papnni. Tena vuttam Apadane : 

Padumuttaro nama jino sabbadbammana paragu 
ito satasabassambi kappe uppajji nayako. 1. 
Ovadako vimiapako tarako sabbapaninam 
desanakusalo buddbo taresi janatam babum. 2. 
Anukampako karuniko bitaya ^ sabbapaninam 
sampatte tittbiye sabbe pancaslle patittbabi.^ 3. 
Evam nirakulam asi sunnatam 3 tittbiyebi ca 
vicittam arabantebi vasibbutebi tadibi. 4. 
Eatanan' attbapaiinasam 4 uggato 5 'va mabamuni 
kancanaggbiyasankaso battimsavaralakkbano. 5. 
Vassasatasabassani ^ ayu vijjati tavade 
tavata tittbamano so taresi janatam babum. 6. 
Tadabam Hamsavatiyam jata settbikule abum 
nanaratanapajjote mabasukbasamappita. 7. 
Upagantvabam 7 Mabaviram assosim dhammadesanam 
amatam paramassadam paramattbanivedakam. 8. 
Tada nimantayitvana sasamgbam lokanayakam ^ 
datva tassa mabadanam pasanna sebi panibi.9 9. 
Jbayijanam bbikkbnnmam aggattbanam apattbayim ^° 
nipacca sirasa viram ^^ sasamgbam lokanayakam. 10. 

^ bitesi, P. 2 patittbasi, A. 3 sannatam, P. 

4 opannasa, P. s uggato so, P. ; iiggabo, B. 

6 tassasata°, P. 7 upetva tarn, A. B. 

^ sasarngbain tarn bbagavantam, P. 9 panibbi, A. B. 
lo apattbayim, B. " dbiram, A. 



Tada anantadamako tilokasarano pabbii 
vyakfisi narasarathi : lacclias' etam supatthitam.^ 11. 
Safcasabasse ito kappe Okkakakiilasambliavo 
Gotamo nfirna nfimena sattbfi loke bbavissati. 12. 
Tassa dbammesu dayada orasa dbammanimmita 
Nanda ti nfima namena hessasi^ sattbu savikji. 13. 
Tarn sutva muditil 3 hutvjx ytivajTvam tada jinam 
mettacitta paricarim paccayebi vinfiyakam. 14. 
Tena kammena snkatena cetanapanidhlbi ca 
jabitva miinusam debam Tavatimsam aganchi 'bam. 15. 
Tato cuta Yamasaggam4 tato 'bam Tusitam saggamS 
tato ca Nimmanaratim Yasavattipuram gata.^ 16. 
Yattba yattbiipapajjami tassa kammassa tbjimasa ^ 
tattba tattbeva rfijunam mabesittam akarayim. 17. 
Tato ciita manussatte rajiinani ^ cakkavattinam 
mandalinan ca rajiinam mahesittam akarayim. 18. 
Sampattim anubbiltvana devesu manujesu ca 
sabbattba sukbita biitva nekakappesu samsarim. 19. 
Paccbime bbavasampatte suramme Ivapilavbaye 
ramio Suddbodanassabam 9 dbita asim anindita. 20. 
Siriya rupinim i° disva nanditam asi tarn kulam 
tena Nanda ti me namam sundaram pavaram ^^ abu. 21. 
Yuvatman ca sabbasam kalyam ti ^^ ca vissuta 
tasmim pi nagare ramme tbapetva hi Y"asodbaram.i3 22. 
Jettho bbata ti lokaggo paccbimo araba tatba 
ekakinl gabattbabam ^4 matara ^s paricodita : 23. 
Sakiyambi kule jata putte ^^ buddbanuja tuvam ^7 
Nandena pi vina bbiita agare kim na accbasi.^^ 24. 

1 laccbam evam upatthitam, P. ; sumatthitam, B. 

2 hessati, A. B. 3 mudika, P. 

4 Yamam agam, A. 5 Tusitam agam, A. 

6 opuram tato, A. 7 vfibasri, A. B. ^ rajanam, A. 
9 Suddbodanassiba, P. ^° sir! ca riipinl, P. 

11 tena Nanda ti namena sundara pavaril, P. 

12 kalyanibi, P. ^^ tbapetva tain yaso dbanam, P. 
14 gahatthabu, P. ^^ matuya, P. ^^ piitto, P. B. 
17 buddbcinujatiyam, B. ^^ kim na lajjasi, P. B. 


Jaravasanam ^ yobbaniiam rupam asucisammatam 
rogantam api carogyam ^ jivitam maranantikam. 25. 
Idam pi te subham nipam sasikantam 3 manoharam 4 
bhusananam alamkaram sirisanghatasamiibliam.5 26. 
Punjitam ^ lokasaram va 7 nayananam rasayanam 
pumianam kittijananam Okkakakiilananclanam. 27. 
Naciren' eva kaleiia jarayam adhisessati ^ 
vihaya geham karuiiiie9 cara dhammam anindite.^° 28. 
Sutvaliam matu vacanam pabbajim anagariyam 
dehena na tu cittena rupayobbanalalita.^^ 29. 
Mahata ca payattena ^^ jhanajjhanaparam ^3 mama 
katun ca vadate ^4 mata na caham tattba ^5 ussuka. 30. 
Tato mabakaruniko disva mam kamalalasam 
nibbindauattbam rupasmim mama cakkhupatbe jino 31. 
Sakena anubbavena itthim ^^ mapesi sobhanim 
dassaniyam siiruciram mamato pi siirupinim.^7 32. 
Tarn abam vimbita disva ativimbitadehinim ^^ 
cintayim sapbalam me ti ^9 nettalabbam ca manusam.-° 33. 
Tam abam " ebi subhage yen' attho tarn vadehi me 
kulan te namagottam ca vada me yadi te piyam." 34. 
Navaii ca ^i kalo subbage uccbange mam nivasaya ^2 
nisidanti ^3 mam'angani pasuppaya mubuttakam.24 35. 
Tato sisam mam'aiige sa ^5 katva sayi sulocana 
tassa nalate patita ^6 ludda paramadaruna.27 36. 

^ rajavasanam, B. 2 arogyam, P. 

3 pasikantam, B. 4 parikantamanoraham, P. 

5 sirisanketasan°, P. ; sirisankatasan°, B. 

6 pinditam, P. 7 lokasaraii ca, P. 

s jarayo sankbarasati, P. 9 karmiiiena, P. 

1° vara dbammam atandite, B. ^^ °lalite, A. ; ogajita, P. 
12 va sayattena, P. 13 jbanajjbena°, A. 

^4 kattu ca vasate, P. B. 

15 navciham tatra, P. ; na caba tattba, A. ^^ itthi, P. 
17 vism-upini, P. is odehini, P. ^9 neti, B. 

20 manasam, P. 21 napanca, P. 22 13^^111 nivesa tarn, P 
23 sidantl 'va, A. 24 sasupiyam mub°, P. ; passapiyam, B. 
25 sisam mama kesa, P. 26 panita, P. 27 j^ta par°, P. 


Sabca tassa nipfitcna pilakfi upapajjatlui.' 
Paggbarimsu pabbinna ca kunapji pubbalobitfi. SI. 
Pabliinnam vadanam cApi kunapani putigandbikain ^ 
uddbumatam vinlbin ca pubbafi capi 3 saiirakaiu. 38. 
Sti pavedbitasabbaiigT 4 nissasanti muhum mubuin 
vedayanti sakani diikkbam karunam paridevayi.5 39. 
Diikkbena diikkbitjl bomi pbnsajanti ca vedanii 
mabridukkbe nimugg' ambi saranani bobi me sakbl. 40. 
Kuhim vadanasobban te kubin te tuiiganilsika 
tambabimbavarottban ^ te vedaiian te kubim gatam. 41. 
Kubim saslnibham vattam kambugiva 7 kubim gatfi 
dolatula va ^ te kanna vevannam 9 samupilgata. 42. 
Makulakbarakakcira kalasci ^° va payodbara 
pabbinna pntikuiiapa duttbagandbitvam agata. 43. 
Vedimajjha " 'va sussoni suna vanitakibbisa ^^ 
jata amajjbabbarita.^3 Abo riipam asassatam. 44. 
Sabbam sarirasaiijatam piitigandbam bbayanakam 
susanam iva jeguccbam ^4 ramante yattba balisa.^s 45. 
Tada mabakaruniko bbata me lokanayako 
disva samviggacittam mam ima gatba abbasatba : 46. 
Aturam asucim piitim passa Nande samussayam 
asubbaya cittam bhavehi ekaggam snsamabitam. 47. 
Yatba idam tatba etam ya.tba etam tatba id am 
duggandbam piitikam vati balanam abbinanditam. 48. 
Evam etam avekkbanti rattindivam atandita 
tato sakaya pailiiaya abbinibbijja dakkbisam.^^ 49. 
Tato 'bam abhisamvigga sutva gatba subbasita 
tatra tbita vipassanti ^7 arahattam apapunim. 50. 

I pilakam udapajjatba, P. ^ putigandbanam, A. 

3 sabbaii capi, P. 4 sa saveditfi sabbaiiga, P. 

^"^ paridevati, P. ^ tampa°, A. 

7 kampugo, A. ^ dolakela va, B. ; dolalulhi, A. 

9 vevanna, P. '° kalaka, A. 

^^ vedimajja, A. ; vedimajjba putbusatl, P. 
12 vanita°, A. ; sunakbinltakib^, P. ^3 amajjabb°, A. 
1"^ siisana-r-iva, P. ; iva vebbaccam, A. ^5 baliya, A. 
^^ dakkbasi, B. ; dakkbayi, A. ^7 tbita 'va bamsanti, A. B 


Yattha yattha nisinnaham sada jhanaparayana 
jino tasmim gune tuttbo etadagge tbapesi mam. 51. 
Kilesa jbapita mayham — pa — katam buddhassa sasanam 
ti. 52. 

Arabattam pana patva attano patipattim paccavekkbitva 
udanavasena : A t u r a m a s u c i n ti adina sattbara 
desitatibi gatbabi saddbim : 

Tassa me appamattaya vicinantiya yoniso 
yatbabbiitam ayam kayo dittbo santarababiro. 85. 
Atba nibbiudi 'bam kaye ajjbattan ca virajj' abam 
appamatta visamyutta upasanta bi nibbuta ti. 86. 

Ima gatba abbasi. Tattba e v a m e t a m a v e k- 
k h a n 1 1 — pa — d akkbisan^ ti etaiii aturadisabbavam 
kayam. Evam yatba idam tatba etan ti adika 
vuttappakarena r a 1 1 i n d i v a m sabbakalam a t a n d i t a 
hutva parato gbosabetukam sutamayaiianam muncetva 
tato tarn nimittam attaniyam bbiitatta manasikarabbavana 
maya yaya pannaya yatbavato gbanavinibbbogakaranena 
a b b i n i b b i j j a. Katbam nu kho d a k k b i s a m pas- 
sissan ti abbogapiii'ecarikena pubbabbagaiianacakkbuna 
avekkbanti vicinanti ti attbo. 

Tenaba : Tassa me appamattaya ti adi. Tass' 
attbo tassa me satiavippavasena appamattaya. Yoniso 
upayena aniccadivasena vipassanapamiaya. Y i c i n a n t i- 
ya vimamsantiya. Ayam kbandbapancakasankbato kayo 
sasantanaparasantanavibbagato santarababiro ya- 
tbabbiitam dittbo. Atba tatba dassanato paccba. 
N i b b i n rV abam k ji y e vipassanapaiiiiaya sabitaya 
maggapaimaya attabbaveoa nibbisesato ajjbattasantane 
virajjim viragam apajjim. Abam tatbabbiitaya appa- 
madapatipattiya mattbakappattiya appamatta sabbaso 
samyojananam samiiccbinnatta visamyutta u p a- 
s a n t a ca nibbuta ca ambi ti. 

Sundarmandaya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 

padakkbiyan, cd. 

THERl GATHA. 42. 87 


A g g i m I c a n d ;i m c a ti adikci Nanduttarriya tberiyu 
gfitba. Ay am pi purimabuddhesu katridliikrirfi tattha 
tattlia bbave vivattupauissayam kusulam upacinitva 
imasmim buddbuppfide Kururatthe Kaminassadamma- 
nigame brabmanakule ni])battitva ekaccanaiii vijjrittbanrmi 
sippayatanani ca uggabetva nigantbapabbajjani upagautva 
vadasuta jambusakbam gabetva Bbadda Kundakikesi vi^'a 
Jambudlpatale vicarantl MabamoggaUanatberam upasanka- 
niitva panbam puccbitvfi parajayam pattil tberassa ovade 
tbatva sasane pabbajitva samanadbammam karonti na- 
cirass' eva saba patisambbidabi arabattam patva attauo 
patipattim paccavekkbitva udanavasena : 

Aggim - candam ca suriyam ca devata ca namassi 'ham 
nadltittbani gantvana udakam orubami 'ham. 87. 
Babuvatasamadana 3 addbam 4 sisassa ohkbi 
chamaya seyyam kappemi rattibhattam na bbunji 5 

'bam. 88. 
Vibbiisanamandanarata nbapanucchadanebi ca 
upakasi imam kayam kamaragena attita. 89. 
Tato saddbam labbitvcina pabbajim anagariyam 
disva kayam yatbabbutam kamarago samiibato.^ 90. 
Sab be bhava samuccbinna iccha ca pattbana pi ca 
sabbayogavisamyutta santim papuni cetaso ti 91. 

Ima paiica gatha abhasi. Tattha a g g i n7 c a n d a n c a 
s u r i y a n c a d e v a t a c a namassi 'h a in ti aggi- 
sammukha deva ti indanam devanam aradbanattbam 
abutim ^ paggabetva aggim ca mase mase sukkapakkhassa 
dutiyaya candam ca divase sayampiitam suriyafi ca annaii 
ca babirahiramiagabbhadayo devata ca visuddhimag- 
gam gavesanti namassi abam namakkaram abam akasim. 

' aggi, cd. 2 aggi, cd. 3 bahuv°, cd. 

■i ada, cd. 5 abhunji, cd. ^ samobato, cd. 

7 aggi, cd. 8 abuti, cd. 


N a d i t i 1 1 h a n i g a n t v a n a u d a k a m o r u h a m' 
a b a m ti gaiigadinam piijatitthani upagantva sayampatam 
iidakam otarami. Udake nimiijjitva aggisiiicanam karomi. 
Bahiivatasamadana ti pancatapatappanadibahuvi- 
dhavatasamadana.^ Gathasukhattbam babu ti digbakara- 
nam. Add ham sisassa olikbin^ ti maybam pi 
si sassa addbam eva mundemi. Keci a d d h a m sisassa 
o 1 i k b i n 3 ti kesakalapassa addbam jatabandhanavasena 
bandbitva addbam vissajjesin ti attbam vadanti. C b a- 
maya seyyam kappemi ti tbandilasayini bntva 
autarabitaya bbumiya say ami. Kattibb attain na 
bbunji4 'ban ti rattiiparata butva rattiyam bbojanam 
na bbunjim. 

Vibbusanamandanarata ti cirakalam attakila- 
matbannyogena kilantakaya evam sarirassa kilamanena 
n'attbi pannasuddbi. Sace pana indriyanam tosanavasena 
sarirassa kampanena suddbi siya ti ? Manta imam kayam 
anuganbanti vibbiisayam mandane ca rata vattbalankarebi 
alankarane gandbamaladibi mandane ca abbirata. N b a- 
panuccbadanebi ca ti sambabanadini ^ karetva nba- 
panena uccbadanena ca. Upakasi imam kayan ti 
imam mama kayam anuganbim santai^pesim. K a m a r a- 
gena attita ti evam kayadalbibabula butva ayoniso- 
manasikarapaccaya pariyuttbitena i^amaragena attita ti 
abinbam upadduta abosim. Tato saddbam labbi- 
t V a n a ti evam samadinnavatani bbinditva kayadalbiba- 
bula vadapasuta butva tattba tattba vicaranti tato paccba 
aparabbage Mabamoggallanattberassa santike laddbovada- 
nusasana saddbam patilabbitva. Disva kayam ya- 
t b a b b fi t a m ti saba vipassanaya maggapannaya imam 
mama kayam yatbabbutam disva. Anagamimaggena sab- 
baso k a m a r a g s a m u b a t o. Tato param aggamag- 
gena sabbe bbava samuccbinna iccba ca pat- 
t b a n a pi c a ti paccuppannavisayabbilapasankbata 
iccba ayatibbavabbilapasaiikbata pattbana pi sabba samuc- 

^ pancatapakappo, cd. ^ olikban, cd. 3 olikan, cd. 
4 abbuiiji, cd. 5 ati sammabanadini, cd. 

TIIERl GATIIA. -12. IS. 89 

chinna ti yojanfi. S a n t i m ^ p a p u n i c e t a s o ti ac- 
cautasantiarabattapbalam pripunim ^ adhigaccliin ti attlio. 
Nanduttaraya tberiyfi gathrivaiinanri samatta. 


8 a d d h a y a p a b b a j i t v a n a ti adika Mittjikalikatbe- 
riya gatbil. Ayam pi piirimabiiddhesu katfidbikara tattba 
tattba bbave vivattupaiiissayam kusalam upacinantT ima- 
smim bnddhuppade Kuriirattbe Kammassadammanigame 
brabmanakule nibbattitva viiinutam patta Mahasatipattba- 
nadesanaya patiladdbasaddba bbikkbnnisn pabbajitvri satta 
samvaccbarani bibbasakkaragiddbika bntva samanadbam- 
mam karonti tattba tattba vivaditva aparabbage yoniso 
uppajjanti samvegajata butva vipassanam pattbapetva 
nacirass' eva saba patisambbidabi arahattaip patva attano 
patipattim 3 paccavekkbitva udanavasena : 

Saddbaya pabbajitvnna agarasinanagariyam 
vicari 'bam tena tena bibbasakkaraussuka. 92. 
EiiicitYa paramam attbam binam attbam asevi 'ham 
kilebanam vasam gantva samaimattbam nirajji 'bom. 93. 
Tassa me abu samvego nisinnaya vibarake 
ummaggapatipann' amhi tanbaya vasam agatil. 94. 
Appakam jivitam mayham jarti vyadbi vimaddp.ti 
purayam bhijjati kayo iia me kalo pamajjitum. 95. 
Yatbabbiitam avekkbanti kbandbanam udayabbayam 
vimuttacitta uttbasi katam buddhassa sasanan ti. 96. 

Ima gatba abbasi. Tattba vicari 'bam tena tena 
1 a b b a s a k k a r a u s s u k a ti bibbe ca sakkare ca ussuka 
yuttapayuttfi butva tena tena babusaccadbammakatbadina 
blbbuppildabetuncX vicarim abani. li i n c i t v a p a r a- 
m a m a 1 1 b a n ti jbanavipassanamaggapbabldiuttamam 
attbam jabitva chadditva. Hinam attbam asevi 

santi, cd. ^ papuni, cd. 3 patipatti, cd. 


'ban ti catupaccayasankhataamisabbavato niblnam lama- 
kam attbam ayonisopariyesana parisevim abam. Kile- 
sanam vasam gantvati manamadatanbadmam kile- 
sanam vasam upagantva s a m a n n a 1 1 b a m ^ samanakic- 
cam n i r a j j i na janim abam. 

Nisinnaya vibarake ti mama vasanakaovarake 
nisinnaya a b u s a m v e g o. Katban ti ce aba u m m a g- 
g a p a t i p a n n' a m b I ti. Tattba ummaggapatipann' 
ambi ti yavad eva anupadaya parinibbanattbam idam 
sasanam tattba sasane pabbajitva kammattbanam amana- 
sikaronti tassa ummaggapatipaDna ambi ti. T a n b a y a 
vasam agatati paccayuppadanatanbaya vasam upa- 

A p p a k a m j i v i t a m m a y b a m ti pariccbinnakala 
jivito babupaddavato ca mama jivitam appakam parittam 
labukam. Jara vyadbi ca maddati ti tan ca 
samantato apatitva nippotbento pabbata viya jara ca 
vyadbi ca maddati nimmatbati. Maddate tica patbo. 
J a r a y a m b b i j j a t i kayo ti ay am kayo bbijjati jara- 
yam.2 Yasma tassa ekamsiko bbedo tasma n a me k al o 
p a m a j j i t u m ayam kalo attbakkbanavajjito, navamo 
kbano so pamajjitum na yntto ti. Tassabu samvego ti 

Yatbabbiitam avekkbanti ti evam jatasamvego 
vipassanam pattbapetva aniccadimanasikarena yatbabbu- 
tam avekkbanti. Kim avekkbanti ti aba. K b a n d b a- 
nam udayabbayam ti avijjasamudaya mpasamudayo 
ti adina samapaiiiiasabbedam paiicannam upadanakkban- 
dbanam uppadanirodban ca udayabbayanupassanaya avek- 
kbanti ^.ipassanam ussukkapetva maggapatipatiya sabbaso 
kilesebi ca vimmicitva u 1 1 b a s i ubbato upattbanena 
maggena bbavattayato pi vuttbita abosim. Sesam vutta- 
nayam eva. 

Mittakabya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 

^ samaiinattam, cd. 2 j^j.^^ q^^ 

THERI GATHA. 44. 91 


A gel r a s m i 111 ^ v a s a n t i ti Tidikri Pakulriya tlieriyfi 
grithii. Ayaiii kira Padumuttarassa bhagavato kale Haiiisa- 
vatlnagare Auaudassa - ranfio dhitfi hutva nibbatta sattbu 
vematikabliagini Nandfi ti nfimena. Si'i vinnutam patta 
ekadivasam sattliu santike dhammain sunanti sattharam 
ekam bhikkhunim dibbacakkhuklnam 3 aggatthane tba- 
pentam disvfi ussahadevata adhikrirakammam katvfi sayam 
pi tarn thcinantaram 4 patthenti paiiidhrmam akasi. Sa 
tattha yavajTvam bahuni ularaiii kusalaiii kammam katva 
devaloke nibbattitva aparaparam sugatisu yeva samsaranti 
Kassapassa bhagavato kale brahmaiiakule nibbattitva 
paribbtijakapabbajjam pabbajitva ekacarini vicar anti eka- 
divasam telabhikkhaya ahinditva telam labhitva tena telena 
sattbu cetiye sabbarattim dipapiijam akasi. Sa tato cuta 
Tavatimse nibbattitva suvisuddbadibbacakkhuka hutva 
ekam buddbantaram devesu yeva samsaritva imasmim 
buddhuppade Savatthiyam brahmaiiakule nibbatti. Pakula 
'ti 'ssa namam ahosi. Sa viniiutam patva sattbu Jetava- 
napatiggabane patiladdhasaddha upasika hutva aparabhage 
aniiatarassa khiiiasavattherassa santike dhammam sutva 
samjatasamvega pabbajitva vipassanara thapetva ghatenti 
vayamanti nacirass' eva arahattani papuni. Tena vuttam 
Apadane : 

Padumuttaro nama jino sabbadhammana pjiragn 
ito satasahassamhi kappe uppajji nilyako. 1. 
Hitaya sabbasattanam sukhaya vadatam varo 
atthaya purisajaiiiio patipanno sadevake. 2. 
Yasaggappatto sirima kittivaniiagato jino 
pujito sabbalokassa disa sabba suvissuto. 3. 
Uttinnavicikiccho so vltivattakathamkatho 
sampunnamanasaiikappo 5 patto sambodhim uttamani. 4. 
Anuppannassa maggassa uppadeta naruttamo 
anakkhatan ca akkhasi asanjatafi ca sanjani. 5. 

^ agarasma, cd. ^ Ananassa, cd. 3 ocakkhukanam, cd. 
4 thanantam, cd. 5 sampannam°, P. 


Maggannu ca maggavidii maggakkhayi narasabho 

maggassa kusalo ^ sattha sarathlnam varuttamo. 6. 

Tada mahakaruniko - dhammam desesi nayako 

nimiigge kamapankamhi ^ samuddharati panino. 7. 

Tadaham Hamsavatiyam jcita khattiyanandana 

surupa sadhana capi dayita ca sirimati. 8. 

Anandassa maharanno dhita paramasobliana 

vemata bhagini capi Padumuttaranamino. 9. 

Kajakannahi sahita sabbabharanabhusita 

upagamma 4 MahavTram assosim dhammadesanam. 10. 

Tada hi so lokagaru bhikkhunim dibbacakkliukim 5 

kittayam parisamajjhe aggatthane thapesi tam.^ 11. 

Sunitva tarn aham hattlia danam datvana sattliuno ^ 

pujetvana ca sambuddham dibbacakkhum apatthayim. 12. 

Tato avoca mam sattha Nande lacchasi patthitam 

padlpadhammadananam ^ pbalam etam yathicchitam.9 13. 

Satasahasse ito kappe Okkakakulasambhavo 

Gotamo nama namena sattha loke bhavissati. 14. 

Tassa dhammesu dayada orasa dhammanimmita 

Pakula^° nama namena hessasi" satthu savika. 15. 

Tena kammena sukatena cetanapanidhihi ca 

jahitva manusam deham Tavatimsam aganch' aham. 16. 

Imamhi bhaddake kappe brahmabandhu mahayaso 

Kassapo nama namena uppajji vadatam varo. 17. 

Paribbajikini asim tadaham ekacarini 

bhikkhaya vicaritvana alabhim tehamattakam.^^ ig^ 

Tena dipam padipetva upatthim sabbasamvarim 

cetiyam dvipadaggassa vippasannena cetasa. 19. 

Tena kammena sukatena cetanapanidhThi ca 

jahitw: mflnusam deham Tavatimsam aganchi 'ham. 20. 

^ maggakusalo, P. 2 mahakaruniko sattha, A. 

3 nimuggam mohapahk", P. -^ uppagamma, P. 

5 °cakkhuki, P. 6 thapesi ^lam, P. 

7 'bhinanditvana satthnno, A. 8 0(j^nena, P. 

etam sunicchitam, A. ^o Sakuhi, A. ^^ hessati, A. 
^2 tena mattakam, B. 

tfier! gatha. 44. 93 

Yattha yatthupapajjruni tassa kammassa pfikasfi ^ 
samjalanti- mahridTpa tattha tattha gatiiya me. 21. 
Tirokuddam 3 tiro^elam samatip;,cjayha pabbatam 
passiim' abam yad iccbfimi, dipadanass' idam pbalaiu.4 22. 
Visuddhadassana 5 bomi yasasa pajabim' abam 
saddba pannavatT '^ c'eva, dipadanass' idam pbalaip. 23. 
Paccbime ca bbave 'dilnijata vippakule abam 
pahutadbanadhafmamhi mudite rajapiijite.7 24. 
Abam sabbaiigasampannri sabbabbaranabbiisita 
purappavese ^ sugatam vatapane tbita abam. 25. 
Pisva jalantam yasasa devamanussasakkatam 
anuvyanjanasampannam lakkbanebi vil)busitam 26. 
Udaggacitta sumana pabbajjam samarocayim 
nacii-en' eva kalena arabattam apapunim. 27. 
Iddbisu ca vasi bomi diljibaya sotadhatuya 
paracittani janami sattbu sasanakarika. 28. 
Pubbenivasam janami dibbacakkbum visodbitam 
kbepetva asave sabbe visuddbasim snnimmabl. 29. 
Paricinno maya sattba katam buddbassa s;lsanam 
obito garuko bbaro bbavanetti samiibata. 30. 
Yass'attbaya pabbajita agarasmanagariyam 
so me attbo anuppatto sabbasamyojanakkbayo. 31. 
Tato mabjikaruniko etadagge tbapesi mam 
" dibbacakkhukinam 9 agga Pakiiba ^°" ti naruttamo. 32. 
Kilesa jbapita mayham — pa — katam buddbassa sasanan 
ti. 33. 

Arabattam pana patva katadbikarataya dibbacakkbmlane 
cinnavasi abosi. Tena tarn sattba dibbacakkbnkinam " 
bbikkbuninam aggattbane tbapesi. Sfi attano patipattim 
paccavekkbitva pitisomanassajata udanavasena : 

I vahasa, A. B. ^ samsaranti, P. ; saiicaranti, B. 

3 tirokutam, A. '^ balam, A. 

5 visuddbanayana, A. ^ pannrisatT, P. 

7 mudita rrijapujita, P. ^ purampavesa, P. 

9 ocakkbukanam, P. '° Sakubi, A. B. 

II °cakkbakrinam, cd. 


Agarasmim vasanti 'ham dhammam sutvana bliikkhuno 
adclasam virajam dhammam nibbanapadam accutam. 97. 
Saham puttam ca dhitam ca dhanadhannam ca chaddiya 
kese chedapayitvana pabbaji anagariyam. 98. 
Sikkhamana ah am santi bhaventi maggam aiijasam 
pahasi ragadosam ca tadekatthe ca asave. 99. 
Bhikkhum upasampajja pubbajatim anussarim 
dibbacakkhu visodhitam vimalam sadhu bhavitam. 100. 
Sankhare parato disva hetnjate palokine 
pahaya asave sabbe sitibhut' amhi nibbuta ti. 101. 

Ima gatha abhasi. Tattha agarasmim vasanti 
'ham dhammam sutvana b h i k k h u n o ti aham 
pubbe agaramajjhe vasamana aiinatarassa bhinnakilesassa 
bhikkhuno santike catusaccagabbham ^ dhammakatham 
sutva. Addasam virajam dhammam nibba- 
napadam accutanti ragarajadinam abhavena vira- 
jam vanato nikkhantatta nibbanam maccunabhavato adhi- 
gatanam accutahetukaya ca nibbanam accutani padan ti ca 
laddhanamasaiikhatadhammam sahassanayapatimanditena 
dassanasankhatena dhammacakkhuna addasam passim. 

S a h a n ti sa aham vuttappakarena sotapanna homi. 
Sikkhamana aham santi ti aham sikkhamana 
vasamana pabbajitva vasse aparipunne evam bhaventi 
maggam a n j a s a n ti majjhimapatipattibhavato aiija- 
sam uparimaggam uppadenti. Tadekatthe ca^ asave 
ti ragadosehi sahajekatthe pahanekatthe ca tatiyamagga- 
majjhe asave pahasi samucchindi.^ 

Bhikkhuni upasampajja ti vasse paripunne 
upasam . ajjitva bhikkhuni hutva. V i m a 1 a n ti avijjadihi 
upakkilesehi vimuttataya vigatamalam sakkacca-d-eva 
mama bhasitam. S a d h li ti va buddhadihi bhavitam 
uppaditam dibbacakkhum visodhitan ti sam- 
bandho. S a ii k hare ti tebhumakasankhare. Parato 
ti anattato. Hetujate4 ti paccuppanne. Palokine 

^ catusaccam g°, cd. 2 qq^ ^,^^^ q^^ 

3 samucchin ti, cd. 4 hetujato, cd. 

TiiEra GATiiA. 14. 45. 95 

ti palujjanasabhrive pabbangurena pannacakkbunri disva. 
P a b fi s i fi s a V e s a b b e ti aggamaggena avasitthe 
sabbe pi fisave pajabini kbepesin ti attbo. Sesam vutta- 
nayam eva. 

PakuL\ya tberiya gathavannana samatta. 


Das a piitte vijayitva ti aclika Sonaya tberiya 
gcitba. Ayam pi Padumiittarassa bbagavato kale Hamsa- 
vatinagare kiilagebe nibbattitva viiinutam patva ekadiva- 
sam Pattbu santike dbammam sunantl sattbjlram ^ ekam 
bbikkbunim araddbaviriyanam bbikkbnninam aggattbane 
tbapentam disva adbikarakammam katva sayam pi tarn 
tbanantaram pattbetva yavajivam pimiiani katva, tato cuta 
kappasatasabassam devamannssesu samsaritva imasmim 
biiddbnppade Savattbiyam kulagebe nibbattitva vayappatta 
patikulam gata dasa puttadbitaro bibbitva Babuputtika ti 
paniiayittba. Sa samike pabbajite puttadbitaro gbaravfise 
patittbapetva sabbam dbanam puttanam vissajjetva adasi, 
na kinci attano thapesi. Tarn putta ca piittabbariya ca 
katipabam eva npattbabitva paribbavam akamsu. '^ Kim 
maybam imebi paribbavaya ghare vasantiya" ti bbikkbimiyo 
upasamkamitva pabbajjam yaci. Tarn bhikkbuniyo pabba- 
jesum. Sa laddbiipasarapada " abam maballikakfile pabba- 
jitva appamattaya bbavitabban " ti bbikkbunmam vatta- 
pativattam karonti " sabbarattim samanadbammam karis- 
sami " ti bettha pasade ekam tbambbam battbena gabetvcX 
tarn avijjamana samanadbammam karonti caiikamamana 
pi " andbakai'e tbane rnkkbadlsu yattba tattbaci me slsam 
patibaiineyya " ti rukkham battbena gabetva tarn avijaba- 
mana 'va samanadbammam karoti. Tato pattliaya sa 
araddbaviriyataya pakata abosi. Sattba tassa iianapari- 

^ sattbara, cd. 

96 XLV. SONA. 

pakam disva gandhakutiyam nisinno 'va obhasam pharitva 
sammukhe nisinno viya attanam dassetva : 

Yo ca vassasatam jive apassam dhammam uttamam 
ekaham jivitam seyyo passato dhammam uttaman ti. 

gatbam abliasi. Sa gatbapariyosane arabattam papuni. 
Tena vattam Apadane : 

Padumuttaro nama jino sabbadbammana paragii 
ito satasabassambi kappe uppajji nayako. 1. 
Tada ^ setthikule jata sukhita pujita piya^ 
upetva 3 tarn munivaram assosim madhuram vacam. 2. 
Araddbaviriyan' aggam vannentam bhikkbmiim jinam 
tarn sutva mudita butva karam katvana satthuno 3. 
Abbivadiya sambuddbam tarn tbanam4 pattbayim tada. 
Anumodi mabaviro " sijjbatam panidbi tava." 5 4. 
Satasabasse ito kappe Okkakakulasambhavo 
Gotamo nama namena sattba loke bbavissati. 5. 
Tassa dbammesu dayada orasa dbammanimmita 
Sona ti nama namena bessasi ^ sattbu savika. 6. 
Tarn sutva mudita butva yavajivam tada jinam 
mettacitta paricarim paccayebi vinayakam. 7. 
Tena kammena sukatena cetanapanidbibi ca 
jahitva manusam debam Tavatimsam agancbi 'bam. 8. 
Paccbime ca bbave dani jata settbikule abam 
Savattbiyam puravare iddbe pbite mahaddbane. 9. 
Yada ca yobbanappatta gantva patikulam abam 
dasa puttani ajanim surupani visesato 10. 
Sukb' dbita7 ca te sabbe jananettamanobara 
amittanam pi rucita mama pag eva te piya ^ 11. 
Tato maybam akamaya dasaputtapurakkbato 
pabbajittba sa me sattba devadevassa sasane. 12. 

I tadaham, P. 2 dassita siya, P. 3 tbapetva, P. 

^ tbanam tarn, A. 5 panidbihi ca, P. 

6 bessati, A. 7 sukhe tbita, P. § ^e siya, P. 

THERI GATHA. 45. 97 

Tad ekikii vicintesiin : jivitenfilam attbu ine 
jinaya ^ patiputtehi - vuddhaya ca varrikiyri.3 13. 
Aliam pi tattha gacchissam sampatto -+ yattba mc pati 5 
evfdiam cintayitvana pal)l)ajim anag;iriyam. 14. 
Tato ca mam ^ bliikklmniyo ekain bhikklmnupassaye 
vihaya gaccbiim / ovridam " tclpelii udakam " iti. 15. 
Tada udakam abitva okiritvana kumbbiya 
cule tbapetva aslna ^ tato cittam samadabim.9 IG. 
Khandbe aniccato disva dukkbato ca anattato 
cbetvana ^° asave sabbe arabattam apapunim. 17. 
Tadfigantva bbikkbuniyo unbodakam apuccbisum ^^ 
tejodbjitum adbitthaya kbippam santapayim ^^ jalam. 18. 
Vimhita ta jinavaram etam attbam abhavayum ^3 
tarn sntvri mudito natbo imam gatham abbasatba : 19 
" Yo ca vassasatam jive kusito binaviriyo 
ekabam jivitam seyyo viriyam arabbato dalham." 20. 
Aradbito mabaviro mama suppatipattiya ^4 
araddbaviriyan' aggam mabapanno mabamuni. 21. 
Kilesa jhapita mayham — pa — katam buddbassa sasanan 
ti. 22. 

Atba nam bhagava bbikkbuniyo patipatiya thanantare 
tbapento araddbaviriyanam aggatthane thapesi. Sa ekadi- 
vasam attano patipattim paccavekkbitva udanavasena : 

Dasa putte vijayitva asmim rupasamussaye 

tato 'bam dubbahi jinnTi ^5 bhikkbunim upasamkamim. 102. 

Sa me dhammam adesesi khandhayatanadbatuyo 

tassa dbammam sunitvana kese cbetvana ^^ pabbajim. 103. 

I jinaya, MSS. - patiputtebi, P. 

^ buddbaya ca parakiya, P. 4 passuto, B. 

5 sattba me sati, P. ^ mama, P. 

7 gacche, P. ^ asina, P. 

9 pasjldayim, P. ; samadayi, P. ^° kbepetva, A. B. 

^^ °dakasamuccbisum, P. ^- santapayim, A. 
^^ pasavayum, P. ^4 mama supapavattiya, P. 

^5 ciuiia, cd. ^^ bitvana, cd. 


98 XLV. SONA. 

Tassa me sikkhamanaya dibbacakkhu visodhitam. 
pubbenivasam janjimi yattha me vusitam pure. 104. 
Animittam ca bhilvemi ekagga susamahita 
anantaravimokkhasim anupadaya nibbntaJ 105. 
Panca kkhandha parinnata titthanti chinnamulaka 
thitivattliuj ' anej' amhi n'attlii dam punabbhavo 'ti. 106. 

Ima gathcl abhasi. Tattha r u p a s a m u s s a y e ti 
rupasaiikhclte samussaye. x\yani rupasaddo cakkbuni ca 
paticca nipe ca uppajjati cakkhuvinnaiian ti adisu rilpaya- 
tane agato. Yam kiiici rupam atitanagatapaccuppannani 
ti adisu rupakkbaudhe piyarupe satarupe rajjati ti adisu 
sabhave babiddba rupani passati ti adisu kasinayatane nipi 
rupani passati ti iidisu rupajjhane attbiil ca paticcanbarum 
ca paticca cammam ca paticca mamsam ca paticca akaso 
parivarito rupan tveva saiikbam gaccbati ti adisu rilpakaye 
idhapi rupakayo 'va dattbabbo. Samudayasaddo pi attbi- 
nam sarlrassa pariyayo satan ti samudayo ti adisu attbi- 
pariyaye a t u r a m a s u c i ni p ii t i ni p a s s a N a n d e 
s a m u s s a y a n ti adisu sarire idhjlpi sariro^ eva dattbabbo. 
Tena vuttam r upas a m u s s a y e ti rupasaiikbate samus- 
saye sarire ti attho. Tbatva ti vacanaseso. 

A s m i m r u p a s a m u s s a y e ti imasmim rupasamus- 
saye tbatva imam rilpakayam nissaya dasa putte vijayitva 
ti yojana. Tato ti tasma dasaputtavijayanahetu. Sa bi 
pathamavayam atikkamitva puttake vijayanti anukkamena 
dubbalasarira jinna 'va abosini. Tena vuttam: Tato 
'b am d u b b a 1 a j i n ii a ti. Tassa tato t a s s a ti va tassa 
santike. Puna va tassa ti karane samivacanam. Triya ti 
attbc S i k k b a m a n a y a ti tisso pi silvkba sikkliamana. 
A n a n t a r a v i m k k b Ti sin ti aggamaggassa anantara 
uppannavimokkba risiin. Eiipi rupani 3 passati ti ildayo bi 
attba pi vimokkba 4 anantaravimokkba nrima na bonti. 
Maggrmantaram anuppatta 5 ti phalavimokkbri pana sama- 
pattikale^ pavattamana pi pathamamagganantaram eva 

^ nibbuti, cd. 2 sarire, cd. ^ j-^jp^ rupani, cd* 

•+ vimokkhanam, cd» s anuppatto, cd. 

^ phalavikkbapanasamapattikale, cd. 

TIIEKI GATIIA. 15. H). 91) 

siimuppattito tain iipudclya aiiantaraviuiokkho nauia. 
Yatha ^ maggasamadhi anautarikasamadhi ti vuccati. 
A n u p a d a y a n i b b u t Ti ti rupadisu kinei pi agahetva 
kilesaparinibbaucna nibbuta asini. Evam vijjc'ittayam 
vibhavetva arahattapbalena kutam ganbin ti ndanetva idfini 
jaraya cirakalam upadduta garabitam vigarabanti saba 
vattbuna tassa samatikkantibbilvam vibbavetum p a il c a 
k k b a n d b a pari n h a t -d ti osanagatbam aba. Tattba 
t b i t a V a 1 1 b u j ' a n c j ' a m b i ti aiigrmain sitbihibbava- 
karanadina jammi bmiake jane tuybani dbi atthu tava 
dbikaro botu. N 'a 1 1 b i d Ti n i p u n a b h b a v o ti tasma 
tvam may?! atikkantcl abbibbuta si ti adbippayo. 
Sonaya theriya gatbavaniiana samatta. 


L u n a k e s i ti c'ldika Bbaddriya Kundalakesaya tberiya 
giltba. Ayam pi Padumuttarassa bbagavato kale Hamsa- 
vatinagare kulagebe nibbattitva viimutam patta ekadivasam 
satthu santike dbammani sunanti sattbaram - ekam bbik- 
kbunim kbippabbinfianam aggattbane tbapentam disva 
adbikarakammam katva tarn tbanantaram 3 paitbetva 
yavajivam punfiani katva kappasatasabassain devamanus- 
sesu samsaritva Kassapabuddbakale Kikissa Kasiraiino gebe 
sattannam bbagininam abbbantara butva vTsati vassasa- 
bassani dasa sihini samadriya komarabrabmacariyam 
carantT saiigbassa ca pana parivenam karetva ekam 
buddbantaram sugatisu yeva samsaritva imasmim bud- 
dbuppade Eajagabe settbikule nibbattitva Bbadda ti 'ssa 
namam abosi. Sri mabata parivarena vaddbamana vayap- 
patta tasmim yeva nagare purobitassa puttam Sattbukam 
nama coram sabodbam gabetva rajanaya ^ nagaraguttikena^ 
maretuni agbatanam ^ niyamanam sibapaiijare olokentT 

^ yato, cd. ^ sattbTirri, cd. ^ tbanantarani, cd. 

4 rajanaya, cd. 3 nagaraguttikanani, cd. 

6 agbiitam, cd. 


disva patibaddhacittfi hutva " sace tarn labhami jivissami 
no ce marissami " ti sayane adhomukha nipajji. Ath' assa 
pita tarn pavattim sutva ekadhitaja balavasineho sahassa- 
lancam ^ datva npayena coram vissajjapetvti gandhodakena 
nhapetva sabbabLaranapatimanditam karetva pasadam 
pesesi. Bhadda pi paripunnamanoratha atirekalaiikarena 
alankaritva tarn paricarati. Sattbuko katipaham vitina- 
metva tassa abharanesu uppannalobbo " Bhadde abam 
nagaraguttikena gahitamatto 'va corapapate adhivattbaya 
devataya sac' abam jivitam labhami tuyham balikammam 
upasambarissami ti patthanam ayacim tasma baHkammam 
sajjapebi" ti. Sa ^'tassa manam puressrimi " ti balikammam 
sajjapetva sabbabharanavibhiisita samikena saddhim ekam 
yanam abbiruyba "devataya balikammam karissami " ti 
corapapatam abbiruhitum ^ araddha. Satthnko cintesi 
*' sabbesu abbiriibantesu 3 imiesa abharanam gahetum na 
sakk'ambi " ti parivarajanam tattb' eva thapetva tam eva 
balibbajanam gabapetva pabbatam abbirubanto taya sad- 
dhim piyakatham na kathesi. Sa iiigiten' eva tassadhip- 
payam annasi. Sattbuko "Bhadde tava uttarisatakam 
omuiicitva kaytlrulhapasadhanam bhaiidikam karoh! " ti. 
Sa pi " mayham ko aparadho " ti. " Kim bale balikam- 
mattham 4 agato ti sannam karosi ? " Balikammapadesena 
pana tava abharanam gahetum agato 'ti. " Kassa pana 
ayya pasadhanam kassa s ahan " ti. " Naham etam vibha- 
gam janami^" ti. " Hotu ayya, ekam pana me adhippayam 
pilrehi, alahkataniyamenaalingitum dehi" ti. So "sadhu" 
ti sampaticchi. Sa tena sampaticchitabhavam natva purato 
ahiigitva pacchato aliiiganti viya pabbatapapate patesi. 
So patitva cunnavicunnam ahosi. Taya katam acchariyam 
disva pabbate adhivattha devata kosallam vibhaventl ima 
gatba abhasi : 

Na so sabbesu thanesu puriso hoti pandito 
itthi pi panclita hoti tattha tattha vicakkhana. 

' °lancham, cd. 2 abhiruyhitum, cd. 

3 abhiruyhantesu, cd. 4 balikammam, cd. 

kissa, cd. 6 janami, cd. om. ti. 


Na so sabl)csu Ihrmcsu puriso lioti pandito 
itthi pi paudita lioti mulmttam api ciutaye ti. 

Tato Bhadda cintesi : *' Na sakkfi maya iminfi uiyfimena 
geham gantuni, ito gantvri ekam pabbajjain pabbujissami " 
ti nigaiithariimam gantvii niganthapabbajjam yfici. Atba 
naiu te ahamsu : "Kena niyfimena pabl)ajja hotii" ti? *' Yaiu 
tumbAkam pabbajjaya uttamam tad eva karotba " ti. Tu 
" sadhu " ti tassa talattbina kese luficitva pabbajesuni. Puna 
kesa vaddbanta kundalavatta ^ hutvfi vaddbesum. Tato 
pattbaya sa Kundalakesa nama jatci. Sa tattba iiggabe- 
tabbam samayam vadamaggan ca uggahetva " ettakam 
nama imejananti, ito uttarim viseso n'attbl " ti fiatva tato 
apakkamitva yattba yattba panditfi atthi tattba tattba 
pjantva tesam jananasippam uggabetva attana saddbim 
katbetum samattham adisva yam yam gamam va nigamam 
va pavisati tassa dvare valikarasim katvfi tasmim ^ jambu- 
sakbam tbapetva ''yo mama vadam aropetum sakkoti so 
imam sakbam maddatii " ti samipe tbitadarakanam samiam 
datva vasanattbanam gaccbati. Sattabam pi jambusakbfiya 
tatb' eva tbitfiya tarn gabetva pakkamati. 

Tena ca samayena ambakani bbagava loke uppajjitva 
pavattavaradbammacakko annpubbena Savattbim npanis- 
saya .Jetavane vibarati. Kundalakesa pi vuttanayena 
gamanigamarajadbanisu vicar anti Savattbim patva nagara- 
dviire valikarasimbi jambusakbam thapetva c'arakanam 
sannam datva Savattbim pavisi. 

Ath' ayasma dbammasenripati ekako 'va nagaram pavi- 
santo tarn sakbam disva tarn dametukamo darake puccbi : 
" Kasmayam sfikbas evam tbapita " ti ? Darakfi tarn 
attbam arocesum. Tbero : " yadi evam, imam srddiam 
maddatbfi" ti Tdia. Darakfi tarn maddimsu. Kundalakesa 
katal)hattakicca nagarato nikkbamanti tarn sakbam mad- 
ditam disva "ken' idam madditan" ti puccbitva, tberena 
maddapitabhavam natva " apakkbiko vado na sobbatl " ti 
Savattbim pavisitva vlthito vitbim vicaranti " passeyyatha 

kundalavatta, cd. - tassa, cd. 3 sakbam, cd. 


samanehi Sakyaputtij^ehi saddhim maybam vadan " ti 
ugghosetva mabajanaparivutfi ^ anilatarasmim rukkhamule 
nisinnam dhammasenapatim upasaiikamitva patisantharam 
katva ekamantam thita " kim tumhehi mama jambusakha 
maddapita " ti aha ? '' Ama maya maddapita " ti. " Evam 
sante tumbebi saddhim maybam vado hotu " ti. ''Hotu 
bhadde." '' Kassa puccba kassa vissajjana " ti ? " Puccha 
nama ambakam patta, tvam yam attanil jananakam puccba " 
ti. Sa sabbam eva attana jananavadam puccbi. Tbero 
sabbam vissajjesi. Sa uparipuccbitabl)am ajanantl tunbT 
ahosi. Atha nam tbero aba : " Taya babum puccbitam, 
aham pi tarn ekam panbam puccbissami " ti. *' Puccbatba 
bbante " ti. Tbero *' ekam nama kin " ti imam panbam 
puccbi. Kundalakesii n'eva antam na kotim passant! 
andbakaram pavittba viya butva *' na janami bbante" ti aba. 
" Tvam ettakam pi ajanantl aiinam kim janissasi " ti vatva 
dbammam desesi. Sa therassa padesu patitva " bbante 
tumbe saranam gaccbami " ti aha. " Ma mam tvam Bhadde 
saranam gaccha, sadevake loke aggapuggalam bbagavantam 
eva saranam gaccha "ti. "Evam karissami bbante " ti. 
Sfi sayanhasamaye dbammadesanavebiya satthu santikam 
gantva pancapatittbitena vanditva ekamantam attbasi. 
Sattha tassa iianaparipakam ilatva : 

Sabassam api ce gatba anatthapadasamhita 
ekam gathapadam seyyo yam sutva upasammatl ti 

imam gatbam aba. Gatbapariyosane yatha thita 'va saha 
patisambhidabi arabattam papuni. Tena vuttam Apa- 
dane : 

Padumuttaro nama jino sabbadhammana paragii 
ito satasabassambi kappe uppajji nayako. 1. 
Tadaham Hamsavatiyam jata settbikule ahum 
nfinaratanapajjote mabasukbasamappita. 2. 
Upetva tarn Mabaviram assosim dhammadesanam 

°pnrivuto, cd. 

TIIERl GATHA. 10. 10P> 

tato jfitapasadrihaiu npesiiu ^ saranani jinani. ^. 
Tadu maliakarunil^o radumuttaranrimako ~ 
kliippribhinfiriiiama<:;;gantc-^ thapesi bbikkhuDini siibliaiu. I. 
Tarn siitva mudita hiitva danam datva niahesino 
nipacca sirasa 4 pfide tarn tlianaiu abhipattliavini. 5. 
Anumodi mabavTro Bbadde yan te 'bbipattbitani 3 
samijjbissasi " tani sabbam siikbiiiT liobi iiibbut;i. (>. 
Satasabasse ito kappe OkkrikakubisambbaNo 
Gotamo naina nauiena sattbn loke bhavissati. 7. 
Tassa dbammesu dayadri orasa dliamiiianiinmita 
Bbadda Kuiidalakesa ti liessasi ~ sattbn savika. 8. 
Tena kammena sukatena cetanapaiiidbTbi ca 
jahitva maniisam debam Tavatiinsam agancbi 'bam. 9. 
Tato ciita Yclmasaggam ^ tato ca Tusitam gatfi 
tato ca Nimmrinaratiiii Yasavattipuram gata. 10. 
Yattba yattliupapajjami tassa kammassa vabasfi 
tattha tattb'eva rajimain maliesittam akarayim. 11. 
Tato cutci maniissesn rajimam cakkavattinam 
mandalTnan ca rrijunam maliesittam akilrayim. 12. 
Sampattim anubbotvana 9 devesu maniisesu ca 
sabbattba sukhita liutva nekakappesu samsarim. 1;>. 
Imasmim bliaddake kappe brahmabandhu mahayaso 
Kassapo nrima nameaa uppajji vadataiu varo. 14. 
Upatthiiko mahesissa tada asi narissaro 
Kasiraja Kikl nama Baranasipuruttame. 15. 
Tassa dliitcl catuttbasim Bhikkliadayl ^^ ti vissu^a 
dbammaiu sutva jinaggassa pabbajjam samaroeayim.'^ 10. 
Anujc'ini ^- ua no tato agare 'va tada mayani ^3 
visam ^4 vassasahassani vicarimha atandita 17. 
Komilrim bralimacariyam ^5 rfijakannri sukhedhita 
buddliopattbclnanirata muditri satta dbitaro. 18. 

I upemi, P. 2 oji^;^yako, A. 3 kbippfibhinnjiya, P. 
4 Sirasa, MSS. ^"^ yan te si p° P. " samijjbissati, A. 
7 hessati, MSS. '' Yamamagam, A. 9 anubhutvana, P. 
1° BhikkhudayT, A. '^ mama rocayi, P. 

^- anujanami, P. ^^ agfu'e tada mayani, P. 

^■^ visa, A. ^3 komarabrabmacariya, P. 


SamanI Samanagutta ca Bhikkhuni Bhikkhadayika i 

Dhamma c'eva Sudhamma ca sattami Samghadayika 19. 

Kkema Uppalavanna ca Patacara ahan tada ^ 

Kisagotami Dhammadinna Visaklia hoti sattami. 20. 

Tehi kammehi sukatelii cetanapanidhilii ca 

jahitva manusam deliam Tavatimsam aganchi 'ham. 21. 

Pacchime ca bhave dani Giribbajapuruttame 

jcita setthikule phite yadaham yobbane thita 22. 

Coram vadhattham nlyantam disva ratta tahim aham 

pita me tarn saliassena 3 mocayitva vadha tato 23. 

Adasi tassa mam tato viditvana manam mama 

tassaham asi vissattha 4 ativa dayita ^ hita. 24. 

So me bhiisanalobhena balimajjhasayo ^ diso 

corapapatam netvana pabbatam cetayi7 vadham. 25. 

Tadaham panamitvana ^ Satthukam "^ sukataujali 

rakkhanti attano panam idam vacanam abravim : 26. 

Idam suvannakeyiiram muttaveluriya babii 

sabbam varassu ^° bhaddan te mancadasi " ti savaya.^^ 27. 

Oropayassu kalyani ma balham paridevayi ^^ 

na caham abhijanami ahautva ^4 dhanam abhatam. 28. 

Yato sarami attanam yato patto 'smi vimiutam 

na caham abhijanami annam piyataram taya.^5 29. 

Ehi tarn upagiihissam ^^ katvana tarn padakkhinam 

na ca dani puno atthi ^7 mama tuyham ca saiigamo. 30. 

Na hi sabbesu thanesu puriso hoti panditp 

itthi pi pandita hoti tattha tattha vicakkhana. 31. 

Na hi sabbesu thanesu puriso hoti pandito 

itthi pi pandita hoti lahum atthavicintika.^^ 32. 

I Bhikkhudayo A. 2 g^y^^ tada, P. 3 sahassehi, P. 
-1 vissattha, A. P. 5 dassita, P. 

^ bahpaccaharam, B. ; bahmajjhasara, P. 
7 cetasi, P. s panam°, P. 9 Sattukam, A. 

° sadassa, B. ; varasii, P. i^ mancadasiti, P. 

savassa, P. 13 bahum pari°, P. ; paridevasi, A. 

^■^ aham tva, P. i5 tassa, P. ^^ upagayhissam, P. 
^7 dani punapatti, P. is oyjcintita, P. 



Lahuri ca vata khippan ca inkattbe ^ samacetayim = 

migam puiiiiayateu' eva 3 tadrihani Sattbukaiu vadliim. 83. 

Yo ce 4 uppatitam 5 attliam na kliippam anubujjhati 

so hamiate mandamati coro'va girigabbhare. 34. 

Yo ce ^ uppatitam attbaiu kbippam cva nibodbati7 

muccate sattusambadbfi ^ tadfihani Sattbuka 9 yatba. 35. 

Tadrdiam patayitvrina giriduggambi Sattbukam ^° 

santikam setavattbanain upetvri paljbajim abam. 3G. 

Sandrisena ca kese me ^^ kmcitva sabbaso tada 

pabbajitvana samayam acikkbimsu iiirantaram. 37. 

Tato tain uggabetvrdiam nislditvrma ekikfi 

samayam tarn vicintesim ^^ suvana mrmusam ^3 karam. 38. 

Chinuam gayba ^4 samipe me patayitva apakkami 

disva nimittam alabbim attbam tarn pulavrdvulam.^-^ 39. 

Tato uttbaya ^^ samvigga apuccbim sabadbammike 

te avocum '' vijananti tarn attbam Sakyabbikkbavo." 40. 

Sabam tam attbam puccbissam upetva buddbasrivake 

temam ridaya^/ gaccbimsu buddbasettbassa santikam. ^^ 41. 

So me dbammam adesesi kbandhayatanadbiituyo 

asubbaniccadukkba ti anatta ti ca nayako. 42. 

Tassa dbammam sunitvabam dbammacakkbum ^9 viso- 

tato viimatasaddbamma pabbajjam upasampadam. 43. 
Ayacito tada aba -° '' ebi Bbadde " ti miyako 
tadabam upasampanna parittam toyam addasam. 44. 
Padapakkbalanenabam ^i fiatva saudayabbayam 
tatba sabbe pi samkbare Idisam — cintayim tadil. 45. 

^ nikante, P. " samacetasi, P. 

3 migamunna yatba evani, A. P. 

4 Yo ca, P. ^ uppattitam, P. ^' yo ca, P. 
7 nibodhayi, P. ^ sattbus^, P. 9 Sattuka, A. 

^° Sattukam, A. ^^ kesam me, P. ^- vicintemi, P. 
^3 manussam, P. ^4 Cbinnagaybam, B. P. 

^5 hittban tam muttbivalukam, P. 

^^' tato — m — uttbaya, P. ^7 te samadaya, P. 

^s sautike, P. ^9 dibbacakkbum, P. ^o tadfi abam, P. 
-^ pfidapakkbrditenabam, P. ^- itisam, l\ 


Tato cittam vimucci me anupiidaya sabbaso 
khippabhimianamaggam me tada paimapayi jinoJ 40. 
Iddhisu ca vasl homi dibbaya sotadhatuya 
paracittcini janami - satthu sasanakarika. 47. 
Pubbenivasam janami ^ dibbacakkbum visodbitam 
kbepetva asave sabbe visuddbasim 3 sunimmaLl. 48. 
Paricinno maya sattba katam buddhassa sasanam 
obito garuko bbaro bbavanetti samubata. 49. 
Yass' attbaya pabbajita agarasmrmagariyani 
so me attho anuppatto sabbasaiiiyojanakkbayo. ^"50. 
AttbadbammaniruttTsu patibbriiie tatb'eva ca 
nanam mevipulam^ suddham buddbasetthassa srisane.s 51. 
Kilesa jbapita mayham — pa — katam buddbassa sasanan 
ti. 52. 

Arabattam pana patva tavad eva pabbajjam yaci. 
Sattba tassa pabbajjam anujani. Sa bbikkhuniipassayam 
gantvana pabbajitva pbalasukbena nibbanasukbena vTtina- 
menti attano patipattim paccavekkbitvii ud;inavasena : 

Lunakesi pankadbarl ekasati ^' pure cari 

avajje vajjamatini vajje cavajjadassinT. 107. 

Divavihara nikkhamma Gijjbakutamhi pabbate 

addasam virajam buddham bhikkbusangbapurakkba- 

tam. 108. 
Nihacca janiim 7 vanditva sammukba paiijali aham 
ebi Bbadde ti mam avaca. Sa me as' upasampada. 109. 
Cinna ^ Ai'iga ca Magadba Yajji Kasi ca Kosala 
anana pannasavassani 9 rattbaiDindam abbunji 'bam. 110. 
Pmlnam ca pasavim ^Q babum sappaimo vatayam upjisako 
yo Bbaitdaya civaram adasi vippamuttaya sabbagandbebi 

ti. 111. 

^ kbibbabb°, A. ; °abbiilnayamaggan te tadri viniiapayi, P. 
- — - om.. A. 3 visnddbapi, P. 4 yimalam, A. 

3 vabasa, P. ^' ekasati, cd. ^ januni, cd. 

° cinna, cd. 9 pannapav°, cd. 

1° vata passavim, cd. m. 


Tma g;itlia abliasi. Tattlia luiiakcsT ti Ifina hifjcita 
kesil mayhan ti lunakesi. Nigaiiihesu pabbajitfi ' laitliina 
luncitakesfi, tarn sandhaya vadati. p a n k a d h a r I ti - 
dantakatthassa akhcldanena dantesu inalapankadliaranato 
pankadharT. E k a s a t T ti nigantbacarittavasena 3 ekasa- 
taka. Pure car in ti iiigantbT hutvri evam vicari. 
A V a j jo V a j j a m a t i n J ti nbrmucbadanadanta- 
kattbakhadanadike t anavajje srivajjasanna. Vajje c a- 
V a j j a d a s s i n T ti mrinamakkbapablsavipaUasadike 
s a vaj j e ana vajj* adi 1 1 bl . 

D i V a V i b a r Ti n i k k b a m m a ti attano divaviliara- 
ttbanato nikkbamitva. Ayain bi majjbantilvavebiyani 
tberena sabagata tassa pafdiassa visajjanena dbamma- 
desanaya ca nihatamrmadappa ^ pasannamanasri butva 
sattbu santikam upasankamitukama 'va attano vasana- 
ttbanam gantvfi divattbane nisTditvci sfiyanhasamayo 
sattbu santikam upasaiikamitva. N i b a c c a ^ j a n u m 
van dit V fi ti janudvayam 7 patbaviyam nibantvfi pati- 
ttbapetvti pancapatitthitena vanditva. S a m m u k b a 
p a n j a 1 1 ^ a b a n ti sattbu sammukba dasanakhasa- 
modbanasamujjalam anjalim akasi. 

E b i B h a d d e t i mam a v a c a. S a me as' 
u p a s a m p a d a ti yam mam bhagavri arabattr.m patvfi 
pabbajjan ca upasampadan cayacitva tbitam '^ebi Bbadde 
bbikkhuniipassayam gantva bbikkbunlnani santike pabbaj- 
jam upasampajjassu " ti avaca, anapesi. Sa sattbu ana 
mayham upasampadaya kriranatta upasampadfi fisi abosi. 

C i n 11 Ti ti adika dve gatba annavyrdvaraiiagritba. Tattba 
c i n n a A ii g a c a j\1 a g a d b a ti ye ime Aiigil Magadha 
ca Vajjl ca Kiisi ca Kosabl ca janapadfi pul)besaranaya 
maya rattbapindam bbufijantiya cinnfi carita, tesu yeva 
sattbrirfi samagamato pattbaya ana n a 9 niddosa apaga- 
takilesa hutva p a fi n ti s a s a m v a c c b a r a n i r a 1 1 h a- 

^ pabbajjiyatfi, cd. - paiikadbarin ti, cd. 

3 ocarita°, cd. ^ iiban°, cd. "^ °dabba, cd. 

^ nibajacca, cd. 7 otyfiblii jTinu", cd. 

8 aiijall, cd. 9 an an a, cd. 


p i n (1 a m a b h u fi j i 'h a m. Yena atlia pasamiama- 
nasena upasakena attano civaram dinnam tassa puniiavi- 
sesakittanamukhena aiiuam vyakaronti. 

P u ii n a m v a t a p a s a v i m ^ b a li u n ti osanaga- 
tham aha, sa suvinneyya ^ eva. 

Bhaddaya Kundalakesaya tlieriya gathavannana samatta. 


N a 11 g a 1 e h i k a s a m Iv h e t t a n ti Mika Patficaraya 
theriya gatha. Ayam hi Padiimuttarassa bhagavato kale 
Hamsavatinagare kulagehe nibbattitva viiinutam patva 
ekadivasam satthu santike dhammam sunanti satthclram 
ekam bhikkhunim vinayadharanam aggatthane thapentam 
disva adhikarakammam katva tarn thanantaram patthesi. 
Sa yavajivam kusalam katva devamannssesu samsaranti 
Kassapabuddhakale Kikissa Kasikaranno gehe patisandhim 
gahetva sattannam bhagininam abbhantara hutva visati 
vassasahassaai brahmacariyam acari, bhikkhusaiighassa 
parivenam akasi. Sa devaloke nibbatta ekam buddhanta- 
ram dibbasampattim aniibhavitva imasmim buddhuppade 
Savatthiyam setthigehe nibbattitva vayappatta attano gehe 
ekena kammakarena saddhim kilesasanthavam akasi. 
Tarn matapitaro samajatikassa kumarassa datum divasam 
ganhapesum.3 Tarn natva sa hatthisaram 4 gahetva tena 
katasanthavena purisena saddhim aggadvarena nikkhami- 
tva ekasmim gamake vasanti gabbhini ahosi. Sa pari- 
punnegalbhe '*kim idha anathavasena, kulagehe gacchama 
sami " ti vatva, tasmim " ajja gacchama sve gacchama" ti ka- 
lavikkhepam karonte "nayam balo mam nessati" ti tasmim 
bahi gate gehe patisametabbam patisametva " kulagharam 
gata ti mayham samikassa katheta " ti pativissakagharava- 
sinam acikkhitva '* ekika va kulagharam gamissami " ti mag- 

passavi, cd. ~ suviiineyyam, cd. ^ ganhapesum, cd. 
4 hatthasaram, cd., and Jfit. i, 114. 

TIIERI GATHA. 47. 109 

gaiii i)atipaiji. So figantvri geho tarn a|:)assanto palivis- 
sake puecliitva " kula,«;liaram gatii " ti sutva " maiii nissaya 
kuladhitri anatha jfitri " ti padfinupadam gantvci sampapuni. 
Tassfi antaramagge eva gabbliaviiUbrmam abosi. Sa 
pasutakahito pattbaya patippassaddbri gamain anuyuttji 
srimikam gabetva nivatti. Dutiyavaram pi gabbbini abosT 
ti Tidi sabbam purimaiiayen' eva veditabbam. Ayam pana 
viseso : Yadci tassil antarrimagge kammajavatri calimsu 
tada mabaakalamegbo udapadi, samantato vijjulatabi 
adittam viya megbadbanitebi bbijjainanam viya dbaranipa- 
tanirantaram nabbam abosi. Sa tarn disva ** sami me 
anovassakam tbanam janabl" ti aba. So ito c'ito ca olo- 
kento ekam tinasamcbannam gumbam disva tattba gantva 
battbagataya vasiya tasmim gumbe dandake chinditukamo 
tinebi sailcbaditavammikasTsante uttbitarukkbadandakam 
cbindi. Tavad eva ca nam tato vammikato nikkbamitva 
gboraviso aslviso damsi. So tattb' eva patitvfi krdam akasi. 
Sa mabadukkbam anubbavanti tassa agamanam olokenti 
dve pi darake vatavuttbim asabamane viravante urantare 
katva dvibi janukebi dvibi battbebi ca bbumim ^ nppllitva 
yatba tbita 'va rattim vitinametva vibbataya rattiya 
mamsapesivannam ekam puttam pilotikacumbatake ^ nipaj- 
japetva battbebi urebi ca pariggabetva itaram " ebi tfita 
pita te ito gato " ti vatva samikena gatamaggena gaccbanti 
tarn vammikasamipe 3 kalam katam nisinnam disvfi "mam 
nissa^^a mama samiko mato " ti rodanti paridevanti sakala- 
rattim 4 devena vuttbatta jannnkappamanam tanuppama- 
nam udakam savautims antarilmagge nadim'^ patva attano 
mandabuddbitaya dubbalataya ca dvibi darakehi saddbim 
udakam otaritum avisabantl jet-tbaputtam orimatlrc tba- 
petva itaram Tubiya paratirani gantvci s^ikbabbaiigam attba- 
ritva tattba pijotikacumbatake 7 nipajjapetva " itarassa 
santikam gamissamT " ti brdaputtakam pahatum asakkonti 
punappunam nivattitva olokayamana^ nadim otarati. 

I bbiimi, cd. ^ pilotikac°, cd. ^ vammikam s°, cd. 

4 sakalaratti, cd. 5 savanti, cd. 

^ nadi, cd. ^ pilotikac^, cd. "^ olokiyamana, cd. 


Ath' assa nadlmajjliam gatakale eko seno tarn darakam 
disva mamsapesi ti sannaya akasato garni. Sa tarn disva 
ubho hatthe ukkhipitva su su ti tikkhattum mahasaddam 
niccharesi. Seno darabhavena tarn anadiyanto kumara- 
kam gahetvci vehasam uppati. Orimatire thito putto ubho 
hatthe ukkhipitva mahasaddam niccharayamanam ^ disva 
mam sandhaya vadati ti sannaya vegena udake pati. Iti 
balaputtako senena, jetthaputto udakena hato. Sa '* eko 
putto senena gahito, eko udakena viilho, panthe me pati 
mato " ti rodanti paridevantJ gacchantl Savatthito agaman- 
tam ekam purisam disva pucchi : " Kattha vasiko si " ti. 
" Savatthivasiko 'mhi amma " ti. '' Savatthiyam asukavithi- 
yam asukakulam nama atthi, tarn janasi^ tata " ti. " Janami 
amma, tarn pana ma puccha, aiiiiam puccha " ti. " Aiinena 
me payojanam n'atthi, tad eva pucchami tata " ti. " Amma 
tvam attano acikkhitum na desi.3 Ajja te sabbarattim 4 
devo vassanto dittho " ti. *' Dittho me tata, mayham eva 
so sabbarattim vuttho, tarn karanam paccha kathessami ; 
etasmim tava me setthigehe pavattim ^ kathehi " ti. 
*' Amma ajja rattiyam setthim ca bhariyaii ca setthiputtaii 
ca tayo pi jane avattharamane gehe ^ patite ekacitakayam 
jhapenti,7 svayam^ dhumo pannayati amma" ti. Sa 
tasmim khane nivatthavattham pi patamanam na saiijani, 
sokummattakam nama patva. Jatarupen' eva : 

Ubho putta kalankata, panthe mayham pati mato 
mata pita ca bhata ca ekacitakasmim dayhare ti. 

vilapanti paribbhamanti tato patthaya tassa nivasana- 
mattena < i vatthena patitenacaratta 9 Patacara tveva sam- 
aiina ahosi. Tarn disva manussa " gaccha ummattike " ti 

1 nicchariyamo cd. ^ tarn janati, cd. 3 demi, cd. 
4 sabbaratti, cd. 5 pavatti, cd. 

^ avattharamanam geham, cd. 
7 jhayanti, cd. s tvayam, cd. 

9 omattena pi vatthena pi vatthena acarato patitacaratta, 

TIIEni GATIIA. 17. Ill 

kcL'i kacavaniiji mattluike khipauti, anne panisuin okiranti, 
apare leddn kliipauti. Sattba Jetavane mabjiparisamajjlic 
nisiditvil dliammani desento tain tatlia paribl)hamantim' 
disva naiiapariprikau ca oloketva yatha viliriraljbimukbi 
agaccbati tatba akasi. Parisa tani disva " imissa iimmat- 
tikaya ito agantum - ma dattba " ti aba. Bbagava " mri 
uani varayittba" ti vatva, avidurattbanaiu agatakrdc **satim^ 
patilabba'^ bbagini " ti Tdia. Sa tilvad eva buddbrmublia- 
vena satiin 5 labbitva nivattbavattbassa patitabbavaiii 
salhikkbetva birottappain paccupattbripetva ukkutikani 
sampatinipajjava nisldi. Eko puriso uttarisritakaiu kliipi. 
Sa tani nivasetva sattbarani upasarikamitva pancapatittbi- 
tena vanditvri "bbante avassayo me liotba. Ekam me 
puttam seno ganbi, eko udakena vulbo, paiitbc pati mato, 
matripitaro bbata ca gebeua avattbata mat.l ekacitakasmim 
jbayanti " ti sfi sokakaranani acikkbi. Sattba '' Patacare 
ma cintayi, tava avassayo bbavitum samattbass' eva santi- 
kam agata si. Yatba bi tvam idani puttadlnam maraiuini- 
mittam assiini pavattesi, evam anamatagge samsare putta- 
dinaiu maraiiabetu pavattitam assu catunnam mabasamud- 
dciDaiii udakato balmtaran " ti dassento : 

Catusu samuddesu jalam parittakam 
tato babum assujalam anappakain 
dukkbena pbuttbassa narassa socato ^ 
kiinkclraiia socavasa pamajjasi ti 

gfitbani abbasi. Evaiii sattbari anamataggapariyayaka- 
tbani katbeuLc tassa soko tanutarabbavaiu /" agamiisi. Atba 
nani tanubbiitasokam natva " Patacare ° puttadayo nama pa- 
ralokani gaccbautassa taiiaiu vfi lenani va saranam Vc"i bba- 
vitum ua sakkonti ti. Yijjamana pi te na santaye va.'-^ 

^ paribbbamanti, cd. - agantu, cd. ^ sati, cd. 

4 patilabbi, cd. 5 sati, cd. ^ socatil, cd. 

7 taDutarain , cd. ^ Patucfiri, cd. 

'J si te na santi evam, cd* 


Tasma panditena attano silam visodhetva nibbanagami 
maggo yeva sadhetabbo " ti dassento : 

Na santi piitta tanaya na pita na pi bandhava 
antakenadhipannassa n'atthi iiatisu tanata. 
Etam atthavasam iiatva pandito silasamvuto 
nibbanagamanam maggam khippam eva visodhaye ti. 

Imahi gtitbahi dhammam desesi. Desanavasane Pata- 
cara satapattipbale patitthapita pabbajjam yaci. Sattha 
tarn bhikkhunmam santike netva pabbajesi. Sa laddhupa- 
sampada uparimaggattbaya vipassanaya kammam karontl 
ekam divasam ^ ghatena udakam adaya pade dhovanti 
udakam pi asincitam thokam tbanam gantvti paccbijji. 
Dutiyavaram asittam tato duram pgamasi. Tatiyavaram 
asittam tato pi diirataram agamasi. Sa tad eva aramma- 
nam gahetvil tayo vare paricchinditva " maya patbamam 
asittam udakam viya ime satta pathamavaye pi maranti 
tato duram gatam dutiyavaram asittani udakam viya 
majjbimavaye pi, tato durataram gatam tatiyavaram asit- 
tam udakam viya paccbimavaye pi maranti yeva " ti 
cintesi. Sattba gandhakutiyam nisinno va obhasam pba- 
ritva tassa sammukhena kathento viya : " Evam eva 
Patacare sabbe p'ime satta maranadbamma tasma pancan- 
nam khandhanam udayabbayam apassantassa vassasatam 
jivato 2 tarn passantassa ekabam pi ekakkbanam pi jivitam 
seyyo ti imam attbam dassento : 

Yo ca vassasatam jive apassam udayabbayam 
ekriiam jivitam seyyo passatos udayabbayam ti. 

gatbam aha. Gathapariyosane Patacara saha patisam- 
bhidabi arahattam papuni. Tena vuttam Apadane : 

Padumuttaro nama jino sabbadbammana paragii 
ito satasabassamhi kappe uppajji nayako. 1. 

ekan ti divasam, cd. ^ jivanato, cd* 3 passante, cd. 

THEKI (iATllA. 17. 113 

Tadriliani Ilainsavatiyaiii jrit;! sctlhikulo aliiiin 
nanaralaiuipajjoic; ' iiiali;isukliasaiuap[)it<i. *2. 
Upetvii tani mali;iviraiu assosini (lliainiiiadosaiiain 
tato jatappasrulrihaiii - upesiiu "* savaiiain jiiiani. -5. 
Tato viiiayadlianiiaiu a,u;,i;"ani vaiuiesi iitiyako 
bhikkhuniiu 4 lajjinim "^ tadini kappfdvappavisaradaiu. 4. 
Tada muditacittahaiu tain Uifinani abbikai'ikliinl '' 
uimautetva dasabalain sasaiugbam lokanayakain 5. 
bbojayitvana sattrdiaiu daditvri 'va ticlvaram 
nipacca 7 sirasa pjide idam vacanam abravim : 6. 
yjl tayix vannita vTra ito atthamake muni 
tfidisfdiam bhavissami yadi sijjbasi ^ nayaka. 7. 
Tada avoca mam sattbil bbadde mTi bbasi assasa 9 
anagatamhi addhfinc laccbas' etam maiioratbain. 8. 
Satasabasse ito kappe Okkjlkakulasambbavo 
Gotamo nama namena sattbjl loke bbavissati. 9. 
Tassa dbammesu dayrida orasa dbammaiiimmita 
Patacrira ti namena bcssasi ^° sattbu savikci. 10. 
Tadabam mndita " butvri yavajivam tada jinam 
mettacitta paricarim sasamghani lokanriyakain. 11. 
Tena kammena sukatena cetanapanidbi bi ca 
jabitva manusani debam Tavatimsam agailcbi 'ham. 12. 
Imasmim bliaddake kappe brahmabandbu mabayapo 
Kassapo nama namena uppajji vadatam varo. 13. 
Upattbrdvo mabesissa tadfi asi navissaro 
Kasiraja Kiki nama BriraiiasTpuruttame. 14. 
Tassasim i- tatiya dblta Bhikkbunl iti vissuta 
dbammam sutva jinaggassa pabbajjain pamarocayiin. 15. 
Anujilni na no tfito, agare 'va tada mayain 
visam vassasabassani vicarimba atanditfu^s k;, 
Komarim m brabmacariyani rajakannri sukbedbita 
buddhopattbrmanirata muditii satta dhitaro. 17. 

^ °pajjoto, P. 2 opasiidayam, P. 3 upemi, P. 

4 bbikkbunl, P. 5 lajjinim om. A. ; lajjini tadi, P. 

^ abbikankbayiiii, P. 7 nipajja, P. ^"^ sijjbati, A. 
9 bbasi avassayaiii, P. ^° besbati, A. ^^ pamudi, A. 
2 tassapi, P. ^^ atandika, A. ^4 Komaram, P. 



Samani Samanagutta ca BhikkliuDi Bhikkhudayika 
Dliamma c'eva Sudliamma ca sattami Samgliadayika. 18. 
Aham Uppalavaniia ca Khema Bhadda ca bhikkhuni 
KisagotamI Dliammadinna Visakha lioti sattami. 19. 
Tehi kammebi sukatehi cetanapanidhihi ca 
jahitva manusam deliam Tavatimsam agamhase.^ 20. 
Paccbime ca bhave dani - jata setthikule abam 
Savatthiyam puravares iddbo pblte mabaddbane. 21. 
Yada ca 4 yobbanupeta vitakkavasaga abam 
naram jarapatim disva tena saddhim agancbi 'ham. 22. 
Ekaputtapasiitabam dutiyo kuccbiya mamam 
tadabam matapitaro dakkhami^ ti suniccbita. 23. 
Narocesi pati ^ maybam. Tadfi tambi pavasite ^ 
ekika niggatil geha gantum ^ Savattbim uttamam. 24. 
Tato me sami 9 agantva sambhavesi ^° pathe mamam 
tada me ^^ kammaja vata uppanna atidaruna. 25. 
Uttbito ca mabamegbo pasutisamaye mama 
dabbattbaya tadagantva sami sappena ^- marito. 26. 
Tada vijatadukkhena anatba kapana abam ^^ 
kunnadim puritam ^4 disva gaccbanti sakublhiyam 27. 
balam adaya atarim ^5 parakiile ca ekika 
pabatva ^^ balakam puttam itaram taranaya 'bam 28. 
nivatta, ukkuso basi ^7 tarunam vilapantakam 
itaraii ca vahi soto, sabam sokasamappita. 29. 
Savatthinagaram gantva assosim sajane ^^ mate 
tada avoca sokatta mahasokasamappita : 30. 

^ agaccbi 'bam, A. ^ pacchime ca tad evabi, P. 

3 pare vare, A. 4 yada 'va, P. 

5 okkbami, A. ; okkami, B. ^ narocesim patim, A. 

7 mamhi pa\°, P. ^ gantam, P. 9 te sami, P. 

^° sambbasesi, P. " tada mam, P. 

^2 sabbena, A. ^3 kapana mabam, A. 

^4 kunnadipuritam, B. ; kunnadipurisam, P. 
^5 balam adaya acari, P. 
^^ pabetva, P. ; payetva, B. ; patetva, A. 
^7 dasi, P. i8 sajane pi, P. 

tiihrT (i.vTiiA. 17. 115 

Ubho puttri kulankatri ^ paiitht! mayluini pati mato 
pita mrita ca bliata ca ekacitamlii (layliare. 31. 
Taila kisfi ca pandii ca auatlia dlnamanasa 
ito tato gamenti'liam - addasaiu narasrirathini. 3*2. 
Tato avoca mam sattlia putte ma soci assasa 
attaiiain te gavesassu3 kiiu iiirattham vibafinasi.-* 33. 
Na saiiti putta trinaya na fiatl ufipi 5 bandhava 
autakeuadhipanuassa n'atthi iiatisu taiiatfi.^ 34. 
Tain sutva muniuo vakyaiu pathamam pbalam ajjliagaiii 
pabbajitvaua nacirani arabattam apapuniiu. 35. 
Iddbisu ca vasi bomi dibbiiya sotadbatuya 
paracittani janami sattbu sasauakarikri. 36. 
Pubbenivasam janflmi dibbacakkbniii visodbitani 
kbepetva asave sabbe visuddb' ambi 7 simimmabl. 37. 
Tato'bam Ymayam sabbam santike sabbadassiuo 
uggabim ^ sabbavittbaram vyilbarim ca yatba tatbani. 38. 
Jiiio tasmim gune tuttbo etadagge tbapesi mam 
aggam viuayadbarmam Patacara 'va ekika. 39. 
Pariciniio 9 mabasattba katam buddbassa sasanam 
obito garuko bbaro bbavanetti samubata.^° 40. 
Yass'attbaya pabbajitri agarasmrmagariyam 
so me attbo anuppatto sabbasamyojanakkbayo. 41. 
Kilesa jbapita maybaiii — pa — katam buddbassa SHSanaii 
ti. 42. 

Arabattam paua patva sekkbakale attano patipattini 
paccavekkbitva uparivisesassa nibbattitilkarani vibbaventl 
udanavasena : 

Naiigalebi kasam " kbettam bijani pavapam ^- cbama 
puttadarani posenta ^^ dbanam vindanti mauava. 112. 

^ kalakata, P. ; mato paiitbo pati mama, P. 
2 gament'abam, A. 3 bbave sassu, P. 

4 ki niratta vimiasi, P. 5 na pita napi, P. 

^ tanata, P. 7 visuddbasiiii, A. ^ uggabetvfi, P. 
9 pariciniio, P. ^° samobata, P. ^^ katam, cd. 

^2 pavasam, cd. ^3 posento, cd. m. 


Kim abam ^ silasampanna sattliu sasanakarika 
nibbrmam nadbigaccbami akuslta anuddbata. 113. 
Fade pakkbalayitvana udakesu karom'abam 
padodakafi ca disvana tbalato ninnam agatam. 
tato cittam samadbesi - assam bhadram va janiyam.^ 114. 
Tato dipaip 4 gabetvana viharam pavisi abam 
seyyam olokayitvana maiicakambi upavisi. 115. 
Tato silcim 5 gabetvana vattim ^ okassayam' abam 
padipass' eva nibbauam 7 vimokkbo abu cetaso ti. 116. 

Ima giltba abbasi, Tattba kasan ti kasikammam 
karonta. Putliuttbe bi idarn ekavacanam.^ Pavapan9 
ti bijrmi vapanta. C b am a ti cbamayam. Bbummattbe bi 
idam paccattbavacanam, ayam b'ettba samkbepattbo. 
Ime dbanavanto ^° sapatta nangalehi pbalebi kbettam 
kasanta yatbadbippayam kbettam bbiimiyam pnbbanta- 
parantabbedani bijani vapauta tarn betum ^^ tarn iiimittam 
attanam p u 1 1 a d a r a d i n i pi p o s e n t a i- butva dbanam 
patilabbanti.^3 Evam imasmim loke yoniso payutta pac- 
cattbaparisakkaro laama sapbalo saudayo. 

Tattba k i m a bam s 1 1 a s a m p a n ii a s a 1 1 b u 
s a s a n a k a r i k a n i b ]j a n ain n a d b i g a c c b a m i 
aknsita anuddbata ^-^ ti abam suvisuddbasibi 
araddbaviriyataya akusita ajjbattam susamabitacittatta ca 
anuddbata ^5 ca butva catnsaccakammattbanabbavana- 
samkhatam sattbu sasanam karonti kasma nibbanam 
]iadbigaccbami nadbigamissami ? ^^ eva ti evam pana 
cintenti ^7 vipassanaya kammam karonti ekadivasam 
padadbovane udake nimittam ganhim.^^ Tenaba : pade 

^ kimabfi, cd. 2 samadesi, cd. 

3 asso bbadro va janiyo. cd. 4 divam, cd. 

5 suci, cd. ^ vaddi, cd. 7 parisayo nibbanam, cd. 

^ ekam vacanam, cd. 9 pavasan, cd. 

^° dbanava, cd. " tarn sotum, cd. 

^2 posento, cd. ^3 patihibbati, cd. ^4 anuddbata, cd. 
^"^ anuddbata, cd. ^^ adbigamissami, cd. 

'7 cintento, ed. 18 ganbi, cd. 


1") a. Iv k li a 1 a y i t v a n a ti aui. Tass' attlio : aliam pfide 
(lliovantT padapakkhalanalictu ^ "va tikkbattnni asittcsu 
udakesu tluUato iiinnam a<;atam pfi'lodakaiu disva mimit- 
tani karomi. Yatba sarTraiu udakain Idiayadliammam 
vavadhammam - evam sattanani ayiisankbrira ti. Evaiu 
aniccalalddianaiu tadaniisarena dukkbalakklianam ananta- 
lakkbanaii ca iipadbarctvri vipassanain vaddbenti. T a t o 
]u c i 1 1 a 111 s a m a d b e s i a s s a in b b a d r a m v a 
janiyain. Knsalo silrathi sukbena sfireti cvam aham3 
oittani suklien' ova samadbesi vipassanasamadbina 
sain;lbitain akasi. Evam paiia vipassanam vaddbenti 
utusai^priya nijigimsaya ovarakam pavisantT andbakfira- 
vidbamanattbam p a d i p a m g abet v Ti raailcake nisin- 
namattfi 'va dipam vijjbapetum "^ aggalasuciya dlpavattim 5 
rdvaddbi. Tavad eva utusappayablbbena cittain samabitam 
abosi. Yipassana vidbim ^ otarati magge ghattesi, tato 
maggapatipatiya sabbaso asavanam kbayo abosi. Tena 
vuttam : tato s u c i m7 g a h e t v a n a — pa — vimokkbo 
c e t a s a h 11 ti. Tattba s e y y a m o 1 o k a y i t v a n a ti 
diprdokeiia seyyam passitvana. S ii c i n ti aggakasucim ^ 
gabetvcina v a 1 1 i m 9 o k a s s a y a m i ti dipam vijjbape- 
tnm^° teklbbimiildjaiii dlpavattim " Tikaddbemi ti. V i m o k- 
k b o ti^- kileselii vimokkbo. So pana yasma^s paramattbato 
cittassa tasma vuttam cetaso ti. Yatba pana vattitebidike 
paccaye sati uppajjanato padlpo tad abbave aniippajjanato ^4 
nibbuto ti vuccati, evam kilesadipaccaye sati uppajjanara- 
bam tad abbavena aniippajjanato ^5 cittam vimuttan ti 
vuccati ti jiba : p a d I p a s s' eva n i b b Ti n a m vimok- 
kbo a b u cetaso ti. 

Patacaraya tbeiiya gritbavannana samatta. 

^ opakkhalabeta, od. - viyadb,° cd. 3 mabam, cd. 
4 vijjripetum, cd. 5 dipavaddbi, cd. ^ vidbi, cd. 

7 tato dipam, cd. ^ aggaLasuci, cd. 9 vaddbi, cd. 
1° vijjripetum, cd. ^^ °vatti, cd. 

^- °mokkbri ti, cd. ^3 panayasmji, cd. 

^■^ anupajj°, cd. ^^ anuppajjato tato, cd. 



M u s a 1 fi n i g a li e t v a n a ti ildika timsamattanam 
therlnam gatha. Ta pi purimabucldhesu katadhikara tattha 
tattlia bhave vivattiipanissayam kusalam iipacinantiyo 
anukkamena ^ upacitavimokkhasambhara imasmim bud- 
dhuppade sakammasancodita tattha tattha kulagehe 
nibbatfcitva viniiutam patva^ Patacaraya theriya santike 
dhammam sutva patiladdhasaddha pabbajitva parisuddha- 
sihi vattapativattam paripiirentiyo viharanti. Ath' ekadi- 
vasam Patacara then tasam ovade denti : 

Masalani gahetvana dhaililam kottenti manava 
puttadarani posenta 3 dhanam vindanti manava. 117. 
Karotha bnddhasfisanam yam katva nanutappati 
khippam padani dhovitva ekamante nisldatha, 
cetosamatham auuyutta4 karotha buddhasasanan ti. 118. 

Imjl dve gatha abhasi. Tatthayam sankhepattho : ime 
satta jivitahetu musalaui gahetva paresam dhaimam kot- 
tenti udukkhalakammam karonti. Afinam pi ekadivasam 
nisinnam kammam katva puttadarani posenta s yathacaram 
dhanam pi samharanti. Tarn pana tesam kammam hinakam- 
mam pothujjanikam anatthasamhitail ca, tasma edisam 
samkilesikapapahcam vajjetvfi karotha b u d d h a s a s a - 
n a m sikkhattayasaiikhatam sammasambuddhasasanam 
karotha sampadetha. Attano santane nibbatcetva tattha 
karanam aha. Yam katva n a n u t a p p a 1 1 ti yassa 
karanahetu etarahi ayatiii ca anutapam napajjati. Idani 
tassakprane pubbakiccam anuyogavidhim ca dassetum 
khippam padani dhovitva ti adi vuttam. Tattha 
yasma adhovitapadassa avikkhaUtamukhassa ca nisajja 
sukham utusappayahxbho ca na hoti. Pade pana dhovitva 
mukhan ca vikkhixletva ekamante nisinnassa tad ubhayam 
hibbhati. Tasma k h i p p a m imam yathaladdham khanam 

1 anukkamo, cd. 2 p^tta cd. 3 posento, cd. 

'^ annyutto, cd. 5 posento, cd. 

titer! gattta. 18. 110 

aviradhontiyo p ;1 d :1 ii i attano pfido dliovitva cka- 
m ante vivitto okasc n i r T d a t li a nipajjatha. Attha- 
timsaj-a firammanesn yattba katthaci cittaruciyc arammane 
attano cittam npanibandhitva c c t o s a m a t h a m a n u - 
yuttTi samribitena cittcna catusaccakammattbanabha- 
vanavasena b u cl d b a s s a bbagavato s a s a n a m ovfidani 
auudittbim I karotba sampridetba ti. Atba ta bbik- 
kbimiyo tassa tberiya ovade tliatva vipassanam patthapetva 
bbavanjiya kammam karontiyo nfinassa paripakam gatatta 
betusampannataya ca sabapatisambbidabi arabattain patvjx 
attano patipattim - paccavekkbityfi ovadagatbabi sad- 
dbim : 

Tassa 3 ta vacanam sutva Patacaraya sasanam 
pade pakkbalayitvana ekamantam upavisnm.^ 
cetosamatbam anuyutta akamsii buddbasrisanam.5 119. 
Rattiya purime yame pubbajatim ^ anussarum.7 
rattiya majjbime yame dibbacakkbum visodbayum 
rattiyfi paccbime yame tamokkbandbam padrdayum. 120. 
Uttbjiya pj'ide vandimsu kata te anusasani 
Indam va deva tidasa samgame aparfijitam 
purakkbatva vibariyama ^ tevijj' amba anrisava ti.^^ 121. 

Ima gatba abbasimsu. Tattba tassa t a v a c a n a m 
sutva Patacaraya s a s a n a n ti tassa Pat acriraya 
tberiyji kilesapatipattim 9 sfisanatthena sasanabbiitam 
ovjidavacanam til timsamatta bbikkbuniyo sutvii patisutvfi 
sirasa sampaticcbitva u 1 1 h a y a pade vandimsu. 
K a t a t e anusasani ti yatba sampaticcbitam tassa 
sasanam ^^ attbikatva manasikatvfi yatba pbclsukattbrme 
nisiditvii bhaventiyo bbavanam mattbakam papetva attano 
adbigatavisesam arocetum nisinna asanato ^^ uttbaya tassa 

^ anudittbi, cd. - patipatti, cd. 3 tassiisa, cd. 

4 upavisi, cd. s katam buddbassa, cd. 

''' pubbejatiin, cd. " anussaram, cd. 

s — s (j^jf^^ cd. 9 opatipatti, cd. "^ tassasanam, cd. 
" nisinnasanato, cd. 


santikam gantvfi "mahatherl tatlianusjisati yathanusittham 
amhelii katan " ^ ti vatva tassa pacle pancapatitthitena 
vandimsu. In dam cadeva tidasa saiigame 
aparajitam ti devasaiigfime ^ aparajitam jita Indam 
Tavatimsa deva viva mahatherim 3 may an tarn purak- 
k h a t V a v i b a r i y fi m a. Afmassa kattabbassa abbrivato 
tasma tevijj 'amba anasava ti attano katailiiubba- 
vam pavedenti, idam eva gatham anilam vyakaranam 
abosi, yam pan' ettba attbato avibhattam, tarn bettba 
vuttanayam eva. 

Timsamattanam tberinam gathavannana samatta. 


D u g g a t a b a m p u r e a s i m ti adika Candaya tberiya 
gatba. Ayam pi purimabuddbesu katadbikara tattba 
tattba bbave vivattiipanissayam kusalam upacinantl 
anukkamena sambbavitavimokkbasambbara paripakka- 
firina imasmim buddbuppade annatarasmim ])rabmanag;ime 
apamiatassa brribmanassa gebe patisandbim ganbi. Tassa 
nibbattito pattbfxya tarn kulam bbogebi parikkbayam 
gatam. Sa anukkamena vinnutam patta dnkkbe jivati. 
Atba tasmim gebe abivatarogo nppajjati, ten' assa sabbe 
pi nataka maranavyasanam 4 papunimsu. Sa natikbaye 
jate annattba jivitum asakkonii kapalabattba kule kule 
vicaritva laddbena bbikkbabarena yapenti ekadivasam 
Patacaraya tberiya bbattavissaggattbanam agamasi. 
Bbikkbuniyo tarn dukkbitam kbudbabbibbiitam disvana 
sanjatakfirininapiyasamudacarena saiigabetva tattba vij- 
jamanena upacaramanosarena abarena santappesum.5 Sa 
tasam acaraslle pasidetva tberiya santikam upasaiikamitva 
vanditva ekamantam nisidi, tassa tberidbammam katbesi. 
Sa tarn dbammam sutva sasane abbippasanna samsare ca 

^ kata, cd. ^ devasnsangame, cd. 3 mabatberi, cd. 

4 parimaranavyasanam, cd. 5 santapesum, cd. 


safijatasamvegri pal)l)aji, pabbajitva ca tboriyri ovrule tliaivfi 
vipassanaiii pattliapotvri blirivaiiain anuyufijauti katadliika- 
rataya fianassa ca paripakam gatatta nacirass' eva saha 
patisainbbidabi arabattani patva attano patipattiiu^ pacca- 
vckkbitva : 

Duggataham pure Tisi vidhava ca aputtika 
vinfi mittebi fiatibi ])battacolassa nadbigam.- 122. 
Pattaui daiidain ca ganbitva Ijbikkbamana kuLl kubini 
Ritunbena ca dayhanti satta vassani cari'bam. 128. 
Bbi];kbunim 3 pana disvrma anuapauassa b'lbbiuim 4 
upasankamma avoca : pabbaja^ anagclriyam. 124. 
Sa ca mam anukampaya pabbajesi Patacfira 
tato mam ovaditvana paramattbe niyojayi. 125. 
Tassa tarn vacanam sutva akiisi annsasanim ^ 
amogho ayyaya ovado tevijj' ambi anasava ti. 126. 

Udrmavasena ima gatba abbclsi. Tattba d ii g g a t ii ti 
dalidda. Pure ti pabbajitato pubbe, pabbajitakfilato 
pattbaya bi idba puggalo bbogebi addbo daliddo ti na 
vattabljo. Gunebi pana ayam tlieri addba j^eva, tcnaba : 
duggatiibam pure as in ti. Yidbava ti. Dbavo 
vuccati sjimiko, tad abbtlVfi vidbava matapatika ti attbo. 
Aputtika ti puttarabitfi. Vina mittehi fiatlhl ti 
mittebi bandhavebi ca pariblnji rabita. B b a 1 1 a c o 1 a s s a 
n a d b i g a n ti bbattassa colassa ca paripiirim 7 nadbigac- 
cbi, kevalam pana bbikkbapindassa pilotikakbaiidassa ca 
vasena gbasaccbadanamattam eva alatthan ti adbippayo. 

Tenaba : p a 1 1 a m d a n d a n c a g a n b i t v a ti adi. 
Tattba pat tan ti mattikabbajanam.^ Dan dan ti 
goiiasunakbadiparibaranadandakam. Kula kulan ti 
kulato kulam. Situnbena ca daybanti ti vasana- 
gebabbavato sitena ca unbena ca pTliyamana. 

^ patipatti, cd. ^ nadhikam, cd. ^ bbikkbunl, cd. 

4 blbbinT, cd. 5 pabbajja, cd. ^ anusasani, cd. 

7 pfiripiiri, cd. ^ mattikabb°, cd. 


B h i k k h u n i 11 ^ ti Patacaratherim ^ sandhaya vadati, 
Puna ti paccha sattasamvaccharato aparabhage. P a r a ■ 
m a 1 1 h e ti parame uttame atthe nibbanagaminiya patipa- 
daya nibbane ca. Niyojayis ti kammatthanam acik- 
khanti yojesi. Sesam vuttanayam eva. 

Candaya theriya gathavannana samatta. 

Paiicanipatavannana nittbita. 

Chakkanipate yassa maggam najanasi ti adika 
paiicasatamattanam tberlnam gatha. Ima pi purimabud- 
dbesu katadbikara tattba tattha bbave vivattupanissayam 
kusalam upacinantiyo anukkamena upacitavimokkbasam- 
bhara butva imasmim buddbuppade tattba tattba kulagebe 
nibbattitva va}-appatta matapitnbi patikulam anlta tattba 
putte labbitva gbaravasam vasantiyo samanajatikassa 4 
tildisassa kammassa katattil sabbe ca mataputta butva 
puttasokena abbibbiita Patacaraya tberiya santikam upa- 
saiikamitva vanditva nisinna attano sokakaram ^ arocesum. 
Tberi tasam sokam vinodenti : 

Yassa ^ maggam najanasi agatassa gatassa va 

tarn kuto agatam sattam mama putto ti rodasi. 127. 

Maggam ca kbo 'ssa 7 janasi ^ agatassa gatassa va 

na nam samanusocesi evamdbamma bi panino.9 128. 

Ayacito ^° tato gaccbi ananmmato ito gato 

kuto pi nuna agantva vasitva katipabakam.^^ 129. 

Ito pi aimena gato tato aimena gaccbati 

peto manussariipena samsaranto gamissati. 

yatbagato tatbagato ka tattha paridevana ti. 130. 

^ Bbikkbuni, cd. ^ o^^^q^.i^ q^^ 3 niyojasi, cd. 

4 °jatiyassa, cd. s sokokaram, cd. ^ yassam, cd. 
7 kbo 'sa, cd. ^ jau."^,ixii^ cd. 9 dbammana papino, cd. 
^° ayacito, cd, " katipabatam, cd. 

ttikrT gatiia. 50. 123 

Imfilii catubi gritliabi dliainmam dcsesi, tfi tassa dliam- 
maiu sutva sarijatasamvcgri tlicriya santike pal)l)a)iiusa. 
Pabbajitva vipassanaya kammam karontiyo vimuttiparipa- 
caniyanam ^ dbanimaiiani paripakam gatatta nacirass' eva 
saba patisambbidabi arabattain patittbabimsu. Atlia ta 
adbigatfirabatta attano patipattini paccavekkbitva udaiia- 
vasena ''yassa maggam na jfiurisT" ti fidikalii ovadagatbabi 
saddbiin : 

Abbabi vata me sallam duddasam badayanissitam 
Vcime sokaparetaya = puttasokam apanudi. 131. 
Sajja abbulbasaUabam ^ niccbata parinibbutfi 
l)uddbam dbammani ca saiigbam ca upemi 4 saranam 
miinin ti. 132. 

Ima gcitba visum visum abbasimsu. Tattba y a s s a 
maggam na jcinTisi tigatassa gat ass a vfi ti 
yassa sattassa idba agatassa agatamaggam 5 va ito gatassa 
gatamaggam xa tarn na janasi anantara atltanagata idbil- 
papattiyo sandbfiya vadati. Tarn kuto a gat am sattan 
ti tarn evam abbinnagatamaggam kuto pi gatito agatamag- 
gam gaccbantena antaramagge sabbena sabbam agata- 
paricayasamjigatapurimasadisam sattam. Kevalain maman 
tarn uppadetva mama p u 1 1 o ti kuto kena karanena 
r d a s i ? appatikarato mama puttassa ca akfitabbato na 
ettba rodanakaranam attbl ti adbippayo. 

M a g g a 11 c a k b o ' s s a j a n a s I ti ^ ayam tava put- 
tabbimatassa 7 sattassa agatassa agatamaggam gatassa ^ 
gatamaggaii ca atba jTmeyyasi. N a nam s a m a n u - 
s c e s T ti evam pi nam na samanusoceyyasi. Tasmii 
eva m d b a m m a b i p a n i n 0.9 Ittbadbammo ^° bi sattil- 
nam sabbebi piyehi nilnilbbavo vinabbavo tattba vasavat- 
titaya abbavato pag eva abbisamparayam. Ayacito tato 

^ oparipacaniya, cd. - ^paretassa,. cd. 

3 sambulba°, cd. •* upesi, cd. "^ agatam m°, cd. 

^ janasiti ti, cd. 7 oabbimattassa, cd. 

^ gatassa o;^. cd. o pfmiuo, cd. i° ittbadbamme, cd. 


g a c c h T ti tato paralokato kena yacito ^ idha agacchi. 
A g a t o ti pi pali. So ev' attho agato. A n a n u n n a t o 
ito gato ti idha lokato kenaci ananumiato paralokam 
gato. Kuto pi nirayadito yato kutoci gate- Nilna ti 
parisamkayam. V a s i t v a k a t i p a li a k a m ti katipaya- 
divasamattam 3 idha vasitva. 

Ito pi a n n e n a gato ti ito pi bhavato annena gato 
amiam pi bliavam patisandhivasena npagato. T a t o 
annena g a c c h a t i ti tato pi bhavato annena gamissati 
aHiiam eva bhavam upagamissati. P e t o ti apeto. Tarn 
tam bhavam upapajjitva apagato. M a n u s s a r u p e n a ti 
nidassanamattam etam. Mannssabhavena tiracchanadi- 
bhavena ca ti attho. S a m s a r a n t o ti aparaparam upa- 
pattivasena samsaranto. Y a t h a g a t o t a t h a g a t o ti 
yathaviniiatagatito ca anamantetva agato tatha vinnataga- 
tito ananimnato na gato. Ka tattha paridevana 
ti tattha tadise avasavattmi yatha kamavacare4 ka nama 
paridevana kim paridevite na payojanan ti attho. Sesam 
viittanayam eva. Ettha ca adito catasso gatba Patacaraya 
theriya, sesanam ^ pancamattanam itthisatanam sokavino- 
danavasena visum visum bhasita. Tassa ovade thatva 
pabbajitva adhigatavisesahi tahi paiicasatamattahi bhikkhu- 
nihi cha pi gatha paccekam bhasita ti datthabba. Pafica- 
sata Patacara ti Patacaraya theriya santike laddha- 
ovadataya Patacaraya vuttam avedisun ^ ti katva Patacara 
ti laddhanama pancasata bhikkhuniyo. 

Pailcasatamattanam therinam gathavannana samatta. 


P u 1 1 a s k e n a h a m 7 a 1 1 a ^ ti adika Yasetthiya 
theriya gatha. Ayam pi purimabuddhesu katadhikara 
tattha tattha bhave vivattupanissayam kusalam upaci- 

^ kena cito, cd. ^ gatito, cd. 3 ojnatam, cd. 

4 kamacare, cd. s sesam, cd. ^ avedisu, cd. 

7 sokenayam, cd. s j^tta, cd 

Til Kill G.\TIIA. 51. 125 

luiiitT auukkaniona sainbhatiivimokkliasainbliarri dcvania- 
missesii sainsarauti iinasmiiii biiddhuppadc Vesaliyaiu kii- 
la,u;olio nibbattifcva' vayappatta matapitubi sainanajritikassa 
kiikiputtassa diiiuri patikalain ji;antva tena saddliini sukba- 
saiiivasaui vasaiiti ckani puttani labbitva tasiiiiiu ridbaviiva 
paridbjivitva vicavauakalc killani kato puttasokena attita 
umniattakfi - abosi. Sfi natakesu sfunike tikiccbaiu 3 ka- 
rontesu mosani ajfinautauam yeva pablyitvri yato tato 
paribbbamanti Mithilanagaram sampattil. Tattbriddasa "^ 
bbagavautam aiiantaravitbiyam ^ gaccbantam dantaiii gut- 
tam samyatindriyam. Nagam disvana saba dassanena 
buddbrmubbrivato rigatummada pakaticittam patilabbi. 
Atb'assa ^ sattba samkbittena dbammam desesi. Sa 
tarn dbammam sutva patiladdbasamvega sattbaram pab- 
bajjam yacitva sattbu aiiaya bbikkbunisu pal)bajitva kata- 
pubbakicca vipassanani pattbapetva ghattenti / vriyamanti 
paripakkaiianataya naciiass' eva saba patisambbidabi ara- 
battam patva attano patipattim paccavekkbitva udaiiava- 
seua : 

Pattasoken'abam atta kbittacitta visarmini 

nagga pakinnakesi ^ ca tena tena vicari 'bam .9 W^. 

Vitbisaiikarakutesu siisrine ^° ratbiyasu ca 

acari tlni vassani kbuppipfisasamappita. 134. 

Atb' addasclmi sugatam nagaram Mitbilam gatani 

adantanam dametaram ^^ sambuddbam akutobbiiyam. 135. 

Sam cittam patiladdbana vanditvana upavisi 

so me dbammam adesosi anukampaya Gotamo. 136. 

Tassa dbammam sunitvaaa pabbajim anagririyam 

ymljanti ^- sattbu vacane saccbrdiasi padam sivani. 137. 

Sabbe soka samuccbinnri pablnri etadantikfi 

parimiata bi me vattbu ^3 yato sokaua sambbavo ti. 138. 

^ nibbattetva, cd. ^ attitva ummataka, cd. 

3 sannatakesu samike cfi tik°, cd. -+ tattbaddasam, cd. 
5 ovidbiyam, cd. ^ assa, cd. 7 gbatenti, cd. 

3 pakinnakesi, cd. 9 vicriri tain, cd. '° susanar°, cd. 
II damettlnam, cd. ^^ yujjanti, cd. ^3 vattbu, cd. 

126 LII. KHEMA. 

Ima gatha abliasi. Tattha a 1 1 a ti attita. Ayam eva 
va patho. Attita pilita ti attbo. K h i 1 1 a c i 1 1 a ti 
sokummadena khittahadaya. Tato eva pakataiiiiusamiaya 
vigamena v i s a n n i n I. Hirottappabhavato apagatavat- 
tbataya ^ nag g a . Vidhutakesataya p a k i n n a k e s i .^ 
Tena ten a ti gamena gamam nagarena nagaram vivi- 
dham cari abam. A t b a ti paccba ummadasantati yassa 
kammassa parikkbaye. S u g a t a n ti sobbaiiagamanatta 
sundaram thanam gatatta samma gatatta sugatam bhaga- 
vantam. M i t b i 1 a m g a t a n ti 3 Mithilabbimiikbam. 
Mitbilanagarabbimukbam gaccbitan ti attbo. 

Sam c i 1 1 a m p a t i 1 a d d h a n a ti buddbanubbavena 
ummadam pabaya attano pakaticittam patilabhitva. Yun- 
janti sattbu vacane4 ti sattbu sammasambud- 
dbassa sattbu sasane yogam karonti 5 bbavanam anuyuii- 
janti. Saccbakasi pad am si van ti sivam khe- 
mam catubi yogebi anapaddutam ^ nibbanam padam 

Etadantika ti etam idani mayti adbigatam ara- 
battam antopariyosanaiii etesan ti etadantika 7 soka.^ 
Na dani tesam sambbavo attbi ti attbo. Y a t o s o k a n a 9 
s a m b b a V ti j'ato antonijjhanalakkbananam ^° sokanam 
sambbavo tesam c'upadanakkbandbasamkbilta vattbu 
adbittbanani iianatiranapabanaparinnabi ^^ parinnata, 
tasma sokii etadantika ti yojana. 

Vasettbiya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 


D a h a r a t u v a m r ii p a v a t i ti adika Khemaya 
tberiya gatba. Ayam kira Padumuttarassa bbagavato 

^ vattbutaya, cd. 2 pakinnakesi, cd. 

3 gati ti, cd. 4 Bbunjanti sattbu vane, cd. 

5 yo karonti, cd. 6 anupadutam, cd. 

7 edantika, cd. s qq^.^^ ^d. 9 sokana, cd. 

° °lakkbanam, cd. " nanat]rap°, cd. 


krile IlanisavatTnagare parfKlhluavuttikri paresam dfisi 
aliosi. Sri parcsain veyyfivaccakaraueua jivitaiu kappcnti 
ekadivasam Padumuttarassa saminasambuddbassa sava- 
kani Sujatattlicraiu piiidaya carantani disva tayo modakc 
datva tain divasam eva attano kcse vissajjetva tberassa 
danani datva " anrigate ^ maliapaniia buddliassa sfivika 
bbaveyyau " ti pattbanam katva yavajivain kusabikamme 
aggappatta butva devamanussesu sanisaranti anukkameDa 
cba kamavacaranam tesam tesaiii devarajunani mabesibba- 
vena upapanna manussaloke pi anekavaram cakkavattlnani 
mandalarajiinam ca mabesibbavam upagata mabasampat- 
tiyo anubbavitva Yipassissa bbagavato krde manussaloke 
uppajjitva vinnutam patva - sattbu santike dbammam sutva 
patiladdbasamvega pabbajitva dasa vassasabassani brabma- 
cariyam caranti babussuta dbammakatbika butva babuja- 
uassa dbammakatbanadina pannasamvattaniyakammani 
katva tato cavitva sugatisu yeva samsaranti imasmini 
kappe bbagavato ca Kakusandbassa bbagavato ca Kona- 
gamauassa kcile vibbavasampanne kule iiibbattitva vinnu- 
tam patvii mabantam sangbciramam katva buddbapamu- 
kbassa bbikkbusaiigbassa uiyyadesi. Bbagavato pana 
Kassapadasabalassa kale Kikissa Kasikaranno sabbajet- 
tbika Samaiii nama dbita butva sattbu santike dbammam 
sutva patiladdbasamvega agare yeva tbitri visati vassasa- 
bassani komarim^ brabmacariyam caranti samanaguttadibi 
attano bbatibi saddbim ramaniyam parivenam karetvil 
buddhapamukbassa bbikkbusaiigbassa niyyadesi. Evam 
eva tattba tattba bbave ayatanam gatam ularam puiiiia- 
kammam katva sugatisu yeva samsaritva imasmini bud- 
dbuppade Magadbarattbe Sagalanagare nyakule nibbatti. 
Kbema ti 'ssa namani abosi. Suvannavaiiiui kaiicana- 
sannibbattaca 4 vayappatta Bimbisararamio gebani gata 
sattbari Veluvane vibarante rupamatta butvt'i riipe dosaiu 
dasseti ti, sattbu dassanaya na gaccbati. Piaja manussebi 
Veluvanassa vanne pakasetva deviya^ vibaradassanaya 

' anagato, cd. ^ patta, cd. 3 komaram, cd. 

4 °nibbatta, cd. 5 vediya, cd. 

128 LIl. KHEMA. 

cittam iippadesi. Atlia devi " viharam passissami " ti 
rajanam patipucclii. Kajfi viharam gantvri sattliaram 
adisvti ''gantum na labhissasi " ti vatvfi puvisauam saiinam 
adrisi : " balakkarena devim ^ dasabalam dassetba ti." 
Devi viharam gantva divasabhagam khepetvii nivattenti 
sattharam adisva va gantum araddha. Atha nam raja- 
pnrisa anicchantim^ pi satthu sautikam nayimsii. Sattha 
tam agacchautim^ disva iddhiyil devaccharasadisam itthiiiH 
nimminitvatalapannamS gahetva vijamanam akasi. Khema 
devi disva cintesi: " evarupa nama devaccharfipatibhaga ^ 
itthiyo bhagavato avidilre titthaiiti, ah am etasam pariva- 
rita na ppahomi manam pi nikkaranapapacittassa vasena 
nattha" ti nimittam gahetva tam eva itthim7 olokayamiina 
atthasi. Ath' assa passantiya^ 'va satthu adhitthauaba- 
lena sa itthi pathamavayam atikkainma majjhimavayam pi 
atikkamma pacchimavayam patva khandadanta palitakesa 
valitataca hutva saddhim trdapannena? parivattitva pati. 
Tato Khema katadhikaratta evam cintesi : " evamvidham 
pi sariram idisam vipattim ^° papuiii, mayham pi sariram 
evamgatikam eva bhavissati " ti. Ath'assa cittakaram ^^ 
natva sattha : 

Ye ragarattannpatanti sotam 

sayamkatam makkatako va jalam 

etam pi chetvana paribbajanti 

anapekkhino kamasukham pahaya ti. (Dhp. 347.) 

gatham aha. Sa gathapariyosane saha patisambhidah 
arahattam papuni ti atthakathasu agatam. Apadane pana 
imani gatham sutva sotapattiphale patitthita rajanam anu- 
janapetva pabbajitva arahattam papuni ti agatam. Tat- 
thayam Apadanapali : 

^ devi, cd. ^ anicchanti, cd. 3 agacchanti, cd. 

4 itthi, cd. 5 talapannam, cd. ^ °accharap°, cd. 

7 itthi, cd. 8 vassantiya, cd. 9 talapannena, cd. 

^° vippatti, cd. ^ cittacaram, cd. 

THERl GATHA 52. 129 

Paduniuttaro nama jino sabbadhammusu cakkliumfi 
ito satasahassamhi kappe uppajji nayako. 1. 
TatLiham Hamsavatiyain jfita setthikule abuiu 
nanilratanapajjote ^ maliasiikliasamappita.= 2. 
Upetvjl tarn mabavlram assosim dbaminadesauam 
tato jfitappasadabam upemi saranam jinam. 3. 
Mataram pitaram cabam ayacitvii vinilyakam 
nimantayitva sattrdiam bhojayim saba savakam. 4. 
Atikkante ca sattahe mahripamianam uttamam 3 
bbikkbiinim -i etadaggambi tbapesi narasaratbi. 5. 
Tarn sutva mudita butvri puno tassa mabesino 
karam katvana tarn thanam panipacca panidabim. 5 G. 
Tato mama jino aba sijjbatam panidbi tava 
Sasangbe me katam karam appameyyam pbalam taya.^ 7. 
Satasahasse ito kappe Okkcikakulasambbavo 
Gotamo nama namena sattba loke bbavissati. 8. 
Tassa dbammesu dayada orasa dbammauimmita 
etadaggam anuppatta Khema nama bhavissasi.7 9. 
Tena kammena sukatena cetanapanidbibi ca 
jahitva manusam debam Tavatimsupaga abam. 10. 
Tato cuta Yamam agam ^ tato 'ham Tusitam 9 gata ^° 
tato ca Nimmanaratim Vasavattipuran tato. 11. 
Yattba yattbilpapajjami^^ tassa kammassa vabasa 
tattha tattb' eva rajilnam mabesittam akarayim. 12. 
Tato cuta manussatte rajunam cakkavattinam 
mandallnam ca rcijimam mabesittam akarayim. 13. 
Sampattim anubbotvana ^^ devesii manujesu ca 
sabbattha sukbita hutva nekakappesu samsarim. 14. 
Ekanavute ito kappe YipassI lokanayako 
uppajji carudassano sabbadbammavipassano. 15. 

I opajjotu, cd. 2 "sukbam sam°, P. 

3 uttama, P. . '^ bbikkbunl, P. 

5 panidbin ca panidbaham, P. ; paniddabim, A. 

6 tassa, P. 7 bbavissati, cdd. ^ YTuuasaggam, P. 
9 Tussitam, A. ^° gato, P. ^^ yattbiipajamimi, P. 

^2 anubbojetva, P. 

130 LII. KHEMA. 

Tarn aham lokanayakam npetva narasarathim 
dhammavaram sunitvana ^ pabbajim anagariyam. 16. 
Asiti vassasahassani tassa vTrassa sasane 
brahmacariyam 2 caritvana yuttayoga bahussuta 17. 
Paccayakarakusala catusaccavisarada 
nipiina cittakathika satthu sasanakarika. 18. 
Tato cutaham Tusitam 3 upapanna yasassinl 
atibhomi tahim aniie brahmacaribalen' 4 aham. 19. 
Yattha yatthopapannaham mahabhoga mahadhana 
medhavinis riipajivi^ vimtapurisa 7 pi ca 20. 
Bhavami tena kammena yogena jinasasane 
sabba sampattiyo mayham sulabha manaso piya. 21. 
Yo pi me bhavate ^ bhatta yattha yattha gataya pi 
vimaneti na mam koci patipattibalena 9 me. 22. 
Imasmim bhaddake kappe brahmabandhu mahayaso 
namena Konagamano uppajji vadatam varo. 23. 
Tadaham Baranasiyam susamiddhakulappaja ^° 
Dhanaiijani Sumedha ca ^^ aham pi ca tayo jana 24. 
Saiigharamam adasimha danam sahassikam ^^ pure 
saiighassa ca viharam pi uddissa karika ^3 mayam.^4 25. 
Tato cuta mayam sabba ^5 Tavatimsiipaga ahum 
yasasa aggatam patta manussesn tath'eva ca. 26. 
Imasmim yeva kappamhi brahmabandhu mahayaso 
Kassapo nama namena uppajji vadatam varo. 27. 
Upatthako ^^ mahesissa tada asi narissaro 
Kasiraja Kikl nama Baranasipuruttame. 28. 

1 dhammam bhanitam sutvana, A. 

2 brahmacaram, A. 3 Tussitam, A. 

4 adbikasi tato annam brahmacariphalen', P. 

5 silavati, A. 6 riipavati, B. 7 vimtaparisa, A. 
s yo pi bhavate, P. 9 ophalena, P. 

1° susamiddham kulam paja, P. ; asamiddhikulam, B. 
" Sumedhavi, P. 

12 dana sahassika, A. ; nekasahassike mukhe, P. 
^3 uddissikayika, B. 

14 viharamhi uddissakassika maham, P. 

15 sagge, P. i6 upatthako, P 

TIIERl GATHA. 52. 131 

Tassiisim ^ jettbikil dliTtil Saiiiani iti vissutfi 
dhammam sutvfi jiuaggassa pabbajjam samarocayiin. 29. 
Aniijruii ua no tato agare va tada mayani 
vTsam - vassasabassfini vicarimba atanditri 30. 
Komarims brabmacariyam rajakauila sukbedbita 
buddbopattbriuanirata miidita satta dbTtaro. 31. 
SamanI Samanagutta ca 4 Bbikkbuul Bbikkbadayika 
Dbamma c'eva Sudbamma ca sattami Sangbadayika. 32. 
Abam Uppahxvaiina ca Patacfira ca Kundabi 
Kisfigotaml ca Dbammadinna Yisakba boti ^ sattamT. 33. 
Kadaci so naradicco dbammam desesi abbbutam 
Mabanidanasuttantam sutva ; tarn pariyapunim. 34. 
Tebi kammebi sukatebi cetanapanidbibi ca 
jabitva maniisam deham Trivatimsam agancbi'bam. 35. 
Paccbime ca bbave dani Sagabwam ^ puruttame 
railiio Maddassa dbit' ambi 7 manapa dayita piya.^ 36. 
Saba me 9 jatamattambi kbeman tambi ^° pure abii 
tato lOiema ti namam me gunato upapajjatba.^^ 37. 
Yadabam yobbanam patta ^^ rupaviblsabbiisita ^^ 
tada adasi mam tato ^'^ Bimbisarassa rajino. 38. 
Tassabam suppiya asim rupakelayane rata 
rupanam dosavadi ti ^5 na iipesim mabadayam.^^ 39. 
Bimbisaro tada raja mamanuggababuddbiya ^7 
vannayitva Veluvanani gayake piipayi mamam. 40. 
Eammani Veluvanani yena na dittbam sugatalayani 
na tena Nandanam dittbam iti ^^ mamiamase mayam. 41. 
Yena Veluvanani dittbam naranandananandanani 
sudittham nandam nandena ^9 amarindasunandanam. 42. 

' tassapi, P. ^ yig^^ A. 

3 Komari, A ; Komaram, P. 4 Samanaratta ca, P. 

5 Visakba capi, P. ^ Sakalayam, A. 

7 dbitapi, P. ^ dassita pitii, P. 9 yassa me, P. 

1° kbepam tambi, P. ^^ udapajjatba, P. ^- satta, P. 
^3 rupalavinnabbiisika, P. ^4 mam tava, P. 

^5 oyjiri ti, P. ^^ mabadeyam, B. ; mabayasam, P. 

17 mabanuggo, A. ^^ na tena Nandam dittbam ti, P. 
^9 nandanam tena, A. 

132 LII. KHEMA. 

Vihaya nandanam deva otaritva mabitalam 
rammam Veluvanam disva na tappanti suvimhita.^ 43. 
Eajapuiinena nibbattam buddhapimnena bbusitam 
ko vatta tassa nissesam ^ vanassa gunasancayam. 44. 
Tarn siitva vanasamiddbim ^ mama sotam manobaram4 
dattbukama tarn uyyanam raiiiio arocayim tada. 45. 
Mabata parivarena tada ca so mabipati 
mam pesesi tarn uyyanam dassanaya samussukam. 46. 
Gaccba passa mababboge vanam ^ nettarasayanam 
yam s'ada bbati siriya sugata bbanuranjitam. 47. 
Yada ca pindaya mimi Giribbajapuruttamam 
pavittbo 'bam ^ tada yeva 7 vanam dattbum upagamim. 48. 
Tadabam pbullavipinam ^ nanabbamarakujitam 
kokilagitasabitam mayuragananaccitam 49. 
Appasaddam anakinnam nanacankamabbusitam 
kutimandapasaiikinnam yogivaravirajitam 9 50. 
Vicaranti amannissam sapbalam nayanain mama. 
Tattbabam tarunam bbikkhum yuttam disva vicintayim : 51. 
Idise vipine ^° ramme tbito 'yam navayobbane 
vasantam iva kantena " riipena ca samanvito.^^ 52. 
Nisinno rukkbamulambi mundo samgbatiparuto 
jbayate vat' ayam bbikkbu ^^ bitva visayajam ratim. 53. 
Nanu nama gabattbena kamam bbutva yatbasukbam 
paccba jinnena dbammo 'yam caritabbo subbaddako. 54. 
Sunnatam ti viditvana gandbagebam ^^ jinalayam 
upetva jinam addakkbim udayantam va bbakaram.^5 55. 
Ekekam ^^ sukbam asinam vijamanam^7 varittbiya^^ 
disvan'evam vicintesi : nay am lukbo narasabbo. 56. 

I siivnnbata, P. ^ nisesam, P. 3 samiddbi, P. 

4 sotamanobaram, A. 5 dbanam, P. 

6 pavittbabam, A. 7 yena, B. 

s pbnllapavanam, P. B. 9 yativara°, P. 

1° idise pavane, P. " vasanti niccakantena, B. 

12 samantato, P. ^3 bbikkbum, P. ^4 gandbagebe, P. 
^5 pabbakaram, B. ; pabbarikaram, P. ^^ ekakam, A. 
^7 bijamanam, A. is varattiya, P. 


Sa kafina kanakabbfisfi padumananalocanri 
bimbottbikuiidadassauri ^ mauouettarasriyana 57. 
Hemadobl va savaua^ kalasilkfirasuttbanl 3 
vedimajjbfi 4 va sussoni 5 rambborii crirubbusana 58. 
Eattamsakupasamvyrxna, ^ nibi mattbanivasaua 
atappaneyyariipena basabbavasamanvita. 59. 
Disvii tarn eva cintesim : abo 'yam abbiriipiui 7 
na mayanena nettena dittbapubbii kudacanaiu. GO. 
Tato jarabbibbiita sa vivaniui vikatanana ^ 
cbinnadanta setasira sabila vadanasuci Gl. 
Samkbittakaiina 9 setakkbl lambasubbapayodbara 
valivitatasabbaiigi ^° siravitatadebini^i^ G2. 
Natanga dandadutiya uppasulika kisika 
pavedbamana patita nissasauti mubum mubum. 63. 
Tato me asi samvego abbbuto lomabamsano ^^ 
dbir attbu riipam asucim ramante yattha balisa.^3 G4. 
Tada mabakciruniko disva samviggamanasam 
udaggacitto sugato ima gatba abbasatba : 65. 
Aturam asucim piitim passa Kbeme samussayam 
uggbarantam paggharantam balanam abbinanditam.i4 66. 
Asubbaya cittam bbavebi ekaggam susamabitam 
Bati kayagata ty attbu nibbidababula bbava.^5 67. 
Yatba idam tatba etam yatba etam tatba idam 
ajjbattam ca babiddba ca kaye cbandam viriijaya.^^ 68. 
Animittail ca bbavebi mauanusayam ujjaba 
tato manabbisamaya upasanta carissasi. 69. 
Ye ragarattanupatanti sotam 
sayamkatam makkatako va jaiam 

I °dasana, A. - doljibasavana, A. ; dolabbcivasana, P. 

3 kalakakaras°, A.; kalakayasuttani, P.; kalabbakaras°, B. 

4 vedimajja, A. 5 susoiiT, A. 

6 nukkamsabhasusam dbitcl, P. ^ aboramanii'upinT, P. 
8 vigat°, P. 9 oi^aniicl, P. 

^o valitataca sabbanga, P. ; valivigatasabbangi, B. 

II siravigatadehini, B. ^^ asubhora lomabamsano, P. 
13 palisa, P. 14 abbipattbitam, P. 

15 nibbudaphalava bhava, P. ^^ virajaye, P. 

134 LII. KHEMA. 

Ekam pi chetvana paribbajanti 
anapekkhino kamasukham pahaya. 70. 
Tato kallikacittam ^ mam natvana narasarathi 
mahanidanam desesi suttantam vinayaya me. 71. 
Siitva suttantam ^ setthan tarn 3 pubbasaiinam anussarim 
tattha thita'va hamsanti dhammacakkhum visodbayim. 72. 
Nipatitva mahesissa padamiilamhi tavade 
accayam desanatthaya idam vacanam abravim : 73. 
Namo te sabbadassavi namo te karunakara 4 
" namo te tinnasamsara namo te amatamdada.s 74. 
Ditthigahanapakkhanna ^ kamaragavimocita 7 
taya samma^ upayena? vinita vinaye rata. 75. 
Adassanena vibhoga tadisanam ^° mahesinam 
anubhonti mahadukkham satta samsarasagare. 76. 
Yadaham lokasaranam aranam aranantagum ^^ 
naddassami ^^ adurattham desissami tarn accayam. 77. 
Mababitam varadadam ahito ti visankita 
nopesim rupanirata desissami tarn accayam. 78. 
Tada madburanigghoso mahakaruniko jino 
avoca "tittba Kheme " ti sincanto amatena mam.^s 79. 
Tada panamya sirasa katva ca nam padakkbinam 
gantva disva narapatim idam vacanam abravim : 80. 
Abo samma upayo te cintito 'yam arindama 
vanadassanakamaya ^4 dittbo nibbanatbo ^5 muni. 81. 
Yadi te ruccate ^^ raja sasanam tassa ^7 tadino 
pabbajissami riipe 'bam nibbinna ^^ munivadina. 82. 
Anjalim paggabetvana tadaha ^9 sa mabipati : 
anujanami te bbadde pabbajja tava sijjbatu. 83. 

^ kannikac° B. ; kallita°, P. ^ suttantasetthan, A. 

2 setthan ti, P. 4 karunasaya, P. 

5 amatam padam, P. ^ op^kkbanda, A. P. 

7 °vimobita, B. 8 samma, P. 

9 sambuddhapayena, B. ^o vibbiita adisvana, P. 

" aranantaggam, P. ^^ nadassami, P. ; na dassasim, B. 
'3 sincanto vacane manam, P. ^4 tava dass°, B. 

^5 nibbanito, P. i6 nuccate, P. ^7 sasanetassa, A. 
i8 nibbinnam, P. 19 tadaham, P. 

TIIERI GATHA. 5*2. 135 

Pabbajitva tadfi caliam addhamase ^ upattbite 
dlpodayaii ca bbedam ca disva samviggamauasa 84. 
Nibbinnfi - sal)basamkbrii'e 3 paccayakrirakovidri 
caturogbe4 atikkamma arabattam apfipuniiu. 85. 
IddbTsu ca vasi asim dibb.iya sotadbatuya 
cetopariyaiianassa vasi ctlpi bhavam' abaiu. 8(). 
Pubbenivfisam jrmami dibbacakkbu visodbitani 
sabbasavii parikkbliici u'attbi daui pimabbbavo. 87. 
Attbadbammaniruttisu patibbane tath'eva ca 
parisuddbam mama nanam uppannam buddbasasane. 88. 
Kusalabam visuddhisu Katbavattbuvisriradri 
Abbidbammanayanim ca vasi patt'ambi sasane. 89. 
Tato Bbojanavattbusmim ^ railna Kosalasaminii 
puccbita nipune pafibe vyakaronti yatbatatham. 90. 
Tada pi raja sugatam upasamkamma puccbatba 
tatb'eva bnddbo vyakasi yatba te vyakata maya. 91. 
Jino tasmim gune tuttbo etadagge tbapesi mam 
mabapanilanam agga ti bbikkbmiinam naruttamo. 92. 
Kilesa jbapita mayham — pa — katam bnddbassa sasa- 
nan ti. 93. 

Sa imissa theriya sati pi aiiiiasam khlnasavatherlnam 
puniiavepbunapattiyam, tattba pana katjidbikaratfiya ma- 
bapannabbavo pakato abosi. Tatba bi tani bbagava Jeta- 
vanamahavibare ariyaganamajjbe nisinno patipatiya bhik- 
kbiiniyo tbanantare tbapento : *' etad aggam bbikkbave 
mama savikanam bbikkbmiinam mabapannanam j^ad idam 
Kbema bbikkbuni ti mabapannaya aggattbfine tbapesi. 
Tarn ekadivasam annatarasmim rukkbamiile divavibaram 
nisinnam Maro papima taruiiariipena upasankamitva ka- 
mebi palobhento : 

Dabarfi tuvam rupavatl abam pi dabaro yuva 
pancaiigikena turiyena ebi Kbeme ramamase ti. 139. 

I sattamase, P. ^ nibbinda, A. P. 

3 osamsare, P. 4 catiiroge, A. 

5 Karanavatthusmim, B. ; Toranavattbusmim, A. 


gatham aha. Tass' attlio : Kheme tvam taruna ^ yo- 
bbane ^ thita rnpasampanna, aham pi taruno,3 tasma 
mayam 4 yobbannam akhepetva 5 pancangikena tnriyena 
vajjamanena chahi kamakhiddaratihi^ ramama kilama ti. 
Tarn sutva sa kamesu sabbadhammesu ca attano viratta- 
bhavam tassa ca Marabhavam attabhinivesesu sattesu 
attano thamagatam pasadakam katakiccataii ca paka- 
senti : 

Imina putikayena aturena pabhanguna 
attiyami harayami. Kamatanha samuhata. 140. 
Sattisuliipama ^ kama kbandhauam ^ adhikuttana 
yam tvam kamaratim9 brusi arati dani sa mama. 141. 
Sabbattha vihata nandi tamokkhandho padalito 
evam janabi papima, nihato tvam asi antaka. 142. 
Nakkhattani namassaata aggim ^° paricaram vane 
yatbabhuccam ajananta ^^ bala suddhim ^^ amannatha. 143. 
Abaii ca kbo namassanti sambuddbam purisuttamam 
parimutta sabbadnkkbebi sattbu sasanakarika ti. 144. 

Ima gatba abbasi. Tattha aggim paricaram 
vane ti tapovane aggibuttam paricaranto. Yatbabhu- 
ccam ajananta ti pavattiyo yathabhiitam aparija- 

Sesam ettha hetthavuttanayena, sesam uttanam eva. 

Khemaya theriya gathavannana samatta. 


A 1 a n k a t a s u v a s a n a ti adika Siijataya theriya 
gatha. Ayam pi pm-imabuddhesu katadhikara tattha 

^ tarunapatta, cd. 2 yobbana, cd. 

3 taruno yutto, cd. 4 tasmayam, cd. 

5 akhemetva, cd. 6 oi^-^tiya, cd. ^ satthi°, cd. 

2 khandhasam, cd. 9 kamarati, cd. 1° aggi, cd. 

" pajanadanta, cd. 12 suddhi, cd. 


tattha bbave vivattiipaiiissayain kusalani upacinantT anuk- 
kamena sambhutavimokkbasambliara butvfi imasmim 
buddbuppfide Saketanagare settbikule iiibl)attri vayappatta 
matripitubi samfinajatikassa settbiputtassa dinna butva 
patiknlain ^ gata tattba tena saddhim siikbasamvrisam va- 
santT ekadivasam uyyanam gantva nakkhattakllam kilitva 
parijanena saddbim iiagaram agaccbantT xinjanavane sat- 
tbflram disva pasannamrmasa upasaiikamitvfi vanditva 
ekamantam nisidi. Sattha tassa annpubbikatbam ka- 
tbetva kallacittam natvfi upari samukkamsikadbamma- 
desanam pakasesi. Sa desanrivasane attano katadbikara- 
tava nanaparipakam gatatta'va sattbu desanavibisena yatha 
nisinna ca saha patisambbidabi arabattam patva sattbaram 
vanditva gebam gantvci samikam ca matapitaro ca anuja- 
nt^petva sattbu finaya ^ bbikkbuniipassayam gantva bbik- 
kbunlnam ^ santike pabbaji. Pabbajitva ca attano pati- 
pattim paccavekkbitva udanavasena : 

Alankata suvasana malini candanokkbita 
sabbabbaranasaiicbanna dasiganapurakkbata.4 145. 
Annapanan ca adaya kbajjabbojjam anappakam 
gebato nikkbamitvana uyyanam abbibarayi. 146. 
Tattba ramitva kilitva agaccbanti sakam gbaram 
vibararukkbam pavisi Silkete iVnjanam vanam. 147. 
Disvana lokapajjotam vanditvana upavisi 
so me dbammam adesesi anukampaya cakkbunu". 148. 
Sutva ca kbo mabesissa saccam appativijjb'abain 
tattb'eva virajam dbammam pbusayis amatam padam. 149. 
Tato vinnatasaddbamma pabbaji anagariyam 
tisso vijja anuppatta amogbam buddbasfisanam. 150. 

ti ima gatba abbasi. Tattba a 1 a n k a t a ti vibbusita. 
Tarn pana alaiikatakclram dassetuin s u v a s a n n m fi 1 i n I 
candanokkbita ti vuttani. Tattba malini ti 
maladbjirinl. C a n d a n o k k b i t a ti candanfmulittti. 

^ patikulam, cd. ^ anaya, cd. 3 bbikkbiinam, cd. 
4 opurakkbita, cd. 5 pbussayi, cd. 


SabbabharanasanchpcDna ti hatthupagadihi sab- 
bebi abharanehi alaiikaravasena sanchaditasarlra. 

A n n a p a n a m c a a d a y a k h a j j a b h o j j a m 
anappakan ti saliodanadiannam ambapanadipanam 
pitthakhadaniyadikhajjam avasittham abarasaiikhatam 
bhojjan ca pahutam gahetva. Uyyanam abbiha- 
r a y i n ti nakkhattakilavasena uyyanam upanesi. Anna- 
panadi tattba ^ anetva saha parijanena kllanti ramanti 
paricariyanti ti adhippayo.^ Sakete Aiijanam vanan 
ti Saketasamipe Anjanavane vibaram pavisi. 

L o k a p a j j t a n ti iianapajjotena lokassa pajjota- 
bbutam. Phusayins ti pbusi. Adbikam gaccban ti 
attho. Sesam vuttanayam eva. 

Sujataya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 


U c c e k u 1 e ti adika Anopamaya tberiya gatba. 
Ayam pi purimabuddbesu katadbikara tattba tattba bbave 
vivattupanissayam kusalam upacinanti anukkamena vimut- 
tiparipacaniyena dbamme paribmbitva imasmim buddbup- 
pade Saketanagare Majjbassa nama settbino dhita biitva 
nibbatti. Rupasampattiya Anopama ti namam abosi. 
Tassa vayappattakale babu settbiputta rajamabamatta 
rajano ca pitu diitam pabesum : " attano dbitaram Ano- 
pamam4 debi, idan c'idaii ca 5 dassama" ti. Sa tarn sutva 
upanissayasampannataya " gbaravasena maybam attbo 
n'attbi ti " sattbu santikam gantva dbammam sutva nanassa 
paripaKam gatatta desanannsarena vipassanam arabbitva 
tarn ussukkapenti maggapatipatiya tatiyapbale patittbasi. 
Sa sattbaram pabbajjam yacitva sattbu anaya bbikkbunu- 
passayam upagantva bhikkbunlnam santike pabbajitva 
sattame divase arabattam saccbikatva attano patipattim 
paccavekkbitva udanavasena : 

battba, cd. ^ paricare santi adbippayo, cd. 

pbussajin, cd. 4 Annpamam, cd. 5 inc' idaflca, cd 


THERI GATHA. 54. 139 

Ucce kule abam jata bahuvitte maliaddbane 

vannaru2)ena sampanna dbita Majjbassa atraja. 151. 

Pattbitfi rajapnttehi settbipattebi gijjbitfi 

pitu me pesayi dutam : " Detba maybam Anopamam. 152. 

Yattakam ^ tulitfi esa tuybain dblta Anopama 

tato attbagnnam dassam bh'annam ratanani ca." 153. 

Sabam ^ disvana sambuddbam lokajettbam anuttaram 

tassa pjidani vanditva ekamante upavisi. 154. 

So me dbammam adesesis anukampaya Gotamo. 

Nismna asane tasmim pbusayi4 tatiyam pbalam. 155. 

Tato kescini cbetvana pabbajim anagariyam 

ajja me sattami -"^ ratti yato taiiba visosita. 156. 

ti ima gatba abbasi. Tattba ucce kule ti ularaname 
vessakule. Babuvitte ti alaiikaradibabuvittupakarane. 
M a b a d d b a n e ti nidbanagate yeva. Cattarlsakotipari- 
manassa mabato dbanassa attbibbaveua mabaddbane abam 
jata ti yojana. V a n n a r u p e n a sampanna ti vanna- 
sampanna c'eva rupasampanna ca. Siniddbabbasuraya 
cbavisampattiya abbaranadisariravayavasampattiya ca 
sampannagata ti attbo. Dbita Majjbassa atraja 
ti Majjbanamassa settbino orasil dblta. P a 1 1 b i t a r a j a- 
puttebi ti: " Katbam nu kbo tarn labbeyyama " ti 
rajakumarebi abbipattbitfi. S e 1 1 b i p u 1 1 e b i g i j j b i t a 
ti tatba settbikumarebi pi gijjbita paccasimsita. D e t b a 
maybam A n o p a m a n ti rrijaputtadayo '* detba may- 
bam Anopamam detba may ban " ti pitu santike dutam 

Yattakam^ t u 1 i t a esa ti tuybam dbita Anopama 
yattakam dbanam aggbati ti tubtatulita lakkbananniibi 
pariccbinna. Tato a 1 1 b a g u n a m d a s s a m I 7 ti 
pitu me pesayi diitan ti yojana. Sesam bettbavuttanayam 

Anopamaya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 

^ yattbakam, cd. ^ g.\ mam, cd. 3 adesi, cd. 

4 pbussayi, cd. 5 sattama, cd. ^ yattbakam, cd. 

7 attbagunam devam dass°, cd. 



Biiddhavira namo ty atthu ti adika Mahapaja- 
patigotamiya gatlia. Ayam pi kira Padumnttarabhaga- 
vato kale Hamsavatinagare kulagehe nibbattitva vimiiitam 
patta satthu santike dhammam sunanti sattharam ekam 
bbikkhnnim rattaiiniinam aggattbane tbapentam disva 
adhikarakammam katva tarn thanantaram patthapetva 
yavajivam danadini punnani katva kappasatasahassam 
devamanussesu samsaritva Kassapassa ca bbagavato am- 
hakan ca bbagavato antare buddbasunne loke Baranasi- 
yam pancannam dasisatanam jettbaka butva nibbatti. 
Atba sa vassupanayikasamaye paiica paccekabuddbe Nan- 
damiilakapabbbarato Isipatane otaritva nagare pindaya 
caritva Isipatanam eva gantva vassiipanayikakutiya 
attbaya battbakammam pariyesante disva ta dasiyo tasam 
attano samike samadayitva cankamanadipancarasam- 
panna^ paiica kutiyo karetva mancapitbapaniyaparibbo- 
janiyabbajanadmi upattbapetva paccekabuddbe temasam 
tattba vasanattbaya patiiinam karetva varabbikkham 
pattbapesum. Sa attano varadivase bbikkbam datum na 
sakkoti. Tassa sayam sakagebato nibaritva deti, evam 
temasam patijaggitva pavarana3^a sampattaya ekekam dasi 
ekekam satakam visajjapesi. Panca tbulasatakasatani 
abesum, tani parivattapetva paiicannam paccekabuddba- 
nam ticivarani katva adasi. Paccekabuddba tasam pas- 
santmam yeva akasena Gandbamadanapabbatam aga- 
mamsu, ta pi sabba yavajivam kusalam katva devaloke 
nibbattimsu. Tasam jetthika tato cavitva Baranasiya 
avidiire pesakaragame pesakarajettbikaya gehe nibbatti. 
\innutam patva Padumavatiya putte paiicasate pacce- 
kabuddbe disva sampiyayamana sabbe vanditva bbikkbam 
adasi. Te bbattakiccam katva Gandbamadanam eva 
agamamsu. Sa pi yavajivam kusalam katva devamanus- 
sesu samsaranti ambakam sattbu nibbattato puretaram 
eva Devadabanagare Mabasuppabuddbassa gebe pati- 

^ cankaman°, cd. 


THEIII GATHA. 55. 141 

saiidbiin gtinbi. Gctaml ti'ssa ^ gottfikatam eva nrimam 
aliosi, Mabfimayaya kanittbabhaginl. Lakkbaiiapatbaka pi 
" imcisam dvinnam pi kuccbiyam vasita daraka cakkavatti 
])bavissanti " ti vyakarimsu. Suddbodanamabriraja vayap- 
pattakfile dve pi mai'igalaiii katva attaiio gbaraiu atinesi. 
Aparabhage ambilkam sattbari uppajjit\ri pavattavara- 
dbammacakke anupubbena tattba tattba veneyyanam 
aiuiggabam karoute YesfiUm - upauissfiya kutagru'asrilayam 
vibarante Suddbodanamabarajfi setaccbattassa hettba 
arabattam saccbikatva parinibbfisi. Atba Mabripajfipatl 
pabbajitukamri butva satthfiram ekavaram pabbajjani 
yricamjlnci alabbitva dutiyavaram kesam cbindapetvfi 
kasayani accbadetva kalabavivadasuttantadesanfipariyo- 
saue nikkbamitva pabbajitaiiam ^ paiicaunam Sakyakuma- 
rasatanam padaparicarikabi saddbim Yesalim 4 gantva 
Auandattberam sattbaram yacapetva attbabi garudbam- 
mebi pabbajjan ca 5 iipasampadan ca patilabbi. Itara pana 
sabba pi ekato upasampanua abesum, ayarn ettba 
samkhepo. Yittbarato pan'etam vattbupaliyam agatam 
eva. Evam iipasampanna paua MabapajapatigotamT 
sattbaram iipasankamitTa abbivadetva ekamantam attbiisi. 
Ath'assa sattba dbammam desesi. Sa sattbu santike 
kammattbanam gabetva bbavauam anuyuiljantl naci- 
rass'eva aMnnuapatisambbidjiparivaram arabattam pa- 
puni. Sesa pana pancasata bbikkbuniyo iiaudakovada- 
pariyosane cbalabbiiina abesiim. Atb'ekadiva^am sattba 
.Jetavanamabavibare ariyaganamajjbe nisinno bbikkbuniyo 
tbanantare tbapento Mabapajapatigotamim ^ rattaiiiiu- 
nam bbikkbiinmam aggattbane tbapesi. Sa pbabasukbena 
nibbanasukbena vltinamenti kataMuiaya tbatva ekadiva- 
sam sattbu gunabbittbavanapubbakaupakaranabhavamu- 
khena aiiiiam vyakarontl : 

Buddbavira namo ty attbu sabbasattfinam uttama 7 

yo mam dukkba pamocesi amiam ca babukam janam. 157. 

' ti sa, cd. 2 Yesali, cd. ^ pabbajjitrmam, cd. 

4 Yesali, cd. 5 pal)brgan, cd. '^ °gotamI, cd. 

7 uttamam, cd. 


Sabbadukkham pariniiatam hetutanha visosita 
ariyatthaiigiko ^ maggo nirodho phusito ^ maya. 158. 
Mata putto pita bhata aj^yika ca pure ahum ^ 
yathabhuccam ajananti-i samsah'ham anibbisam. 159. 
Dittho hi me so bbagava antimo'yam samussayo 
nikkhino jatisamsaro n'atthi dani punabbhavo. 160. 
Araddhaviriye pahitatte niccam dalhaparakkame 
samagge savake passa, esa buddbana vandana. 161. 
Bahunnam vata attbaj-a Maya janayi Gotamam 
vyadbimaranatunnanam ^ dukkhakkbandbam vyapanudi 
ti. 162.' 

Ima gatba abhasi. Tattba buddhavira ti catn- 
saccabuddbesu virasabbannubiiddbo butva uttamaviriyehi 
catusaccabuddbe va catubbidbasamappadbanaviriyanibbat- 
tiya vijitavijayatta vira nama. Bbagava pana viriyapara- 
miparipuriya caturangasamannagataviriyadhitthanena ^ 
satisayacatubbidhasamappadbanakiccanibbattiya tassa ca 
vinayasantane sammad eva patittbapitatta visesato viriya- 
yuttataya viro ti vattabbatam arahati. Namo ty atthu 
ti namo namakkaro te botu. Sabbasattanam 
n 1 1 a m a ti apadadibhedesu sattesu siladigunehi uttamo 
bbagava. Tad ekasesam satthii pakaragunam dassetnm 
yo mam dukkba pamocesi aniaam ca babu- 
k a m j a n a n ti vatva attano dukkarapamuttabbavam 
bbaventi s a b b a d u k k h a n ti gatbam aba. Puna yato 
pamocesi tarn tattba dukkbam ekadesena dassenti mata 
putto ti gatbam aba. 

Tattba yathabhuccam a j a n a n 1 1 7 ti pavatti- 
hetuadi yathabbiitam anavabojjhanti. Samsari'ham 
anibbisan^ ti samsarasamuddapatittham avindanti 
alabhanti ragadisu aparaparuppattivasena samsari 
ahan ti katbentl aha "mata putto9 ti adi.' 

^ bhavit' attho, cd. ^ phussito, cd. 3 ahu, cd. 

4 pajananti, cd. 5 maranacatun°, cd. 

6 °sampannago, cd. 7 pajananti, cd. 

s anibbisan, cd. 9 matu putto, cd. 

THERI GATIIA. 55. 143 

Yasmim bhave etassa mata aliosi tato anfiasmiin l)lia- 
ve hi tass'eva ^ putto, tato aimasmim bhavc i)itri l)brita 
abu ti attbo. D i 1 1 b o me ti gfitbaya pi attano dukkliato 
pamuttabhavam eva vibbfiveti. Tattha d i 1 1 b o b i in e 
so b h a g a V ii ti so bbagava sammrisambuddbo attana 
dittbalolaittaradbanimadassauena nanacakkbuna may a 
paccakkbato dittbo. Yo bi dbammam passati bbagavan- 
tam passati nama yatbfiba : " Yo kbo Vakkbali dbammam 
passati so mam passati " ti adi. 

A r addb avi riy e ti paggabitaviriye. Pabitatte 
ti nibbanam pesitacitte. N i c c a m d a 1 b a p a r a k k a m e 
ti appattassa pattiya phalasamapattattaya sabbabilam 
tbiraparakkame. Samagge ti siladittbisamannena 
sambatabbavena - samagge sattbu desanaya savanatte 
jatatta. S a v a k e ti ime maggattba ime pbalattba ti 
yatbavato passati. E s a b n d d b a n a 3 v a n d a n a ti sa 
sattbu dbammasarirabbiitassa ariyasavakanam ariyabba- 
vabbutassa ca lokuttaradhammassa attbapaccakkbakiriya 
esa sammasambuddbanam savakabuddbanan ca vandana 

Babunnam vata attbaya ti osanagatbaya pi 
sattbu lokassa babupakaranam yeva vibbaveti. Yam 
pan'ettba attbato na vibbattam tarn suvimieyyam eva. 

Atb* ekada Mabapajapatigotami sattbari Vesrdiyam 
vibarante mabavane kutagarasalayam sayam VesaHyam 
l)bikkbunnpassaye vibarantT pubbanbasamayam Vesaliyam 
pindaya caritva l)battam bbunjitva attano divattbane 
yatbaparicchinnakalam pbalasamapattisukbena vitinfi- 
metva pbalasamapattito vuttbaya attano patipattim^ 
paccavekkbitva somanassajata attano saiikbtire rivajjanti 
tesam kbinasavabbavam 5 natva evam cintesi : yan niina- 
bam vibaram gantva bbagavantam anujata manobbfivayena 
ca tbere sabbe va sabrabmacariye apuccbityfi ^ idba agac- 
cbanta parinibbapeyyan ti. Y^atba ca theriyfi evain tassti 

^ bi sseva, cd. ^ samambata°, cd. 

3 buddbanam, cd. 4 patipatti, cd. 

5 kbinabhavam, cd. ^ apuccbetvfi, cd. 


parivarabhutanam paficannam bbikkhunisatanam parivi- 
takko abosi. Tena vuttam Apadane : — 

Ekada lokapajjoto Vesalijam mahavane 
kutagaresu sabiyam vasate narasaratbi.^ 1. 
Tada jinassa matuccha Mabagotami bbikkbum 
tabim gate^ pure ramme vasi bbikkbunupassaye.^ 2. 
Bhikkbumbi vimuttabi satebi saba pancabi 
rabogataya tass'evam cittassasi^ vitakkitam.5 3. 
Buddbassa parinibbanam ^ savakaggayugassa 7 va 
Eabnlanandanandanam ^ nabam laccbami passitum 4. 
Buddbassa parinibbanam savakaggayugassa va9 
Mabakassapanandanam Acandarabubina ca.^° 5. 
Patipuccbabam ^^ sankbare osajjitvana nibbutim 
gaccbeyyam ^^ lokanatbena anuiiiiata mabesina. 6. 
Tatba paiicasatanam pi bbikkbuninam vitakkitam 
asi Kbemadikanam pi etad eva vitakkitam. 7. 
Bbumicalo tada asi iiadita ^3 devadudrabbi 
upassayadbivattbayo ^4 devata sokapilita. 8. 
Vilapanta sukarunam tattb'assuni pavattayum 
mitta bbikkbuniyo tebi upagantvana Gotamim. 9. 
Nipacca sirasa pade idam vacanam abravum ^^ 
tattba toyalavasitta mayam ayye ^^ rabo gata. 10. 
Sacala caUta bbumi nadita ^^ devadudrabbi 
parideva ca suyyante ^^ kirn attbam ^9 nuna Gotami. 11. 
Tada avoca sa saddam yatha parivitakkitani 
tayo pi sabba abamsu ^o yatba parivitakkitani. 12. 
Yadi te rucitam ayye nibbanam paramam sivam 
nibbayissama sabba pi buddbanunnaya subbate. 13. 

^ vasatena saratbi, P. ^ tabim kate, A. 

3 bbikkbunapassaye, P. 4 cittassapi, A. P. 

5 vikkitam, P. ^ parinibbana, P. ^ savakappay°, P. 
2 — 9 Eabul° — oyugassa va, om. P. 

1° orabulo pi ca, P. ii opuccbayusankb, A. 

12 agaccb°, P. 13 adita, P. ^4 ovattbaya, P. 

15 abravi, P. ^^ mayameyya, P. ^7 adita, P. 

18 suyante, P. 19 kim attba, P. 20 abamsu, A. 

THERI GATHA. 55. 145 

Mayain ptahaya nikkbauta ^ gharil pi ca bbavfi pi ca 

sabave'va gamissama nibbrmani padam^ uttamam. 14. 

Nibbfinaya vadantlnam kim vakkbrimi ti sji vadi - 

saba sabbabi niggaucbi bbikkbunlhiyana tadfi. 15. 

Upassaye ya 'dbivatthu devata ta kbamantu me 

bbikkbunilayanassedam paccbimam dassanam mama. 16. 

Xa jarfi maccii va yattba 4 appi3'ebi samfigamo 5 

piyebi na viyogo 'ttbi tarn vajissam asaiikbatam. 17. 

Avitaraga tarn siitva vacanam sugatorasa 

sokatta paridevimsu *' abo no appapumiatci." 18. 

Bbikkbuninilayo sunfio bbiito tabi viiicl a^^am 

passa te viya trinivo^ na dissanti jiuorasa. 19. 

Xibbanam Gotami yati satebi saba pancabi 

nadlsatebi va saba Gangjl pancabi sagaram. 20. 

Ratbiyaya vajanti7 tarn disva saddba upasika 

gbara nikkbamma padesu nipacca idam abravum. 21. 

'•' Pasidassii maliabboge anathayo vibaya no ; 

taya na yutta nibbatum " iccbatta vibipimsu ta. 22. 

Tasam sokapabanattbam avoca madbiiram giram : 

ruditena alam putta basakalo'yam ajja vo. 23. 

Pariilnatam mab^idukkbam dnkkbabetu vivajjito 

nirodbo me saccbikato maggo cjlpi subbavito. 24. 

Pariciiino maya sattba katam buddbassa sasanam 

obito garuko bbaro bbavanetti samiibata. 25. 

Yass' attbaya pabbajita agarasmanrigririyam 

so me attbo anuppatto sabbasaiinojanakkbayo. 26. 

Biiddbo tassa ca saddbammo ammo yava tittbati 

nibbatmii tava kalo me ma mam socatba puttika. 27. 

Kondannanandanandadi tittbanti Rabulo jino 

sukbito sabito saiigbo batadabba ca tittbiyfi. 28. 

Okkcikavamsassa yaso ussito Maramaddano 

nanu sampati kfdo ^ me nibbanattbaya puttika. 29. 

^ mayam saba va nik°, A. - puram, P. 

3 sasanam, P. ; sa vadam, A. 4 tarn yattbi, P. 

^ samagamjl, P. ^ tarayo, B. 

7 vajantiyo, A. ^ sampattakalo, B. 



Cirappabliuti yam maybam patthitam ajja sijjhate 
Ananda bherikalo 'yam kim vo assiibi pnttikji. 30. 
Sace mayi daya attbi yadi c' attbi katamiuta 
saddhammatthitiya sabba karotba viriyam dalbam. 31. 
Thlnam adasi pabbajjam sambuddho yacito maya 
tasma yatbabam nandissam tatha tam anutittbatha. 32. 
Ta evam anusasitva bbikkbnnibi purakkbata 
npecca buddbam vanditva idam vacanam abravi : 33. 
Abam Sugata te mata tvam ca vira pita mama 
saddbammasnkbada natba ^ taya jat'ambi Gotama. 34. 
Samvaddbito^ 'yam Sugata riipakayo maya tava 
anindito 3 dbammatanii mama samvaddbito 4 taya. 35. 
Mubuttam tanbasamanam kbiram tvam payito maya 
tayabam 5 santam accantam dbammakbiram pi payita. 36. 
Bandhana rakkbane maybam anaiio tvam mabamune 
puttakama tbiyo yacam^ labbanti tadisam sutani.7 37. 
Mandbatadinarindanam ya mata sa bbavannave 
nimuggabam taya ^ putta tarita bbavasagara. 38. 
*' Eaiiilo mata mabesi " ti sulabbam namam ittbinam9 
"Buddbamata" ti yam namam etam paramadullabbam. 39. 
tan ca laddbam mabavira panidbanam maman taya ^^ 
anukam va mabantam va tam sabbam piiritam taya." 40. 
Parinibbatum iccbami vibayemam kalevaram 
anujanabi me vira dukkbantakara nayaka. 41. 
Cakkaiikusadbajakinne pade kamalakomale 
pasarebi. Panaman te karissam puttauttame.^^ 42. 
Suvannarasisankasam sariram kiiru pakatam 
katva debam sudittbam te santim gaccbami ^3 nayaka. 43. 
Dvat+imsalakkbanupetam supabbalakantam tanum 
sanjbagbana ^4 va balakkam ^5 matuccbam dassayi jino. 44. 


^ °sukbadam natba, P. - samvaddbito, A. 

3 anindiyo, P. -^ samvaddbito, A. 5 tassabam, P. 

6 dbiyoyaca, P. 7 puttam, P. ^ tassa, P. 

9 namanimittinam, P. 1° tiya, P. " maya, P. 

^2 puttapemasa, P. 13 santi gaccbama, P. 

'■+ sancba°, A. 15 balattam, B. 

therT gatha. 55. 147 

Phullriravindasaiikase tarunruliccasappabhe ^ 

cakkankite pridatale tato sa sirasa pati. 45. 

Panamami - naradicca ruliccakuLaketunam 

pacchime marane tuyham na tarn ikkham'aham puuo. 40. 

Ittbiyo nama lokag.^a sabbadosa karama th 

yadi ko c'atthi 3 doso me khamassu karunakara. 47- 

Ittbikanan ca pabbajjam yam' ham yacim pimappunam 

ettba ce attbi^ doso me tarn khamassu narasabha. 48. 

Maya l)hikkhuniyo vira tavanunnaya sasita 

tatra ce attbi dunnitam tarn khamassu kbamjipita.5 49. 

Akkhante njlma khantabbam ^ kimbhave gunabhiisane 

kim uttaran te vakkhami nibbanaya vajantiyti. 50. 

Suddhe auune mama bbikkhusaiigbe lokcl ito nissaritum 

pabhatakfile " vyasanangatanam disvana niyyati va canda- 

lekba. 51. * 
Tadetara bhikkhuniyo jina.c^^gam trira va candanugata 

Sumernm ^ 
padakkhiiiam kacca nipacca pade tbita 9 mukbautam samu- 

dikkbaraana. d'2. 
Na tittipubbam ^^ tava dassanena cakkbum na sotam tava 

cittam mama kevalam ekam eva pappuyya ^^ tarn dham- 

marasena tittim.^^ 53 
Nadato parisayan te ^3 vriditabbapabarino 
ye te dakkbanti vadanam ^4 dhaiina ^5 te narapungava. 54. 
Dighanguh tambanakbe subhe ayatapambike 
ye pade pauamissanti ^^ te pi dbamia gunandbara.^7 55. 
Madburani pahattbaui dosaggbani hitani ca 
ye te vakyarii suyyanti te pi dbaniia naruttama. 5fi. 

^ karunad°, P. ^ panamami, P. 3 yadi ko pacattbi, P. 

4 tattba, A. s khamami ti, B. 

^ akkbantena akban°, A. ; akkhatam ama kbant^, P. 

7 pabbhata°, P. 8 Siuerum, P. 9 dbltfi, P. 

^° tittbip", P. II pabbuyya, A. P. '- tittbi, P. 

^3 parisayanto, P. ^4 vadantam, P. ^^ paiina, P. 

^^ panamissanti, P. ^7 gunandbara, P. 


dhaiinahan te mahavira manapnjanatappara ^ 
tinnasamsarakantara 2 suvakyena sirimato. 57. 
Tato sa anumauetvas bhikkhiisangham pi subbata 
Eahulanandanande ca vanditva idam abravi : 58. 
asivisalayasame rogavase kalevare 
nibbinna dukkliasangliate4 jaramaranagocare 59. 
Nanakalamalakinne 5 parayatte ^ nirihake 
tena nibbatum icchami anumannatha puttaka. 60. 
Nando Kaliulabbaddo ca vitasoka nirasava 
thitacalatbitithira 7 dbammatam aniicintayum. 61. 
dbir attbu sankbatam lolam asaram kadaliipamam 
mayamaricisadisam ittaram ^ anavattbitam. 62. 
Yattba nama jinassayam matuccba buddbaposika 
Gotami nidbanam yati aniccam sabbasankhatam 63. 
Anando ca tada sekbo sokatto jinavaccbalo 
tatth'assuni karonto so karunam paridevati : 64. 
HasantI9 Gotami yati nuna buddbo i° pi nibbutim 
gaccbati naciren' eva aggi-r-iva ^^ nirindbano. 65. 
Evam vilapamanan tarn Anandam aba Gotami : 
siitisagaragambhira buddbopattbanatappara 66. 
Na yuttam socitiim putta basakale ^^ upattbite 
taya me saranam ^3 putta nibbanantam upagatam. 67. 
Taya ^4 tata samajjbittbo ^^ pabbajjam anujani no 
ma putta vimano bobi ^^ sapbalo te parissamo. 68. 
Yam na dittbam puranehi ^7 tittbikacariyebi pi 
tarn padam sukumaribi sattavassabi ^^ veditam. 69. 
Buddbasasanapaleta ^9 paccbimam ^° dassanam tava 
tattba gaccbam' abam putta gato yattba na dissate. 70. 

^ °tampara, P. ^ tinna°, P. 3 anubbavetva, B. 

4 nibbinna dukkbasaiikhate, P. 5 okala°, P. 

6 parayatthe, P. 7 odhitivara, B. 

^ itaram, P. B. 9 bhasanti, P. 

1° nanu buddbo, A. B. ^^ aggi viya. ^^ hasakare, P. 
13 maranam, P. ^4 tassa, P. ^5 samijjb°, P. 

i6 hoti, P. 17 puranebi, A. ^^ satav^, B. 

19 opaleto, B. 2o kbamantam, P. 

THERT GATIIA. 55. 149 

Kadaci dhammam desento kliipi lokaggaiiAyako 
tadfibam iisTsavacam ^ avocain - anukampika : 71. 
" Ciram jiva mahavlra kappam tittlia mahrimune 
sabbalokassa atthava bbavassu ajaramaro." 72. 
Tani tatbrivadiniin 3 buddbo inamaiii so etam abravi 4 : 
" na b' evam vandiya buddba yatba vandasi Gotami." 73. 
" Katbam carabi sabbannu vanditabbfi tatbagata 
katbam avandiya biiddba tain me akkbabi puccbito." 74. 
*' Araddbaviriye pabitatte niccani dalbaparakkame 
samagge savake passa etam buddbana vandanam." 3 75. 
Tato upassayam gantva ekikabam ^ vicintayim : 
samaggam parisam natbo rocetI7 ti bbavantago. 76. 
Handabam parinil^bissam ma vipattitam addasam.^ 
evabam cintayitvana disvana isisattamam 77. 
parinibbanakalam tarn arocesim 9 yinayakam. 
tato so samanumiasi : kfdam janabi Gotami. 78. 
Kilesa — pa — anasava. 79. 
Svagatam — pa — sasanam. 80. 
Patisambbida — pa — sasanam. 81. 
Tbinam dbammabbisamaye ye bala vimatiiigata 
tesam dittbippabanattbam iddbim dassehi Gotami. 82. 
Tada nipacca sambuddbam uppatitvana ambaram 
iddbim anekam i° dassesi buddbanuiiiiaya Gotami. 83. 
Ekika bahudba asi " babudba-c-ekika tatba 
avibbavam tirobbavam tirokuddam tironabbam ^-84. 
Asajjamana ^^ agama bbumiyam in nimujjatba 
abbijjamane udake agancbi mabiya yatba. 85. 
Sakuni va yatbakase ^^ pallaiiken' agami ^^ tada 
vasam vattesi kayena yava brabmanivesanam. 86. 

^ asi vacanam, P. B. - avocum, P. 

3 tatbcivadini, P. 4 mama so eta bravi, P. 

5 vandana, P. B. ^ ekakaham, A. 7 rocesi, A. 

s vippattitam, A. ; vipattitamandassam, P. 
9 arocesi, P. ^° iddbi anekti, P. 

^^ ebika bahudba capi, P. 

^2 tirokutam tironagam, A. ^3 asajj°, B. 

^4 tatbakase, A. ^^ pallankena kami, A. 


Sinerum dandam katvana chattam katva mahamahim' 
samulam parivattetva dliarayam cankami nablie. 87. 
Chasurodayakalo va lokaii ca kasi dhiimikam ^ 
yugante^ viya lokam sa4 jalamalakulam aka. 88. 
Mucalindam ^ mahaselam Merumulanadantare ^ 
sasapa-r-iva sabbani eken'aggabi muttbina. 89. 
aiigulaggena 7 cbadesi bhakaram sadisakaram 
candasurasabassani avelam ^ iva dbarayi. 90. 
Catusagaratoyani dbarayi ekapanina 
yugantajaladakaram 9 mabavassam pavassatba. 91 . 
Cakkavattim saparisam mapayi sa nabbattbale 
Garulam dviradam ^° sibam vinadantam padassayi.^^ 92. 
ekika abbinimmitva 'ppameyyam bbikkbuniganam 
puna antaradbapetva ekika munim abravi : 93 . 
Matuccba te mabavira tava sasanakarika 
anuppatta sakam attbam ^^ pade vandami ^3 cakkbuma. 94. 
Dassetva vividbam iddbim ^4 orobitva nabbattbala 
vanditva lokapajjotam ekamantam nisidi sa. 95. 
Sa^^ visavassasatika jatiyabam mabamune 
alam ettavata vlra nibbayissami nayaka.^^ 96. 
Tada ti ^7 vimbita sabba parisa sa kataiijali 
avoc' ayye^s katbam asi atuliddbiparakkama.^9 97. 
Padumuttaro nama jino sabbadbammesu cakkbuma 
ito satasabassambi kappe uppajji nayako. 98. 
Tadabam Hamsavatiyam jatamaccakule abum 
sabbopakarasampanne iddbe pbite mabaddbane. 99. 
Kadaci pituna saddbim dasiganapurakkbata ^o 
mabata parivarena tarn upecca narasabbam 100. 

^ mabi imam, P. ^ dbumakam, P. 3 yugandbe, P. 
4 piyalokamsa, A. 5 Muiicalindam, A. 

^ omulan°, P. 7 anguliggena, P. ^ avelam, P. 

9 yugandbajalaja kara, P. ^° dvitudam, P. 

^^ padassasi, P. ^^ attam, P. ^^ yandama, P. 

^4 vividba iddbi, P. ^^ g^^^ p, i6 nayakam, P. 

^7 tada ta, P. is avoceya, P. 

^9 oparakkama, A. 20 op^.^kkbita, P 

THERI GATHA. 55. 151 

Yasavam ^ vij^a vassantam dhammamegbam pavassayam 2 
saradadiccasadisam ramsijalasamiijjalam 101. 
disva oittam pasiidetva ^ sutva c'assa subhasitam 4 
matuccbam bbikkbunim 5 agge tbapeiitani naranaya- 

kam 102. 
Sutvc'i datvci mabadanam sattabam tassa tadino 
sasaugbassa naraggassa paccayani babiini ca 103. 
nipaeca padamiilambi tarn tbfinam abbipattbayim. 
Tato mabaparisati avoca isisattamo : 104. 
Yci sasaiigbam abbojesi sattabam lokanayakam 
tarn abam kittayissami siniatba mama bbfisato. 105. 
Satasabasse ito kappe Okkakakulasambbavo 
Gotamo nama nameua sattba loke bbavissati. 106. 
Tassa dbammesu dayada orasa dbammanimmita 
Gotam! nama namena bessati sattbu savika. 107. 
Tassa buddbassa matuccba jlvikapadika^ ayam 
rattamuman ca aggattam bbikkbumnam labbissati. 108. 
Tarn sutvabam 7 pamoditva ^ yavajivam tada jinam 
paccayebi upattbitva tato kalakata9 abam. 109. 
Tavatimsesu devesu sabbakamasamiddbisu 
nibbatta dasab' aiigebi 1° amie abbibbavi abam.^^ 110. 
Piiipasaddebi <]jandbebi rasebi pbusanebi ca 
ayunapi ca yanuena sukbena yasasa pi ca. 111. 
Tatb'evadbipateyyena adbiggayba ^^ virocanani 
abosim amarindassa mabesi dayita tabim. 112. 
Samsare samsaranti 'bam kammavayusamerita 
Kasissa ranno visaye ajayim dasagamake.^3 113. 
Panca dasasataniina nivasanti tabim tada 
sabbesam tattba yo jettbo tassa jaya abos' abam. 114. 
Sayambbuno paiicasata gamam pindaya pavisum. 
te disvana abam tuttba saba sabbilbi ittbibbi 115. 

^ vasantam, A. ^ pavassaram, P. 3 pasaditva, P. 
■^ yassasubb°, P. ^ bbikkbunl, P. 

6 jivitamcitika, B. ; jivitap°,P. " bam om. A. 

2 pamudita, P. 9 kalaiikata, A. 

^° das'angebi, P. " anuebi nikkaml abam, P. 

^2 atiggayba, A. ^^ amiasi gamake, P. 


Subha bhavitva^ sabbayo^ catumase upatthabiim.3 
Ticivarani datvana samsarimha sasamika. 116. 
Tato cuta sabba pi ta Tavatimsagata mayam. 
paccbime ca bbave dani jata Devadabe pure. 117. 
Pita Aujanasakko me mata mama Sulakkbana 
tato Kapilavattbusmim Suddbodanagharam gata. 118. 
Sesa Sakyakule jata Sakyanam gbaram agamum 
abam visittba sabbasam jinassapadika abum. 119. 
Mama patto' bbinikkbamma buddbo asi vinayako. 
Paccbaham pabbajitvana satehi saba paiicahi 120. 
Sakiyanihi dbirabi saba^ santl sukbam phnsim. 
ye tada pubbajatiyam amhakam abu samino 121. 
Saba punnassa kattaro mabasamayakaraka 
pbusimsu 5 arabattan te sugateuanukampita.*^ 122. 
tadetara bbikkliuniyo arubimsu 7 nabbattbalam 
samgata viya tarayo virocimsu mabiddhika. 123. 
Iddhim ^ aneka dassesum pilandbavikatim 9 yatba 
kammaro kanakass' eva ^° kammaMassa susikkbita. 124. 
dassetva patiherani^^ cittani ca bahuni ca 
tosetva va dipavaram mmiim saparisam ^^ tadii 125. 
orobitvana gagana ^3 vanditva isisattamam 
anunnata naraggena j^atba tbane nisldisum. 126. 
Abo 'nukampika ^4 ambam samvasam cira ^s Gotami 
vasita tava pmmebi patta no asavakkbayam. 127. 
Kilesa — pa — sasanam. 128. 
Iddhiyam ca vasi boma^^ dibbaya sotadbatuya 
Cetopariyananassa vasi homa mabammie. 129. 
Pubbenivasam janama dibbacakkhum visodbitam 
sabbas^va parikkhina n'atthi dani punabbbavo. 130. 

^ puga bbavitva, B. ; pugava hutva, A. 

" sanbayo, B. 3 upattbayi, P. -^ vinabi saba, P. 

5 pbussimsu, P. 6 o]^^^i^^pite, P. 

7 arab°, A. ^ iddhisu, P. 9 piladdbanavikati, P. 
^° kanakam yeva, P. ^^ patibirani, A. g 

^2 purisasadisam, P. 13 gagana, P. * 

^4 'nukampita, P. 15 vira, P. ^^ homi, P. 


therT gatha. 55. 153 

Attlie db.imme ca nerutte patibhriue ca vijjati^ 

fiunam aiuliam mahfivTra uppauuani tava santike. 131. 

Asmabliipariciiiiio 'si mettaeittrihi nayaka 

anujtinalii sabbayo nibbanaya mahamune. 132. 

Xil)bayisS(Uua ice' evam kiin vakkbami vadantiyo 

yassa dani ca vo kcilam^ maimatbri ti jiuo bravi. 133. 

Gotamiadika tayo tada bbikkhuniyo jinam 

vauditva jisana tarnba vuttbjiya rigamimsu tfi. 134. 

]\Iabatc1 janakayena saba lokagganayako 

auusamsavayi viro mrituccbam yava kottbakani. 135. 

Tada nipati padesu Gotami lokabandbuno 

sabetarfibi^ sabbrdii paccbimam pculavaudanam. 136. 

Idam paccbimakani-^ maybam lokanfitbassa dassanam 

na puiio amatakaram passissami mukham tava. 137. 

Xa ca me vadauam ^ vira tava padesu kornale 

sampbusissami lokagga^ ajja gaccbami nibbutim. 138. 

Riipena kim tavanena dittbadbamme yatbatatbe / 

sabbam sankbatam ev'etam anassasikam ittaram. 139. 

Sa saba tabi gantvaua bbikkbunupassayam sakam 

addbapallankam abbujya ^ nisidi paramasane.9 140. 

Tada upjisika tattba buddbasasauavaccbabi ^° 

tassa pavattim^^ sutvaua iipesum padavaudika. 141. 

Karebi uram pabantva cbinnamula yatba lata 

rodenta karunam ravam^^ sokatta bhuvi^s piltita.^-^ 142. 

Ma no saranade natbe vibaya gami^5 nibbutim ^^ 

nipatitvana yacama sabbayo sirasa mayam. 143. 

Ya padhanatama^7 tasam saddbapaniia upilsika 

tassa sisam pamajjanti idam vacanam abravim^^ : 144. 

Alam putta visadena marapasanuvattinri 

aniccam sankbatam sabbam viyogantam^9 cab'icalam. 145. 

^ vijjati, A. 2 te kalam, P. 3 sab' eva tabi, A. 

4 iman p°, P. ^ te vandanam, P. ^ lokaggam, P. 

7 yatbatatbaiii, P. ^ abbunja, A. P. ; arubyam, B. 

9 varamasane, P. ^° ^vaccbalo, P. " pavatti, A. 
^2 ravam, P. ^3 bbumi, B. ^4 patika, P. 

^5 vibayagami, P. ^^ nibbuti, P. 

^7 padanat°, P. ^° abravi, cdd. ^9 viyogandbam, P. 


Tato sa ta visajjitva^ pathamam jhanam uttamam 

dutiyan ca tatiyaii ca samapajji catutthakam. 146. 

Akasayatanan ceva viiinanayatanam tatha 

akiiicam^ neva sannan ca samapajji yatbakkamam. 147. 

Patilomena jhanani samapajjatha Gotami 

yavatas pathamam jhanam tato yava catutthakam. 148. 

Tato vutthaya nibbayi dipacci va^ nirasana 

bbumicalo maha asi nabhasmaS vijjuta^ pati. 149. 

Panadita7 dudrabhiyo paridevimsii devata 

pupphavutthi ca gagana abhivassatha medinim. 150. 

Kampito Meruraja pi raiigamajjhe yatha nato 

sokena catidino 'va^ viravo asi sagaro.9 151. 

Deva nagasura brahma samviggahimsu tarn khane 

anicca vata sahkhara yathayam vilayam gata. 152. 

Ya cemam parivarimsu satthu sasanakarika 

tayo pi anupadana dipacci ^° viya nibbuta. 153. 

Ha yoga vippayoganta" haniccam sabbasankhatam 

ha jivitam vinasantam iccasi^^ paridevana. 154. 

Tato deva ca brahma ca lokadhammanuvattanam 

kalanumpam kubbanti upetva isisattamam. 155. 

Tada amantayi sattha Anandam sutisagaram^^ 

gacchananda nivedehi bhikkhuuam matu nibbutim.i4 156. 

Tadanando niranando assuna punnalocano 

gaggarenasarenaha^5 " samagacchantu^^ bhikkhavo. 157. 

Pubbadakkhinapacchasu uttarayaii^7 ca santike 

sunantu^s bhasitam mayham bhikkhavo sugatorasa. 158. 

Ya vandayi payattena sariram pacchimam mune 

sa Gotami gata santimi9 tara va suriyodaya ^o 159. 

^ sa tarn vis°, 


2 akiiici, P, 

3 pabhavata, 


4 dipacchiva, 


s nabhasa, A 

6 vijjata, 


7 sanadita, P. 

s odino ca, P. 

9 vibhavo asi 

sagare, P. 

^° dipacchi, P 

i^ °gantva, P. 

^2 icchasi, P. 

i3 sutivisalam, 


^4 nibbuti, P. 

^5 sarenaham, P. 

i6 sammag°, 


^7 uttaraya, A 


sunantam, A. 

^9 santi, P. 

2o suriyadaya, P. 

THERI GATIIA. 55. 155 

Biuldliamata ti paimattam thapayitvfi gatfisamaiii 
na yattlia pancanetto pi gatim^ dakkliati- nayako. IGO. 
Yass' atthi sugate saddlifis yo ca piyo 4 mahrimune 
buddhamatuya sakkaram karotu sugatoraso." ^ IGI. 
Sudurattha pi tarn sutvfi sTgbam'^ agrtficliu bbikkbavo 
keci buddhrinubliaveua keci iddhlsu kovida. 16*2. 
Kutagaravare ramme sabbasonnamaye 7 sul)be 
maucakam samaropesum ^ yattba vattbasi CTotamI.9 163. 
Cattaro lokaprda te ^° amsebi samadbarayum 
sesa Sakkadika devfi kiltagare samaggabum. 164. 
Kutagriraui sabbrmi asum paficasataui pi" 
saradadiccavannaui^- visum kammakataiii bi. 16'j. 
Sabba ta pi ^3 bbikkbuniyo asum maucesu sfiyikjl ^4 
devauam kbandbam ^s arulba niyj^anti anupubbaso. 166. 
Sabbaso cbaditam ^^ asi vitanena nabbattbalam 
satcirii candasuriya ^7 ca laficbita ^^ kanakamaya. 167. 
Pataka ussita ^9 'neka cittaka puppbakancukjl -° 
ogatakcisapaddba ca mabisa puppbam -^ uggatam. 168. 
Dissanti caudasuriya pajjalanti -- ca taraka 
majjbagato pi cadicco na tapesi sasi yatba. 169. 
Devcl dibliebi gandbebi mcllebi ^3 surabbibi ca 
vaditebi ca naccebi saiigitibi ca pujayum. 170. 
Nagasura ca brabmano ^4 yatbasatti yatbabalam 
pujayimsu ca niyyantim ^5 nibbutam buddbamataram. 171. 
Sabbayo purato nita nibbuta sugatorasa 
GotamI niyyate paccba sakkata buddbaposika. 17*2. 

I gati, P. 2 dakkbiti, P. 3 pattba, P. 

4 yo vasi yo, P. 5 sagatoyaso, P. 

^ singbam, A. 7 sabbasuvaniiaye, P. 

^ saba ropesum, A. 9 yattba puttfipi Gotami, P. 

^° °pala ye, P. " °ni bi, P. ^~ saradanicca°, P. 
^3 ta bi, P. ^4 mafinesu sayita, P. ^3 kbattam, P. 

^^ caritam, P. ^7 candasurfi, A. ^^ lanjitji, A. 

^9 vussita, P. -° citaka puppbakam cuta, P. 

21 pubbam, P. =2 vijjalanti, P. ^3 mallebi, P. 

24 brabmauo, A ^5 niyanti, P. 


Purato devamanuja sanagasurabrabmaka 
paccba sasavako buddbo pujattbam yati matuj^a. 173. 
Buddbassa parinibbanam nedisam asi yadisam 
Gotamiparinibbanam ativ'accbariyam ahu. 174. 
Buddbo buddbassa nibbane ^ no patiyadi bbikkbavo 
buddbo Gotaminibbane Sariputtadika tatha. 175. 
Citakani karitvana sabbagandbamayani te 
gandbacunnani kinnani^ jhapayimsu ^ ca ta tabim. 176. 
Sesabhagani daybimsu 4 atthisesani sabbaso 
Anando ca tadavoca samvegajanakam vaco : 5 177. 
GotamI nidbanam ^ yata dalbam7 c'assa sarirakam. 
samketam buddbanibbanam na cirena bbavissati. 178. 
Tato Gotamidbatuni tassa pattagatani so 
upanamesi natbassa Anando buddbacodito. 179. 
Panina tani paggayba avoca isisattamo : 
mabato saravantassa yatba rukkbassa tittbato 180. 
yo so mabattaro kbandbo palujjeyya aniccata 
tatha bbikkbunisaiigbassa GotamI parinibbuta. 181. 
2 Abo acchariyam mayham ^ nibbutaya pi matuya 
sariramattasesaya 9 n'attbi sokapariddavo.^° 182. 
Na sociya paresam sa ^^ tinnasamsarasagara 
parivajjitasantapa sitibbiita sunibbuta. 183. 
Pandita 'si ^^ mabapanna puthupaniia tatb'eva ca 
rattanfiii bbikkhumnam sa evam dharetba bbikkbavo. 184. 
Iddbiya ca vasi asi dibbaya sotadbatuya 
cetopariyananassa vasi asi ca GotamI. 185. 
Pubbenivasam aiinasi dibbacakkhum ca sodbitam 
sabbasava parikkblna n'attbi tassa punabbbavo. 186. 
Attbpdbammaniruttisu patibbane tatb'eva ca 
parisuddbam abu nanam tasma socaniya ^3 na sa. 187. 

^ na buddbo buddbanibbane, P. 
2 °cunnapakinnani, A. 3 jbapayisu, P. 

4 daybisu, P. 5 va te, P. 6 nibbutam, P. 

7 daybam, A. 8_8 Anandassa buddbassa, P. 

9 sarirapattasesaya, A. 1° °paridevo, P. 

^^ na so viyamaresambi, P* 
'^ pandi si, P. 13 socariya, P. 


Avogliaualiatass'eva ^ jalato jatavedaso - 

aniipubbupasantassa yatha na naj'ate gati 188. 

evain sammrivimuttfinain kfimabaudhogbatariuam 3 

pamiapetum gati n'attbi pattanam acalam sukbam. 1.S9. 

Attadlpa 4 tato botba satipattbriuagocarfi 

libilvetva satta bojjhaiige dukkbass' antam karissatba ti. 190. 

Ittbam Sudani MabfipajapatlgotamT imfi gfitbayo abbasittba 

Mabapajapatigotamiya gatbfi van nana sa matta. 


G u 1 1 e y a d a 1 1 b a m p a b b a j j ti ti adika Guttaya 
tberiya gatba. Ayam pi purimabuddbesu katadhikaua 
tattba tattba bbave vivattiipanissayam kusalam upaci- 
uantl anukkamena sambbiltavimokkbasambhara butva 
paripakkakiTsalamiibi sngatlsu yeva samsaranti imasmim 
buddbuppade Savattbiyam brabmanakule nibbatta Giittil s 
ti 'ssa namam abosi. Sa vinilutam patta upanissaya- 
sampattiya codiyamancl gbai'civasam jigiiccbanti matapitaro 
anujanapetva Mabapajapatlgotamiyfl santike pabl)ajitva ca 
vipassanam pattbapetva bbavanam anuyuiijanti tassa 
cittam cirakalaparicayena babiddbarammane vidbavati. 
Ekaggam nasi sattba disva tarn anuganbanto gandbaku- 
tiyam yatba nisinno 'va obbasam pbaritva tassa asanne 
akase nisinnam viya attanam dassetva ovadanto : 

Gutte yadattbam pabbajja bitva ^ puttam samussayam 7 
tarn eva anubriibebi^ mil cittassa vasam garni. 163. 
Cittena vancita satta Mcirassa visaye rata 
anekajatisamsaram sandbavanti aviddasu.9 164. 

^ ayoghana°, P. = jatavedasa, A. 

3 otadinam, P. •^ attbadipa, A2. 5 Gutta om. cd. 
^ hita, cd. 7 samuppiyam, m.; samappiyam, cd. 

s tamo anub°, cd. 9 sandbavanta avindimsu, cd. 

158 L^'I- GUTTA. 

Kamaccbandan ca vyapadam sakkayadittliim ^ eva ca 
sTlabbataparamasam yicikicchaii ca pancamam. 165. 
Saiinoyanani etani pajabitvana bbikkhimi 
orambbagamamyani ^ na-y-idam punar ebisi. 166. 
Eagam manam avijjan ca uddbaccam ca vivajjija 
sanyojauani chetvana dukkbass' antam karissasi.3 167. 
Kbepetva jatisamsaram parimiaya punabbbavam 
dittb' eva dbamme niccbata upasanta carissasi ti. 168. 

Ima gatba abbasi. Tattbatam eva anubrilbebi ti 
yad attbam yassa kilesaparinibbanassa kbaiidbaparinib- 
banassa ca attbaya. H i t v a 4 p u 1 1 a m s a m u p i y a n 
ti piyayitabbam natiparivattabbogakkbandban ca bitva. 
Mama sasane pabbajja brabmacariyavaso iccbito tarn eva 
vaddbeyyasi sampadeyyasi. Ma cittassa vasam 
garni digbarassarupadiarammaDassa panavaddbitassa 
kuticittavasam ma gaccbi. Yasma cittam nam'etam 
mayupamam yena vancita andbaputbujjana Maravasanuga 
samsaram nativattanti. Tena vuttam cittena van- 
cita ti adi.^ Sanyo janani etani ti etani kamac- 
cbandan ca vyapadan ti adina yatbavuttani pancabandba- 
nattbena saiiyojanani. Pajabitvana ti anagamimag- 
gena samuccbinditva. B b i k k b u n i ti tassa alapanam. 
r a m b b a g a m a n i y a n i 6 ti rupariipadbatuto bettba- 
bbage kamadbatuyam manussajivassayitani upakarani, 
tattba patisandbiya paccayabbavato. Makaro padasandbi- 
karo, Oram a g a m a n i y a n i ti pali. So ev' attbo. 
Na-y-idam p n n a - d - e b i s i ti orambbagiyanam 
saiinojananam pabanena idam kamattbanam kamabbavam 
patisa '. dbivase na punar agamissasi. Kakaro padasandbi- 
karo. It t ban ti va pali. Ittbattamz kamabbavam ice 
eva attbo. 

E a g a n ti ruparagan ca araparagan ca. M a n a n ti 
aggamaggavajjamanam. A v i j j a m u d d b a c c a il c a ti 

I sakkayam d°, cd. 2 orambbag°, cd. 

3 karissati, cd. 4 betva, cd. 5 vancitadi adi, cd. 

6 orambbag°, cd. .7 ittattbam, cd. 

THERI GATHA. 56. 57. 159 

ettbfipi es' eva na^'O. Vi v a jj i y fi ti vipassanaya vikkh- 
ambhetvii. S a n y o j a n a n i c li e t v fi n a ti etani rupa- 
rfigadlui panciiddhambhrigiyjun samyojanfmi arahattamag- 
gena samuccbinditva. D u k k b a s s ' a n t a m kari s s a s i 
ti sabbavattadiikkbassa pariyantapariyosanam pcipuiiissasi. 

K b e p e t v fi j a t i s a m s a r a m ti jatisamulikasam- 
Scirappavattim ^ pariyosapetva. X i c c b a t ii ti nittanba 
upasanta ti sabbaso kilesanam vfipasamena upasanta. 
Sesam vnttanayam eva. 

Evam sattbclra imtisu - gatbasu bbasitJisu gatbfipariyo- 
Sclne tberi saba patisambbidcibi arabattam patva udana- 
vasena bbagavata bbasitaniyamen' eva ima gatba abbasi. 
Ten' eta tberiyfi gatba nfima jata. 

Guttaya tberiya gatbavannauri samattfi. 


C a t u k k b a 1 1 u n ti adika Yijayaya tberiya gatba. 
Ayam pi piirimabuddbesu katadbikara tattba tattba 
bbave vivattupanissayam kusalam iipacinantl anukka- 
niena paribnibitakusalamiibl devamanussesu samsarautT 
imasmim buddbuppade Eajagabe amiatarasmim kulagebe 
nibbattitvcl vimmtam patta Kbemjlya tberiya giblkale saba- 
yika abosi. Sa tassa pabbajitabbavam sutva " sapi nama 
rajamabesi pabbajissati kim aiiga panaban " ti pabbaji- 
tukama yeva butva Kbematberiya santikam upasaiikami. 
Tberi tassa ajjbasayam fiatvri tatba dbammam desesi yatba 
samsare samviggamanasa sasane sa abbippasanna bhavis- 
sati. Sa tarn dbammam sutva samvegajcitri patiladdba- 
saddba ca butva pabbajjam yaci. Tberi tarn pal)bajesi. 
Sa pabbajitva katapubbakicca vipassapubbakiccfi vipassa- 
nam pattbapetvjx betusampaunatjiya nacirass' eva saba 
patisambbidabi arabattam patva attano patipattim 3 pac- 
cavekkbitva udanavasena : 

°pavatti, cd. ^ imaya, cd. 3 patipatti, ed. 


Catukkbattum pancakkhattum vihara upanikkhami 
aladdha^ cetaso santim ^ citte avasavattini. 169. 
Bliikkhunim 3 npasaiikamma sakkaccam paripucch' aham. 
sa me clhammam adesesi dhatuayatanani 4 ca. 170. 
Cattari ariyasaccani indriyani balani 5 ca 
bojjbangatthangikam maggam uttamattbassa^ pattiya. 171. 
Tassabam vacanam satva karonti anusasanim 7 
rattiya purime yame pubbajatim anussari. 172. 
Eattiya majjbime yame dibbacakkbnm visodhayi 
rattiya paccbime yame tamokkbandbam padalayi. 173. 
Pitisukbena ca kayam pbaritva vibari tada 
sattamiya pade pasaresi tamokkbandbam padaliya ti. 174. 

Ima gatba abbasi. Tattba bbikkbunin ti Kbema- 
tberim ^ sandbaya vadati. 

B j j b a n g a 1 1 b a 11 g i k a m a g g a n ti sattabojj baii- 
gan ca attbaiigikaii ca ariyamaggam. U 1 1 a m a 1 1 b a s s a 9 
pattiya ti arabattassa iiibbanassa va i° pattiya adbiga- 

Pitisukbena ti pbalasamapattiya^ ^ pariyapannaya 
pitisukbena ca. Kay an ti tarn Rampaj^uttam nama 
kayam yad anusarena rnpakajaii ca. Pbaritva ti 
pbussetva vyapetva va. Sattamiya pade pasaresi ^^ 
ti vipassanaya araddbadivasato sattamiyam pallaiikam 
bbinditva pade pasaresi. Katbam ? Tamokkbandbam 
padaliya appadaHtapubbani mobakkbandbam agga- 
maggananasina padaletva. Sesam bettba vuttanayam 

Yijayaya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 

Cbal;':anipatavaiiiiana nittbita. 

I laddba, cd. ^ santi, cd. 3 bbikkbuni, cd. 

4 dbatuyo, cd. 5 pbalani, cd. ^ uttamattassa, cd. 

7 anusasani, cd. 8 Kbematberi, cd. 

9 uttamattassa, cd. 1° nibbanasseva, cd. 

" osamapatti, cd. 12 pasarenti, cd. 

THERl GATHA. 58. 161 


Sattakanipfite m u s a 1 a n i g a h e t v Ti n fi ti Uttaraya 
theriya gatba. Ayaiu pi purimabuddhcsu katadhikara 
tattba tattba bbave vivattupanissayani kusalani upaci- 
nantl anukkamena samropitakusalamula samiipacitavi- 
mokkbasambbarfi paripakkavimuttiparipacaniyadhamma 
butva imasmim buddbuppade Savattbiyam annatarasmim 
kubigebe nibbattitva Uttani ti laddbanrimri anukkamena 
vinnutam patta Patacaraya theriya santikam upasanka- 
mitva tberi tassa ^ dbammam katbesi. Sa. dbammam 
sutvfi samsare jatasamvega sasane abbippasanna butyfi 
pabbaji.2 Pabbajitva 'va katapubbakicca Patacaraya tberiya 
santike vipassanam pattbapetva bbavanaja anuyunjanti 
upanissayasampannataya indriyanam paripakam gatatta 
nacirass' eva vipassanam ussukkripetvcl saba patisaml;bi- 
dabi arabattam papuni. Arabattam pana patva attano 
patipattim 3 paccavekkbitva iidanavasena : 

Musabmi gahetvana dbafiiiam kottenti manava 
puttadarani posenta4 dbanam vindanti mrmava. 175. 
Gbatatba l)uddbasasane yani katva nanutappati. 
khippam padani dbovitva ekamante nisidatba. 176. 
• Cittam upattbapetvana ekaggam susamabitam 
paccavekkbatba ^ saiikbare parato no ca attato. 177. 
Tassabam vacanam sutva Patacaranusasanim ^ 
pade pakkbalayitvana ekamante upavisi. 178. 
Piattiya pnrime yame pubbajritim anussari, 
rattiya majjbime yame dibbacakkbiim visodbayi, 179. 
Eattiya paccbime yame tamokkbandbam padillayi, 
tevijjji atba vuttbasi^ kata te aniisasani. 180. 
Sakkam va deva tidasa samgrime aparajitam 
purakkbitva vihissami ^ tevijj' ambi anfisava ti. 181. 

I tassa, cd. ^ pabbajji, cd. 3 patipatti, cd. 

4 posento, cd. ^ paccavekkba, cd. <^ °siisani, cd. 
7 vuttbati, cd. ^ vibarissami, cd. 



Ima gatha abhasi. Tattha cittam upatthapet- 
vana ti bhavanacittam kammatthane upatthapetva. 
Katham ? E k a g g a m s u s a m a h i t a m . Patipattim 
avekkhitasamsare aniccani pi dukkhani anantani pi lak- 
khanattayani ^ vipassatlia ti attho. Iclan ca ovadakale 
attano amiesaii ca bhikkhunlnam theriyadinam ovadassa 
anuvadanavasena vuttam. P a t a c a r a n u s a s a n i n ^ ti 
Patacaraya theriya anuppattam. Patacarasasanan ti 
pi patho. Atha vutthfXsin ti tevijjabhavappattito 
paccha asanato vutthasim. 

Ayam pi theri ekadivasam Patacaraya tlieriya santike 
kammatthanam sodhetva attano vasanatthanam pavisitva 
pallankam abbnjitva nisajja " na tav' imam pallankam 
bhindissami yava me na aniipadaya asavehi cittam vimuc- 
cati " ti nicchayam katva sammasanam ^ arabhitva anuk- 
kamena vipassanam nssukkapetva maggapatipatiya abhiii- 
napatisambbidabi parivaram arahattam patva eknna"^- 
visatiya paccavekkhanapavattaya ''idani 'mhi katakicca " 
ti somanassajata ima gatba udanetva pade pasaresi. 
Arunuggamanavelayam tato sammad eva vibbataya rattiya 
tberiya santikam upagantva ima gatba paccudcibasi. Tena 
vuttaiii : k a t a t e a n u s a s a n i ti adi. Sesam sabbam 
hettba vuttanayam eva. 

Uttaraya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 


Satim5 iipattbapetvana ti adika Calaya 
tberi;ya gatba. Ayam pi pnrimabuddbesii katadbikara 
tattba tattba bbave vivattilpanissayam kusalam upaci- 
nitva imasmim buddbnppade Magadbesn Nalakagame 
Sm'ilpasaribrabmaniya kuccbimbi nibbatti. Tassa 
namagabanadivase Gala ti namam akamsu. Tassa kanit- 
tbaya Upacala ti, atb' assa kamittbaya Sisupacala ti. Ima 

^ iakkbanattaya, cd. ^ og^^gane, cd. 

3 sammasana, cd. 4 ekuna°, cd. 5 Sati, cd. 

THERI gatha. 59. 163 

tisso pi (IharamaseDcipatissa ^ kanitthabliap^iniyo, imfisam 
puttanani pi tinnam idam eva namamya^ sandbaya theriya 
gathaya Gala Upacfda Sisupacrda 3 tiagatam. Ima pana 
tisso pi bliagiiiiyo dbammaseuapatipabbajitam sutvana 
''nuna-^ so oriko dbammavinayo na sfi orikfi pabbajja, 
yattha ambrikam ayyo pabbajito " ti ussrdiajritri tibbac- 
cbanda5 assumukbam rudamanam natiparijanam i^abaya 
pabbajimsu. Pabbajitvfi 'va gbatentiyo vfiyamantiyo 
nacirass' eva arabattam pripuiiimsu. Arabattam pana 
patva nibbcinasukhena phahisukbena viharanti. Gala ^ 
bbikkhuni ekadivasam paccbabbattam pindapatapatikkanta 
Andbavanam pavisitvci divrivibfiram nisldi. Atba tarn 
Mciro upasaiikamitva kamehi upaccbandesi, yam sandhaya 
sutte vuttam. 

Atba kho Cfdji bbikkbimi pubbanbasamayam nivasetva 
pattacivaram Tidaya Savatthiyam pindaya pavisi. Savat- 
tbiyam pindaya caritvfi paccbclbbattam pindapatapatik- 
kanta yeua Nandavanam ten' upasankami divavibaraya. 
Upasaiikamitva Andbavanam ajjbogabetva aniiatarasmim 
rukkbamille divaviharam nisldi. Atba kho Maro papima 
yena Gala bhikkbuni ten' upasankami, upasaiikamitva 
Galam bhikkbunim etad avoca 7 : Andbavanambi diva- 
vibaram nisinnam Maro upasaiikamitva brahmacai'iyava- 
sato vicchinditukamo k am n u u d di s s a m u n d a si' ti 
adi puccbi. Ath' assa sattbu gune dbammassa ca niyya- 
nikabhavam pakasetva attano katakiccabbavavibhavanena 
tassa visayatikkamam pavedesi. Tarn sutva Maro dukkbl 
dummano tattb' eva antaradhasi. Ath' assa ^ attana 
Marena ca 9 bhasitagfitha udanavasena kathenti : 

Satim upatthapetvana bhikkbuni bhavitindriya 
pativijjhi padam santam saiikharupasamam sukham. 182. 
Kan nu ^° uddissa munda si samani viya dissasi 

' dhammadesenapiltissa, cd. 

- ye cd. 3 Crde Uimcfde Slsupacfde, cd. 

4 sa niina, cd. 5 tipacchanda, cd. ^ gucfdri, cd. 
7 avoca ti, cd. ^ assa, cd. 9 ca 6»;/^ cd. ^° kin nu, cd. 

164 LIX. GALA. 

na ca rocesi pasande ^ kim idam carasi momuha.^ 183. 

Ito bahiddha pasanda ditthiyo upanissita 

na te dhammam vijananti na te dhammassa kovida. 184. 

Atthi Sakyakule 3 jato bnddlio appatipnggalo 

so me dhammam adesesi ditthinam samatikkamam. 185. 

Dukkham dukkhasamnppadam dukkhassa ca atikkamam 

ariyam 4 c'atthaiigikam maggam dukkhiipasamagami- 

nam. 186. 
Tassaham vacanam sutva vihari 5 sasane rata 
tisso vijja anuppatta katam buddhassa sasanam. 187. 
Sabbattba vihata nandi tamokkbandbo padalito 
evam janahi papima nihato tvam asi antaka ti. 188. 

Ima gatha abbasi. Tattha satim^ iipatthapet- 
V a n a ti satipatthanam bbavanavasena kayadisu asubba- 
dukkhaniccanantavasena satim 7 sutthu upatthitam katva. 
B h i k k h u n i ti attanam sandbaya vadati. B b a v i t i n- 
driya ti ariyamaggabbavanfiya bhavitani^ saddbadipancin- 
driyani pativijjbi. P a d a m s a n t a n ti santam padam 
nibbanam sacchikiriyaya pativedbena pativijjbi sacchakasi. 
S a n k b a r u p a s a m a n ti sabbasankbaranam upasama- 
hetubhiitam. Siikban ti accantasukham. 

Kan n n9 u d d i s s a ti gatba Marena vutta. Tatrayam 
saiikhepattbo : imasmim loke babii samaya tesaii ca ^° de- 
setaro babu evam tittbakara. Yesu k a n n u k h e tvam 
u dd i s s a m u 11 d a s 1 ti munditakesa asi. Na kevalam 
munda 'va atba kbo kasavadharane casamani viya 
dissasi^^ Na ca rocesi^^ pasande ti tapasaparib- 
bajakadinam adayabbiite pasande te te samayantare n'eva 
rocesi. Kim idam carasi m o m n b a ^^ n ]^{^^ nam' 
idam yam pasandavibitani pnjam nibbanamaggani 

^ pasando, cd. 2 momnba, cd. 3 kalyaknle, cd. 

4 arim, cd. 5 vibari, cd. ^ sati, cd. 

7 sati, cd. 8 bbavitam, cd. 9 kin nu, cd. 

^° ce, cd. " dissati, cd. f- na rocasi, cd. 

^3 momnba, cd. 

THEllI GATHA. 59. GO. 1G5 

pabuya ajja kfilikaiii kuinaggam patipajjanti ati viya 
iniilain carasi paribbhamasT ti. 

Tain sutva tberl pativacanadanamukbena taiu tajjentl 
i t b a b i d d b Ti ti adim Tdia. Tattba i t o b a b i d d li a 
p a s a 11 (1 a nama ito sammasambuddbasrisanato babiddba 
ekababiratappavedikfi bi sattbrmi taiibapriyani dittlii- 
pfisail ca (lenti oddenti ti pasanda ti vuccanti. Tenjlba 
d i 1 1 b i y u p a n i s s i t Ti ^ ti sassataditthigatani - upa- 
nissita iidiyisil ti attbo. Yad aggbena ca dittbisannissita tad 
aggbena prisandasannissitri. N a t e d b a m m a lu vija- 
imnti ti ye 3 pfisaiidino sassataditthigatasannissita ayam 
pavatti eva pavattT ti dbammain pi yatbabbutam na 
vijrmanti. Na te dbammassa kovida ti a3^am 
nivatti ti nivattadbammassapi aknsabl pavatti dbamma- 
patte pibite sammillbri kim anga pana nivattidbammebi 
evam pasandanam aniyyclnikatan dassetvfi idani kam nu 
u d d i s s a m u n d fi s i ti panbam vissajjesum. 

A 1 1 li i S a k y a k u 1 e j Jl t o ti fidi vuttani. Tattba 
ditthmam samatikkamam ti sabbasam dittblnam sama- 
tikkamanupciyam dittbijalavinivetbanam.4 Sesam vutta- 
nayam eva. 

Cabiya tlieriya gutbavaiinana samatta. 


S a 1 1 m a 1 1 t i a d i k a Upacfdaya tberiyfi gatbil. 
Tassil vattlium Criblya tberiyfi vattbumbi vuttam eva. 
Ayam pi bi Cab"i viya pabbajitvri vipassanain pattbapetva 
arabattam patvfi udrmentl : 

Satlmati cakkbiimati bbikkbuni l)brivitindriyri 
pativijjbi => padani santani akapurisasevitaiu ti. 189. 

Imam gatham abhasi. Tattba s a t i m a 1 1 ti satim ^ 

^ upaccanissita, cd. ^ sassatfid^, cd. 

3 ya, cd. -^ ovinivedbanam, cd. 

^ pativijjbfi, cd. ^ sati, cd. 


sampanna pubbabhage paramena satinepakkena samanna- 
gata^ hutva paccha ariyamaggassa bhavitatta sativepulla- 
pattiya uttamaya satiya samannagata ^ ti attho. Ca k k h u- 
m a t i ti pannacakkhuna samannagata. Adito uday- 
atthagaminiya pailnaya ariyaya nibbedhitaya samanna- 
gata 3 hutva paiiiiavepullappattiya paramena pannacak- 
khuna samannagata ti vuttam '^ hoti. A k a p u r i s a - 
sevitam ti alamakapurisehi uttamapurisehi ariyehi buddha- 
dihi sevitam. Kim nu jatim-^ na rocesi ti gatha 
therim ^ kamesu paharetukamena Marena vutta. " Kim nu 
tvam bhikkhuni tarn na rocesi" 7ti hi Marena puttha ^ 
theri aha "jatim aham 9 fivuso na rocesi" ti. Atha nam 
Maro aha : " jatassa nama paribhogo, tasma jati pi icchi- 
tabba. Kama hi paribhunjitabba " ti dassento : 

Kim nu jatim ^° na rocesi. Jato kamani bhuiijati.^^ 
Bhunjahi kamaratiyo mahu pacchanutapini ti. 190. 

gatham aha. Tass' attho : Kim nu tarn kfiranam yena 
tvam Upacale jatim na rocesi na roceyyasi. Na tarn 
karanam atthi yasma jato kamani b h u n jati. Idha 
jato kamagunasamhitani riipadini patisevanto kamasu- 
kham paribhmijati. Na hi ajatassa tarn atthi. Tasma 
b h u 11 j a h i kamaratiyo kamakhiddaratiyo anubhava. 
Mahu pacchanutapinp2 yobbaniie^s sati vijjamanesu 
bhogesu " na maya kamasuskham anusayabhutan " ^'^ ti 
pacchanutapini ma ahosi. Imasmim lokadhamma nama 
yavad eva attha vigamattho attho ca kamasukh attho ti 
pakatr. 'yam attho ti adhippayo. 

Tarn sutva therl jatiya dukkhanimittakam attano ca 
tassa visayatikkamam vibhavetva tajjenti : 

^ sampannagata, cd. ^ sampannagata, cd. 

3 sampannagata, cd. 4 sampannagati v°, cd. 

5 jati, cd. 6 theri. 7 rocasi, cd. 

s phuttha, cd. 9 jaticcaham, cd. ^° jiiti, cd. 

II bhuiijasi, cd. 12 rnjitu pac°, cd. 

13 yopanne, cd. 14 anussabh°, cd. 

THERI GATHA. 60. 167 

Jiltassa maranam lioti hatthapridrma cbedaiiam ^ 

vadhabandhapariklcsaiu, jato dukkbani nigaccliati. 191. 

Atthi Sakyakulc jato sambuddlio aparfijito 

so me dbammam adesesi jatiya samatikkamain. 11)2. 

Dukkbani dukkbasaiiiuppadaiu dukkbassa ca atikkamam 

ariyattbai'igikaiii maggani dukkbfipasamagaminani. 193. 

Tassabam vacanam sutva vibavi sasane rata 

tisso vijjcl anuppatta, kataiu Inuldbassa sasanani. 194. 

Sabbattba vibata nandi tamokkbandbo padrdito 

evam janabi papima nibato tvam asi antaka ti. 195. 

Imam giitbam abbasi. Tattba j a t a s s a maranam 
b 1 1 ti 3'asma jatassa sattassa maranam boti na- aja- 
tassa, na kevalam maranam eva atba kbo jarjirogridayo 
yattakcis tattba sabbii pi te jatassa bonti jatibetuka. 
Tenrdia bbagava: " jatipaccaya jaramaranam soka- 
paridevadukkbadomanassupayasa sambbavanti" ti. Ten' 
evaba : b a 1 1 b a p a d a n a c b e d a n a n ti battbapada- 
nakbacbedanam jTitass' eva boti na ajatassa. Hat- 
tbapadacbedanripadesena c'ettha battimsa kammakara pi 
dassita eva ti dattbabbam. Ten' evaba: v a d b a- 
b a n ci b a p a r i k 1 e s a m j fi t o d u k k b a m nig a c- 
c b a t i ti jivitaviyojanamuttbippabaradisaiikbatam 4 
vadbapariklesam c'eva addanabandbanadisaiikbatam ^ 
bandbapariklesam annan ca yain kinci dukkbani nama 
tain sabbam jato eva nigaccbati na ajfito. Tasmfi jjitim ° 
na 7 rocemi ti. Idrmi jatiya kamanan ca accantam eva 
attano samatikkantabbavam miiLato pattbfiya dassenti : 
a 1 1 b i S a k y a k u 1 e j a t o ^ t i a d i m Tdia. Tattba 
a p a r a j i t ti kilesamaradina kenaci na parajito. Sattba 
bi sabbabbibbu sadevakam lokain afinad attbu abbibba- 

^ battbapadanuccbedanam, cd. ^ na, cd. 

3 yattbaka, cd. ^ °saiikbata, cd. 

^ addabandbo, cd. ^' jati, cd. 7 na om. cd. 

8 jTitri, cd. 


vitva tbito. Tato ^ tassa parajayo. Sesam viittanayatta 
uttanam eva. 

Upacalaya theriya gathavannana samatta. 
Sattakanipatavannana nitthita. 


Atthakanipate b h i k kh u n i s i la s a mpa n n a ti adika 
Sisilpacalaya tberiya gatba. Imissa pi vattbum Calaya^ 
tberiya vattbumbi vuttam eva. Ayam pi ayasmato Dbam- 
masenapatissa pabbajitabbavam sutva ussabajata^ pab- 
bajitva katabuddbakicca vipassanam pattbapetva gbatenti 
vayamanti nacirass' eva arabattam papuni. Arabattam 
patva pbalasamapattisukbena vibaranti ekadivasam attano 
patipattim 4 paccavekkbitva katapubbakiccil somanassajata 
udanavasena : 

Bbikkbuni silasampanna indriyesu susamvuta 
adbigaccbe padam santam asecanakam ojavan ti. 196. 

gatham aba. Silasampanna ti parisuddbena 
bbikkbuni silena samannagata 5 paripunna. Indri- 
yesu susamvuta ti manaccbattbesu indriyesu suttbu 
samvuta, riipadiarammane ittbe ragam anittbe dosam asa- 
mapekkbane moban ca pahaya suttbu pibitindriya.^ As e c a- 
nakam ojavan ti kenaci anasittakam ojavantam sabba- 
vamadburam sabbassa pi kilesarogassa vupasamato osa- 
dbabbutam ariyamaggam nibbanam eva. Ariyamaggam pi 
bi nibbanam attbi 7 tebi patipajjitabbato kilesaparilabo 
bbjlvaij ca padam santam ti vattum vattati. 

Tavatimsa ca Yamii ca Tusita capi devata 
Nimmanaratino deva ye deva Vasavattino 
tattba cittam panidbebi yattba te vusitam pure ti. 197. 

^ kato, cd. 2 Cbalaya, cd. 3 ayam pi uss°, cd. 

4 patipatti, cd 5 sampannagata, cd. 

6 °indriyo, cd. 7 nibbanattbi, cd. 



Ayain gfithri " kamasiiggesu nikaiitiiu iip2)a(lL'lii " ti tattlui 
uyvqjitavasena tlierim^ samapattiya crivetukameiiu ^lareiia 
vutta. Tattlia sahapunriakarino tettimsa janfi yattlia ii[)- 
parnifi tarn thrmam Tavatimsam ti. Tattha nil)batta sal)l»o 
pi devaputtri T a v a t i in s a. Keci pana Tavatinisa ti tesaiu 
devanam namam eva ti vadanti. Dvihi devalokebi visittham 
dibbam sukham yfitri upayata sampanna ti Y a m a, dil)baya 
sampattiya tuttha paliattha ti TusitTi. Pakatipatiyat- 
tarammaiiato atirekena nimmitaktlmatrikrile - yatbfirucite 
bboge nimminitva ramanti ti N i m m a n a r a t i u o.3 Cit- 
tarucini fiatyfi parehi nimmitesu bbogesu vasam vattanti 
ti vasavattino. Tattha c i 1 1 a m panidbehT ti 
tasniim Tavatimsfidike devanikfiye tava cittam tbapehi, 
upapajjauaya nikantim karohi. Catummaharajiktinani bbo- 
ganam itarebi nibma ti adbippciyena Tavatimsfidayo 'va 
vuttil. Yattba te vu si tarn pure ti yesu devanikri- 
yesu taya pubbe upapanna ayam kira pubbadevesu uppaj- 
jantl Tt"ivatimsato pattbaya pauca kamaguiie sodbetva 
puna bettbato otaranti Tusitesii tbatva tato cavitva idfiui 
manussesu nibbatta. 

Tarn sutvri tberl : '*' tittbatu Mjira taya vuttakamaloko 
anno pi sabbo loko ragaggiadibi aditto sampajjalito, na 
tattha rinnutam cittam ramati " ti kamato ca lokato ca 
attano vinivattitamrmasatani dassetva Mtlrani tajjenti : 

Tavatimsa ca Yama ca Tusita cj'ipi devata 

Nimmanaratino deva ye devTi Vasavattino 198. 

Kalam krdam bhavfi bhavam sakkayasmim purakkbata 4 

avitivatta sakkayam jatimaraiiasririno. 199. 

Sabbo adipito loko sabbo loko paridipito 3 

sabbo pajjalito loko sabbo loko pakampito. 200. 

Akampiyam atuliyani aputhujjanasevitain 

buddho ca dhammam desesi tattha me nirato mano. 201. 

^ then, cd. ^ ninnnituk°, cd. 

3 nimmanarati, cd. 4 sakayasmini purakkhato, cd. 
5 parivuto, cd. ; padipito, m. 


Tassaham vacanam sutva vihari sasane rata 
tisso vijja anuppatta katam buddhassa sasanam. 202. 
Sabbattha vihata nandi tamokkbandbo padalito 
evam janabi papima, nibato tvam asi antaka ti. 203. 

Ima gatba abbasi. Tattba k a 1 a m k a 1 a n ti tarn 
tarn kalam. Bbava bbavan ti bbavato bbavam. S a k- 
k a y a s m i n ^ ti kbandbapancake. P u r a k k b a t a ^ ti 
purakkbarakarino. Idam vuttam boti : Mfira taya vutta 
Tavatimsadayo deva bbavato bbavam upagaccbanta anicca- 
tadianekadinava kule sakkaye patittbita. Tasma tasmim 
bbave upapattikale vemajjbakales pariyosanakrile ti tasmim 
tasmim kjile sakkayam eva purakkbitvfi tbita. Tato eva 
a V i t i v a 1 1 a sakkayam nissaranabbimukba ^ abutva 
sakkayatiram eva anuparidbjivanta j a t i m a r a n a s a r i n o 
ragadibi anugatatta punappunam jatimaranam eva anusa- 
ranti. Tato na vimuccanti ti. 

Sabbo tldipito loko ti Mara na kevalam taya 
viittakamaloko yeva dbatuttayasailnito sabbo pi loko 
ragaggiadibi ekadasabi fiditto, tebi yeva punappunam 
adipitataya paridipito nirantaram ekajabbbiitataya 
p a j j a 1 i t 0, tanbfiya sabbakilesebi ca ito c'ito ca kampita- 
taya vicaHtataya v i k a m p i t o. Evam ilditte pajjalite pa- 
kampite ca loke kenaci pi kampetum caletum asakkuneyya- 
taya akampi^^am. Gunato ettako ti tuletum asakku- 
neyyataya attana sadisassa abbavato ca atuliyam^ 
Buddbadibi ariyebi eva gocarabbavanabi arabato sevitatta 
aputbujjanasevitam. Buddbo bbagava magga- 
pbalanibbanappabbedam navavidbam lokuttarad b a m - 
mam nabakarunaya samcoditamfinaso adesesi sadeva- 
kassa lokassa katbesi pavedesi. Tattba tasmim ariyadbam- 
me maybam manoratbo abbirato na tato vinivattati ti attbo- 
Sesam bettbavuttanayam eva. 

Sisupacalaya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 
Attbakanipatavannana nitthita. 

^ sakayasmim, cd. ^ purakkbato, cd. 

3 parivemajjbako, cd. ^ sakkayanissQ, cd. 


TITER I GATHA. 62. 171 


Navanipate m a s u t e X a d d ha 1 o 1; a s m i n ti 
adika Yaddbamfitriya tberiyri <j;rithri. Ayaiii pi purima- 
buddhesu katadliikfira tattha tattha bbave vivattiipanis- 
sayaiii kusalani iipacinanti anukkamena sambliutavimok- 
kbasambbara butva imasmim buddbuppade Bbrirukac- 
chanagare kulagebe nibbattitva vayappattfi patikulani gata 
ekam puttani vijriyi. Tassa Yaddbo ti namani abosi. Tato 
pattbaya sa Yaddbamata ti vobririyittba.^ Sa bhikkbiinaiu 
santike dbammam sutva patiladdbasaddba puttam natlnam 
niyyadetvri bbikkbuniipassayam gantyfi paljbaji. Ito param 
yam vattabbani tain vaddbetva tassa vatthumbi agatam 
eva, Yaddbattberam hi attano puttam santaruttaram ^ 
ekakani bbikkhunupassaye attano dassanatthaya upagatam 
ayam theii ''kasmjl tvam ekako santaruttaro 'va idbagato" 
ti codetva ovadanti : 

Ma su te Yaddha lokambi vanatbo ahu kudacanam 
ma puttaka punappunam abu dukkhassa bhagima. 204. 
Sukbam hi Yaddha munayo anej'Ti chinnasanisaya 3 
sitibhuta damappattci 4 vibaranti anasava. 205. 
Teh* anuciiinams isibbi maggam dassanapattiya ^ 
dukkbass' antakiriyaya tvam Yaddha anubrubayfi ti. 206. 

Ima tisso gatha abhasi. Tattha ma s u t e Yaddha 
lokambi vanatbo abu k u d <i c a n a n ti. S u ti- 
niptltamattam. Yaddha puttaka sabbasmini pi sattaloke 
sahkbaraloke ca kilesavanatho tuyham kadilci pi ma abu 
ma abosi. Tattha kfiranam fiba : ma puttaka pu- 
nappunam ahu dukkhassa b h a g i m a ti vacanam 
anucinanto" nimittassa punappunain aparaparam jatiildi- 
dukkhassa bbagl ma hosi. Evaiii vanathassa asamucchede 
adinavain dassetva idani samuccbede anisainsam dassenti 

^ voharittha, cd. ^ santanuruttani, cd. 

3 chindasamsaya, cd. -^ ramappatta, cd. 

5 anucinnam, cd. ^ maggad°, cd. 7 anucchin°, cd. 


s u k h a m hi V a (I d h a ti adim aha. Tass' attho : 
Puttaka Vaddha moneyyadhammapasannagamena ^ m u- 
nayo, ejasankhatciya tanhaya abhavena aneja, dassa- 
namaggen' eva pahinavicikicchatfiya c b i n n a s a m s a y a, 
sabbakilesaparilahabbavena s 1 1 i b b u t a, uttamassa da- 
mathassa adbigatatta d a m a p p a 1 1 a, a n a s a v a kbina- 
sava sukbam v i h a r a n t i. Na tesam etarabi ceto duk- 
kbam atthi, ayatim pana sabbam pi dnkkbam na bhavissat' 
eva. Yasma c'ete devatasma teb' a n u c i n n a m ^ i s i b b i 
— pa — a n u b r u b a y a. Tebi kbinasavebi isibi anucinnam 3 
patipannam samatbavipassanamaggananadassanassa adbi- 
gamaya sakalassa pi Yaddba 4 dukkbassa antakiriyaya 
Vaddba tvam a n u b r il h a y a vaddbeyyasi ti. 

Tarn sutva Vaddbattbero "addba me mata arabattam 
patitthita " ti cintetva tarn attbam pavedento : 

Visarada va bbanasi etam attbam janetti me 
maiinami nilna mamike 3 vanatbo te na vijjati ti. 207. 

gatbam aba. Tattba visarada v a bbanasi etam 
attbam janetti m e ti. Ma s u t e Vaddha 
lokambi vanatbo abu kudacanan ti etam 
attbam etam ovadam amma vigatasarajja katthaci alagga 
analina 'va hutva maybam vadasi,^ tasmil m a n ii a m i 
n n n a mamike vanatbo t e n a v i j j a t i ti 
niina mamike maybam amma gehasi pemapatto pi vaoatbo 
tuybam mayi na vijjati ti mannami. Na mamike ti attho. 
Tarn sutva theri a n u m a 1 1 o pi kileso katthaci pi visa^'e 
mama na vijjati ti vatva attano katakiccatam pa- 
kasenti : 

Ye keci Yaddba samkhara binaiikkattbamajjbima 
aim pi anmnatto pi vanatbo me na vijjati. 208. 
Sabbe me asava khlna appamattassa jbayato 
tisso vijjci anuppatta katam buddbassa sasanam ti. 209. 

I maneyya°, cd. 2 anucinnam, cd. 

3 anucinnam, cd. 4 Yatta, cd. 

5 mapike, cd. 6 vadati, cd. 

THERl GATIIA. (32. lyii 

Idam ^ gritliadvayam aha. Tattba ye k o c i ti atiya- 
manani. S an kli a r a ti sankhatadhamma. Hlnfi ti 
lamaka patikuttba. U k k a 1 1 h a m a j j b i m fi ti paiilta 
c'eva majjbinia ca. Tesu va asankbata hlna jati, sankbatfi 
ukkattba, ubbayavimissita luajjbima. Hinebi vfi cbandfi- 
dihi nibbattitfi blna, majjbimebi majjbima, paiiTtebi uk- 
kattbti, akusabl dbamma vfi bina, lokuttara dbammri 
ukkattbci, itara majjbima. A ii u m a 1 1 o p T ti na kevalani 
tayi eva atba kbo ye keci blnadibbedabbinnri sankhara 
tesu sabbesu aiiu pi anumatto pi atiparittato pi vanatbo 
may bam na vijjati. 

Tattba karanam aba : s a b b e me a s a v a k b T n a 
a p p a m a 1 1 a s s a j b fi y a t o ti appamattfiya jbayantiya. 
Lingavipabasena b'etam vuttam. Ettba ca yasmfi ti 
t i s s V i j j a a n u p p a 1 1 a tasmTi k a t a in b u d- 
dbassa sasanam. Yasnui appamatta jbayini ^ tasma 
sabbe me asava kbina anu pi anumatto pi vanatbo me na 
vijjati ti yojana. 

Evam vuttam ovadam ankusam katva sanjatasamvego 
tbero vibaram gantva divatbane nisinno vipassanam vad- 
dhetva arabattam patvfi attano patipattim paccavekkbitva 
sanjatasomanasso matu santikani gantva aiiiiam vyfdva- 
ronto : 

Ublram vata me mata patodam samavassari 
paramattbasannita gatba yatbfipi anukampika, 210. 
Tassfibam vacanam sutva anusittbim 3 janettiyfi 
dbammasamvegam4 apadi yogakkbemassa pattiya. 211. 
So'bam padbanapabitatto rattindivam atandito 
matara codito santo apbusi^ santim uttaman ti. 212. 

Ima tisso gatbTi abbasi. Atba tberl attano vacanam 
ankusam katva puttassa arabattuppattiyfi arfidliitacitta 
tena bbasitagatba sayam paccanubbasi. Evan tfi pi tberiya 
gatba nrima jata. Tattba ulfiranti vipubiiu mabantam. 

^ ima, cd. ^ jbayl, cd. ^ anusitthi, cd. 

4 tasma samv°, cd. ' apbussa, cd. 


Patodan ti ovadapatodam. Samavassari ti sam- 
pavattesi.^ Vat a ti yojana. ''Ko pana so patodo " ti 
aha. P a r a m a 1 1 h a s a n 11 i t a g a t h a ti. Ma s n t e 
V a (I d h a 1 o k a m h i ti adika gatlia sandhaya vadati. 
Yatlia pi anukampika ti yatba aniie pi aniiggahika 
evam mayliam mata pavattinivattivibhavanagathasaiikha- 
tam nlaram patodam pajanadandakam mama iianavega- 
samuttejam pavattesi ti attho. D h a mm a s a m v e g a m ^ 
a p a d i n ti nanabhayavahantam 3 ati viya mahantam 
bhimsanam samvegam apajji. Padbanapabitatto 
ti catiibbidbasammappadbanayogena nibbanam pati pesi- 
tacitto. Apbusi4 santim nttaman ti anuttaram 
santinibbanam pbusim ^ adbigaccbin ti attbo. 

Vaddbamataya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 
Navakanipatavannana samatta. 


Ekadasanipate k a 1 y a n a m i 1 1 a t a ti adika Kisagota- 
miya gatba. Ayam kira Padumuttarassa bbagavato kale 
Hamsavatlnagare kulagebe nibbattitva viiiiiutam patta 
ekadivasam sattbu santike dbammam suiianti sattbaram 
ekam bbikkbunim bikbacivaradbaranam aggattbaue tba- 
pentam disva adbikarakammam katvci tarn tbanantaram 
pattbesi. Sa kappasatasabassam devamanussesu samsa- 
ranti imasmim buddbuppade Savattbiyam duggatakule 
nibbatti. Gotami ti 'ssa namam abosi, kisasarirataya pana 
Kisagotami ti vobariyittba. Tarn patikulam gatam " dug- 
gataki'^assa dbita " ti paribbavimsu. Sa ekam puttam 
vijayi. Puttalabbena c'assa sammanam akamsu. So jDan' 
assa putto adbavitva paridbavitva kilanakale tbito kalam 
akasi. Ten' assa sokummado uppajji. Sa abam^ pubbe 
paribbavappatta butva puttassa jatakalato pattbaya sak- 

^ samapavattesi, cd. 2 tasma sam°, cd. 

3 °avabanta, cd. 4 apbussam, cd. 

5 pbussim, cd. 6 j^^ abam, cd. 


kfirain pripiiiii. " line mayhaiu puttain bahi chaddctuiu 
pi vayamantl " ti sokummfidavasena matakalevaraiu aiike- 
nadfiya '* pnttassa mo bliesajjaiu detba " ti gehadvrirapati- 
pfitiyri nagare vicarati. Mauussa " bliesajjaiu kuto " ti 
paribbfisanti. Sfi tesain katbaiii na gaubati. Atba nam 
eko paiiditapuriso '' ayam puttasokena cittavikkhepam 
pattri, etissfi bbesajjam dasabalo jruiissatl " ti cintetyfi 
** amma tava puttassa bbesajjam sammasambuddham upa- 
saiikamitvri pucclia " ti aba. Sa sattbu dbammadesana- 
veblyam vihclraiii gaiitva " puttassa me bbesajjam detha 
bhagava " ti aha. Satthfi tassa upanissayaiu disva "gaccba 
nagaram pavisitva yasmim gehe koci matapubbo n'atthi 
tato siddbattliakam aharri " ti fiha. Sfi " sadliu bhante " ti 
tuttbamauasri nagaram pavisitvti pathamagehe yeva gantva 
*' mama puttassa bhesajjatthjlya siddbattliakam abarfipemi,^ 
sace etasmim gebe koci matapubbo n'atthi siddbattliakam 
me detbfi " ti aba. " Ko idha mate gaiietum sakkoti " ti. 
" Kim tehi abam siddbatthakebi " ti dutiyam tatiyam 
gharam gantyfi buddbrinubbrivena vigatummadfi pakaticitte 
thita cintesi : " Sakale nagare ayam eva niyamo bhavissati, 
idam bitanukampinri bbagavata dittham bhavissati " ti 
samvegam labbitvii tato ca babi nikkbamitva rimakasusane 
chaddetva imam gatbam fiba : 

Na gamadbammo no nigamassa dbammo na capi 'yam 

ekakulassa dbammo 
sabbalokassa sadevakassa es'eva dbammo yad idam anic- 

catci ti. 

Evani ca pana vatva sattbu santikam agamfisi. Atba 
nam satthfi " laddbo te Gotami siddbattbako " ti fiba. 
" Nitthitam bhante siddhattbakena kammain, patitthfinaiii 
me botbcl " ti fdia. Ath' assa sattha : 

Tarn puttapasusammattam - vyrisattamanasam naram 
suttam gfimam mabogbo va maccu adaya gaccbati ti. 

I ilbarapeti, cd. 2 ogj^njattam, cd. 


gatham aha. Gathapariyosane yatha thita 'va sotilpatti- 
phale patitthiiya pabbajjam yaci. Sattha pabbajjam anuja- 
nasi. Sa sattharam tikkhattum padakkhinam katva van- 
ditva bhikkhuniipassayam gantva pabbajitva upasampadam 
labhitva na cirass' eva yonisomanasikarena kammam karonti 
vipassanam vaddhesT ti. Ath' assfi sattha : 

Yo ca vassasatam jive apassam amatam padam 
ekaham jivitam sevyo passato amatam padan ti. 

Imam obhasagatham aha. Sa gathapariyosixne arahattam 
papuiiitva parikkharavaLanje paramukkattha htitvfi tihi 
lukhehi samannagatam civaram parupitva vicari. Atha 
nam satthfi Jetavane nisinno bhikkhuniyo patipatiya tha- 
nantare thapento hikhacivaradharrmam aggatthfine thapesi. 
Sa attano patipattim paccavekkhitva sattharam nissaya 
" maya ayam viseso laddho " ti kalyrinamittatapasamsamii- 
khena ima gfitha abhasi : 

Kalyanamittata mimina lokam adissa vannita 
kalyanamitte bhajamano api balo pandito assa. 213. 
Bhajitabba sappurisa panna samvaddhati bhajantrmam 
bhajamano sappurise sabbehi pi dukkhehi pamucceyya. 214. 
Dukkhan ca vijaneyya dukkhassa ca samudayam 
nirodhan ca atthangikam maggan cattari pi ariyasac- 

cfmi. 215. 
Dukkho itthibhavo akkhato purisadammasarathina 
sapattikam pi dukkham appekacca sakim vijcltayo. 216. 
Gale ^ apakantanti - snkhumaliniyo visani khjidanti 
janamarakamajjhagatci ubho pi vyasanani anubhonti. 217. 
Upavijuima gacchanti 3 addasaham patim 4 matam panthe.5 
Vijayitvana appattahain sakam geham. 218. 
Dve putta kfilamkata pati ca me panthe mato 
kapanikaya mata pita ca bhata ca dayhanti ^ ekacitaka- 

yam. 219. 

^ galale, cd. 2 asakantanti, cd. 

3 upajiva ubham gacchanti, cd. 4 pati, cd. 

5 sapante, cd. ^ chaddeyanti, cd. 


Khlnakuline kapano anul)hritan te dukkham aparimunain 
assu ^ ca te pavattam bahuni jfitisabassrini. '220. 
Passi tarn susanamajjlie atlio pi khaditani puttamamsani 
hatakulika sabbagaraliita matapatikfi amatam adbigac- 

chi. 221. 
Bhavito me maggo ariyo atthahgiko amatagami 
nibbtlnam saccblkatam dbammadasam avekkbitam. 222. 
Abam ambi kautasalbi - obitabbara katam me karanlyam 
Kistigotami tberl suvimuttacitta imam bbani ti. 223. 

Tattba k a 1 y a n a m i 1 1 a t a ti kalyano bbaddo suudaro 
mitto etassa ti kalyanamitto. Yassa sibidiguuasampanno 
agbassa gbatabitassa vidbanani evarn sabbakarena upakaro 
mitto boti so puggalo kalyanamitto, tassa bbavo kalyana- 
mittata kalyanamittavantatfi. M u n i n a ti sattbara. 
L k a m a d i s s a v a u n i t a ti kalyanamitte anuggahe- 
tabbam. Sattalokam uddissa sakalam eva b'idam 3 Ananda 
brabmacariyam yad idam kalyauamittata kalyanasabayata 
kalyanasampavankata. Kalyanamittass' etam Megbiya 
bbikkbuno patikankbam kalyanasabayassa kalyanasampa- 
vaiikassa yam silava bbavissati ti patimokkbasamvarasam- 
vuto viharati ti ca. Evamadina pasamsita kalyana- 
mitte bbajamano ti adi kalyanamittataya anicamsa- 
dassanam. Tattba api balo pandito assa ti kalya- 
namitte bbajamano puggalo pubbe sutadivirabena balo pi 
samano sutasavanadina pandito bbaveyya. Bbajitabba 
s a p p u r i s a ti balassa pi panditabbavabetuto buddbadayo 
sappurisa kalena kalam upasankamanadina sevitabba. 

Paiina tatba pavaddbati bbajantanau ti 
kalyanamitte bbajantanam tatba paMa vaddbati briibati 
paripiirim gaccbati. Yatba tesu yo koci kbattiyadiko 
bbajamano sappurise sabbebi jatiadiduk- 
k b e b i m u c c e y y a ti yojana. MuficanaYltipatanakal- 
ytuiamittavidbim 4 dassetum dukkbail ca vijaneyya 
ti udi vuttam. 

^ asu, cd. 2 tambi kantisalla, cd. 

3 b'itam, cd. 4 ovitipana°, cd. 



Tattha cattari pi ariyasaccani ti dukkhaii ca 
diikkhasamudayaii ca nirodhaii ca atthangikam maggaii ca ti 
imani cattari ariyasaccani vijaneyya pativajjeyya ti yojana. 

Dukkho itthibhavo ti adika dve gatha annataraya 
yakkhiniya itthibhavam garahantiya bliasita. Tattha 
dukkho itthibhavo akkhatoti capalata gabbhadha- 
ranam sabbakalani parapatibaddhavuttita ti. Evamadihi 
admavehi itthibhavo dukkho ti purisadammasara- 
t h i n a bhagavata kathito. Sapattikam pi duk- 
khan ti sapattavaso^ sapattiya saddhira samvaso pi dukkho, 
ay am pi itthibhavo adinavo ti adhippayo. A p p e k a c c a 
sakim vijatayo ti ekacca itthiyo ekavaram eva vijata 
pathamagabbhe vijayanadukkham asahantiyo gale^ apa- 
kantanti attano givam chindanti. Sukhuraaliniyo 
visani khadanti ti sukhumalasarira attano sukhu- 
malabhavena khedam avisahantiyo visani pi khadanti. 

Janamarakamajjhagata ti janamarako vuccati 
mulhagabbho matugamajanassa marako, majjhagata jana- 
maraka kucchigatamulhagabbha ti attho. U b h o pi 
vyasanani anubhonti ti. Gabbho gabbhim ca ti dve 
pi jana maranamaranantikavyasanani 3 papunanti. Apa- 
dassa na gananti ti janamaraka nama kilesa. Tesam 
majjhagata kilesasantanapatita ubho pi jayapatika idha 
kilesaparilahavasena ayatim duggatiparikkilesavasena vya- 
sanani papunanti ti. Ima kira dve gatha sa yakkhini puri- 
mattabhave attano anubhutadukkham anussaritva aha.4 
Theri pana itthibhave adinavavibhavanaya 5 paccanubha- 
santi avoca : upavijanna gacchanti ti adika dve 
gatha Patacaraya theriya pavattim ^ arabbha bhasita. 
Tattna upavijanna gacchanti ti upagatavijayana- 
kale maggam gacchanti appatta sakam geham pant he 
vijayitva patim7 matam addasam ahan ti yojana. 

Kapanikaya ti varakaya.^ Ima kira dve gatha Pata- 

I sapakkavo, ch. 2 galale, cd. 

3 maranam maranantikam vyasanani, cd. 

4 cd. om. aha. 5 adlnavam vibh°, cd. 
6 pavatti, cd: 7 pati, cd. ^ yarakaya, cd. 


ctlraya tada sokummfidappattayfi vuttfi 'va vuttakfiranaaiiu- 
karaiiavasena ^ itthibhave ridTnavavibhavanattham ^ eva 
tberiyri vuttii. Ubbayam p'etam udribaranabbavena anetva 
idani attano anubhutam dukkham vibhaventi k b i n a k u - 
line ti adim aba. 

Tattba k h i n a k u 1 1 n e ti bbogadibi pilrijunnappatta- 
kule. K a p a ii e ti 3 kapanapaniiatam patte ubhayam 
c'etam attano eva amantanavacanam. Anul)biitan te 
dukkham a p a r i m il n a n ti imasmim attabbave ito puri- 
mattabbavesu va anappakam dukkham tass<1 anubhavitam.4 
Idani tarn dukkham ekadesena vibhajitva dassetum a s s u 
ca te pavattan ti adi vuttam. Tass' attbo : imasmim 
anamatagge samsare paribhavantiya bahukani jatisahassani 
sokjmi bhutaya assu ca pavattam avisositam katva 
tail c'etam mahasamuddassa udakato pi bahukam eva 

Passi tarn susanamajjhe ti. Manussamamsa- 
khadika sunakhi siiighah ca hutva vyagghadiplbilaradikale 
puttamamsani pi khaditani. 

H a t a k u 1 i k a ti vinatthakulavamsa. Sabbehi pi 
g a r a h i t a garahappatta. Matapatika vidhava. Ime 
pana tayo pakare carimattabhave attano anuppatte gahetva 
vadati. Evambhuta pi hutva adhiccaladdhaya kalyanamit- 
tasevaya amatam adhigacchi nibbanam aouppatta. 
Idani tam eva amatadhigamam pakatam katva dassetum 
b h a V i t 5 ti adi vuttam. 

Tattha bhavito^ ti vibhavito uppadito vaddhito 
bhavanabhisamayavasena patiladdho. D h a m m fi d a s a m 
a p e k k h i 'ham ti dhammamayam adasam adakkbim 
apassim aham. 

A h a m a m h i 7 k a n t a s a 1 1 a^ ti ariyamaggena samuc- 
chinnaragadisalla aham amhi. h i t a b h a r <i ti oropi- 
takilesabhisamkhara. Katam karaniyan ti parinna- 

^ vuttayavuttaktirayaanuk°, cd. ^ adinavam vibh°, cd. 
3 kapane ti om. cd. 4 anubhavitam, cd. 

5 bhcivitako, cd. ^ bhavitako, cd. 

7 tamhi, cd. ^ kantisalla, cd. 


dibhedam solasavidham pi kiccam katam pariyositam* 
Suvimuttacitta imam bhani ti sabbaso vimut- 
tacitta ti KisagotamI ^ theri imam attbam kalyanamit- 
t a t a ti adina abbani ti attanam param viya tberl vadati. 
Tatr' idam imissa theriya Apadanam : 

Padumuttaro nama jino sabbadbammana paragu 
ito satasabassambi kappe uppajji nayako. 1. 
Tadabam Hamsavatiyam jata annatare kule 
upetva tarn naravaram saranam samupagamim. 2. 
Dbammaii ca tassa assosim catusaccupasambitam 
madburam paramassadam vattasantisukbavabam.^ 3. 
Tada ca bbikkbunim viro lukhacivaradharinim 3 
tbapento etadaggambi vannayi purisuttamo. 4. 
Janetva 'nappakam pitim 4 sutva bbikkbuniya gunam 5 
karam katvana buddbassa yatba sattim ^ yatba balam 5. 
Nipacca munivaran 7 tarn tarn tbanam abbi]pattbayim. 
tadanumodi sambuddbo tbanalabhaya nayako. 6. 
Satasabasse ito kappe Okkakakulasambbavo 
Gotamo nama namena sattba loke bbavissati. 7. 
Tassa dbammesu dayada orasa dbammanimmita 
Kisagomati namena ^ bessasi 9 satthu savika. 8. 
Tarn sutva mudita butva yavajivam tada jinam 
mettacitta ^° paricarim paccayebi vinayakam. 9. 
Tena kammena sukatena cetanapanidbibi ca 
jabitva manusam debam Tavatimsam agaccbi 'bam. 10. 
Imamhi bbaddake kappe brahmabandbu mabayaso 
Kassapo nama namena uppajji vadatam varo. 11. 
Upattbako mabesissa tada asi narissaro 
Kasiraja Kiki nama Baranasipuruttame. 12. 
Pancami tassa dbitasim ^^ Dbamma namena vissuta 
dbammam sutva jinaggassa pabbajjam ^^ samarocayim. 13. 

I kilesagot Q, cd ^ cittasanti°, P. ; vittam santi^, B. 

3 °dharinam, P. 4 piti, P. 5 gune, A. 

6 satti, P. 7 muniviran, B. P. 

^ Gotami nama namena, A. 9 hessati, A. 

^° mettacittam, R " dbitapi, P. ^^ pabbajam, A. • 

ther! gatiia. G3. 181 

Anujani na no tfito agfire ca ^ tadfi mayam 

visam vassasahassrmi vicarimhri atanditfi 14. 

Komjirim brahmacariyain - rfijakauna sukhedhita 

buddhopatthrinaniratil muditri satta dliitaro 15. 

Samani Samanagutta ca Bliikkhuni Bhikkhadayika^ 

Dhamma c'eva Sudhamma ca sattami Sanghadayika 16. 

Kbema Uppalavanna ca Patacara ca Kiindalfi 

abam ca Dbammadinna ca Visakhci boti sattamT. 17. 

Tebi kammebi sukatehi cetanapanidbibi ca 

jabitva manusam debam Tavatimsam agaccbi 'liam. 18. 

Paccbime ca bbave dani jata settbikule abam 

duggate adbane nattbe gata ca sadbanam kulam. 19. 

Patim tbapetva 4 sesa me dessanti 5 adbana iti 

yadci ca pasuta ^ asim sabbesam dayita 7 tad a. 20. 

Yada me taruno putto ^ komalako 9 sukbedbito 

sapiinam iva ^° kanto me tadayam avasangato. 21. 

Sokattci dinavadana assunetta rudammukba 

matam kunapam adaya vilapanti gamam' abam. 22. 

Tadti ekena sandittba upetvabbi Sakkuttamam ^^ 

avocam ^^ debi bbesajjam puttasanjivanan ti bbo.^3 23. 

'' Na vijjante mata yasmim ^4 gebe siddbattbakam tato 

abara " ti jino aba vinayopayakovido. 24. 

Tada gamitva Savattbim na labbim ^5 tadisam gbaram 

kuto siddbattbakam tasma ^^ tato laddba satim ^7 abam. 25. 

Kunapam cbaddayitvana ^^ upesim ^9 lokanayakam. 

Dm*ato 'va mamam disva avoca madburassaro : 26. 

yo ca vassasatam jive apassam udayabbayam 

ekabam jlvltam ^o seyyo passato udayabbayam. 27. 

I agare va, A. - Komarabrabmacariya, P. 

3 Bbikkbudo, A. 4 patittbapitvil, P. 

5 dissanti, B. ^ passutil, P. 7 dassita, P. 

8 yada so taruno bbaddo, A. 9 kfimalono, P. 

^o sapanam idba, P. ^^ upetva abbibbuttamain, P. 

12 avocum, A. ^3 onantigo, P. ; °nantike, B. 

14 mabasmim, P. ^5 nrdabbim, P. 

i6 siddbattbakamasma, P. ^7 sati, P. 

^8 cbattayitvana, A. ^9 upemi, P. 2° jlvita, A. 


Na gamadhammo no nigamassa dhammo 
na capi yam ekakulassa dhammo 
sabbassa lokassa sadevakassa 
es'eva dhammo yad idam aniccata. 28. 
Saham sutvan' ^ ima gatha dhammacakkhum visodhayim 
tato vinnatasaddhamma pabbajim anagariyam. 29. 
Tatha^ pabbajita santi yunjanti jinasane 
na ciren' eva kalena arahattam apapunim. 30. 
Iddhisu ca vasi homi dibbaya sotadhatuya 
paracittani janami satthu sasanakarika. 31. 
Pubbenivasam janami dibbacakkhum visodhayim 3 
khepetva asave sabbe visuddhasim sunimmala. 32. 
Paricinno maya sattha katam buddhassa sasanam 
ohito garuko bharo bhavanetti samuhata. 33. 
Yass' atthaya pabbajita agarasmanagariyam 
so me attho auuppatto sabbasannojanakkhayo. 34. 
Atthadhammaniruttlsu patibhane tath'eva ca 
nanam me vimalam suddham buddhasetthassa vahasa.4 35,. 
Saiikarakuta ahitva 5 susanaratiya pi ca ^ 
tato samghatikam katva lukham dharemi civaram. 36. 
Jino tasmim gune tuttho lulihacivaradharane 
thapesi etadaggamhi parisasu vinayako. 37. 
Kilesa jhapita mayham — pa — katam buddhassa sasanan 
ti. 38. 

Kisagotamithehya gathavannana samatta. 

Ekadasanipatavannana nitthita. 


Dvadasanipate ubhomata ca pita cati adika Uppa- 
lavannaya theriya gatha. Ayam pi Padumuttarassa 
bhagavato kale Hamsavatmagare kulagehe nibbattitva vin- 
nutam patva mahajanena saddhim satthu santikam gantva 

^ sahasutvan', A. 2 tassa, P. 

3 visodhitam, A. 4 buddhasetthasavika, P. 

5 ahata, P. B. 6 susanarathiyahi ca, P. B. 

THERl GATIIA. 64. 183 

dbammam suiiant'i sattbriraiu ekain bhikkbunim iddbi- 
matinam^ aggattbaue tbapentain disvu sattfibani buddbapa- 
mukbassa saiigbassa mabiidanam datvfi tarn thrmantaram 
pattbesi. Sa yrivajlvam kusalani katva devamauussesu 
samsarautl Kassapabuddbakfile Bfirriiiaslnagare Kikissa 
rafiiio gebe patisandbim gabetva sattannam bbaginlnam 
abbbantarfi butva visati vassasabassfini In-abmacariyaiu 
caritva bbikkbunisaiigbassa parivenam karetva devalokam 
nibbatta. Tato cavitva puna manussalokam ilgacchanti 
ekasmim gamake sabattba kammam katvfi jivanakattbfine 
uibbatta. Sa ekadivasam kbettakutim gaccbauti antaril- 
magge ekasmim sare pato 'va puppbitam padumapuppbam 
disva tarn saram oruyba tarn eva puppbam byapakkbipa- 
nattbaya paduminipattam gabetva kedare salislsani cbin- 
ditva kutikaya nisinna bije bbajjitva ^ panca Ifijasatani 
katva tbapesi. Tasmim kbane Gandbamadanapabl)ate 
nirodbasamapattito vuttbito eko paccekabuddbo agantva 
tassa avidure tbaue attbasi. Sa paccekabiiddbam disva 
lajebi saddbim padumapuppbam gabetva kutito oruyba 
laje paccekabuddbassa patte pakkbipitva padumapuppbena 
pattam pidbaya adasi. Atb' assa paccekabuddbe tbokam 
gate etad abosi : pabbajita nama puppbena anattbika, abam 
puppbam gabetva pilandbissaml ti gantvji paccekabud- 
dbassa battbato puppbam gabetva puna cintesi : " sace 
ayyo puppbena anattbiko bbavissa pattamattbake tba- 
petum nadassa" ti puna gantva pattamattbake tbapetva 
paccekabuddbam kbamapetva " bbante imesam bijanam 
nissandena bijagananaya punna assu padumapuppbanis- 
sandena nibbattattbane pade pade padumapuppbam 
uttbabatu " ti pattbanam akasi. 

Paccekabuddbo tassa passantiya 'va akfiseua Gaudbama- 
danam gantva tarn padumam Nandamulakapal)bbare pacce- 
kabuddbanam akkamanasopfiuasamlpe padapujanam katva 
tbapesi. Sfi pi tassa kammassa nissandena devaloke pati- 
sandbim ganbi. Nibbattakalato pattbaya tassil pade pade 
padumapuppbam uttbasi. Sa tato cavitva pabbatapade 

I iddbimantanam, cd. ^ tajjitva, cd. 


ekasmim padumasare padumagabbhe nibbatti. Tarn nis- 
saya eko tapaso vasati. So pato 'va mukhadhovanatthaya 
saram gantva tarn puppham disva cintesi : " idam pnp- 
pham sesehi mahantataram sesani ca puppbitani idam 
maknlitam eva bbavitabbam ettba karanena " ti udakam 
otaritva tarn puppbam ganbi. Tarn tena gabitamattam 
eva puppbitam. Tapaso anto padumagabbbe nippannam 
dfirikam addasa. Dittbakalato pattbaya dbitu sinebam 
labbitva padumen' eva saddbim pannasalam netva man- 
cake nipajjapesi. Atb' assa punnanubbavena anguttbake 
kbiram nibbatti. So tasmim puppbe milate aiinam navam 
puppbam abaritva tarn nipajjapesi. Atb' assa adbavana- 
vidbavanena kilitum samattbakalato pattbaya padavare 
padumapuppbam uttbati. Kunkattbarasiya viya sarira- 
vanno boti. Sa appatta devavannam atikkanta manussa- 
vannam abosi. Sa pitari pbahipbalattbaya gate pannasa- 
layam obiyati. Atb' ekadivasam tassa vayappattakale 
pitari pbalapbalattbaya gate eko vanacariko tarn disva 
cintesi : " maniissanam nama evanipam n'attbi, vimamsis- 
sami tarn" ti tapasassa agamanam udikkbanto nisidi. Sa 
pitari agaccbante patipatbam gantva tassa battbato kajam 
kamandalum aggabesi. Agantva nisinnassa ca attano 
karanavantam dassesi. Tada so vanacarako manussa- 
bbavam natva tapasam abbivadetva nisidi. Tapaso tarn 
vanacarakam mnlapbalena paniyena ca nimantetva " bbo 
pnrisa imasmim eva tbane bbavissasi udabu gamissasi " ti 
puccbi. ''Gamissami bbante idba^ kim karissami " ti. 
Idam tassa dittbakaranam gatattbane apanetum sakkbisi 
ti. Sace ayyo na iccbati kimkarana katbessami ti tapasam 
vanditva gamanakale maggasaiijananattbam sakbasaiinaii 
ca rukkbasaiinan ca karonto pakkami. So pi Baranasim 
gantva rajanam addasa. Raja " kasma agato si " ti puccbi 
" abam deva tumbakam vanacarako pabbatapade accbari- 
yam ittbiratanam disva agato 'mhi " ti sabbam pavattim 
katbesi. So tassa vacanam sutva vegena pabbatapadam 
gantva avidure tbane kbandbavaram nivesetva vanacara- 

^ ida, cd. 


kena c'eva aiinebi pnrisebi ca saddbim tfipasassa bbatta- 
kiccam katva nisiiniavehiya tattba gantvu abbivridetva 
patisantbaram katvfi ekamantam nisidi. Eaja tapasassa 
pabbajitaparikkbrirabbandam pfidamule tbapctvfi : ** bbante 
imasmim tbfiue kim karoma gamissami " ti aba. " Gaccba 
mabaraja " ti. ''Gaccbami bbante ayyassa pana samipe 
visabbagaparisa attbi' ti assu mabapapaiico^ eva pabbaji- 
tfrnam." " MaYJi saddbim gaccbatii bbante" ti. Manus- 
silnam nama cittam duttbo sayam katam babunnam majjbe 
vasissama ti ambakam rucitakalato pattbaya sesanam 
jettbakattbane tbapetva patipajjitum.^ So ranno katbam 
sutva dabarakale gabitanamavasen' eva " amma Paduma- 
vati " ti dbitaram pakkosi. Sa ekavacanen' eva pannasa- 
lato pitaram abbivadetva attbasi. Atba nam pita aba: 
*'tvam amma vayappatta imasmim tbane ramio dittbaka- 
lato pattbaya vasitum abbabba, raiino saddbim gaccba 
amma" ti. Sa " sadbu tata" ti pitu vacanam sampatic- 
cbitva abbivadetva rodamana attbasi. Eaja " imissa catu- 
cittam ganbissami" ti tasmim yeva tbane kabapanarasimbi 
tbapetva abbisekam akasi. Atba nam gabetva attano 
nagaram anetva agatakalato pattbaya sesittbiyo anoloketva 
taya saddbim yeva ramati. Ta ittbiyo issapakata ranno 
antare paribbinditukama evam abamsu : " nayam mabaraja 
manussajatika, kabam nama tiimbebi mannssanani vicara- 
nattbane padumani uttbabantani dittbapubbani. Addba 
ayam yakkbini ti baratba nam mabaraja " ti. Eaja tasam 
katbam siitva tuubl abosi. Atb' assaparena samayena 
paccanto kupito. So ''garubbara Padumavatl" ti nagare 
tbapetva paccantam agamasi. Atba ta ittbij'o tassa upat- 
tbayikaya lailcam datva : " imissa dfirakam jfitakamattam 
€va anetva ekam darugbatikam lobitena makkbitvfi santike 
tbapebi " ti abamsu. Padumavatiya pi nacirass' eva 
gabbhavuttbanam abosi. Mabapadumakiimaro ekako 'va 
kucebiyara vasi, avasesa ekunapancasata dfiraka Mabfipa- 
dumakumarassa matu kuccbito nikkbamitva nippbanna kale 
samsedajata butva nibbattimsu. Atb' assa nabba va ayam 

^ °papanca, cd. ^ patipajitnm, cd. 


satim I labbati ti iiatva upatthayika ekam darughatikam 
lohitena makkhitva samipe tbapetva tasam itthlnam annam 
adasi. Ta pi paiicasata itthiyo ekeka ekekam darakam 
gahetva cundiinam santikam pesetvil karandakam ahara- 
petva attana gahitadarake tattha nipajjapetva babi laiicanam 
katva tbapayimsu. Padumavati pi kbo saniiam labbitva 
tarn upattbayikam " kim vijat' ambi amma " ti puccbi. 
Sa tarn santajjetva " kuto tvam darakam labbasl " ti vatva 
" ayam tava kuccbito nikkbantadarako " ti lobitamakkbi- 
tam darugbatikam pnrato tbapesi. Sa tarn disva doma- 
nassappatta " sigbam tarn pbaletva apanebi, sace koci 
passeyya lajjitabbam bbaveyya " ti aba. Sa tassa katbam 
sutva attakama viya darugbatikam pbaletva uddbane 
pakkbipi. Eaja paccantato agantva nakkbattam patima- 
nento babi nagare kbandbavaram katva nisidi. Atba ta 
pancasata ittbiyo raniio paccuggamanam agantva abamsu: 
*' tvam mabaraja ambakam na saddabasi, ambebi vuttam 
akaranam viya boti, tvam mabesiya upattbayikam pakko- 
sapetva patipuccba, darugbatikam devi vijata " ti. Eaja 
tarn karanam upaparikkbitva '' amanussajatika bbavissati" 
ti tarn gebato nikkaddbi. Tassa rajagebato saba nikkba- 
manen' eva padumapuppbani antaradbayimsu, sariracchavi 
pi vivanna abosi. Sa ekika 'va antaravitbiya payasi. 
Atba nam eka vayappatta maballika ittbi disva dbitu 
sinebam uppadetva " kebam gaccbasi " ti aba. 
" Agantuk' ambi vasanattbanam olokentl car ami " ti. 
" Idbagaccba amma" ti vasanattbanam datva bbojanam 
patiyadesi. Tassa imina niyamena tattba vasamanaya ta 
pancasata ittbiyo ekacitta butva rajanara abamsu : " maba- 
raja tumbesu kbandbavaram gatesu ambebi Gangadevataya 
ambakara deve jivitasaiigame agate balikammam katva 
udakakilam^ -karissama " ti pattbitam attbi. Etam 
attbam deva janapema " ti. Eaja tesam vacanena tuttbo 
gangaya udakakllikam katum agamasi. Ta pi attana gabi- 
takarandakam paticcbannam katva adaya nadiin gantva 
tesam karandakanam paticcbadanattbam parupitva udake 

^ sati, cd. 2 udakam kllam, cd. 


vissajjesum. Te pi kho karandakri gimtyri betthrisoto pasu- 
ritajrilamhi laggiiusu. Tato udakakllam kilitva ranuo 
uttiuuakale ^ jrdam ukkhipitva te karaiidake disva runuo 
santikani nayimsu. Eaja karandakam oloketva " kim tata 
karaiidakesu " ti aha. '' Na jrinama deva"ti. So te 
karaiidake vivarilpetva olokento patliamam Mahapadu- 
makumarassa karandakam vivarapesi. Tesam pana sabbe- 
sam pi karaiidakesu nipajjapitadivasesu yeva pufmiddbiya 
aiiguttbake kbirani iiibbatti. Sakko devaraja tassa ranno 
nikkaiikbabbavattham antokarandake akkharani likbapesi : 
*' ime kumara Padumavatiya kuccbimbi nibbatta Baranasl- 
raimo putta, atba te Padumavatiya sapattiyo pancasata 
ittbiyo karandakesu pakkhipitva udake kbipimsu. Piaja 
imam karanam janatu" ti. Karaiidake vivaramatte raja 
akkharani vacetva darake disva Mabapadumakumaram 
ukkhipitva : " vegena rathe yojitaassekappetha, aham ajja 
antonagaram pavisitvil ekaccanam matugamanam piyam 
karissami " ti pasadavaram aruyba battbigivaya sabassa- 
bbandikam thapetva bherim carapesi : " yo Padumava- 
tim 2 passati so imam sahassani ganhatu 3 " ti. Tarn katham 
sutva Padumavati matu saimam adasi : ** battbigivato sa- 
bassam ganha amma" ti. "Nahani evarupam ganhitum visa- 
hami " ti aba. Sa dutiyam pi vutte " kim vatva gaiibami 
amma" ti aba. " Mama dhita Padumavati devi nama ti 
vatva ganbabi" ti. Sa "yam va tarn vii botii " ti gantva 
sabassacahgotakam ganhi. Atba nam manussa puc- 
cbimsu : " Padumavatim devirn 4 passasi" ti. *' Abam 
pana na passami, dbita kira pana me passati 5" ti aba. Te 
"kahara pana sa amma" ti vatva taya saddbim gantva 
Padumavatim ^ saiijanetva padesu nipatiiusu. Tasiiiim 
kale sa Padumavati devI ayan ti iiatva " bbririyam vata 
itthiya kammam katam ya evamvidbassa raimo mabesi 
samana evarupe tbilne niyfirakkha vasi " ti aba. Te pi 
rajapurisa Padumavatiya nivesanam setasanibi parikkbipa- 

' uttinnak°, cd. ^ Padumavati, cd. 

3 ganhatu, cd. 4 Padumavati devi, cd. 

5 passasi, cd. ^ Padumavati, cd. 


petva dvare arakkham thapetva gantva ranno arocesum. 
Eaja suvannasivikam pesesi. Sa " aham evam nagamis- 
sami, mama vasaiiatthanato patthaya yava rajageham 
etthantare varapotthakacittattharane attbarapetva upari- 
sovannatarakavicittam celavitanam bandhapetva pasadha- 
natthaya sabbalankaresii pabitesu padasa' va agamissami, 
evam me nagara sampattim ^ passissanti " ti aba. Eaja 
"Padumavatiyarucim karotha " ti aba. Tato Padumavati 
*' sabbapasadbanam pasadhetva rajagebam gamissami " ti 
maggam patipajji. Akkantattbane varapottbakacittattba- 
ranam bbinditva padumapuppbani uttbabimsu. Sa maba- 
janassa attano sampattim dassetva rajanivesanam aruyha 
sabbe pi te celacittattbarane tassa maballikaya posavaya- 
nikamiilam ^ katva dapesi. Eaja pi kbo ta pancasata itthiyo 
pakkosapetva : '' ima te devi dasiyo katva demi " ti aba. 
" Sadbu mabaraja tasam maybam dinnabhavam sakala- 
nagare janapebi " ti. Eaja nagare bberim carapesi : 
*' Padumavatiya dusika pancasata itthiyo etissa 'va dasiyo 
katva dinna ti." So 3 tasam sakalanagare dasibbavo sallak- 
kbito tinatva " abam mama dasiyo bbujisse katum labbami 
deva " ti rajanam puccbi. " Tava iccha devi " ti evam sante 
tam eva bbericarikam pakkosapetva " Padumavatiya deviya 
attano dasiyo katva dinna pancasata ittbiyo sabba 'va 
bhiijissam kata ti puna bberim carapetba " ti aba. Sa 
tasam bbujissabbave kate ekunani pancaputtasatani tasam 
yeva hattbe posanatthaya datva sayam Mabapadumaku- 
maram yeva ganbi. Atbaparabhage tesam kumaranam 
kllanavaye sampatte raja uyyane nanavidbam kilanattba- 
nam karesi. Te attano solasavassuddesikakale sabbe ekato 
butva uyyane padumasancbannaya mangalapokkbaraniya 
kilanta navapadumani pupphantani puranapadumani ca 
dandato patantani disva *' imassa tava anupadinnakassa 
evarupa jara papunati kim anga pana ambakam sarirassa. 
Idam bi etani gatikam eva bbavissati " ti arammanam 
gahetva sabbe paccekabodhinanam nibbattitva uttba- 
yuttbaya padumakannikasu pallankena nisidimsu. Atba 

sampatti, cd. 2 posayanika°, cd. ^ g^, cd. 

THERI GATHA. G-1. 189 

tebi saddbim gatapurisri baliugatam divasam fiatva " ayya- 
puttfi tumbrdvam vehim jauatba" ti fibamsu. Te tunbi 
ahesum, purisa gautva rauno iirocesum. " Kumtini devapa- 
diimakannikfisiT nisinna ambesu pi katbentcsii vacibbedam 
na karonti ti."' '' Yatba ruciyri nesam iiisldituui dotliri " ti. 
Te sabbarattim gabitarakkba padumakannikasu nisiuna- 
niyilmen' eva ariinam uttbtlpesum. Parisji punadivase 
upasaiikamitva '' deva ^ velam janatba " ti abamsu. '' Na 
^nayam deva paccekabuddba nfima - amba. Ayya tiimbe 
bbariyam katbam katbetba,paccekabuddba naina tumbadisa 
na bonti dvangulakesamassu paua kciye patimukkaattba- 
parikkbcira bouti 'ti. Tena tumbe bbariyam katbam katbe- 
tba" ti.3 Te dakkbiiiabattbe sisam paramasimsu, tavad eva 
gibiHiigam antaradbasi attba parikkbfira kjlye patimukka 
ca abesum. Tato passantass' eva mabajauassa akasena 
Nandamillakapabbbaram agamamsu. Sa pi kbo Paduma- 
vati devi " abam babuputta butva niputta jata " ti bada- 
yasokam patva ten' eva rogena kalam katva Piajagabana- 
gare dvaragamake sabattbena kammam katva jivanattbane 
nibbatti. Atbaparabbage kulagbaram gata ekadivasam 
Scimikassa kbette yagum baramana tesam attano putta- 
nam antare attba paccekabuddbe bbikkbacaravelayam 
akasena agaccbante disva sigbam gantva samikassa procesi : 
" passa ayye4 paccekabuddbe ete nimantetva bbojeyyami " 
ti. So aba : " samana sakuna nam' ete anfiada pi evam 
caranti, na ete paccekabuddba " ti. Te tesam ka^bentauam 
yeva avidure tbane otarimsu. Sa ittbinam divasam attana 
labbanakam kbajjam tesam datva " sve attba pi no may- 
ham bbikkbam gaubatbil " ti aba. " Sadbu upasike tava 
sakkaro ettako 'va botu, asanani ca attb' eva bontu. Anne 
panababu pi paccekabuddbe disva tava cittam pasldeyyasi" 
ti. Sa puna divase attba asanani pannapetva attbannam 
patiyadetvci nisidi. Nimantitapaccekabuddba sesanam san- 
nam adamsu : *'marisa ajja annattba agantva sabbe 'va 
tumbakam matu saiigabam karotba '' ti. Tesam vacanam 

^ deva, cd. ^ namassanti, cd. 

3 katbeti, cd. "^ ayyo, cd. 


sutva sabbe ekato akasena agantva matugamagharadvare 
patur ahesiim. Sa pi pathamam laddhasaniiaya bahu pi 
disva na kampittha. Sabbe 'va te gebam pavisitva asanesu 
nisidapesi. Tesu patipatiya nisidantesu navamo afiiiani 
attba asanani mapetva sayam dhurasane nisidati. Yava 
asanani vaddbanti tava gebam vaddbati. Evam tesu sab- 
besu pi nisinnesu sa ittbi attbannam paccekabiiddbanam 
patiyaditam sakkaram paiicasatanam pi yavadattham datva 
attba niluppalabattbake abaritva nivattitapaccekabuddba- 
nam yeva padamule tbapetva aba : '* maybam bbante nib- 
battattbane sariravanno imesam niluppalanam antogab- 
bbavanno viya botu " ti. Paccekabuddba matu anumoda- 
nam katva Gandbamadanam yeva agamamsu. Sa pi yava- 
jivam kusalam katva tato cuta devaloke nibbattitva imas- 
mim buddbuppade Savattbiyam settbikule patisandbim 
ganbi. Nikippalagabbbasamanavannataya c'assa Uppala- 
vanna tveva namam akamsu. Atba tassa vayappattakale 
sakalajambudipe rajano ca setthino ca settbissa santikam 
dutam pabinimsu " dbitaram ambakam detu " ti. Apabi- 
nanta nama nabosi. Tato settbi cintesi : " abam sabbe- 
sam manam gahetum na sakkbissami, upayam pan' ekam 
karissami " ti dbitaram pakkosapetva " pabbajitum amma 
sakkbissasi " ti aba. Tassa pacchimabbavikattanam 
vacanam sise asittasatapakatelam viya abosi. Tasma 
pitaram " pabbajissami tata" ti aba. So tassa sakkaram 
katva bbikkbunupassayam netva pabbajesi. Tassa acira- 
pabbajitaya eva uposatbagare kalavaro papuni. Sa padi- 
pam jaletva uposathagaram sammajjitva dipasikbaya 
nimittam ganhitva 'va punappunam olokiyamana tejoka- 
sinam ibanani nibbattitva tad eva padakam katva arabat- 
tam papuni. Pbalena saddbim yeva abbinnapatisambbida 
pi ijjbimsu. Visesato pana iddhivikubbane cinnavasi 
abosi. Tena vuttam Apadane : 

Padumuttaro nama jino sabbadbammesu paragu 
ito satasabassambi kappe uppajji nayako. 1. 
Tadabam Hamsavatiyam jata settbikule abum 
nanaratanapajjote mabasukbasamappita. 2. 

THERI GATHA. 64. 191 

Upetvfi tarn mahavlram assosim dhammadcsanam 
tato jritap2")asadriham upemi saranam jinam. 3. 
Bhagavfi iJdhimantfinani aggam vaiinesi nayako 
bbikkunini lajjinim tadim samridbijlianakovidam. 4. 
Tada muditacittabam tarn tbfinam abbikaiikbinJ 
nimantitva dasabalam sasangbam lokana3^akam 5. 
Bbojaj^itvana sattjibam datvrma ca ticTvaram 
satta mala gabetvana uppabi devagandbika 6. 
Satta pade gabetvana nanambi abbipujayim. 
nipacca sirasii pade idam vacanam abravi : 7. 
Yadisa vannita dbira ito attbamakjl sani 
tadisabam bbavissami vadi vijjbati nayaka. 8. 
Tada avoca mam sattba visattbfi bobi darake 
anagatambi addbane laccbas' etam manoratbam. 9. 
Satasabasse ito kappe Okkakakulasambbavo 
Gotamo nama namena sattba loke bbavissati. 10. 
Tassa dbammesu dayada orasa dbammanimmita 
namen' Uppalavanna ti rupena ca yasassini 11. 
Abbiniiasu vasippatta sattbu sasanakarika 
sabbasavaparikkbina bessasi sattbu savika. 12. 
Tadabam mudita butva yavajlvam tada jinam 
mettacitta paricarim sasangbalokanayakam. 13. 
Tena kammena sukatena cetanapanidbibi ca 
jabitva manusam debam Tavatimsam agaccb' abam. 14. 
Tato cutabam manuje upapanna sayambbuno 
uppalebi paticcbannam pindapatam adas' abam. 15. 
Ekanavute ito ^ kappe VipassI nama njiyako 
uppajji carudassano sabbadbammesu cakkbuma. 16. 
Settbidbita tada butva Baranasipuruttame 
nimantetvana sambuddbam sasangbam lokanayakam 17. 
Mabadanam daditvana uppalebi vimissitam ~ 
pujayitva cetasa 'va 3 vannasobbam apattbayim.4 18. 
Imambi bbaddake kappe brabmabandbu mabiiyaso 
Kassapo nama namena uppajji vadatam varo.5 19. 

^ ekanavut' ito, A. 2 vinayakam, A. B. 

3 ca teso ca, P. 4 apattbayi, B. 5 varatam varo, P, 


Upattliako mahesissa tada asi narissaro 

Kasiraja Kiki nama Baranasipuruttame. 20. 

Tassasim ^ dutiya dhita Samanaguttasavhaya 

dhammam sutva jinaggassa pabbajjam ^ samarocayim. 21. 

Anujani na no tato agare 'va tada mayam 

visam vassasahassani vicarimha atandita 3 22. 

Komarim brahmacariyam 4 rajakaiina sukhedhita 

buddhopattbananirata mudita satta dbitaro 23. 

Samani Samanagutta ca Bhikkbuni Bhikkhadayika 

Dhamma c'eva Sudhamma ca sattami Saiighadayika 24. 

aham Kbema ca sappailna Patacara ca Kundala 

Kisagotami Dhammadinna Visakba hoti sattami. 25. 

Tehi kammehi sukatehi cetanapanidhihi ca 

jahitva manusam deham Tavatimsam agacchi 'ham. 26. 

Tato cuta manussesu upapanna mahakule 

pitam mattham varam-^ dussam adam arahato aham. 27. 

6 Tato cutaritthapure jata vippakule aham 

dhita Tirltiyacchassa Ummadanti manohara. 28. 

Tato cuta janapade kule aiinatare aham 

pasuta natiphitamhi salim gopem' ahan tada.^ 29. 

Disva paccekasambuddham 7 paiica lajasatani ^ 'ham 

datva padumachannani panca puttasatani 'ham 30. 

Patthayim.9 Te samijjhisumi° madhum datva sayambhuno. 

tato cuta araiiiie 'ham ajayim padumodare. 31. 

Kasiramio mahesi 'ham ^^ hutva sakkatapujita 

ajanim ^^ rajaputtauam anunam satapancakam. 32. 

Yada te yobbanappatta ^3 kilanta jalakilikam 

disva opattapadumam asum paccekanayaka 33. 

Saham tehi vina bhuta sutavinabhisokini ^4 

cuta Ip^gihpasse gamakamhi ajayi 'ham. 34. 

^ tassapi, P. ^ pabbajam, A. 3 atandika, A. 

4 komarabr°, P. 5 vantam caram, P. ^—^ om. P. 
7 disvana paccekab°, P. s lajas°, A. 

9 patthayim, B. 1° te pi patthesum, A. 

^^ mahesinam, P. i^ ajinam, P. ^3 yobbanam patva, P. 
^-t satavirehi sokini, B. ; sutavinarabh°, P. 

THERI GATHA. 64. 193 

Yada buddhasutamati puttanam attano pi ca ^ 
yagum adaya gacchanti attba paccekanayake 35. 
Bhikkliilya gamam gaccbante disva putte anussarim. 
Kbiradbara ~ viniggaccbi tada me puttapemasa. 36. 
Tato tesarn adam yagum pasamia sebi pilnibi 
tato cutabain tidasam Nandanam upapajji 'bam. 37. 
Anubbotva ^ sukbam dukkbam samsaritva bbavabbave 
tav' attbaya mabavira pariccattam ca jivitam. 
4 Dblta tuybam mabavira paunavanta jutindbara. 38. 
Babum 5 ca dukkaram kammam katam me atidukkaram 
Eabiilo ca abam c'eva nekajatisate babu. 39. 
Ekasmim sambbave jata^ samanacbandamauasa 
nibbatti ekato boti jatlsu babuso mama. 40. 
Paccbime bbavasampatte ubbo pi nanasambbava 
purimanam jinagganam sammukba ca parammukba. 41. 
Adbikaram babum 7 maybam tuyb' attbaya mabamuni 
mabapurisam kammam kusalam parame muni. 42. 
Tav' attbaya mabavira punnam upacitam maya 
abbabbattbane vajjetva paripacento babum ^ janam.4 43. 
Tav' attbaya mabavira cattam 9 me jivitam babu 
evam babuvidbam dukkbam sampatti ca babuvidba.^° 44. 
Paccbime bbavasampatte jata Savattbiyam pure 
mabaddbaue settbikule ^^ sukbite sajjite ^^ tatba 45. 
Nanaratauapajjote sabbakamasamiddbine 
sakkata pujita c'eva ^3 manita pacita tatba. 46. 
Piiipasirim anuppatta ^4 kulesu abbisammata '5 
ativa pattbita ^^ capi riipabbogasiribi ^7 ca. 47. 

^ sutanam bbattuno pi ca, A. 

2 kbiradara, B. ; kbiratara, k. 

3 anubbutva, P. ^ — ^ Omitted in A. B. 

5 babulo, cd. ^ jato, cd. 7 babu, cd. 

S babu, cd. 9 cittam, cd. 

^° sampattiii ca babuvidbam, A. " mabadbanas°, A. 
^2 pajjite, P. '3 piijita capi, P. 

^4 riipasobbaggasampatta, P. ^5 abbisakkata, A. 

^6 pattbata, P. ^7 riipasobbasiribi, P. 



Patthita ^ setthiputtehi anekehi satehi pi 

agaram pajahitvana pabbajim anagariyam. 48. 

Addhamase asampatte catusaccam apapunim. 

iddhiya pi nimmitvana = caturassam ratham aham 

buddhassa pade vandissam 3 lokanathassa tadino. 49. 

4 Buddhiya ca vasi homi dibbaya sotadhatuya 

cetopariyaiianassa yatha kammupage tatha. 50. 

Pubbenivasam janami dibbacakkhum visodhitam 

sabbasava parikkhina n'atthi dani punabbhavo. 51. 

N'atthi dhammaniruttisu patibhane tath' eva ca 

nanam me vimalam suddham sabhavena mahesino. 52. 

Civaram pindapatan ca paccayam sayanasanam 

kale kalam uppadenti sahassani samantato.4 53. 

Supupphitaggam upagamma bbikkhuni 

eka tuvam titthasi salamule 

na c'attbi te dutiya vannadhatu 

bale na tvam bhayasi dhuttakanam. 54. 

Satam sahassani pi dhuttakanam ^ 

idhagata tadisaka bhaveyyum 

lomam na icchami na santasami 

na Mara bhayami tarn ekika pi. 55. 

Esa antaradhayami kucchim va pavisami te 

bhamukantarikayam pi titthantim mam na dakkhasi. 56. 

Cittasmim vasibhut' amhi iddhipada subhavita 

sabbabandhanamutt' amhi na tarn bhayami avuso. 57. 

Sattisulupama kama khandhanam adhikuttana ^ 

yam tvam kamaratim brusi arati dani sa mama. 58. 

Sabbattha vihata nandi tamokkhandho padalito. 

evam janahi papima nihato tvam asi antaka. 59. 

Jinc ';amhi gune 7 tuttho etadagge thapesi mam 

1 patthita, B. ; ulara, P. 

2 iddhiya abhinimmitva, A. 

3 vanditva, P. ; vandisam, B. 

4—4 Only P. 5 dhuttakani, A. ^ o^uttana, A. 

7 iddhigune, P. 

THERI GATIIA. 64. 195 

^' setthil iddhimatlnam " ti parisasu vinfiyako. GO. 
paricinno mayfi satthri katam buddhassa srisanaiu 
ohito ^ garuko bharo bhavanetti samuhata. 01. 
Yass'attbaya pabbajita agarasmfi anagariyam 
so me attbo auuppatto sabbasamyojanakkhayo. 02. 
2 Civaram pindapatam ca paccayam sayanasanam 
khanena iipaDamentT sabassfmi samantato ~ 03. 
Kilesfi jbclpita maybam — pa — katam buddbassa sasanan 
ti. 64. 

Ayam pana theri yada bbagava Savattbmagaradvrire 
yamakapatibariyam katum gandbabbarukkhamiilam upa- 
gaccbi tada sattbaram upasamkamitva vanditvri evam aba : 
*' abam bbaute patibariyam karissami, yadi l^bagavfi anu- 
janati " ti sibanadam nadi. Sattba tarn karanam uatva 
attbuppattim katva Jetavanamabavibare ariyaganamajjbe 
nisinno patipatiya bbikkbuniyo thanantare tbapento imam 
tberim iddbimantanam aggattbane tbapesi. Sti jbanasu- 
kbena pbalasukbena ca vitinamenti ekadivasam kamanam 
admavam okaram samkilesaii ca paccavekkhiyamfina Gaii- 
gatiriyattberassa matuya dbltaya saddhim sapattlvasam 
upadissa samvegajataya gatba 'va 3 vutta paccanubba- 
santi : 

Ubbo mata ca dbita ca mayam asum sapattiyo 
tassa me ahu samvego abbbuto 4 lomabamsano. 224. 
Dbi-r-attbu kama asuci duggandba babukantakaS 
yattba mata ca dbita ca sabbariya mayam abum. 225. 
Kamesvadinavam disva nekkbammam dalbakbemato ^ 
sa pabbaji Eajagabe agarasma anagariyam ti. 226. 

Ima tisso gatba abbasi. Tattba ubbo mata c a d h 1 1 a 
ca mayam a^sum sapattiyo ti. Mata ca dbita cii 
ti ubbo mayam amiamaiinam sapattiyo abumba. Savat- 
tbiyam kira aniiatarassa vanijassa bbariyaya paccusavehiya 
kucchiyam gabbho santbasi. Sa tarn na aniiasi. Yanijo 

I obuto, P. 2_2 o?». P. 3 gathaya, cd. 

4 abhuto, cd. ^ oi^antako, cd. ^ dattbukb°, cd. 


vibhataj^a rattiya sakatesu bhandam aropetva Eajagaham 
uddissa gato. Tassa gacchantakale gabblio vaddhetva 'va 
paripakam agamasi. Atlia nam sassu evam aha : "mama 
putto cirappavuttho ^ tvam ca gabbliini, papakam taya 
katan ti. Sa " tava puttato annam purisam na janami " ti 
aba. Tarn sutva pi sassu asaddabanti tarn gharato nikkad- 
dbi, Sa samikam gavesanti anukkamena Eajagaham sam- 
patta. Tavad eva c' assa kammajavatesu calantesu maggasa- 
mipe aiinataram salam pavittbaya gabbhavutthanam abosi. 
Sa siivannabimbasadisam puttam vijayitva anathasalaya 
sayapetva udakakiccam katum ^ babi nikkhanta. Atb' anna- 
taro aputtako sattbavabo tena maggena gacchanto " asa- 
mikaya darako mama putto bhavissati " ti tarn dbatiya 
battbe adasi, Atb' assa mata udakakiccam katva udakam 
gabetva patinivattitva 3 puttam apassanti sokabbibbuta 
paridevitva Eajagaham apavisitva 'va maggam patipajji.4 
Tarn 5 annataro corajetthako antaramagge disva patibad- 
dbacitto attano pajapatim akasi. Sa tassa gebe vasanti 
ekam dhitaram vijayi. Atha sa ekadivasam dbitaram ga- 
betva thita samikena bhaiiditva dhitaram mancake kbipi. 
Darikaya sisain thokam bhindi. Tato samikam bhayitva 
Eajagaham eva paccagantva serivicaren' eva vicarati. 
Tassa putto pathamayobbane thito mata ti ajananto attano 
pajapatim akasi. Aparabbage tarn corajetthakadbitaram 
bhagimbbavam ajananto vivaham katva attano geham 
anesi. Evam so attano mataram bhaginin ca pajapati 
katva vasesi. Tena ta ubho pi sapattivasam ^ vasimsu. 
Atb' ekadivasam mata dhitu kesavattim mocetva ukam 
olokenti sise vanam disva " app' eva namayam mama 
dbita Ihaveyya " ti pucchitva samvegajata butva Eajagabe 
bbikkbuniupassayam gantva pabbajitva katapubbakiccavi- 
vekavasam vasanti attano ca pubbapatipattim paccavek- 
khitva ubho mata ti adika gatha abhasi. Ta pana 
taya vuttagatba 'va 7 kamesu adinavadassanavasena pacca- 

^ cirappavuttho, cd. ^ katum om. cd. 

3 bahi niv°, cd. 4 maggapatipajjitum, cd. 

5 tarn om. cd. ^ sapativasani, cd. 7 vuttagathaya, cd. 


nubbasanti ayam tbeii u b b o m a t a c a d b 1 1 a c a ti aba. 
Tena vuttam : sa jbanasukbena pbalasukbena nil)l)aDa- 
eukbena vltinamentT imfi tisso gjxtba abbasi ti. 

Tattha asuci ti kilesasucipaggbarane asucl. 1) u g- 
g a n d h a ti visagaudbavfiyanena ^ putigandba. Mabfi- 
kantakapayikappavattiya ^ sucaritavinivijjbanattbena 

b a h u vidbakilesak a n t a k a. Tatba bi te sattisuhipama 
kama ti vutta yatbii ti yesu ktlmesu puribluinjitabbesu. 
S a b b a r i y a ti samanabbariya sapattiyo ^ ti attbo. 

4 Pubbenivasam janami dibbacakkbum visodbitam 
ceto paricca iianan ca sotadbatu visodbit^i. 227. 
Iddbi pi me saccbikata patto me asavakkbayo 
cba me abbiuiia saccbikata katam b° sasanan ti. 228.4 

Pubbenivasam ti adika dve gatba attano adbigata- 
visesam paccavekkbitva pitisomauassajataya tberiya vutta. 
Tattba ceto paricca iianan ti cetopariyananam. 
Saccbikata m pattan ti va sambandho. 

Iddbiya abbinimmitva caturassam ratbam abam 
buddbassa pade vanditva lokanatbassa siiimato ti. 229. 

Ayam gatba j^ada bbagava yamakapatibariyair katum 
gandbabbarukkbamulam upasamkami tada ayam tberi 
evarupam ratbam nimminitvana tena saddbim sattbu 
santikam gantva : '' bbagava abam patibariyam karissami 
tittbiyanimmatbanaya, anujanatbii " ti vatva sattbu santike 
attbasi. Tarn sandbaya vutta. 

Tattba iddbiya abbinimmitva caturassam 
ratbam abam tarn catubi assebi 5 yojitam ratbam 
iddbiya abbinimmitva buddbassa bbagavato pade vanditva 
ekamantam attbasin ti adbippayo. 

Supuppbitaggam upagamma padapam eka tuvam tittbasi 

I viyag°, cd. ^ oj^antakayikaQ, cd. 3 sapayo, cd, 
4—4 Omitted in cd. s ayyebi, cd. 


na capi te dutij^o atthi koci na tvam bale bhayasi dhutta- 
kanam. 230. 

Tattha s u p u p p li i t a g g a m ti sutthu pupphitam 
aggam. Aggato patthaya sabbapaliphullan ^ ti attho. 
Padapan ti rukkham. Idha pana salarukkho adhip- 
peto. Eka tuvan ti ekika tvam idha titthasi. Na 
capi te dutiyo atthi koci ti tava sahayabhuto 
arakkhako koci pi n'atthi. Eupasampattiya 'va tuyham 
dutiyo koci pi n'atthi. Asadisarupa ekika 'va imasmim 
jauavivitte thane titthasi. 

Na tvam bale bhayasi dhuttakananti taru- 
nake tvam dhuttapurisanam katham na bhayasi. Sakinca- 
nakarino dhutta ti adhippayo. Imam kira gatham Maro 
ekadivasam therim supupphite ^ salavane divaviharam 
nisinnam disva upasamkamitva vivekato vicchinditukamo 
vimamsanto aha. Atha nam theri santajjenti attano anu- 
bhavavasena : 

Satam sahassanam^ pi dhuttakanam samagata edisaka 

lomam na iiije na pi sampavedhe kim me tuvam 4 Mara 

karissas' eko. 231. 
Esa antaradhayami kucchim va pavisami te 
bhamukantare titthami titthantim5 mam na dakkhasi. 232. 
Cittamhi ^ vasibhutaham iddhipada subhavita 
cha me abhinna sacchikata katam buddhassa sasanam. 233. 
Sattisulupama kama khandhanam 7 adhikuttana ^ 
yam tvam 9 kamaratim brusi arati dani sa ^^ mama. 234. 
Sabbattha vihata nandi tamokkbandho padalito 
evam janahi papima nihato tvam asi antaka ti. 235. 

Ima gatha abhasi. Tattha satasahassanam pi 

^ °paliphiillan, cd. ^ therisupabbajite, cd. 

3 sahassam, cd. 4 kime tuvam, cd. 

5 titthantam, cd. 6 cittapi, cd. 

7 khandhasam, cd. s adhikuddhana, cd, 

9 yam tarn, cd. lo arati ati sa, cd. 

THERl GATHA. G6. 199 

d h u 1 1 a k ti n a m s a m fi g a t fi e d i s a k a bh a v ey y u m 
ti. Yadisako tvam edisaka evariipa anekasatasahassamatta 
pi dliuttaka samagatri yadi bliaveyyum. L o m a m n a 
i n j e u a pi s a m p a v e d li e ti lomamattam pi na iu- 
jeyya na sampavedheyya. K i in me t u v a m ^ Mara 
karissas' eko ti Mara tvam ekako 'va maybam kim 
karissasi *? Idani Milrassa attauo upari kinci pi katum 
asamattbatani yeva vibbaventi e s a a n t a r a d li a y a m I 
ti gcitham aha. Tass' attlio : Mara esaham tava purato 
thita- 'va antaradhayami adassauam gaccbami, ajanantass' 
eva te k u c c h i m v a p a v i s fi m i, b b a m u k a n t a r e 
va tittbami, evain tittbantim ca mam tvara 
na passasi. 

Kasma ti ce c i 1 1 a m b i v a s i b b ii t a b a m i d d h i- 
p a d a s u b b a V i t a ? abam bi Mara maybam cittara 
vaslbbcivappatta cattaro pi iddbipada maya suttbu bbavita 
babubkata, tasma abam yatbavuttaya iddbivisayataya ^ 
pabomi ti. Sesam sabbam bettbavuttanayatta uttanam 

Uppalavaunaya tberiya gatbrivauuana samatta. 
Dvadasanipatavaunana nittbita. 


Solasanipate u d a b a r I a b a in 4 s 1 1 e ti adika Punnaya 
tberiya gatba. Ayam pi purimabuddbesu katadbikara 
tattba tattba bbave vivattupanissayam kusalam upaciuanti 
Yipassissa bbagavato kale kulagebe nibbattitva vinnutam 
pattil betusampannataya jatasamvega bbikkhuninam san- 
tikam gantva dbammam sutvii laddbappasada pabbajitva 
parisuddbasiLa tini pitakani uggabetva babussuta dbamma- 
dbara dbammakatbika ca abosi. Yatba Yipassibbagavato 5 
sasane evam Sikbissa, Yessabbussa, Kakusandbassa, Ko- 

I kime tuvam, cd. ^ tbito, cd. 3 iddbivisavitaya, cd. 
4 udabariyabam, cd. 5 Yipassabbavato, cd. 

200 LXV. PUNNA. 

nagamanassa Kassapassa ca bhagavato sasane pabbajitva 
silasampanna bahussuta dhammadhara dhammakatbika 
ca ahosi. Manadbatukatta pana kilese samucchinditum 
nasakkbi, manopanissayavasena kammassa katatta imas- 
mim buddbuppade Anatbapindikassa settbino gbaradasiya 
kuccbimbi nibbatti. Punna ti 'ssa namam abosi. Sa 
sibanadasuttantadesanaya sotapanna butva paccba Udaka- 
suddbikam brabmanam dametva settbino sambbavita butva 
tena bbujissabbavam papita tarn pabbajjam anujanapetva 
pabbajitva vipassanaya kammam karonti na cirass' eva 
eaha patisambbidabi arabattam papuni. Tena vuttam 
Apadane : 

Vipassino bbagavato Sikbino Vessabbussa ca 
Kakusandbassa mimino Konagamanatadino 1. 
Kassapassa ca buddbassa pabbajitvana sasane 
bbikkbuni silasampanna nipaka samvutindriya 2. 
Babussuta dbammadbara attattbapatipuccbika ^ 
uggabeta ca ^ dbammanam sota payirupasika 3 3. 
Desenti janamajjhe 'bam abosim4 jinasasanam.s 
Babusaccena tenabam pesala abbimaiiiiisam.^ 4. 
Paccbime ca bbave'dani Savattbiyam puruttame 
Anatbapindino gebe jatabam kumbbadasiya. 5. 
Gata udakabariyam sottbiyam 7 dijam addasam 
sitattam ^ toyamajjhambi. Tarn disva idam abravim : 6. 
udakabari abam site 9 sada udakam otarim ^Q 
ayyanam dandabbayabbita vacadosabbayattita.^^ 7. 
Kassa ^^ brabmana tvam bbito sada udakam otari ? 
vedbamanebi gattebi sitam ^3 vedayase bbusam. 8. 
Jananti 3a tuvam ^4 bboti Punnike paripucchasi 

^ attbattbaparipuccbika, P. 

2 uggateta 'va, P. 3 sokayirupayika, P. 

4 assosim, P. 5 jinasasane, A. B. 

6 natimannisam, P. ; atimannissam, B. 

7 kittiya, B. ; sottiyam, A. 8 gitatti, P. 

9 pi te, P. lo abari, B. ^^ codanabbayaattita, B. 

^2 tassa, P. 13 sutam, P. ^4 jananti vata mam, A. 

THERI GATUA. ()5. 201 

karontam kusalam kammani rundbantani ^ kamma pfipa- 

kam.2 9. 
Yo ce vuddlio 3 daharo va papakammam pakubbati 
udakabhisecana so pi 4 papakammfi parauccati. 10. 
Uttarautassa s akkbasim dbammattbasanibitam padam 
tarn ca sutvana ^ samviggo pabbajitvaraba ^ abu. 11. 
Purenti unakasatam^ jfit.i dfislkule yato 
tato Punna ti namam me bbujissau ca 9 akamsu te. 12. 
Settbim tato 'numodetva ^° pabbajim anagariyam 
acireu' eva kaleua arabattam apapiinim. 13. 
Iddbisu ca vasi bomi dibbaya sotadbiltuya 
cetopariyaiianassa vasi bomi mabamune. 14. 
Pubbenivasam janami dibbacakkbum visodbitam 
sabbasavii parikkbina n'attbi dani punabbbavo. 15. 
Attbadbammaniruttisu patibbane tattb' eva ca 
nanam me vimalam suddbam buddhasettbassa vabasa. 16. 
Bbavanaya mabapaMa suten' eva sutavini 
manena nicakulaja na bi kammam vinassati. 17. 
Kilesa jbapita maybam — pa — katam buddbassa sasanan 

ti. 18. "^ ' 

Arabattam pana patva attano patipattim paccaYekkbitva 
udanavasena : 

Udahari abam site ^^ sada udakam otari 
ayyanam dandabbayabblta vacadosabbayattita. 23G. 
Kassa brabmana tvam bbito sada udakam otari ? 
vedbamanebi gattebi sitani vedayase bbusarn. 237. 
Jananti ca tuvam bboti Punnike paripuccbasi 
karontani kusalam kammam rundbantam ^- kamma papa- 
kam. 238. 

^ rudantam, P. ^ katapfipakam, A. 

3 buddbo, A. 4 udakabbisificana bboti, A. 

5 udarantassa, B. ; uttaranassa, P. 

6 sutva sa, A. 7 pabbajitv<uia sa, P. 

2 udakasatam, P. B. 9 bbujissam me, A. 

1° numanetva, A. ^^ pite, cd. ^^ rudantam, cd. 

202 LXV. PUNNA. 

Yo ca vuddho claharo va papakammam pakubbati 

udakabhisecana so pi papakamma pamuccati. 239. 

Ko nu te idam ^ akkhasi ajanantassa ajanako ^ 

udakabhisecana nama papakamma pamuccati ? 240. 

Saggam niina gamissanti sabbe mandiikakacchapa 3 

naga ca 4 sumsumara ca ye c' amie udakecara. 241. 

Orabbhika sukarika macchika migavadhika 

cora ca vajjhaghata ca ye c'anne papakammino 

udakabhisecana te pi ^ papakamma pamuccare.^ 242. 

Sace ima nadiyo te papain pubbekatam vaheyyum 7 

punnam p'ima^ vaheyyum te tena tvam paribahiro.9 243, 

Yassa brahmana tvam bhlto sada udakam otari 

tam eva brahme ^° ma kasi ma te sitam chavirn hane. 244. 

Kumaggam ^^ patipannam mam ariyamaggam samanayi 

udakabhisecanam ^^ bhoti imam satara ^3 dadami te. 245. 

Tuyh' eva satako hotu naham icchami satakam. 

Sace bhayasi dukkhassa ^4 sace te dukkham appiyam 246. 

ma kasi papakam kammam avi va yadi va raho. 

Sace ca papakam kammam karissasi karosi va 247. 

na te dukkha pamuty ^^ atthi upeccapi palayato. 

Sace bhayasi dukkhassa sace te dukkham appiyam 248. 

upehi saranam buddham dhammam sanghan ca tadinam 

samadiyahi silani tan te atthaya hehiti.^^ 249. 

Upemi saranam buddham dhammam sangham ca tadinam 

samadiyami silani tam me atthaya hehiti.^7 250. 

Brahmabandhu pure asi ajj' amhi saccam brahmano 

tevijjo vedasampanno ^^ sotthiyo c'amhi ^9 nhatako ^o ti. 251. 

I idhc^in, cd. 2 janato, cd. ; janako, m. 

3 mandakako, cd. 4 naga 'va, cd. 

5 te hi, cd. 6 pamuiicati, cd. 

7 vahum, m. 8 punnan' ima, cd. 

9 paribahiro assa, cdd. ; assa om. m. 
^° pitam chavi mane, cd. ^^ Kummaggam, cd. 

12 osecana, cd. i3 satam, cd. ^4 bhayasi pi d°, cd. 
i5 samuty, cd. ^6 hotiti, cd. ^7 hotiti, cd. 

'8 devasamp°, cd. ^9 dhamhi, cd. 20 nahako, cd. 

TIIERl GATIIA. 6,"). 203 

Ima gatbc'i abbfisi. Tattlia n d a k a m a h a r i ti pibat ena 
udakavabam ^ akasi. Ten a s a d a u d a k a m o t a r i n ti 
sTtakale pi sabbada rattiiu divaiu lulakam otari. Yada 
yadfi ayj-akjmam iidakena attbo tada tada udakaiii pavisi, 
udakam otaritva udakani upanesT ti adbippayo. 

A y y a n a m da n d a 1) b a y a b b 1 1 a ti ayyakaDam (bin- 
dabbayena bblta. V a c fi d o s a 1) b a y a 1 1 i t a ti vaci- 
dandabbayena c'eva dosabbayena ca attita pilita site pi 
udakam otariu ti yojana. Atb* ekadivasam Punnfi dasT 
gbatena udakam tlnetum udakatittbam gatil. Tattba 
addasa afmataram brabmanam udakasuddbikam bimapata- 
samaye mabati site vattamane pato va udakam otaritva 
sasisam nimujjitva mante japitva udakato uttbabitva aHa- 
vattbam allakesam pavedhantam dantavinam vadayama- 
nam. Tarn disva karunasaiicoditamanasa tato nam 
dittbigata vivecetukama : k a s s a b r a b m a n a t v a m 
b b 1 1 ti gatbam aba. Tattba k a s s a I) r a b m a n a 
kuto ca nama bbayabetuto b b i t o butva s a d a 
udakam otari sabbakalam sayampatam otaritva ca. 
V e d b a m a n e b i kampamanebi sariravayavebi s 1 1 a m 
vedayase bbusam sitam dukkbam ativiya dukkbam 
pativedayasi paccanubbavasi. 

Jananti ca tuvam bboti ti bboti Punnike tvam 
katupacitam p a p a k a m m a ni r u n d b a n t a m - niva- 
ranasamattbam kusalam kammam imina udakaro- 
banena k a r o n t a m mam jananti ca p a r i p u c- 
cbasi. Nanu ayam attbo loke pakato. Evam tatbapi 
yam maybam vadami ti dassento so vuddbo ca ti 
gatbam aba. Tass' attbo: vuddbo va dabaro va 
majjbimo va yo koci ti sadisam p a p a k a m m a m pakub- 
bati ativiya karoti so pi bbusam papakammaiu nivrirako. 
Dakabbisecana sinanena. Tato p a p a k a m m a p a- 
m u c c a t i accantam eva vimuccati ti. 

Tarn sutva Punnika tassa pativacanam denti : ko nu te 
ti adim aba. Tattba k o n u t e i d a m a k k b a s i 

udakavabi, cd. ^ rudantani, cd. 

204 LXV. PUNNA. 

ajanantassa ajanako^ ti kammavipakam ajanan- 
tassa te sabbena sabbam kammavipakam ajanako ^ avid- 
dasu 3 balo. Udakabhisecanahetu papakam- 
mato pamuccati ti idam atthajatam ko nu nama 
akkhasi? Na so saddheyyavacano napi c'etam yuttan ti 
adhippayo. Idani tarn eva yuttiabhavam vibhaventi 
saggam nuna gamissantH ti adim aha. 

Tattha nag a ti vajjhasa. Sumsumara ti kum- 
bhila. Ye c'aiine udakecara ti ye c'anne pi vari- 
gocara macchamakaranandiyadayo ca. Te pi s a g g a m 
nuna gamissanti devalokam upapajjissanti manne, 
udakabhisecana papakammato mutti hoti ce ti attho. 

Orabbhika ti urabbbaghataka. S u k a r i k a ti sii- 
karagbataka. Maccbarika ti kevatta. M i g a v a - 
d b i k a ti magavika. V a j j b a g b a t a k a ti vajjhagba- 
takamme niyutta. 

Puiiiiam p'imas vabeyyum ti ima Aciravati- 
adayo nadiyo yatba taya pubbekatam pap am tattha 
udakabhisecanena sace vabeyyum nihareyyum tatha taya 
katam punnam pi ima nadiyo vabeyyum pavabeyyum. 
Tena tvam paribahiro assa tatha pahitena punna- 
kammena paribahiro virabi vinaseti. So tassa patipakkho 
yatba aloko andhakarassa vijja ca avijjaya. Na evam 
nahanam papassa tasma nittbam ettba gantabbam udaka- 
bhisecana papaparimutti ti. Tenaha bhagava : 

Udakena suci homa hutanabayati jayato 

yamhi saccan ca dhammo ca so suci so ca brahmano ti. 

Yadi papam pavahetukamo pi sabbena sabbam papam 
Maro hi ti dassetura yassa brabmana ti gatham aba. 
Tattha tam eva^ brahme ma kasi ti yato papato 
tvam bhito tam eva papam brahme brabmana tvam ma 
kasi.7 Udakarohanam pana idise sitakale kevalam sariram 

^ janato, cd. 2 ajanato, cd. 3 avindisu, cd. 

4 gamissasi, cd. 5 punnan' ima, cd. 

6 kam eva, cd. 7 tvam akasi, cd. 

ther! gatiia. G5. 205 

eva dhovati. Tenfilia : m a t e sit a m c h a v i in h a n e ^ ti 
idise sltakfile udakabhisecanena jatasltam tava sariram 
chavim ~ ma haueyya mfi bridhesi ti attho. 

K u m a g g a m 3 p a t i p a n n a n ti udakfibliisecanona 
sutthu hoti ti imam kumaggam 4 micchfigabam patipannam 
paggavbas tvam^'' mam ariyamaggam samfmayl 
ti sabbapapassa akaranam kusalassa iipasampada ti imani 
buddhcidibi ariyebi gatamaggam samanesi. Tasmfi bboti 
imam satakam tiittbidanam ilcariyabbagam t ii y b a m 
dad ami, tarn patiganha ti attbo. 

So tarn patikkbipitva dbammam katbetva saranesu silesu 
ca patittbapetum t u y b' eva s a t a k o b o t u n fi b a m 
icchami satakan ti vatva sace bbayasi duk- 
kbassa ti adim aba. Tass' attbo: yadi tuybam 
sakalapayike sugatiyan ca apbasukanado sakkatadibbedam 7 
dukkbam bbayasi yadi tesam a p p i y a m na ittbam 
avi va paresam pakatabbavena appaticbannam katva 
kayena vacaya va panatipata divasena yadi va r a b o 
apakatabhavena paticcbannam katva manodvare yeva 
abbijjbadivasena amimattam pi papakam lamaka- 
kammam ma kasi ma kari. Atba pana tarn p a p a - 
k a m m a m ayati karissasi etarahi k a r o s i va nira- 
yadisu catusu apayesu manussesu ca tassa phalabbutam 
dukkbam ito etto va palayante^ mayi nanubandbissati ti 

U p e c c a 9 saiicicca. Palayato pi te tato papatc 
mutti mokkbo n'attbi. Gatikahidipaccayantarasamavaye 
sati vipaccate va ti attbo. U p a c c a ti va patbo. Upa- 
netva ti attbo. Evam papassa akaranena dukkbabbavam 
dassetva idani punnassa karanena pi tarn dassetum sace 
b b a y a s 1 ^° ti adi vuttam. 

Tattba tad in an ti dittbadisutfidibbavappattam yatba 
va purimaka sammasambuddba passitabba tatba passi- 

^ cbavim ane, cd. "^ cbavi, cd. 

3 kummaggam, cd. 4 kummaggam, cd. 

5 paggaybati, cd. ^ tarn, cd. ^ saggatridi° cd. 

2 pbalayante, cd. 9 upacca, cd. ^° bhayati, cd. 


tabbato tadisam buddham saranam upelii ti 
yojana. Dhammasamghesu pi es'eva nayo. Tadinam 
varabuddhadinam dhammam atthannam ariyapuggalanam 
samghasamiiban ti yojana. T a n ti saranamgamanam 
silanam samadanaii ca. H e b i t i bbavissati ti. So brab- 
mano saranesu silesu ca patitthaya aparabhage sattbu 
santikam dhammam sutva patiladdhasaddho pabbajitva 
gbatento vayamanto nacirass'eva tevijjo hutva attano 
patipattim paccavekkbitva udanento brabmabandhu 
ti gatham aha. Tass' attho : aham pubbe brahmana- 
kulena uppattimattena brabmabandhu namasi. Tatha 
arubhedadinam ajjhenadimattena tevijjo vedasam- 
panno^ sotthiyo nhatakoca namasi. Idani sabbaso 
bahitapapitataya brahmano paramatthabrahmano vijjat- 
tayadhigamena tevijjo maggananasamkhatena vedena ^ 
samannagatatta ^ vedasampanno nirattasabbapapataya 4 
nhatako ca amhl ti. Ettha ca brahmanena vuttagatha pi 
attana vuttagatha pi paccha theriya paccekabhasita ti sabba^ 
theriya gatha eva jata. 

Punnaya theriya gathavannana samatta. 
Solasanipatavannana nitthita. 


Visatinipate kalabhamaravannasadisa ti adika 
Ambapaliya theriya gatha. Ayam pi purimabuddhesu 
katadhikara tattha tattha bbave vivattupanissayam ku- 
salam U)^acinanti Sikhissa bhagavato sasane pabbajitva 
upasampanna hutva bhikkhunisikkhapadam samadaya 
viharanti ekadivasara sambahulahi bhikkhunihi saddhira 
cetiyam vanditva padakkhinam karonti puretaram gacchan- 
tiya khinasavatheriya khipantiya sahasa khelapindam 
cetiyangane pati. Tarn khinasavatherim apassitva gantva 

^ bedaso, cd. 2 bedena, cd. 3 sampannag°, cd. 

4 nirattiso, cd. 5 sabba, ed. 

THERI GATHA. 1^6. '201 

sayam pacchato gacchanti tarn kbelapindam (lisvfi "kfi nrima 
ganika imasmim thane kbelapindam pfitesl " ti akkosi. Sfi 
bliikkhunikrde silam rakkbanti gabbbavfisam jiguccbitva 
npapfitikattabbfive cittam tbapesi. Tena carimattabb;Tve 
Vesaliyam rajauyyane ambarukkbamiile opapfitikfi butva 
nibbatti. Tarn disva uyyanaprdo nagaram upanesi. Am- 
barukkbamiile nibbattataya sa xlmbapali tveva vobariyittba. 
Atba nam abbirupam dassanlyam pasadikam Yilfisakantu- 
kadigunavisesamiiditam disva saml)abula rajakumrira attano 
pariggabam katiikama annamaniiam kalabam akamsu. 
Tesam kalabavupasamattbam ^ tassa kammasaiicodita 
Yobarika sabbesam botu ti ganikatbane tbapesum. Sa 
sattbari patiladdbasaddba attano uyyane vibaram katva 
buddbapamukbassa bbikkbusamgbassa niyyadetva paccbii 
attano puttassa Yimalakondannatberassa santike dbammam 
sutva vipassanaya kammam karonti attano sarlrassa jara- 
jinnabbavam nissaya samvegajata saiikbaranam aniccatam 
eva bbaventi : 

Kalabbamaravannasadisa 2 vellitagga ^ mama muddbaja 

te jaraya sanavakasadisa.4 Saccavadivacanam anann- 

atba. 252. 
Vasito va surabbikarandako puppbapiiram mama 5 utta- 

tarn jaraya sasalomagandbikam.'^ Saccavadi". 253. 
Kananana va sabitam suropitam koccbasucivicitaggaso- 

tarn jaraya viralani tabim tabim. Saccavadi^ 254. 
Kanbagandbakasuvannamanditam 7 sobbate su venibi 'la- 

tarn jaraya kbalitam sirara katarn. Saccavfidi^ 255. 
Cittakarasukata va lekbita sobbate ^ su bbamuka pure 


^ te tarn kalabam, cd. - kalaka bb^, cd. 3 vallitagga, cd. 

4 sana°, cd. s opura mama, cd. ^ jarayatba salomag°, cd. 

7 kanhakbandb°, cd. ^ sobbare, m. 


ta jaraya valihi palambita.^ Saccavadi° 256. 

Bhassara surucira yatha mani nettahesum abhinila-m- 

te jaray' abhibata na sobbate. Saccavadi° 257. 
Sanbatungasadisi ca nasika sobbate su abbiyobbanam 

pati 2 
sa jaraya upakulita viya.^ Saccavadi° 258. 
Kankanam va sukatam ^ sunittbitam sobbate 5 su mama 

pure ta jaraya valihi palambita.^ Saccavadi° 259. 
Pattalimakulavannasadisa sobbate 7 su danta pure mama 
te jaraya kbanda yavapitaka.^ Saccavadi^ 260. 
Kananambi vanasandacarim 9 kokila va madburam niku- 

tarn jaraya kbalitam tabini tahim. Saccavadi° 261. 
Sanbakambu-r-iva ^° suppamajjita sobbate ^^ su giva pure 

sa jaraya bbagga vinamita.^^ Saccavadi^ 262. 
Vattapaligbasadisopama ubbo sobbate ^3 su baba ^4 pure 

ta jaraya yatha patali dubbalika.^s Saccavadi° 263. 
Sanbamuddikasuvannamandita ^^ sobbate ^7 su battba pure 

te jaraya yatha mulamuUka. Saccavadi° 264. 
Pinavattapahituggata ^^ ubbo sobbate ^9 su thanaka pure 


^ palambbita, cd. ^ qq^i[^ q^^ 3 upakulita piyam, cd. 

4 kaipkakini sukatam, cd. ^ sobhare, m. 

^ dahtipal°, cd. 7 sobhare, m. 

^ khandhayavasita, cd. ; khandayacasita, m. 

9 vanasonda°, cd. ^° sanhamundika suvannamandita, cd. 
^^ sobhare, m. ^^ vinasita, cd. ^3 sobhare, m. 

^"^ baba, om. cd. ^5 jarayatha patalibbaHta, cd. m. 

^^ sanhatammudi va pupphamajjita, cd. ^7 sobhare, m. 
^3 ovattasahit,° m. ; °pabitumgata, cd. ^9 sobhare, m. 

TIIEFJ CiATIIA. 60. 209 

te rinclT va ^ lambante 'nodakfi. Saccava(li° 205. 
Kaiicanaphalakam va sumattbam - sobbate3 su kayo pure 

so valibi sukbumfibi otato. Saccavri(li° 200. 
Nagabbogasadisopama ubbo sobbate 4 su uru pure mama 
te ^ jaraya yatba velunaliyo.6 Saccavadi° 267. 
Sanbaniipurasuvannamanditil sobbate 7 su jamgbfi pure 

ta jaraya tiladandaka-r-iva. Saccavadi° 268. 
Tiilapunnasadisopama ubbo sobbate ^ su pclda pure mama 
te jaraya pbutika 9 valimata.^° Saccavadi^ 269. 
Ediso abu ayam samussayo ^^ jajjaro babudukkbanam 

so palepapatito jaragbaro. Saccavadi° 270. 

Ima gatbayo abhasi. Tattha k a 1 a k cx ti kalakavanna. 
Bbamaravaunasadisa ti kalaka bonta pi bba- 
marasadisavanna. Siniddhambi ti attbo. Yellitagga 
ti kuncitagga. Mulato pattbaya yava agga kuucita vellita 
adika. M u d d h a j a ti kesa. Jar a y a ti jarabetu jaraya 
upabatasobha. Sanavakasadisa ti sauasadisa ^- vaka- 
sadisa ca sanavakasadisa ^3 c'eva. Makacivakasadisa ca ti 
pi attbo. S a c c a V a d i V a c a n a m a u a il ii a t b a ti. 
Saccavadino avitatbavadino ^4 sammasambuddbassa "sab- 
bam rilpam aniccam jarabbibbutan " ti adi vacanam 
aDannatba yatbabbutam eva. Na tattba vitatbam attbi ti. 

V a s i t V a ^5 s u r a b b i k a r a n d a k o ti puppba- 
gandbavasacunnadibi vasito vasam gfdiapito pasadbanasa- 
muggo viya sugandbi. P u p p h a p u r a m mama u 1 1 a - 
mangabbuto ti campakasumanamallikadipuppbehi ^^ 

^ theri ti va, m. ^ sammattbam, m. cd. 

3 sobbare, m. 4 sobbare, m. => ta, cd. 

6 velunaliyo, cd. 7 sobbare, m. 

s sobbare, m. 9 pbujita, m. ; pubbita, cd. 

^° valimaka, cd. ^^ samudayo, cd. 

^2 sana°, cd. ^3 sana°, cd. ^4 avitatatbavridino, cd. 

^5 vasito ca, cd. ^^ dbammakasum°, cd. 



purito pubbe mama kesakalapo. Nimmalo ti attho. Tan 
ti uttamaiigam. A t h a paccba. Etarabi s a 1 o m a - 
ganclbikam pakatikalomagandbam eva jatam. Atba va 
salomagandbikan ti mattbalomehi samanagandbam. 
Elakalomagandban ti pi vadanti. 

Kananam va sabitam suropitam ti suttbu 
ropitam sabitam gbanasannivesam uddbam eva uttbita- 
uddbadigbasakbam ^ upavanam viya. Kocchasucivi- 
citaggasobbitan ti pubbe kocchena suvannasuciya 
ca kesajatavijatanena 2 vicitaggam butva sobbitam. Gba- 
nabbavena va koccbasadisam butva pbaladantasucibi 3 vici- 
taggataya sobbitam. T a n ti uttamaiigajam. Viralam"^ 
tabim tabinti. Tattba tattba viralam ^ vilunakesam. 

Kanbagandbakasuvannamanditam ti su- 
vannavajiradibi vibbusitam kanbakesapunjakam. Ye pana 
panbakandakasuvannamanditan^ ti patbanti 
tesam sanbabi7 suvannasucibi jatavijatanena manditan ti 
attbo. Sobbate su venibi 'lankatamti sundarebi 
rajarukkbapbalasadisebi kesavenibi alankatam butva pubbe 
virajate.s Tamjaraya kbalitam sir am katan 
ti tarn tatha sobbitam siram9idani jaraya kbalitam kba- 
ndakbandikam ^° vilunakesam katam. 

Cittakarasukata va lekbita ti cittakarena 
sippina nilaya vannadbatuya suttbu kata lekba viya. 
Subbamuka pure mama ti sundara bbamuka pubbe 
mama. Sobbane gata mama bbamuka. V a 1 i b i p a - 
1 a m b i t a ti nalatante uppannabi valibi palambanta ti. 

Bbassara ti pabbassara. Surucira ti suttbu 
rucira. Yatba manl^i ti manimuddika^^ viya. N e 1 1 a - 
h e s u m ti sunetta abesum. A b b i n 1 1 a-m-a y a t a ti 
abbinila butva ayata ca. T e ti netta. Jaray'abbi- 
h a t a ti jaraya abbibata. 

^ uttbita°, cd. 2 kesajatanivijatanena, cd. 

3 pbaladandao, cd. 4 viru}bam, cd. 

5 virujham, cd. ^ pandako, cd. 7 sandabi, cd. 

8 virajito, cd. 9 saram, cd. ^o kbandatikam, cd. 
" mani, cd. 12 manim° cd. 


Sanhatuii gasadisT ^ c fi ti sanbatungasesamu- 
khavayavauam - anuriipa 'va. S o b h a t e ti vaddbetvfi tba- 
pitabaritcxlavatti viya mama nfisika sobbate. S u a b b i - 
yobbanam pati3 ti sundare abbinavayobbanakrde. 
Sa nasika idani jaraya nivfiritasobbatriya patisedbikfi viya 

K a n k a n a m v a s u k a t a m s u n i 1 1 b i t a ni ti. 
Purimakappakatam suvannakaiikanam viya. Vatthala- 
bhavam sandbaya vadati. Sobbate ti sobbante. 8 o - 
bbante ti va patbo. Su iti nipatamattam. Kanna- 
p a 1 i y ti kannapanta.-^ V a 1 i b i p a 1 a m Ij i t a tabim 
tabims uppamiavalibi valita butva vattaniya patecita vattba 
kbandba viya mapaka olambanti. 

Pattalimakulavannasadisa ti kadab'maku- 
lasadisavanna. Kb an da ti kbandadibbedanapatanebi^ 
kbandita kbandabbavam gata. P i t a k a ti vannabbedena 
pTtabbavam gata. 

Kananambi vanasandacarinl kokila va 
madburam niknjitan7 ti vanasande vocaranena 
vanasandacarinl. s Kanane anusangitanivasini kokihi viya 
madburalapam nikuji.9 Tato pi abam tan ti tarn 
nikujitam ^° alapanam kbalitam tabin tabin ti 
kbandadantadibbavena tattba tattba pakkbabtam jatam. 

Santbakammudi va suppamajjita ti sutthii 
pamajjita santhakam suvannasankba viya. B b a g g a 
vinamita ti mamsaparikkbayena vibbiitasirajalanaya 
bbagga butva vinata. 

Vattapaligbasadisopama ti vattena parigba- 
dandena samasama. T a ti ta ubbo pi bfibayo. Y a t b a 
p a t a 1 i d u b b a 1 i k a " ti I- jajjarabbavena pbabtapatab- 

I sandat°, cd. ~ sandat°, cd. 

3 sati, cd. 4 kannagandba, cd. ^ tabam tabam, cd. 
^ sadisavannasanda kbandadbibbedapacanelii, cd. 
7 madburanikujjitan, cd. ^ vanasondacarinl, cd. 

9 nikujji, cd. ^° nikujjitam, cd. 

" pataHppalita, cd. ^^ bi, cd. 


S a n h a m u d d i k a s u V a n n a m a n d i t a ^ ti su- 
vannamayabi mattbabliasuramuddikahi= vibbusita, 
Y a t h a m u 1 a m u 1 i k a ti mulakakandasadisa. 

Pinavattapabituggata ti pina vatta 3 anna- 
mamiam pabita 4 'va butva uggata uddbamukba. S o - 
bbate su tbanaka pure mamanti mama ubbo pi 
tbana yatbavuttarupa butva suvannakalapiyo viya sobbi- 
msu. Putbuttbe bi idam ekavacanam atitattbe ca vatta- 
manavacanam. Tberiti va lambante 'nodaka 
ti te ubbo pi me tbana anudaka galitajaba venudandake 
tbapita^ udakabbasta^ viya lambanti. 

Kaiicanassa pbalakam va sumattban7 ti 
jatibingulakena makkbitva kbiraparimajjitasovannapbala- 
kam viya sobbate. So valibi sukbumabi otato 
ti so mama kayo idani sukbumabi valibi tabim tabim 
vitato ^ valittacatam apanno. 

Nagabbogasadisopama ti battbinagassa bat- 
tbena samasama. Hattbi 9 bi idba bbunjati etena ti 
bbogo ti vutto. Ta ti uruyoJ° Yatha velunaliyo ti 
idani velupabbasadisa abesum. 

Sanbaniipurasuvannamakkbita^Mi sini- 
ddbamattebi suvannanupurebi vibbusita. J a n g b a ti 
attbijaiigbayo. T a ti ta jangbayo. T i 1 a d a n d a k a - r - 
iva ti appamamsalobitatta kisabbavena liinavasittbavisu- 
kkbatiladandaka ^^ viya abesum. Eakaro padasandbikaro. 

Tulapunnasadisopama ti mudusiniddbabbavena 
simbalitulapunnapaliguntbitaupabanasadisa.^3 Te mama 
pada idani p b u t i k a ^4 babita. Valimata vabmanto 

E d i s ti evarupo. A b u abosi. Yatbavuttappakaro 
ay am samussayo ti ayam mama kayo. Jajjaro 

^ sandamud°, cd. ^ o^^iasugatimudditabi, cd. 

^ vattam, cd. 4 sabita, cd. s tbapitaip, cd. 

6 °bbasma, cd. 7 sumattam, cd. ^ yivato, cd. 

9 battbo, cd. lo ta uruyo, cd. 

" °mandita, cd. 12 ulunavas°, cd. 

^3 opalikundima°, cd. ; ^sadiso, cd. ^4 nipbutita, cd. 


ti sitbilribaddlio. B a h u d u k k b a n a m a 1 a y o ti jaradi- 
betukanam babunam dukkbruiani fdayabbuto. So p a 1 e - 
p a p a t i t ti so ayam samussayo palepapatito. Abbi- 
sankbaralepaparikkbayena patabbimukbo ti attbo. So pi 
alepapatito ^ ti va padaviggabo. So ev' attbo. J a r a - 
g b a r ti jinnagbarasadiso. Jaraya vtl gbarabbuto abosi. 
Tasma saccavjidino dbammilnam yatbabbiitaiu sabbuvam 
sammad - eva iiatva katbanato avitatbavadino sammasam- 
buddbassa mama s a 1 1 b u v a c a n a m a n a n ii a t b Ti .3 
Evam ayam tberi attano attabbave aniccatfiya sallakkba- 
namukbena sabbesu pi tebbiimakadbammesu auiccatam 
upadbaretva tadanusarena tattba dukkbalakkbanam 
anantalakkbanam ca aropetva vipassanam ussukkripentl 
maggapatipatiya arabattam papimi. Tena vuttam Apa- 
dane : 

Yo ramsipbnsitavelo Pbusso nama mabamimi 
tassabam bbagini asim, ajayim khattiye kule. 1. 
Tassa dbammam sunitvabam vippasannena cetasa 
mabadanam daditvana pattbayim rilpasampadam. 2. 
Ekatimse ito kappe Sikbi lokagganayako 
uppanno lokapajjoto tilokasarano jino. 3. 
Tadarunapure ramme brabmamiakulasambbava 
vimuttacittam kupita 4 bbikkbunim abbisapayim. 4. 
Vesika 'va anacara jinasasanadiisika 
evam akkosayitvana tena papena kammiina 5. 
Darnnam nirayam gantva mabadukkbasamappitri. 
tato cuta manussesu npapanna tapassinl 6. 
Dasa jatisabassani ganikattam akarayim. 
tamha papa na muccissam bbutva duttbavisam yatbii. 7. 
Brabmaceram asevissam Kassape jinasasane 
tena kammavipakena ajayim tidase pure. 8. 
Paccbime bbavasampatte abosim opapatikil 
ambasakbantare jata Ambapall ti ten' abam. 9. 
Parivuta panikotibi pabbajim jinasasane 

^ alenarapatito, cd. ^ dbammad, cd. 

3 annatba, cd. 4 vipatticittakupita, B. 


pattaham acalam thanam dhita buddhassa orasa. 10. 
Iddhisu ca vasi homi sotadhatuvisuddhiya 
cetopariyananassa vasi homi mahamuni. 11. 
Pubbenivasam janami dibbacakkhu visodhitam 
sabbasavaparikkhina n'atthi dani punabbhavo. 12. 
Atthadhammaniruttisu patibhane tath'eva ca 
nanam me vimalam suddham buddhasettbassa vahasa. 13. 
Kilesa jhapita mayham — pa — katam buddhassa sasanan 
ti. 14. 

Ambapaliya theriya gathavannana samatta. 


Samana ti bhoti mam vipassi ti adika 
Eohiniya theriya gatha. Ayam pi purimabuddhesu katadhi- 
kara tattha tattha bhave vivattupanissayam kusalam 
upacinanti ito ekanavutikappe Vipassissa bhagavato kale 
kulagehe nibbattitva vayappatta ^ ekadivasam Bandhuma- 
tinagare bhagavantam pindaya carantam disva pattam 
gahetva puvassa piiretva pattam bhagavato datva pitiso- 
manassajata pancapatitthitena vanditva sa tena pumiakam- 
mena devamanussesu samsaranti anukkamena upacitavi- 
mokkhasambhara hutva imasmim buddhuppade Yesaliyam 
Mahavibhavassa brahmanassa gehe nibbattitva EohinI ti 
laddhanama vinnutam patta satthari Vesaliyam viharante 
viharam gantva dhammam sutva sotapanna hutva matapi- 
tunam dhammam desetva sasane pasadam uppadetva te 
anujanapetva sayam pabbajitva vipassanaya kammam ka- 
ronti na jirass' eva saha patisambhidahi arahattam papuni. 
Tena vuttam Apadane : 

Nagare Bandhumatiya Vipassissa mahesino 
pindaya vicarantassa puve dasim aham tada. 1. 
Tena kammena sukatena cetanapanidhihi ca 
tattha cittam pasadetva Tavatimsam agacchi 'ham. 2. 

^ pavatta cd. 

THERI GATHA. 67. 215 

Chattimsa devarrijuuam mahesittam akfirayim 

paunasa cakkavattluam mahesittam akarayini. 3. 

ManaStl patthita nilma sabbam mayham samijj hatha 

sampattim anubhiitvrina devesii maniijesu ca. 4. 

Pacchime bhavasampatte jatd vippakule aham 

Eohiiil uilma namena natakehi piyayitfi. 5. 

BhikkhiiDam santikam gantva dhammam sutva yathata- 

samviggamanasa hutva pabbajim anagariyam. 6. 
Yoniso padahantinam arahattam aptlpunim 
ekanavute ito kappe yam danam akarim tada 7. 
Duggatim nabhijanami puvadauass' idam phalam. 
kilesa jhapita mayham — pa — katam buddhassa sasanan 

ti. 8. 

Arahattam pana patva attano patipattim paccavekkhitva 
pubbe sotapannakale pitara attana vacanapativacanavasena 
vuttagatha udanavasena bhasanti : 

Samana ti bhoti mam vipassi samana ti patibujjhasi ^ 
samanan' eva kittesi, samani niina bhavissasi.^ 271. 
Vipulam annam ca panam ca samananam pavecchasi 3 
Rohini dani pucchami : kena te samana piya ? 272. 
Akammakama alasa paradattopajlvino 
asamsuka sadukama4 kena te samana piya ? 273. 
Cirassam vata mam tata samananam paripucchasi 
tesan te kittayissami paMasilaparakkamam. 274. 
Kammakama analasa kammasetthassa kfiraka 
ragarn dosam pajahanti tena me samana piya. 275. 
Tini papassa mulani dhunanti sucikarino 
sabbapapam 5 pahin' esam tena me samana piya. 270. 
Kayakammam suci nesam vacikammam ca tadisam 
manokammam suci nesam tena° 277. 

^ patibujjhati, cd. ; pabujjhasi, m. - bhavissati, cd. 

3 samananam sayam casi, cd. •+ sadunukama, cd. 

5 sabbam papam, cd. 


Vimala samkhamutta 'va suddha santarabahira 

punna sukkanam dhammanam tena° 278. 

Bahussuta dhammadhara ariya dhammajivino 

attham dhammam ca desenti tena° 279. 

Bahussuta dhammadhara ariya dhammajivino 

ekaggacitta satimanto tena° 280. 

Durangama satimanto mantabhani ^ anuddhata 

dukkhass' antam pajananti tena° 281. 

Yamha gama pakkamanti na vilokenti kincanam ^ 

anapekkha 'va gacchanti tena^ 282. 

Na te sam kotthe ^ osenti 4 na kumbhim na kalopiyam 

parinitthitam esana tena° 283. 

Na te hirannam ganhanti na suvannam na rupiyam 

paccuppannena yapenti tena^ 284. 

Nanakula pabbajita nanajanapadehi ca 

annamaniiam piyayanti 5 tena° 285. 

Atthaya vata no bhoti kule jata si Kohini ^ 

saddha buddhe ca dhamme ca saiighe ca tibbagarava 286. 

Tuvam h'etam pajanasi ^ punnakkhettam anuttaram 

Amham pi ete samana j)atiganhanti dakkhinam. 

patitthito h'ettha yamio ^ vipulo no bhavissati. 287. 

Sace bhayasi 9 dukkhassa sace te dukkham appiyam 

upehi saranam buddham dhammam saiigham ca tadinam 

samadiyahi silani tani te atthaya hehiti. 288. 

Upemi saranam buddham dhammam saiigham ca tadinam 

samadiyami silani tarn me atthaya hehiti. 289. 

Brahmabandhu pure asi so idani 'mhi brahmano 

tevijjo sotthiyo c'amhi vedagu c'amhi nhatako ^° ti. 290. 

Ima gatha paccudabhasi. Tattha adito tisso gatha attano 
dhitu bhikkhusu sammutim " aticchantena vutta. Tattha 
samana ti bhoti mam vipassi ti. Bhoti tvam 

^ mantabhana, cd. ^ kincinam, cd. ^ kottha, cd. 

4 openti, m. 5 pihayanti, m. 

^ jata pi Eohini, cd. 7 hetu pajanami, cd. 

^ sotthim yanfio, cd. 9 bhayati, cd. 

^° natako, cd. ^^ sammuti, cd. 


tiierT Ctatiia. 07. 217 

passanakale pi samanfi ti kittentl samanapatibaddbam ^ 
yeva katbam katbentl passasi.^ Sam an a ti pati- 
bujjbasT ti passanato uttbahantl samana ice' eva 
patibujjbasi niddaya vuttbasi.3 Samananam eva 
ki tte SI ti sabbakillam pi samane eva samananam eva vfi 
gune kittesi abbittbavasi. S a m a n I n u n a 1) b a v i s - 
s a s 1 4 ti giblrupena tbitfi vicittcna samanl eva mafifie 
bbavissasi. Atba \ii s a m a n i n u n a b b a v i s s a s T 5 ti 
idani gibirupena tbita pi naciren' eva samanT eva mafme 

Samanesu eva ninnaponabbavato vaccbasl ti desi. 
E b i n i d a n i p u c c h a m i ti amma Eobini ^ tarn 
abam idani piiccbami ti brabmano attano dbitaram puc- 
cbanto aba : k e n a t e samana p i y a ti. Amma 
Eobini 7 tvam sayanti pi pabujjbanti pi annadrisi sama- 
nanam eva gune kittayasi. Kena nama karanena tuybam 
samana piyayitabba jata ti attho. 

Idani brabmano samanesu dosam dbitu acikkbanto 
a k a m m a k a m a ti gatbam aba. Tattba a k a m m a - 
kama ti na kammakama attano paresam ca attbavabam 
kinci kammam na katukama. A 1 a s a ti kusita. P a r a - 
dattopajivino ti parebi dinnam yeva upajlvanasibl. 
A s a m s u k a ti tato vuddha pajananadinam Tisimsanaka. 
Sadukama ti sadu madburam eva fdiaram iccbanaka. 
Sabbam etam brabmano samananam gune ajananto attana 
ca parikappitam dosam aba. 

Tarn sutva Eobini^^laddbo djlni me okfiso ayyanam gune 
katbetum" ti tuttbamanasa bbikkbunam gune kittetukama 
patbaman tava tesam kittane somanassam pavedenti 
cirassam vata man tata ti gatbam fdia. Tattba 
cirassam vata ti cirena vata. T a t a ti pitaram 
alapati. Samananam ti samane. Samananam va 
maybam piyayitabbam. T e s a n ti samananam. P a n - 

I opatibandbam, cd. - passati, cd. 3 vuttbisi, cd. 
4 bbavissati, cd. 5 bbavissati, cd. ^ Eobini, cd. 
7 Eobini, cd. ^ Eobini, cd. 


nasilaparakkaman ti pancasilam ca ussaham ca. 
Kittayissami ti patijanetva te kittenti. 

Akammakama alasa ti tena vuttadosam tava nib- 
bethetva tappatipakkhabhutagunam dassetum k a m m a - 
kama ti adim aha. Tattha kammakama ti vatta- 
pativattadibhedam kammam samanakiccam paripurana- 
vasena kamenti icchanti ti kammakama. Tattha yuttapa- 
yutta hutva utthaya samutthaya vayamanato na alasa ti 
a n a 1 a s a. Tarn pana kammam settham uttamam nibba- 
navaham eva karonti ti kammasetthassa karaka. 
Karonta pana tarn patipattiya avajjabhavato r a g a m 
dosam pajahanti. Yatha ragadosa pahiyanti evam 
samanakammam karonti. Tena me samana piya ti 
tena yathavuttena sammapatipajjanena mayham samana 
piya piyayitabba ti attho. 

Tini^ papassa mulanl ti lobhadosamohasam- 
khatani akusalassa tini mulani. Dhunanti ti niccha- 
denti pajahanti ti attho. Sucikarino ti anavajjakam- 
makarino. Sabbapapam^ pah in' esam ti agga- 
maggadhigamena sabbam pi papam pahinam. 

Evam samana sucikarino ti samkhepato vuttam attham 
vibhajitva dassetum k a y a k a m m a n ti gatham aha. Tarn 
suviMeyyam eva. 

Vimala samkhamutta 'vati sudhotasamkha viya 
mutta viya ca vigatamala ragadimalarahita. S u d d h a 
santarabahira ti santarabahirato suddha suddha- 
sayapayoga ti attho. Punna sukkehi dhammehl 
ti ekantasukkehi anavajjadhammehi paripunna. Asek- 
khehi silakkhandhadihi samannagata ti attho. 

Suttageyyadi bahussutam etesam sutena ca uppanna ti 
bahussuta. Pariyattibahusaccena pativedhabahusac- 
cena ca samannagata ti attho. Tam eva duvidham 3 pi 
dhammam dharenti ti dhammadhara. Sattanam 
acarasamacarasikkhapadena dhammena nayena jivanti ti 
dhammajivino. Attham dhammam ca 

^ tmi, cd. 2 Sabbapapa, cd. 3 uvidham, cd. 

THERl GATn.V G7. 219 

deseuti^ ti bhrisitattliam ca dcsaurulliammain ca 
kathenti pakasenti ti. Atliava atthato auapetaui clhainiiiato 
anapetam ca desenti acikkhanti. 

Ekaggacitta ti samribitacittfi. Satimato ti 
upatthitasatiuo. D u r a m g a m Ti ti aranuagatfiya manus- 
supacaram muiicitva diiram gacchanti.^ Itthanubhavena 
vil yatbrirucitam durattbanam gaccbanti ti diirai'igama. 
Manta vuccati pamifi. Taya bbananasilatfiya m a n - 
t a b b a n i. Na uddbata ti a n u d d b a t a. Uddhaccara- 
bita viipasantacitta. Dukkbass' antam pajfinanti 
ti vattadukkbaya pariyantabbiitam nibbaDam pativijjbanti. 

Na vilokenti kincanams ti yato gainato pakka- 
manti tasmim game kiuci sattam va samkbarain va apek- 
kbavasena na olokenti. Atba kbo pana anapekkba 
'va gaccbanti pakkamanti. 

Nate sain kottbe osenti tite samana sam attano 
santakam sapateyyam kottbe na osenti na patisiimetva 
tbapenti. Tadisassa pariggabassa abbavato. K u m b b i n 
ti kumbbiyam. K a 1 o p i y a m ti paccbiyam. P a r i n i t- 
tbitam esana ti parakulesu paresu attbaya siddbam 
eva gbasam pariyesanta. 

Hirannan ti kabapana. Eupiyan ti rajatam. 
Paccuppannena y a pent! ti atitam ananusccanta 
anagatam ca apaccasimsanta paccuppannena yapenti 
attabbavam pavattenti. A ii ii a m a n n a m p i y a y a n 1 1 
ti 4 annamaiinasmim mettim karonti. P i y a y a n 1 1 ti pi 
patbo. So ev' attbo. 

Evam brabmauo dbltuya santike bbikkbunam guue sutva 
pasannamanaso dbitaram pasamsanto attbaya v a t a 
ti adim aba. 

A m b a m pi ti ambakam pi. D a k k b i n a n ti deyya- 
dbammam. E 1 1 b a ti etesu samanesu. Y a n n o ti 
danadbammo. Y i p u 1 o ti vipulapbalo. Sesam vutta- 
nayam eva. Evam brabmauo saranesu silesu ca patittbito 
aparabbage samjatasamvego pabbajitva vipassanam vad- 

^ dassenti, cd. "" gaccbati, cd. 

3 kincinam, cd. ^ annamaunam pisniin ti, cd. 


dhetva arahatte patitthaya attano patipattim^ paccavek- 
khitva udanento ^brahmabandhiiti gatham aha. Tass' 
attbo hettha vutto yeva. 

Robiniya tberiya gatbavannana samatta. 


Lattbib attbo pure asis ti adika Capaya tberiya 
gatba. Ayam pi purimabuddbesu katadbikara tattba tattba 
bbave vivattiipanissayam kusalam upacinanti anukkamena 
upacitakusalamulasambbutavimokkbasambbara butva imas- 
raim buddbuppade Vaiikabarajanapade annatarasmim 
migaluddakagame jettbakaraigaluddakassa dbita butva 
nibbatti. Capa ti 'ssa namam abosi. Tena ca samayena 
Upako ajivako bodbimandato dbammacakkam pavattetum 
Baranasim uddissa gaccbantena sattbara saba gato vippa- 
sanno " paripunnani kbo te avuso indriyani, parisuddbo 
cbavivanno pariyodato, kam si tvam avuso uddissa pab- 
bajito ko va te sattba kassa va tvani dbammani rocesi " ti 
puccbitva : 

Sabbabbibbu sabbavidu 'bam asmi sabbesu dbaramesu 

sabbamjabo tanbakkbaye 4 vimutto sayam abbinnaya kam 

uddiseyyan ti. 
na me acariyo attbi sadiso me na vijjati 
sadevakasmim lokasmim n'attbi me patipuggalo 
dbammacakkam 5 pavattetum gaccbami Kasinam puram 
andbabbutasmim lokasmim abaiicbum amatadudrabbin ti. 

Sattbara attano sabbannubuddbabbave dbammacakka- 
pavattane ca pavedite pasannacitto so buveyya p' avuso, 
arab' asi anantajino ti vatva ummaggam gabetva pakkanto 

^ patipatti, cd. ^ udananto, cd: 3 avasi, cd. 

4 tanbakkbayo, cd. 5 brabmacakkam, cd 

therT gatha. 68. 221 

Vaukaharajanapadam agamasi. So tattha ekam migaliul- 
dakagamakam npanissfiya vfisam kappesi. Tani tattha 
jetthakamigalucldako upatthasi. So ekadivasani dfiram 
migavam gaccbanto " mayham arahante mfi pamajjl " ti 
attano dhltaram Capaiii finripetyri agamasi saddhini putta- 
bhritukehi. Sa c'assa dhlta abliiriipri Loti dassanlyfi. 
Atlia Upako ajivako bbikkhacilravelaya inigahiddakassa 
gbaram gato parivisitum ^ upagatam Capain disva ragena 
abhibbiito bbunjitum pi asakkouto bbrijanena bbattam 
adaya vasanattbanam gantva bbattam ekamante nikkbi- 
pitva sace Capam labbissami jivami no ce marissami ti 
nirabaro nipajji. Sattame divase migakiddako agantvfi 
dbitaram puccbi : " kim maybam arabante appamajjl " ti. 
*' So ekadivasam eva agantva puna nagatapubbo " ti aba. 
Migaluddako ca tavad ev' assa vasanattbanam gantvci kim 
bbante apbasukan ti pade parimajjanto puccbi. Upako 
nittbunanto ^ parivattati yeva. So vada bbante yam maya 
sakka katum sabbam tarn karissama ti aba. Upako ekena 
pariyayena attano ajjbasayam arocesi. Itaro " janasi pana 
kinci sippan " ti. " Na janami kinci sippan " ti, " Ajanan- 
tena sakka gbaram avasitun " ti. Tumbakam mamsabarako 
bbavissami mamsam ca vikkinissami ^ ti. Magaviko ani- 
bakam pi etad eva ruccati ti uttarisatakam datva attano 
sabaj^akassa gebe katipabam vascipetva tadise divase 
gbaram anetva dbitaram adasi. Atba kale gaccbante 
tesam samvasani anvaya putto nibbatti. Subbaddo ti 'ssa 
namam akamsu. Capa tassa rodanakale Upakassa putta 
ajivakassa putta mamsabarakassa putta ma rodi ma rodi ti 
adina vuttavasena gitena Upakam uppandeti. So "m<i 
tvani Cape mani anatba" ti mamii. Attbi me sabayo 
anantajino nama. Tassabam santikam gamissfiml ti aba. 
Capa evani ayam attiyati ti fiatva punappunaiu tatba 
katbesi yeva. So ekadivasam taya katbaya vutte kujjbitva 
gantum araddbo. Taya tarn tarn vatvti anunTyamano pi 
pafinattim-^ ilgaccbanto paccbimadisabbimukbo pakkami. 

^ pavisitum, cd. = nittbunanto, cd. 

3 vikkinissami, cd. -^ pamiatti, cd. 


Bhagava ca tena samayena Savatthiyam Jetavane viha- 
ranto bhikkhunam acikkhi. Yo bhikkhave " ajja kuhim 
anantajino " ti idhagantva pucchati tarn mama santikam 
pesetha ti. Upako pi " kuhim anantajino vasati " ti 
tattha tattha pucchanto anupubbena Savatthim gantva 
viharam pavisitva viharamajjhe thatva " kuhim ananta- 
jino " ti pucchi. Tarn bhikkhu bhagavato santikam 
nayimsu. So bhagavantam disva '*janatha mam bhagava" 
ti. " Ama janami." ''Kuhim pana tvam ettakam kalam 
vasi " ti. " Vankaharajanapade bhante " ti. '' Upaka idani 
mahallako jato pabbajitum sakkhissasi " ti. " Pabbajis- 
sami bhante " ti. Sattha aiinataram bhikkhum anapesi : 
" Ehi tvam bhikkhu imam pabbajehi " ti. So tarn pab- 
bajesi. So pabbajito satthu santike kammatthanam 
gahetva bhavanam anuyunjanto na cirass' eva anagami- 
phale patitthaya kalam katva avihesu nibbatto. Nibbattak- 
khane yeva arahattam apapuni.^ Avihesu nibbattamatta 
satta jana arahattam patta. Tesam ayam aniiataro. 
Vuttam h'etam : 

Aviham upapanna 'me vimutta satta bhikkhavo 
ragadosaparikkhlna tinna soke vippattitam 
Upako Salakantho ^ ca Pukkuso 3 ti ca te tayo 
Bhaddiyo Khandadevo ca Bahunandi 4 ca Pihgiyo 
te hitva manasam deham dibbayogam upaccagun ti. 

Upake pana pakkante nibbindahadaya Capa darakam 
ayyakassa niyyadetva pubbe Upakena gatamaggam 
gacchanti Savatthim gantva bhikkhunlnam santike pab- 
bajitvi.; vipassanaya kammam karonti maggapatipatiya 
arahatte patitthita attano patipattim paccavekkhitva 
pubbe Upakena attana cas kathitagathayo udanavasena 
ekajjham katva : 

^ apapuni, cd. ^ Salakando, cd. 

3 Pukkusa, cd. 4 Bahumanti, cd. 

5 attana va, cd. 

THERl GATE A. G8. 228 

Latthihattho pure Tisi so dani migaluddako 
fisfiya ^ palipa gliora nasakkhi param otase.- 291 
Sumattam 3 mam mannamana Ctipa puttam atosayi 4 
Capa3'a bandhanam clietyfi pabbajissam puno-m- 

abam.5 292. 
Ma me kujjbi mabavira mil me kiijjbi mabamuni 
na bi kodbaparetassa ^ suddbi attbi kuto tapo. 293. 
Pakkfimissau 7 ca Nabito ko' dba Nabxya vaccbati 
bandbanti ittbiriipena samane dbammajivino. 294. 
Ebi Kala nivattassu bbunja kame yatba pure 
abam ea te vasikata ye ca me santi natakfi. 295. 
Etto c'eva ^ catubbbagam yatba bbasasi tarn ca me 
tayi rattassa posassa ularam vata tarn siya. 296. 
Kal' anginim 9 va takkarim i° puppbitam girimuddbani 
pbullam dalikalattbim ^^ va antodipe va patalim.^^ 297. 
Haricandanalittangim ^^ kasikuttamadbarinim ^4 
tarn mam rupavatim santim ^s kassa obaya gaccbasi. 298. 
Sakuntiko va sakunim ^^ yatba bandbitum iccbati ^7 
abarimena rupena na mam tvam badbayissasi. 299. 
Iman ^^ ca me puttapbalam Kala uppaditam taya 
tarn mam puttavatim santim ^9 kassa obaya gaccbasi. 300. 
Jabanti putte sappaniia tato nati tato dbanam 
pabbajanti mabavira nago cbetva va bandbanam. 301. 
Idani te imam puttam dandena cburikaya va 
bbumiyam va nisumbbeyyam^oputtasoka na gaccbasi. ^^ 302. 
Sace puttam sigalanam kukkuranam padabisi 22 
na mam puttakate jammi ^3 punar avattayissasi. 303. 

^ asaya, cd. ^ assitum, m. ; etasse, cd. 3 sumutta, cd. 
4 atosayam, cd. 5 puno-p-abam, m. ^ kodbrq)", cd. 
7 pakkam°, cd. ^ etto Cape, m. 9 kalamkfma, cd. 
^° takkari, cd. " dalimalattbl, m. ; dfdijalattbi, cd. 

12 patali, cd. ^3 otangi, cd. ^4 odbarini, cd. 

^5 rupavati santT, cd. ^^ sakuni, cd. ^7 iccbasi, cd. 
^s aman, cd. ^9 tvam mam puttavatl santI, cd. 

20 nisumbbissa, m. ; nisumbbiyani, cd. 21 gaccbati, cd. 
22 sada bi pi, cd. ^3 puttamkate jappi, cd. 


Handa kho dani bhaddan te kuhim Kala gamissasi ^ 
katamam gamam ^ nigamam nagaram rajadhaniyo.3 304. 
Ahumha pubbe ganino asamana samanamanino 
gamena gamam vicarimha nagare rajadhaniyo.4 305. 
Eso hi bhapjava buddho nadim 5 Neraiijaram pati 
sabbadukkhapahanaya dhammam desesi paninam. 
tassaham santike gaccham so me sattha bhavissati. 306. 
Vandanan dani vajjasi lokanatham anuttaram 
padakkhinan ca katvana adiseyyasi dakkhinam. 307. 
Etam kho labbham ^ amhehi yatha bhasasi tam ca me 7 
vandanan dani te vajjam ^ lokanatham anuttaram 
padakkhinam ca katvana adisissami dakkhinam. 308. 
Tato ca Kalo pakkami nadim 9 Neraiijaram pati 
so addasasi sambuddham desentam amatam padani. 309. 
Dukkham dukkhasamuppadam dukkhassa ca atikkamam 
Ariyatthaiigikam maggam dukkhupasamagaminam. 310. 
Tassa padani vauditva katvana nam padakkhinam ^° 
Capaya adisitvana ^^ pabbaji anagariyam. 
tisso vijja anuppatta katam buddhassa sasanan ti. 311. 

Ima gatha abhasi. Tattha latthihattho ti danda- 
hattho. Pure ti pubbe paribbajakakale. Candagonakuk- 
kuradinam pariharanattham dandam hatthena gahetva 
vicaranako ahosi. So dani migaluddako ti so eko 
idani migaluddehi saddhim sambhogasamvasehi migaluddo 
magaviko jato. A s a y a ti tanhaya. A s i y a ti pi patho. 
Ajjhasayahetu ti attho. P al i p a ti kamapaiikato ditthi- 
pankato ca. Ghora ti aviditavipulatta ca hattha darunato 
ghora. Na sakkhi param etase^^^i tass' eva 
pahpassa parabhutaru ^3 nibbanam etuni ^4 gantum na 

I kuhi Kalagamo, cd. ^ gama, cd, 

3 rajathaniyo, cd. 4 rajathaniyo, cd. s nadi, cd. 

6 laddham, cd. 7 yatha bhasi tuvam ca me, m. 

8 te gaccham, cd. 9 nadi, cd. 

^° katvanam abhiddakkhinam, cd. 
" avikatvana, cd. ^2 etasse, cd 

^3 paragutam, cd. ^4 etam, cd. 

ther! gatha. IkS. 225 

sakklii Ilea abhisainblmuT ti. Att'niam eva saiulhava 
Upako vadati. 

S 11 m a 1 1 a m m a m m a n n a in fi n a ti attaiii sut t liu 
mattam ^ madappattani kfimagedhavasena laggaiu painat- 
tani va katva main sallakkhantl. C a p a putt a m 
a t s a y T - ti migaluddassa dliTtfi Capa Tijlvakassa piitta 
ti Tidina mam ghattenti pnttam tosesi keh'ipassasi. Putt am 
m a m m a fi n a m a n fi ti ca patlianti. SubhatI ti mam 
maiinamanci 3 ti attho. C a p a y a ba n d h a n a in c h g t v fi 
ti Cjipaya tayi uppannam kilesabaudhanam cbindetva. 
P a b b a j i s s a m4 p u n o - m - a b a u ti puna dutiyavfiram 
pi abam pabbajissami. Idaui tassa maybam attbo n'attbl 
ti vadati. 

Tarn sutva Capaya kbaiinipentl m Ti me kujjbi ti 
gatbam aba. Tattba ma me kujjbi ti kelikaraiiamat- 
tena ma maybam kujjbi. M a b a v I r a m a h c1 m u n I 
ti Upakam alapati. Tarn bi sa " pubbe pi pabbajito idani 
pabbajitukamo " ti katva kbantim ^ ca paccasimsantl ^ 
m a b a m u n I ti iiba. Tenevaba : n a b i k o d b a- 
p a r e t a s s a s u d d b i a 1 1 b i k u t o t a p o ti. Tvaiii 
ettakam pi asabanto katbam cittain damessasi " katbaia 
va tapam carissasi ti adbippayo. 

Atba Ncllam gantva jivitukamfi pT ti Cfipaya vutto aba : 
p a k k a m i s s a m c a N a 1 Ti t o k o ' d b a N fi 1 a y a 
V a c c b a 1 1 ti. Ko idba Nahiya vasissati, Nalato 'va abam 
pakkamissam' eva. So hi tassa jatagamo. Tato nikkba- 
mitva pa.bbajitatta evam fdia. Nala ti Upakassa jTita- 
gamo. So ca Magadbarattbe Bodhimandassa asaimapadese. 
Tarn sandbaya vuttam : bandbanti ittbirupena 
s a m a n e d b a m m a j I v i n o ti. Cape tvaiii dbammeua 
jivaute dbammike pabbajite attauo ittbirupena kuttilkap- 
pebi bandbanti tittbasi. Yenabaiu idfini yadiso jato tasmti 
tarn pariccajami ti adbippayo. 

^ matta, cd. ^ puttam matopassi, cd. 

3 mannamilno, cd. •+ pal)bajissam yam, cd. 

5 khanti, cd. ^ paccasimsanantl, cd. ^ damessati, cd. 

' IG 


Evam vutte Capa tarn nivattetukama : e h i K a 1 a ^ ti 
gatham aha. Tass' attho : kalavannataya ^ K a 1 a Upaka. 
E h i 11 i V a 1 1 a s s u ma pakkami. Pubbe viya k a m e 
paribhunja. Ahamca ye ca me santi nataka 
te sabbe tnyham imaya pakkamitukamataya v a s T k a t a 
vasavattito kata ti. 

Tarn sutva Upako etto c'eva ti gatham aha. Tattha 
Cape ti Cape. Capasadisa-angalatthitaya sa Capa ti 
namam labhi. Tasma Capa ti vuccati. Tvam Cape y a t h a 
bh asa s i idani yadisams kathesi ito c a t u b b h a g a m ce 
piyasamudaharam kareyyasi. Tayi rattassa raga- 
bhibhiitassa p u r i s a s s a u 1 a r a m v a t a tarn s i y a . 
Aham pan' etarahi tayi kamesu ca viratto tasma Capaya 
vacanena titthami ti adhippayo. 

Puna Capa attani tassa asattim 4 uppadetukama K a 1 ' 
a n g i n i m 5 ti aha. Tattha K a 1 a ti tassa alapanam. 
Anginin^ ti ahgalatthisampannam. Va iti 7 upamaya 
nipato. T a k k a r i m s p u p p h i t a m g i r i m u d d h a n i 
ti pabbatamuddhani thitam supupphitadahkalatthim9 viya. 
Ukkagarinti keci pathanti. Aiigalatthim^Q viya ti attho. 
GirimuddhanI ti ca idam kenaci anupahatasobhata- 
dassanattham vuttam. Keci k a 1 i g i n i n ti patham vatva 
tassa kumbhandalatasadisan ti attham vadanti. P h u 1 1 a - 
d a 1 i m a 1 a 1 1 h i m v a ti^^ pupphitam bljapiiralatam viya. 
Antodipe va patalin ti dipagabbhantare pupphita- 
pataHrukkham viya. Dipagahanan c'ettha sokapatihariya- 
dassanattham eva. 

H a r i c a n d a n a 1 i 1 1 a h g i n ^2 i[ lohitacandanena anu- 
littasabbahgim. ^3 K a s i k u 1 1 a m a d h a r i n i n ^4 ti utta- 
makarikavatthadharam. Tarn man ti tadisam mam. 
Kupavatim santin^s ti rupasampannasamanam. 

^ Kala, cd. ^ kalavann°, cd. 3 sadisam, cd. 

4 asatti, cd. 5 Kal' ahgitam, cd. ^ angini, cd. 

7 ca iti, cd. ^ takkari, cd. 9 olatthi, cd. 

1° Angatthilatthi, cd. ^^ latthitan ti, cd, 

^2 otangi, cd. 13 obangi, cd. 

'+ °dharinan, cd. ^s mpavatl santI, cd. 

THERl GATIIA. 68. '227 

K a s s a o h a y a ,ij; a c c li a s i ti kassa nfima sattassa 
kassa va betuuo kena karanena pahaya obaya pariccajitva 

Ito param pi tesain vacanapativacanagathri 'va thapetva 
pariyosfiue tisso gfitlia. Tattlia s a k u u t i k o ti sakunaluddo 
viya. Abarimena rupena ti kesauiandanridiua sari- 
rajagganeiia c'eva vattbribbaranrulina ca al)bisaiukbarikona 
rupena vaniiena kittimena caturiyena ca ti attbo. N a 
m a in t v a m b a d b a y i s s a s i ti pubbe viya idfmi main 
tvam 11 a ])adbitum sakkbissasi. 

P u 1 1 a p b a 1 a n ti piittasamkbatapbabam puttappa- 

S a p p a ii n a ti paiinavanto. Samsfirena Tidinavavi- 
bbjivaniya pamiaya samannagata ti adbippayo. Te bi 
appam va mabantam pi iiatiparivattabbogakkbaiidbain va 
pabciya pabbajanti. Tenjiba : p a b b a j a n t i m a b fi v I r a ' 
n a g c b e t V a V a b a n d b a n a m ti. Ayam bandbauani 
viya battbinago gibibandbauam ~ cbindetva mabaviriya ca 
pabbajanti. Na binaviriya ti attbo. 

Dandena ti yena kenaci dandena. Cburikaya ti 
na kburena. 3 Bbumiyam vanisnmbbeyyan'^ti 
patbaviyam patetva 5 badbanavijjbanadina ^ vibadbissami. 
P n 1 1 a s o k fi n a gaccbasi ti puttasokanimittam na 

P a d a b i s I 7 ti dassasi. P u 1 1 a k a t e ti puttakcirakfi. 
J a m m i ti tassa ^ alapanam. Lamake ti attbo. 

Idani tassa gamanam anujanitvri gamanattbruiain janitum 
b a n d a k b o ti gatbam aba. Itaro pubbe abam aniyyani- 
kam sasanam paggayba attbasi, idani pana niyyrniika- 
anantajinassa sasane tbatukamo. Tasma *' tassa santikaiii 
gamissami " ti dassento abumba9 ti fidim aba. Tattba 
ganino ti ganadbara. Asamaiia ti na samitapapa. 
S ama n am an in ti samitapapa ti evaiiisannino. 
Vicarimba ti piiranadlsu attrmaiu pakkbipitva va(hiti. 

^ mabavira, cd. - ^bandbana, cd. 3 kbarena, cd. 
4 nisumbbiyan, cd. 5 pfitlietva, cd. '' bodbana°, cd. 
7 sadabisi, cd. ^ tassa, cd. 9 amba, cd. 


N e r a n j a r a m ^ p a t i ti Neraiijaraya nadiya samipe. 
Tassa tire bnddho abhisambodhim patto ti abhisambodhim ^ 
dassento sabbakalam bhagava tattlia vasi ti adhippayena 

V a n d a n a m d a n i me v a j j a s i ti mama vandanam 
vadeyyasi 3 mama vacanena lokanatham anuttaram vadey- 
yasi ti attho. Padakkhinam ca katvana adisey- 
y a s i 4 d a k k h i n a n ti buddham bhagavantam tikkhat- 
tum padakkhinam katva pi catiisu thanesu vanditva tatO' 
puiiilato may bam pattidanam dento padakkhinam adisey- 
yasi 5 ti buddhagiinanam sutapubbattahetusampannataya 
ca evam vadati. 

E t a m k h 1 a b b h a m ^ a m h e h i ti etam padak- 
khinakaranam punnam amhehi tava dhatum sakka na 
nivattanam piibbe viya kamiipabhogo ca na sakka ti adhip- 
payo. T u V a m C a p e ti tvam Cripe. Vajjam vakkhami.7 
8 ti Kalo. A d da s a s i ti addakkhi. Satthudesanaya 
saccakathaya padhanatta sabbadhi muttaya ^ abhavato 
d u k k h a n ti adi vuttam. Sesam vuttanayam eva. 

Capaya theriya gatbavannana samatta. 


P e t a n i b h o t i p u 1 1 a n i ti adika Sundariya theriya 
gatha. Ayam pi pm*imabuddhesu katadhikara tattha tattha 
bhave vivattupanissayam kusalam upacinanti ito ekatimse 
kappe Vessabhussa bhagavato kale kulagehe nibbattitva 
viniiuiam patta ekadivasam sattharam pindaya carantam 
disva pasannamanasa bhikkham datva pancapatitthitena 
vanditva ca sattha tassa cittappasadam natva anumodanam 
katva pakkami. Sa tena puiinakammena tavatimsesu 

^ Neranjara, cd. ^ abhisambodhi, cd. 

3 vasseyyasi, cd. 4 adiseyyami, cd. 

5 adiyeyyasi, cd. 6 laddham, cd. 

7 gacchami vakkh°, cd. 8 sabbinimuttaya, cd. 

TIIErvI GATIIA. (J9. 221) 

nibbattitvfi tattba yrivatayukiiin katYfi (libbasampiittiiu auu- 
bhavitvci tato cutri. Aparfiparani sugatibbavesu yeva 
samsaranti paripakkanrinfi butvfi imasmiin Imddbuppride 
Banuiasiyani Sujatassa nama brfibmaiiassa dbita biitvfi 
nibbatti. Tassa rupasampattiya Sundarl ti namam abosi. 
Vayappattakale c'assci kanittbabbata kabaiii akasi. Atb' 
assci pitci puttasokena abbibbiito tattba tattba vicaranto ' 
Yasittbitneriya sainrigaDtva tarn sokavinodanakaranain 
pucchanto p e t a n i - b b o t i ]) u 1 1 fi u i fidiufi dve gatba 
abbilsi. Tbeii tarn 3 sokabbibbutam natvfi sokavinodetukamfi 
b a h ii n i me p u 1 1 a s a t a n I ti adina dve gatba vatva 
attano asokikabbtivam katbesi. Tain sutva lu-abmano 
" katbam tvam ayye evam asoka jiltri " ti aba. Tassa tlieri 
ratanattayagunam katbesi. Brabmaiio " kubim sattba " 
ti puccbitva ** idtlni Mitbibiyam vibarati " ti sutva 4 tfivad 
€va ratbam yojetva rathena Mitbilam gantva sattbciram 
upasamkamitva vanditva sammodaniyam katbam katva 
■ekamantam nisidi. Tassa sattba dbammam desesi. So 
dbammam sutva patiladdbasaddbo pabbajitva vipassanam 
pattbapetva gbatento vayamanto tatiyadivase arabattam -'' 
papuni. Atba saratbi ratbam ^ adaya Barfuiasim gantva 
bralimaniya tarn pavattim ilrocesi. Sundari attauo pitu 
pabbajitabbavam sutva " amma abam pi pabbajissfiml " 
ti mataram apucchi. Mata " yam imasmini gebe bbogajTi- 
tam sabban tarn tuybam santakam. Tvam imassa kulassa 
dayadika. Patipajja imam sabbabbogani paril)burija mfi 
j)abbaji " 7 ti fiba. Sa " na maybam bbogebi attbo. Pab- 
bajissam' evabam amma" ti mataram anujauapetva maba- 
tim sampattim ^ kbelapindam viya cbaddetva pabbaji.9 
Pabbajitva ca sikkbamana yeva butvagbatenti ^° vfiyamauti 
betusampannataya fianassa pariptikam gatattfi saba pati- 
sambbidahi arabattam pfipuni. Tena vuttam Apadane : 

^ vicarante, cd. ^ petfi lui, cd. ^ tberi tassa, cd. 

4 ti tarn sutva, cd. 5 arabatta, cd. ^ ratba, cd. 

7 pabbajji, cd. ^ mabati sampatti, cd. 

9 pabbajji, cd. ^° gbattenti, cd. 


Pindapatam carantassa Vessabhussa mahesino 
kataccbubhikkbam paggayha buddbasettbassa das'abaip. 1. 
Patiggabetva sambuddbo Vessabbii lokanayako 
vitbiya ^ santbito sattba aka me anumodanam. 2. 
Kataccbubbikkbam datvana Tavatimsam garni ssasi 
cbattimsa devarajiinam mabesittam karissasi. 3. 
Pannasam cakkavattinam mabesittam karissasi 
manasa pattbitam sabbam patilaccbasi sabbada. 4. 
Sampattim ^ anubbotvana pabbajissasi 'kincana 3 
sabbasave pariiiiiaya nibbayissasi 'nasava.4 5. 
Idam vatvana sambuddbo Vessabhu lokanayako 
nabbam ^ abbbnggami dbiro hamsaraja ^ va ambare. 6. 
Sudinnam me danavaram suyittba yagasampada 7 
kataccbubhikkbam datvana pattabam aca'lam padam. 7. 
Ekatimse ito kappe yam danam adadim tada 
duggatim nabbijanami bbikkbadanass'idam pbalam. 8. 
Kilesa jbapita maybam — pa — katam buddbassa sasanan 
ti. 9. 

Arabattam pana patva pbalasukhena nibbanasukhena 
viharanti aj)arabbage sattbu purato sihanadam nadissami 
ti upajjbayam apuccbitva BaranasTto nikkbamitva samba- 
bulabi bbikkbunibi saddbim anukkamena Savattbim gantva 
sattbu santikam upasamkamitva sattbaram vanditva ekam- 
antam tbita. Sattbara katapatisantbara sattbu orasadbi- 
tubbavadivibbavanena aMam vyakasi. Atb' assa mataram 
adim katva sabbo iiatigano parijano ca pabbaji. Sa apara- 
bbage attano patipattim paccavekkbitva pitara vuttagatbam 
adim katva udanavasena : 

Petani bboti puttani ^ khadamana tuvam pure 
tuvam diva ca ratto ca ativa paritappasi. 312. 
Sajja sabbani kbaditva satta puttani brabmani 9 

^ vltbiyam, P. 2 sampatti, P. 

3 pabbajissa sam kincana, P. 4 nibbayissam anasava, P. 
s nasam, P. ^ hamsaraji, P. 7 yavasampada, P. 
s puttanam, cd. . 9 brabmani, cd. 


Vfisetthi ^ kena vainieiia na bajhani - paritappasi. ;U;}. 

Baliuni puttasatani nritisaiiigliasatani ca 

kliaditrmi atitamse mama tuyhani ca brfihmana.^ 81 J. 

Saliam nissaraiiam natva jatiya maraiiassa ca 

na socami ua rodfimi na cfibain paritappayiiii. ^ 315. 

Abbhutam vata Yrisettbi 5 vacani bbTisasi edisam 

kassa^ tvam dbammam annaya giraiu bbasasi edisaiu. 31(). 

Esa brabmaiia sambuddbo nagaram Mitbilam pati 

sabbadukkbappahanaya dbammam desesi paninam." 317. 

Tassabam brrihmana^ arahato dbammaiu sutva iiiiri[)a- 

dbim 9 
tattha vinuatasaddbammfi puttasokam vyaptinudi.^o 318. 
So aham pi gamissami nagarain Mithilam pati 
app eva mam so bbagava sabbadnkkbfi pamocaye. 319. 
x\ddasa ^^ brahmano buddham vippamuttam uiriipadbim 
tassa dbammam adesesi muni dukkbassa paragu. 320. 
Diikkbam dukkhasamuppadam dukkbassa ca atikkamam 
ariyam c' attbangikam maggani dukkbupasamagami- 

nam. 821. 
Tattba vinnatasaddbammo pabbajjam samarocayi 
Sujato tibi rattibi tisso vijjTi aj^bassajd.^- 822. 
Ebi saratbi gaccbabi ratbam niyadayab' ^3 imam 
arogyam brabmanim vajja ^-^ pabbajito ^5 dani brfdiraano. 
Sujato tibi rattibi tisso vijjfi apbassayi.^^ 328. 
Tato ca ratbam adaya sabassam capi saratbi 
arogyam brabmanim ^7 voca pabbajito ^^ dani brabmano. 
Sujato tibi rattibi tisso vijja apbassayi.^9 824. 
Etam c'aham ^o assaratbam sabassam capi sfiratbi. 
tevijjam brabmanarn natva punnapattam dadami te. 825. 

I Vasittbi, cd. ^ balam, cd. 3 brabmaiia, cd. 

4 paritappati, cd. ^ Vasittbi, cd. ^ tassa, cd. 

7 paninam, cd. ^ bassa brabme, m. 

9 nirupadbi, cd. ^° apanudi, cd. '^ addasaia, cd. 
^2 apassayi, m., cd. ^3 niyyatbayfibi, cd. 

^4 brabmani vijja, cd. ^5 pabbajji, m. 

'^ apassayi, m., cd. '7 brabmani, cd. 

^8 pabbajji, m. '9 apassayi, m., cd. ^o etaiii ca te, cd. 


Tumh' eva ^ hotu assaratho sahassam capi brabmani 
abam pi pabbajissami varapaiinassa santike. 326. 
Hattbigavassam manikundalan ^ ca pbitam c' imam 

gehavigatam 3 pabaya 
pita pabbajito tuybam bbunja bbogani Sundari tuvam 

dayadika kule. 327. 
Hattbigavassam manikundalan ^ ca rammam c'imam geba- 

vigatam ^ pabaya 
pita pabbajito maybam piittasokena attito 
abam pi pabbajissami bbatu sokena attita. 328. 
So te ijjbatu samkappo yam tvam pattbesi Sundari 
uttittbapindo uiicbo ^ ca pamsukulam ca civaram 
etani abbisambbonti paraloke anasava. 329. 
Sikkbamanaya me ayye dibbacakkbum visodbitam 
pubbenivasam jjinami j^attba me vusitam pure. 330. 
Tuvam nissaya kalyani tberisamghassa 7 sobbane 
tisso vijja anuppatta katam buddhassa sasanam. 331. 
Anujanabi me ayye. Iccbe Savattbim ^ gantave 9 
sibanadam nadissami buddbasettbassa santike. 332. 
Passa Sundari sattbaram bemavannam barittacam 
adantanam dametaram ^° sambuddham akutobbayam. 333. 
Passa Sundarim ayantim " vippamuttam nirupadbim 
vitaragam visamyuttam katakiccam anasavam. 334. 
Baranasito nikkbamma tava santikam agata 
savika te mabavira pade vandati Sundari. 335. 
Tuvam buddho tuvam sattba, tuybam dbit'ambi^^ brabmana 
orasa mukbato jata katakicca anasava. 336. 
Tassa te svagatam bbadde tato ^^ te aduragatam 
evam bi danta ayanti ^4 sattbu padani vandika 
vitaraga visarnyutta katakicca anasava ti. 337. 

Ima gatba paccudabbasi. Tattba p e t a n i ti orani. 

I tuybam va, cd. ^ manik° cd. 3 gabavig°, cd. 

4 manik°, cd. 5 gabavig^, cd. ^ uccbo, cd. 

7 tberesamgbo, cd. ^ Savattbi, cd. 9 gantuve, cd. 

1° dametanam, cd. " SundarJ ayanti, cd. 

^2 tuvam dbita, cd. ^3 ato, m. ^4 dantam ayanti, cd. 

THERl OATH A. G9. 'J33 

Bliotiti tarn alapati. ruttfinl ti lingavipallrisoiiji 
vuttam. Pete putte ti attho. Eko eva ca tassa ^ putto 
mato. Brabmaiio pana nacirakrilani ayaiu sokena atti'i 
liutvri vicari babu manrio imissfi putta iiiata ti evainsarini 
butvfi babuvacanenaba. Tatba ca = s a j j a 3 s a b b a n i 
k b a cl i t V a s a 1 1 a putt a n I ti k b a d a lu a u a ti lokavo- 
bfiravasena kbumsanavacanam etani. Loke bi yassa ittbiya 
jcitajata piitta maranti tarn garabanti " puttakbadani " ti adi 
vadanti. A 1 1 v a ti ati viya bbiitani. P a r i t a p p a s i ti 
samtappasi pure ti yojaufi. Ayam b'ettba sanikliepattbo. 
Bboti Yasettbi4 pubbe tvam mataputta butva socanti 
paridevanti ativiya sokaya samappita gamauigamaraja- 
dbauiyos abiudasi. 

S a j j a ti Sci ajja. Sa tvam etarabi ti attbo. Aj j a ti va 
pfUbo. K e n a v a n n e u a ti kena karaneua k b Ti d i t Ti n i 
ti tberi brabmanena vuttaparij'ayen' eva vadati. S aj j fi ti 
k b a d i t a n i ti va vyaggbadipibiblradijatiyo sandbay'evam 
aba. A 1 1 1 a m s e ti atite kotthase. Atikkantabbavesii ti 
attbo. Mama t u y h a m cti ti maya ca taya ca. N i s - 
s a r a 11 a m n a t v a j a t i y a m a r a ii a s s a c a ti jatijara- 
marananam nissaranabbutam Dibbanam maggananena 
pativijjbitvci. Na capi p ar i t ap p ay i n'^ ti ra capi 
upayris'risi.7 Abaiii upayasam na apajjl ti attbo. 

Abbbutam vat a ti accbariyam vata. Tain bi 
abbiltan ti vuccati. E d i s a n ti evariipam.^ N a s o c a m i 
n a r d a m i n a capi p a r i t a p p a y i n9 ti evam socanfi- 
diuam abbavadipativacam. Kassa tvam dbammam 
-a 11 nay a ti kevabim yatha ediso dbammo biddbuin na 
sakka tasma kassa nama sattbuno dbammam annaya 
g i r a m vacam bbasasi edisan ti sattbaram sa nam ca 

N i r a p a d b i n ti niddukkbaiu. V i u n a t a s a d d b a m - 

I catasso, cd. ^ tatba va, cd. ^ gajja, cd. 

4 Yasittbi, cd. 5 rajatbauiyo, cd. ^ parikappati, cd. 
7 upayasi, cd. ^ evanipi, cd. <5 paritappati, cd. 


m a ti patividdhaari3'asaddbamma v y a p a n u d i n ^ ti 
nihari pajahi. V i p p a m u 1 1 a n ^ ti sabbaso vimuttam 
sabbakilesehi sabbabbavebi ca visamyuttam. Hessati so 
sammasambuddbo assa brahmanassa sattba ti tassa 

Eat bam niyyadayah' imans ti imam ratbam 
brabmaniya niyyadebi.4 

S a b a s s a m c a p i ti maggaparibbayattbam nitam kaba- 
panasabassam capi adaya niyyadesin ti yojana. A s s a r a - 
than ti assayuttaratbam. Puniiapattan ti tuttbidanam. 

Evam brabmaniya tuttbidane diyyamane tarn sampatic- 
cbanti 5 s a r a t b i t u y b 'e v a b o t ii ti gatbam vatva 
sattbu santikam eva gantva pabbajite^ pana Sciratbimbi 
brabmani attano dbitaram Sundarim amantetva gbaravase 
niyojenti battbigavassan ti gatbam aba. Tattba 
b a 1 1 b 1 ti battbino. G a v a s s a n ti gavo ca assa ca. 
Manikun d al an c a ti man! ca kundalani ca. P b i t a m 7 
c ' i m a m g e b a v i g a t a m ^ p a b a y a ti imam battbia- 
dippabbedam yatbavnttam avuttam ca kbettavattba- 
biraniiasuvannadibbedam pbitam.9 Bahu tarn ca gebavi- 
g a t a m gebiipakaranam annam ca dasidasadikam sabbam 
pahaya tava pita pabbajito. Bbunja bhogani Sundari 
ti Sundari tvam ime bboge bbuiijassn. Tuvam daya- 
dika kule ti tuvam hi imasmim kule dayajjaraba ti. 
Tarn sutva Sundari attano nekkbammajjbasayam paka- 
senti battbigavassan ti adim aba. Atba nam mata 
nekkbammass' eva niyojenti so te ijjbatii ti adina 
diyaddbagatbam aba. Tattba yam tvam pattbesi 
S u n d a r 1 ti Sundari tvam idani yam pattbayasi akamkbasi. 
So tava pabbajjaya sarakappo pabbajjaya cbando 
i j j b a t u anantarayena sijjbatu. Uttittbapindo ti 

^ vyapan° cd. 2 vippavuttban, cd. 

3 niyyatassabbiyan, cd. 4 niyyatebi, cd. 

5 °iccbanto, cd. 6 pabbajitena, cd. 

7 pitam, cd. 8 gabavigatam, cd. 9 thitam, cd. 

TIIERI (^ATHA. ()l>. 235 

gbare <:;bare iipatittliitv:! laddhabhabliikkliapindo. U n c li o ' 
ti tadattbaiu j^jliarapatipritiyri rdiiiidauani - uttliaiiau 
ca. E t fi n 1 ti uttittbapindadlni. A b li i s a m b b out! 
ti anibbiiinarupajamghabalani 3 nissaya abbisambbavanti 
sadbenti ti attbo. 

Atba Siindan s fi d b u a mm a ti matuya palisiinitvfi 
nikkbamitvfi bbikkbuniipassayam gautvfi sikkbamfina yeva 
samana tisso vijja saccbikatva sattbii santikain •;amissamT 
ti iipajjbayam arocetva bbikkbuiiTbi saddliini Savattbini 
agamasi. Tena vuttam s i k k b a m a n a y a m e a y y e 
ti adi. Tattba s ikkbamanTi y a me ti sikkbama- 
ufiya samanaya maya. Ay ye ti attano upajjbayaiu 

T u V a m nissaya k a 1 y a n i t b e r i s a in g b a s r a 
s bb a n e ti bbikkbunisamgbe Yuddbaratanal)baveiia 
tbiragunayogena ca samgbatheriyo auebi sibldlbi samanna- 
gatatta s o b b a n e kalyanamitte ayye tarn nissaya maya 
tisso vijja a n u p p a 1 1 a k a t a m b u d d b a s s a 
s a s a n a n ti yojana. 

I c c b e ti icchami. S a v a 1 1 h i m g a n t a v 84 ti Sava- 
ttbini gantnm. Sihanadam nadissamlti aimam 
vy clkar anam sandbay aha . 

Atba Sundari anukkamena Savattbim gantva vibrirain 
pavisitva sattharam dbammasane nisinnaiu disva ulfira- 
pitisomanassam patisanivediyamrinfi attfmam eva fdapantl 
aha p a s s a Sundari ti. H e m a v a n ii a n ti siivanna - 
vannam. Harittacam ti kancanasannibbattacam. 
Ettha ca bhagavfi pitavaniiena suvannavanno ti vuccati. 
Atba kho sammad eva ghamsitva jatibimgulakena anu- 
Hmpitvci suparimajjitakaficanridasasannibbo ti dassetuni 
hemavaiinan ti vatvil harittacan ti vuttani. 

Pass a Sundarim ay an tin 3 ti tarn Sundaiiua- 
mikam mam bhagava gacchantani passa. V i p p a m u 1 1 a n 
ti adina annam vyjlkarontT pTtivippakriravasena vadati. 
"Kuto pana agata kattba ca figatfi kidisa cayaiii Sundaii" ti 

' uccho, cd. 2 abindanto, cd. 3 orupfijamghabo, cd. 
4 Srivatthi gantuve, cd. ' ayanti, cd. 


asamkantinam asamkam nivattetum B a r a n a s 1 1 o ti 
gatham vatva tattba s a v i k a c a ti vuttam attham paka- 
tataram katiim t u v a m b ii cl d h o ti gatham aha. Tass' 
attho : imasmim saclevake loke tuvam ev'eko sabbamiu 
b u d d h ditthadhammikasamparayikaparamatthebi ya- 
tbaraham anusasanato tuvam me sattha aham ca 
khinasavabrahmani ^ bhagava tuyham ure tassa mam 
jauitabhijatikaya orasa mukhato pavattadbammagho- 
sena sasanassa ca mukhabhiitena ariyamaggena jatatta 
mukhato j a t a iiitthitapariiinadikaraniyataya k a t a - 
k i c c a sabbaso asavanam khepitatta a n a s a v a ti. 

Ath'assa sattha agamauam abhinandanto tassa t e 
svagatan ti gatham aha. Tass'attho : maya adhigatam 
dhammam yathavato adhigacchi. Tassa te bhadde Sundari 
idha mama santike agatam. T a t o eva tarn a d u r a g a - 
t a m ua duragatam hoti. Tasma evam hidanta 
a y a n t i yatha tvam Sundari evam pi uttamena ariyamag- 
gasamathena danta. Tato eva sabbadhi vitaraga sab- 
besam samyojananam samucchimiatta visamyutta 
katakicca anasava satthu padanam vanda- 
11 i k a agacchanti. Tasma tassa t e s v a g a t a m ^ a d u- 
r a g a t a n ti yojana. 

Sundai'itheriya gathavaniiana samatta. 


D a h a r a a h a n ti adika Subhaya kammaradhitaya 
tberiya gatha. Ayam pi purimabuddhesu katadhikara 
tattha tattba bhave vivattupanissayam kusalam upacinanti 
aiiukkamena samropitakusalamiila upacitavimokkhasam- 
bhara sugatisu yeva samsaranti paripakkaiiana hutvii 
imasmim buddhuppade Eajagahe aiinatarassa suvanna- 
karassa dhita hutva nibbatti. Paipasampattisobhaya Subhil 
ti tassa namam ahosi. Anukkamena vimiutam patta satthu 

I ^brahmano, cd. - kasma tassa se svagatam, cd. 


Rrijagabappavestiiie sat than' !~ainjatai)[)asrKlri tkadivasiun 
bliagavantam upasanikamitva vaiulitva ekaniantaui nisidi. 
Sattba tassa iiidriyapaii[)rikaiu disva ajjhrisayanurupain 
catusaccagabbliadhammaiu descsi. Sa trivad eva sabas- 
sanayapatimandite sotai)attipbalo patitthasi. Sfi ai)ara- 
bbage gharilvrise dosain disva Mabfipajripatlgotamiya 
santike pabbajitva bbilddiunlslle patitthita upari maggat- 
thaya bbrivanain auuyunjati.^ Tarn nfitika kfdena kfdaiu 
upasamkamitva kamebi nimantetva - pabiitadbaDavi- 
bbavaiii ca dassetva palobhenti. Sa ekadivasaiu attano 
santikam npagatrmam gharavasesu kamesu ca adinavani 
pakasenti dabara a ban ti adibi catuvisatiya gatbrdii 
dhammam katbetva te nirase ^ katva vissajjitva vipas- 
sanaya kammam karontl iiidriyrmi pariyodapenti bba- 
vanam ussiikkclpetva nacirass'eva saba patisambbidabi 
arabattam papuni. Arabattam pana patvfi : 

Dabara abam suddbavasana yam pure dbammam asuiii 
tassa me appamattaya 4 saccabbisamayo abu. 338. 
Tato 'ham sabbakamesu bbusam aratim ajjbagam 
sakkayasmim bhayam disva nikkbam mam eva piba3'e. 331). 
Hitvan' abam natiganam dasakammakarjlni ca 
gamakhettani pbltani ramaiiiye pamodite 
pahay' abam pabbajitjis sapateyyamauappakaip. 340. 
evam saddbaya nikkbamma saddbamme suppavedite 
na me tarn ^ assa patirupam tikincamiam hi pattbaye 
ya7 jatariiparajatam thapetva puuar agame.^ 341. 
Rajatam jatarupam va na bodbaya na santiya '-' 
n' etam samanasaruppam na etam ariyam dbanain. 342. 
Lobbanam madanam c'etam mobanam rajavaddbanani 
sasaiikam bahuayasam n'attbi c'ettha dbuvani tbiti. 343. 
Ettba ratta pamatta ca samkilittbamana nara 
annamaiinena vyaruddha putbu kubbanti medbakani. 344. 

I anuyuiijanti, cd. ^ nimantento, cd. 

3 nirabase, cd. '^ aniippamattaya, cd. 

5 pabbajitva, cd. ^ n'etam, m. ^ yo, cd. m. 

8 {wabe, m. ^ santiya, cd. m. 


Yaclho bandho parikleso jani sokapariddavo 

kamesu adhipannanam dissate vyasanam bahum. 345. 

Tarn man liati amitta ca kim mam kamesu yunjatba 

janatba mam pabbajitam kamesu bbayadassinim.^ 346. 

Na birannasuvanneua parikkblyanti asava 

amitta vadhaka kama sapatta - sallabandhana. 347. 

Tarn man nati amitta ca kim mam kamesu yunjatba 

janatba raam pabbajitam mundam^ samghatiparutam. 348. 

Uttittbapindo uncbo -^ ca pamsukulam ca civaram 

etam kbo mama saruppam anagariipanissayo. 349. 

Vanta mabesina kama ye dibba ye ca manusa 

kbematthane vimutta te patta te acalam sukbam. 350. 

Mabam kamehi samgaccbi yesu tanam na vijjati 

amitta vadbaka kama aggikkbandbasama dukba.5 351. 

Paripantbo eso sabbayo^ savigbato sakantako 

gedbo suvisamo c'eso mabanto mobanamukbo.7 352. 

Upasaggo bbimarupo ^ kama sappasirupama 

ye bahi abbinandanti andhabhuta puthujjana. 353. 

Kamapaukena satta 9 bi babil loke aviddasu ^° 

pariyantam nabhijananti jatiya maranassa ca. 354. 

Duggatigamanam maggam manussa kamabetukam 

babum ve patipajjanti attano roga-m-avabam. 355. 

Evam amittajanana tapana samkilesika 

lokamisa bandhaniya kama maranabandbana. 356. 

Ummtidana ullapana kama cittapamatbino " 

sattanam samkilesaya kbipam Marena odditam.^^ 357. 

Anantadinava ^3 kama babudukkha mabavisa 

appasada^4 ranakara sukkapakkbavisosana. 358- 

Sabam etadisam katva vyasanam kamabetukam 

na tarn paccagamissami nibbanabbirata sada. 359. 

^ °dassinam, cd. - pamatta, cd. 3 munda, cd. 

"^ uccbo, cd. 5 dukkha, cd. ^ paribandbo esa bbayo, cd. 

7 gehe suvisamam c'etam mabantamohanam sukbam, cd. 

s bbimmar°, cd. 9 kamasamsaggasatta, cd. 

^° babusu loke avindisu, cd. 

^^ °pamatbino, m. ; cittasamadbino, cd. ^^ uddisam, cd. 
^3 na ananta pi nava, cd. ^"^ appasadba, cd. 

THERl (iATIlA. 70. '2:V.) 

Eaiiain karitva kfitrianam sTtil)havril)iiikarikliinn 
appamatta viliissami tesam saniyojanakkljayc- liOO. 
Asokain virajain khemam ariyatthaiigikain ujunis 
tam-^ maggam auugaccliami vena tiiina ^ nialiosino. 801. 
Imam passatlia clhammattham Sul)haiii kammAradlntaraiii 
anejam npasampajja rukkhamulamhi jhayati. IJO'J. 
Ajj' attbami pabbajita saddba saddbammasobbana 
vinit' Uppalavainiaya tevijja macciibayini/' 3G3. 
Sayam bbujissa anana bbikkbuni bbavitindriya 
sabbayogavisamyutta katakicca aDfisava. 804. 
Tarn Sakko devasamgbena upasamkamma iddbiya 
namassati bbutapati Subbam kammaradbltaran ti. 3()5. 

Ima gatba abbasi. Tattba d a b a r a a b a ni s u d d b a- 
V a s a n a yam pure d b a m m a m a s u n i n ti yasmfi 
abam pnbbe dabara taruni evam snddbavasana suddbavat- 
tbanivattba alamkatapatiyatta sattbu santike dbammani 
assosi. T a s s a me a p p a m a 1 1 a y a 7 s a c c a b b i s a- 
m a y a b u ti yasma ca tasma me mayhani yatbasutam 
dbammam paccavekkbitva appamattaya upattbitasatiya 
silam adbittbabitva bbavanam anuyunjanti yava catunnain 
ariyasaccanam abbisamayo idain dukkban ti adina pati- 
vedbo abosi. 

T a t 'bam s a b b a k a m e s u b b u s a in a r a t i m 
ajjbagan ti tato tena karanena sattbu santike dbam- 
massa sutatta saccanan ca abbisamitatta manusesu dibbesu 
cati sabbesu kamesu bbusam ati viya aratim ukkan- 
thim s adbigaccbi. S a k k a y a s m i iii upadrmtikkbandba- 
pancake. B h a y a m sappatibhayabbavam. Xfuiacak- 
kbuna d i s v a n e k k b a m m a s s' e v a pabbajjrinil)brinass' 
eva. P i h a y e pibayami pattbayami. 

D a s a k a m m a k a r a n i c a ti dfise ca kammakare ca. 

^ °abbisamkbini, cd. 

2 vibarissami rata samyojanakkbayo, cd. 

3 uju, cd. -^ kani, cd. "^ tikka, cd. 
^ paccubayinl, cd. " adbimattfiya, cd. 

2 arati ukkantbi, cd. 


LingavipallasGDa li'etam vnttam. Gamakliettani ti 
game ca pubbannaparannaviruhanakhettani ca gamapariya- 
panna va khettani. P h 1 1 a n i ti samiddhani. K a in a- 
n 1 y e ti manuniie. P a m o d i t e ti pamudite. Bbogak- 
kbandhe butva ti sambaiidho. Sajpateyyan ti san- 
takam manikanakarajatadipariggabavatthu. A n a p p a- 
k a n ti mabantam p a b a y a ti yojana. E v a m s a d- 
dbaya nikkhammati^ bitvan' abam liatiganan ti 
adina vuttappakarena mabantam natiparivattam mabantan 
ca bbogakkbandbam pabaya kammapbalaui ratanattayam 
ca ti saddbeyyavattbiim s a d d b a y a saddabitva gbarato 
nikkbamma saddbamme sup paved ite samma- 
sambuddbena suttbu pavedite ariyavinaye abam pabbajita. 
Evam pabbajitaya pan a n a me tarn a s s a p a t i r u- 
p a m yad idam cbadditanam kamanam paccagamanam. 
A k i 11 c a n n a m b i p a 1 1 b a y e ti ^ akiilcanabbavam 
apariggababbavam eva pattbayami. Y a ^ j a t a r u p a r a- 
j a t a m t b a p e t v a p u n a r a g a m e ti yo puggalo 
suvannam aniiam pi va kiiici dbanajatam cbaddetva puna 
tarn ganbeyya so panditanam antare katbam sisam ukkbi- 

Yasma rajatam jatarupam va na bodhaya 
na santiya4na maggaiianaya na nibbanaya boti ti 
attbo. N'etam samanasaruppan ti etam jataru- 
parajatadipariggabavattbum tassa 5 va patiganbanam sa- 
mananam saruppam na boti. Tatba bi vuttam : na kap- 
pati samananam Sakyaputtiyanam jataruparajatan ti adi. 
N'e t a m a r i y a d b a n a n ti etam yatbavuttapariggaba- 
vattbu saddbadidbanam viya ariyadbammamayam pi dba- 
nam na boti na ariyabbavavahato. 

Tenaba 1 o b b a n a n ti adi. Tattba lobbanan ti 
lobbuppadam. M a d a n a n ti madavabam. M o b a n a n 
ti sammobanam.6 R a j a v a d d b a n a n ti ragarajadi- 
samvaddbanam. Yena pariggabitam tassa asamkavabatta 

^ nikkbamanti, cd. ^ pattbaye aban ti, cd. 

3 Yo, cd. 4 santiye, cd. 5 tassa, cd. 

^ sammobajanam, cd. 

TIIElil CJATIIA. 70. liil 

saha risaiiikaya vattati ti s a s a iii k a ni.' Yena i)ari<:,'«^a- 
hitaiii tassa yato kiito risanikrivalian ti attbo. 15 aim - 
riyfisaii ti sajjanarakkhanfidivasena babuayasani. N'at- 
t b i c'e 1 1 li a d b u v a n t b i t "i ti etasmim tbanc dbuva- 
bbavo ca n'attbi cablcaUxin - auavattbitam eva ti attbo. 

E 1 1 b a r a 1 1 Ti p a m a 1 1 a c a ti etasmiin t liano 3 
ratta sanjatarajanaakusaladbammesu satiya vippavasena 
pamattfi lobbadisamkilesena sainkilittbacitta ca nama 
bonti. Tato ca a n n a in a n n a m b i v y a r u d d b a 
p u t b u k u b b a n t i 4 me d b a k a n ti antamaso niata 
pi puttena putto pi matara ti evam auriainarinani pativirud- 
dba hutva putbu satta medbakam kalabam karonti. 
Teuclba bbagava : puna ca param bbikkbave kfimabetu 
kamanidanam kamadbikaranam mata pi puttena putto pi 
matara vivadati ti adi. 

V a d b ti maranam. B a n d b o ti daddubandbanadi- 
bandbanam. P a r i k 1 e s o ti battbaccbedadiparikilesa- 
patti. Dbanamjrmi ti dbanajani c'eva parivfirajani ca. 
S k a p a r i d d a V ti soko ca paridevo ca. A d b i p a n- 
nanan ti ajibositfinani. Dissate vyasanam b a- 
b u n t i yatbavuttavadbabandbanridibbedam avuttan ca 
domanassupayasadidittbadhammikam samparayikan ca 
babuvidbam v y a s a n a m anattbo kamesu dissate 

T a m m a in 5 n Ti t i a m i 1 1 Ti v a k i in m a in k a- 
mesu yuiljatba ti tadisam mam yatbakauiesu virat- 
tam tumbe n a 1 1 nataka samana anattbaki'ima a m i 1 1 a 
viya k i m kena karanena kamesu y u n j a t b a niyojetba. 
J a n a t h a mam p a b b a j i t a m k fi m e s u b b a y a- 
dassinin^ ti kame bbayato passantam pabbajitam main ~ 
anujanatba kim ettakam ^ tumbebi anunnatan ti adbip- 

N a b i r a fi n e n a s u v a n n e n a p a r i k k b I y a u t i 

^ sasamka, cd. " sasancalam, cd. 3 dbanc, cd. 

4 kuppanti, cd. ^ kammam, cd. ^ °das3iuan, cd. 

7 passanti pabbajitamanam, cd. ^ ettbakam, cd; 



a s a V a ti ^ kamasavadayo hiraniiasuvannena na kadaci 
parikkhayam gaccbanti. Atha kho tehi eva parivaddhant' 
€va. Tenaha : amitta vadhaka kama sapatta 
sallabandhana ti. Kama hi abitavahatta mettiya 
abhavena amitta. Maranabetutaya ukkhittasivadbaka- 
sadisatta v a d b a k a. Anubandbitva pi anattbavabana- 
taya veranubandbapattasadisatta sapatta. Kagadinam 
sallanam bandbanato sallabandbana. 

Mu n d a n ti munditakesam. Tattba tattba nantakani 
gabetva samgbaticTvaraparupanena s a m g b a t i p a r u- 
t am. 

U 1 1 i 1 1 b a p i n d ti vivatadvare ghare gbare pati- 
ttbitva labbanakapindo. U n c b o ^ ti tad attbam iiiicba- 
cariya.3 A n a g a r u p a n i s s a y o ti anagaranam pabba- 
jitanam upagantva nissitabbato upanissayabbuto jivitapa- 
rikkbaro. Tarn bi nissaya pabbajita jivanti. 

V a n t a ti cbaddita. M a b e s i b i ti bnddbadibi ma- 
besibi. Kbemattbane ti kamayogadibi anupaddava- 
tthanabbiite nibbane. Te ti mabesayo. Acalam su- 
k b a n ti nibbanasukbam patta. Yasma vantakama buddba- 
dayo mabesayo nibbanasukbam patta tasma tarn pattben- 
tena kama pariccajitabba ti adbippayo. 

M a b a m k a m e b i s a m g a c c b i n ti abam kadaci pi 
kamebi na samagaccbeyyam. Tasma ti ce aba : y e s u 
t a n a m n a v i j j a 1 1 ti adi yesu kamesii upaparikkbi- 
yamanesu ekasmim anattbaparittanam nama n'attbi. 
A g g i k k b a n d b u p a m a mababbitapattbena dukkba- 

Paribandbo esa bbayo yad idam kama nama 
avidit.ivipulanattbavabatta. Savigbato cittavigbata- 
karatta. Saka n t ako vinivijjbanato. Gedbo suvi- 
s a m 4 c'e s ti giddbibetutaya gedbo suttbu visamo. 
MabapaUbodbo so dburanikkamanattbena m a b a n t o. 
Mobanamukbo mnccbapattibetuto. 

Upasaggo bbimarupo atibbimsanakasabbavo 

^ asavadi, cd. 2 uccbo, cd. 

3 uccbacariya, cd. 4 sucisamo, cd. 

THERI GATIIA. 70. 0.13 

mahanto devatupasa^igo viya appattljikrididukkli.-ivaliaiio. 
S a p p a s i r fi p a m fi k a m a sa[)pat ibliayat t licna. 

Kfim a p a lu ka s a 1 1 a ti kamasaiukliatcna ])aink('iia 
satta lagga. 

D u g g a t i g a m a n a iii in a g g a n ti niniya.liapaya- 
gaminam ^ maggam. K a in a h e t u k an ti kamopabhoga- 
hetukam. Babun ti panatipatadibliedena babuvidbain. 
Eoga-m-a vaban ti rujanattbena rogasamkbatassa dit- 
thadbammikadibbedassa dukkbassa fivabatiakam. 

E V a n ti amitta vadbaka ti adinfi vuttapi)akarena. 
A m i 1 1 a j a n a n a ti amittabbrivassa nibbattaka. T a- 
p a n a ti santapanaka tapanlya ti attho. S a m k i 1 e- 
s i k fi ti samkilesrivabfi. L o k fi m i s fi ti loke fimisa- 
bhuta. B a n d b a n I y a ti bandbabbiitebi samyojanebi 
bandhitabba samyojaniya ti attho. M a r a ii a b a n d b a n fi 
ti bbavadlsu nibbattinimittataya pavattakaraiiato ca mara- 

U m m a d a n ci ti viparinamadbammatriviyogavasena so- 
kummadakara bandbiyti va uparuparimadrivahtl. U 1 1 a- 
p a n a ti alio siikbam abo sukhan ti uddbam nddbain hipa- 
panaka. U 1 1 o 1 a n a ti pi patbo. Bbattapindanimittam 
nanguttbam ullolento siinakho viya amisabetu satte uparu- 
parihilana paramabbavaiiata papa nrikasi attho. (?) C i 1 1 a p- 
p a m a t h i n 2 ti pariirdiuppadanadinfi sampati 3 ayatiil 
ca cittassa pamathanasibi. C i 1 1 a p p a m a d d i ii o ti va 
patbo. So -^ ev' attho. Ye pana c i 1 1 a p p a m a d i n o ti 
vadanti tesam cittassa pamadavaba ti attho. S a in k i 1 e- 
s a y Ti ti vibadhaiiaya upatripanaya vfi. K h i p a ni M a- 
rena odditans ti kama nfun' ete Mareua uditam(!) 
kuminan ti dattbabba sattanaiu anatthrivabauato. 

A n a n t a d 1 n a v a ti palobhanam ^ maranau c'etan 
ti adi. Idha sitassa purakkhato uiihassa purakkbato ti 
adina dukkbakkhandhasuttadisu vuttanayena apariyauta- 
dinavcl bahudosa. B a h u d u k k h a ti apayikridibahuvi- 
dhadukkhanubandha. M a h a v i s a ti katukasemha[)hala- 

^ °gamini, cd. ^ cittappamatino, cd. 3 sammati, cd. 

■^ so om. cd. 5 uddhitan, cd. ^ palopanain, cd. 


ta^^a saladimahavisasadisa. A p p a s s a d a ^ ti sattbadha- 
ragatamadhubindu ^ viya padinna (?). R a n a k a r a ti 
ragadisambandbato. S u k k a p a k k b a v i s o s a ii a 3 ti 
sattanam anavajjakottbasayavinasaka. 

Sab an ti sii abam. Hettbavuttanayen' eva sattbu 
santike dbammam sutva patiladdbasaddba kame pabaya 
pabbajitvana ti attbo. E t a d i s a n ti evarupam vuttap- 
pakaram. Katva4 ti iti katva yatbavuttakaranena ti 
attbo. N a t a m p a c c a g a m i s s a m I ^ ti tarn maya 
pubbe vantam kamamethunam na paribbunjissami. N i b- 
banabbirata sad a ti yasma pabbajitakalato pattbaya 
sabbakalam nibbanabbirata tasma na te paccagamissami ^ 
ti yojana. 

E a n a m k a r i t v a k a m a nan ti kamaiiam ranam te 
ca maya katabbam ariyamaggam sampabaram katva. 
S i t i b b a V a b b i k a m k b i n 1 7 ti sabbakilesadaratba- 
parilabavupasamena sitibbavasamkbatam arabattam abbi- 
kamkbanti. S a b b a s a m y o j a n a k k b a y e ti sabba- 
samyojananam kbayabbiite nibbane abbirata. 

Y e n a t i n n Ti m a b e s i n o ^ ti yena ariyamaggena 
buddbadayo mabesayo samsaramabogbam tinna abam pi 
tena gatamaggena 9 anugaccbami sibidipatipattiya papu- 
nami ti attbo. 

D b a m m a 1 1 b a m ti ariyapbaladbamme tbitam. 
An e j a n ti patipassaddbitejataya anejan ti laddbanamam 
aggapbalam. U p a s a m p a j j a ti sampadetva aggamag- 
gadbigamena adbigantva. Jbayati ti tarn eva pbalaj- 
jbanam upanijjbayati. 

A j j ' a 1 1 b a m i p a b b a j i t fi ti butva pabbajitato 
pattbaya ajj' attbamadivasa. Ito atite attbamiyam pabba- 
jita ti attbo. S a d d b a ti saddbasampanna. S a d d b a m- 
m a s b b a n a ti saddbammadbigamena sobbana. 

^ appassadan, cd. ^ oj^in^-ij^^^ ^d. 3 oyisosaka, cd. 

4 tbatva, cd. 5 paccbagam°, cd. ^ paccbagam^, cd. 

7 sitibbutabbikamkbiDi, cd. ^ mabesina, cd.. 

9 gatamaggam, cd. 

TIIERl GATHA. 70. -Hi 


B h u j i 3 3 a ti tlasablirivusadisanain ' kilesfinani pal 
aiena blinjissfi. Kfimacchancla ti inapar^amena a n a ii a. 

Ima kira tissogatbripabl)ajitvri atthame divase arahattani 
patva annatarasmim rukkhamule plialasainapattini - sama- 
pajjitva nisiunam tberiin 3 bliikkhunain dassetvapasainsan- 
teiia bbagavatfi vuttfi. Atha Sakko devfinam indo tani 
pavattim dibbena cakkhuua disvil evam satthara pasanisi- 
yamaua ayam tlieri yasma devcibi ca payirupasitabba ti 
tavad eva tavatimsebi devebi saddbiin upasainkamitva 
abbivadetva anjabm paggayba attbfisi. Tarn sandbaya 
saiigitikarebi vuttam : t a m S a k k o d e v a s a m g b e n a 
u p a s a m k a m m a i d d b i y a n a m a s s a t i b b n t a- 
p a t i S u b b a m k a m m a r a d b T t a r a n ti . Tattba 
tisu krimabbavesu bbiitanam sattanam pati issaro ti katva 
bbntapati ti laddbanamo Sakko devarrga devasani- 
gbena saddbim tarn S u b b a m k a in m a r a d b T t a r a in 
attano devi d d b i y a n p a s a m k a m m a n a m a s s a t i 
pancapatittbitena vaudati ti attbo. 

Subbaya kammaradbitaya tberiya gatbavannanci samatta. 
Yisatinapatavaniiana nittbita. 


Timsakanipate J i v a k a m b a v a n a m r a m in a n ti 
adika Subbaya Jivakambavanikaya tberiya gatba. Ayam 
pi puriinabuddbesu katadbikilra tattba tattba bbave vivat- 
tupanissayam kusalam upacinanti saincoditakusalamuhi 
anukkamena paribrubitavimokkbasambbriraparipakkanaiia 
butva imasmim buddbuppade Eajagabe brabmanainabasa- 
lakule nibbatti. Subba ti 'ssfi namam abosi. Tassa kira 
sariravayava sobbanavannayutta abesum. Tasma Subba 
ti anvattbain eva nfimam jatain. Sa sattbu Rajagabap- 
pavese patiladdbasaddba upasika butvfi aparabliage sani- 
sare jatasamvega kamesu adlnavam disvfi nekkbammam ca 

I dasabyabbava°, ed. - °samapatti, cd. ^ tberi, cd. 


kliemato sallakklienti Mabapajapatigotamiya santike pab- 
bajita 'va vipassanaya kammam karonti katipalieneva 
anagamiphale patitthasi. Atha nam ekadivasam afmatarO' 
EajagahavasI dhuttapuriso taruuo pathamayobbane tbito 
Jivakambavane divavibaraya gaccbantim disva patibaddba- 
citto butva maggam ovaranto kamebi nimautesi. Sa tassa 
nanappakarebi kamanam adinavam attano ca nekkbammaj- 
jbasayam pavedenti dbammam katbesi. So dbammaka- 
tbam sutva pi na patikkamati nibandbati yeva. Tberi na 
attano vacane adbittbabantam ^ akkbimbi ca rattam 
disva " banda tassasabbbam ^ akkbin " ti attano ekam 
akkbim uppatetva tassa upanesi. Tato so puriso santasi 
samvegajato tattba vigatarago 'va butva tberim kbamapetva 
gato. Tberi sattbu santikam agamTisi. Saba dassane 'ssa 
akkbi patipakatikam abosi. Tato sa buddbagataya pitiya 
nirantaram pbuta butvfi attbasi. Sattba tassa cittacaram 
natva dbammam desetva aggamaggattbaya kammattbanam 
acikkbi. Sa pitim vikkbambbetva tavad eva vipassanam 
vaddbetva saba patisambbidabi arabattam ptipuni. Ara- 
battam pana patva pbalasukbenanibbanasukbena vibarantT 
attano patipattim paccavekkbitva attano tena dbuttapuri- 
sena vuttagatba udanavasena : 

•Jivakambavauam rammam gaccbantim bbikkbunim ^ Sub- 

dbuttako sannivaresi. Tam enam abravi Subba : 366. 

Kin te aparadbitam maya yam mam ovariyana 4 tittbasi. 

na bipabbajitaya avuso puriso sampbusanaya kappati. 367.. 

Garuke mama sattbu sasane ya sikkba sugatena desita 

parisudJbapadam ananganam kim mam ovariyana 5 tit- 
tbasi. 368. 

Avilacitto anavilam sarajo vitarajam ^ ananganam 

sabbattba vimuttamanasam kim mam ovariyana 7 tit- 
tbasi. 369. 

^ atittbantam, cd. ^ tassasabbavitam, cd. 

3 gaccbanti bbikkbunl, cd. 4 ovadiyana, cd. 

5 ovadiyana, cd. 6 vigatarajam, m. 7 ovadiyana, cd. 

THER! GATIIA. 71. '117 

Dabarfi ca apfipikfi c' asi ' kin te i)al)l)ajjri karissati.-' 
Xikkliipa-^ kasfiyacivaraiu ebi raiuainase 4 puppbito 

vane. 370. 
Madbnran ca pavantis sabbaso kusuinarajena samuddlia- 

ta ^ (limia 
patbamavasanto sukbo utu ebi ramfimase puppbite 

vane. 371. 
Kusumitasikbara 'va pridapa abbigajjanti ^ 'va mrdiiierita 
ka tuybam rati bbavissati yadi eka vanani ogabissasi. 372. 
Yfilamigasangbasevitam kunjaramattakarenulobtam ^ 
asabayikci gantum iccbasi rabitam bbimsanakam mabfi- 

vanam. 373. 
Tapaniyakata va dbitika vicarasi Cittarathe 9 va accbarfi ^° 
kasikasukbumebi vaggubi sobbasi vasanebi ^^ 'mipame. 374. 
Abam^- tava vasanugo^s siyam yadi vibaressasi krmanantare 
na bi m'attbi taya ^-+ piyataro paiio kinnarimandalo- 

cane.^5 375. 
Yadi me vacanam karissasi sukbita ebi agc'iram avasa 
pasadanivatavasini parikamman te karontu nfiriyo. 370. 
Kasikasukbumani dbaraya abbiropebi ^^ ca nicilavannakam 
kancanamanimuttakam babum vividbam abbaraiiam karo- 

mi te. 377. 
Sudbotarajapaccbadam subbani gonakatiiUkasantatam 

navam ^7 
abhiriiba sayanam mabarabam candanamauditaiu sara- 

gandbikam. 378. 
Uppalam ca udakato ubbbatam ^^ yatba yam amanussasevi- 


^ asamikfi vasi, cd. ^ karissasi, cd. 

3 nikkbamma, cd. -^ ramrima, m. 5 bbavanti, cd. 

6 samuttbita, cd. m. " abbigaccbanti, cd. 

8 okarenu°, cd. 9 cittabite, m. ^° vadaccbara, cd. 
" suvasanebi, m. ; vasavanebi 'nopame, cd. 
12 abam tan ca, cd. ^^ vasanubbo, cd. '^ tassa, cd. 
^5 kinnara°, cd. "'' abbirososi, cd. 

^7 gonakamtiilikattba sautbatam, cd. 
^8 ubbbitam, cd. ; udaka samuggatam, m. 


evam tiivam bralimacarini sakesu aiigesu jaram gamis- 

sasi. 379. 
Kin te idha sasanasammatam ^ kunapapiiramhi = susana- 

bhedanadhamme kalebare yam disvii vimano 3 ndik- 

khasi. 380. 
Akkhini ca turiya-r-iva 4 kinnariya-r-iva pabbatantare 
tava me nayanani udikkhiya bhiyyo kamarati pavad- 

dhati. 381. 
Uppalasikharopamanite ^ vimale batakasannibhe ^ mukbe 
tava me nayanani udikkhiya bhiyyo kamaguno pavaddha- 

ti. 382. 
Api 7 diiragata saremhase ^ ayatapamhe visuddhadassane 
na hi m'atthi taya piyatara 9 nayana kinnarimandalo- 

cane.i° 383. 
Apathena payatum icchasi candam ^^ kllanakam gavesasi 
Merum ^^ lamghetum icchasi yo tvam buddhasutam mag- 

gayasi.i3 384. 
N'atthi hi loke sadevake rago yattha pi dani me siya 
na pi nam janami kiriso atha maggena hato samii- 

lako.i4 385. 
Inghalakhuya ^5 va ujjhito visapatto-r-iva aggato ^^ kato 
na pi nam passami kiriso ^7 atha maggena hato samu- 386. 

Yassa siya apaccavekkhitam sattha va anusasito ^9 siya 
i;vam tadisikam ^° palobhaya janantim ^i so imam vihaii- 

nasi. 387. 
Mayham hi akkutthavandite sukhadukkhe ca -^ sati upat- 


^ °sammati, cd. ^ kunapa°, cd. 3 vamano, cd. 

4 turiyani ca, cd. 5 osikharasamanite, cd, 

^ hataka°, cd. 7 asi, cd. ^ saramhase, m. 

9 piyataro, cd. i° kinnara°, cd. ^^ canda, cd. 

^2 Meru, cd. ^3 magiyasi, cd. m. ^4 samiilato, cd. 
15 inghalakhuya, m. ^6 aggito, m. 

^7 kidiso, cd. i8 samiilato, cd. 

^9 nanusasito, m. ; anupasito, cd. 
^° tadisam kam, cd. ^i janati, cd. 22 ^-r^^ ^d. 

TIIErJ GATIIA. 71. 210 

sanikliatam asubbain ti janiya sabbatth' L'va iiiano ua liiii- 

pati. bsS. 
Saham sugatassa sfivika maggattbaiigikayanayfiyinl. 
luldbatasalla anasavri sunnfij^aragata ramrim' abam. 389. 
Dittbri bi mayci sucittita sombba darukaciHaka navri. 
truitibi ^ ca kblhikebi ca vinibaddba = vividbam panacci- 

ta.3 290. 
Tainb' uddbate -^ tautikbllake -^ visattbe ^ vikale paripakkate 
.avinde/' kbaiidaso kate khnbi tattba manam nivcsaye. 391. 
Tatbupamam debakaui man tebi dbammebi vina na vat- 

tanti s 
•dbammebi vina na vattanti 9 kimbi tattba manam nive- 

saye. 892. 
Yatba baritfdena makkbitam addasa cittikam bbittiya 

tambi te ^'^ viparitadassanam paiina mannsikcl nirattbi- 

ka. 393. 
Mayam viya aggato katam siipinante va suvannapadapam 
upadbcivasi ^^ andba rittakam janamajjbe-r-iva rupparupa- 

kam.i2 394. 

Vattani-r-iva kotar' obita majjbe bubl)ulaka ^3 saassuka 
pilikolika^4 c'ettha jayati vividba cakkbuvidba 'va pin- 

dita.^5 895. 
Uppatiyji carudassana na ca pajjittba asai'igamfinasfi 
handa te cakkbum barassu tarn tassa iiarassa adasi ta- 

vade. 396. 
Tassa ca viramasi ^^ tavade rago tattba kbamapayi ca nam 
sottbi siya brabmacarini na puno edisakam bbavissati. 397. 
Abaniya edisam janam aggim ^7 pajjalitam ^^ 'va liiigiya 

I tantubi, m. ^ vinibandbn, cd. 

3 paraccbikci, cd. 4 uddbate, cd. 5 okbilate, cd. 
^ vissattbe, cd. m. 7 na vindeyya, m. ^ vattati, cd. m. 
9 santidbammebi vinfi na vattati, m. cd. 
'o tambi va te, cd. ^^ upattbfisi, m. ; npattbavasi, c-d. 
^2 rupar°, cd. m. ^3 pubbiilbaka, cd. ; piibl)ii!aka, m. 
^4 pilio, cd. ^5 pindana, cd. "^ vigamasi, cd. 

^7 aggi, cd. '^ paliiigiya, cd. 


ganhissam asivisam viya api nu sotthi siya kliamehi 

no. 398. 
Mutta ca tato sa bhikkhuni agami buddhavarassa santikam 
passiya varapunnalakkhanam ^ cakkhu asi yathapuranakan 

ti. 399. 

Ima gatha paccudabhasi. Tattha Jivakambava- 
nan ti Jivakassa Koniclrabhaccassa ambavanam. Kam- 
m a n ti ramamyam. Tarn kira bhumibbagasampattiya 
cbayiidakasampattiya rukkbanam ropitakarena ati viya 
mananilam manoramam. Gaecbantins ti ambava- 
nam nddissakatam4 divjivibai-ciya upagacchantim.5 S u bba n 
ti evamnamikam. Dbuttako ti ittbidbutto Etijagaba- 
vasi kir' eko mahavibbavassa suvannakarassa putto yuva 
abbiriipo ittbidbutto piirisamadamatto vicari. So tarn 
patipatbe disva patibaddbacitto maggam uparundhitva 
attbasi. Tena vnttam : dbuttako sannivaresi ti 
gamanam nisedbesi ti attbo. T a m e n a m a b r a v i 
S u b b a ti tam enam nivaritva tbitam dbuttam Subba 
bbikkbuni katbesi. Ettha ca gaccbantim bbikkbunim ^ 
Subham abravi S u b b a ti 7 ca attanam eva tberl aimam 
viya katva vadati. Tberiya vuttagatbanam ^ sambandba- 
dassanavasena samgitikarebi ayam gatba vutta. 

Abravi Subba ti vatva tassa dbuttakaradassanat- 
tbam aba kin te aparadbitan ti adi. Tattba kin 
te aparadbitam maya ti kim tuybam avuso maya 
aparaddbam.9 Yam mam ovadiyana tittbasi ti 
yena aparadbena mam gaccbantim ^° ovaditva gamanam 
nisedbetva tittbasi. So n'atth' eva ti adbippayo. 

Atba ittbl ti sannaya evam patipajji.^^ Evam pi na 
yuttam ti dassenti aba : Na bi pabbajitaya avuso 
p u r i s s a m p b u s a n a y a k a p p a t i ti, Avuso 

^ namebi, cd. ^ pavaram p°, cd, ^ gaccbanti, cd. 

4 uddissagatam, cd. ^ °gaccbanti, cd. 

6 gaccbanti bbikkbuni, cd. ^ Subba si, cd. 

^ vuttakatbanam, cd. 9 anaruddbam, cd. 

'^° gaccbanti, cd. " patipajjasi, cd. 

THEU! (iATIIA. 71. '201 

suvaiinalairaputra lokiyaejirittena purisassa pi i)abbaiitaiiain 
phusanfiya na kappati. Pabbajitaya paim puriso tiiac- 
chanagato viya phusanaya na kappati. Tittliatu tava 
purisaphusanarclgavasen' assfi nissagj^iyeiia purisassa uis- 
saggiyassfipi phusauci na kappat' eva. 

Tenaha : G a r u k e mama s a 1 1 li u s a s a n e ti aili. 
Tass' attlio garuke pasaiiacliattaiu viya garukatabbe 
mayham satthu sasane y Ti s i k k h Ti Ijhikkbuniyo 
uddissa siigatena sammasambuddliena d e s i t a pau- 
natt;i. Ta hi p a r i s u d dbakusalakotthasam rrigadiau- 
gananam sabbaso abbavena a n a ii g a ii a m evambbutaiu 
mam gaccbantin^ ti keua karaiiena ovaditvti - t i 1 1 b a s I ti. 

A V i 1 a c i 1 1 ti cittassa rivilabhavakaranam kamavi- 
takkridinam vasena a v i 1 a c it t o tvam, tad abbavato 
an civil am ragarajadinpan vasena sarajo aiigano, tad 
abbavato v 1 1 a r a j a m a n a n g a n a iii s a b b a 1 1 b a 
kbandbapaiicake samuccbedavimnttiya v i m u 1 1 a m a n a- 
sam mam kasma o v a d i t v Ti t i 1 1 b a s i ti evam tberiya 
vutte dbuttako attano adbippayam vibhilvento d a b a r fi 
c a ti adina dasa gatba abbasi. 

Tattba d a b a r a ti taruiil patbame yobbane tbitii. 
A p a p i k a c ' a s i ^ ti rilpena alamika asi. Uttamariipa- 
dbara cabosi ti adbippayo. Kin t e p a b b a j j a k a r i s- 
s a 1 14 ti tuybam evam patbamavaye tbitfiya riipasampan- 
naya pabbajpi kim karissati.5 Buddhriya vigatarupaya ^'^ 
va pabbajitabban ti adbippayena vadati. N i k k b i p a ti 
cbaddehi. Nikkbippa ti va patbo. Apauetva ti 

M a d b u r a n ti sukbam. Subban ti attbo. P a v a n t i 
ti vayanti. Sabbaso ti samantato. K u s u m a r a j e n a 
8 a m u 1 1 h i t a d u m a ti ime rukkba mandavatena samut- 
tbahamanakusumareiiuvritena " attano kusumaraje sayam 
samuttbita viya butva samantato surabbi vayanti. P a t b a- 

I gaccbanti, cd. ^ acaiitva, cd. 3 apayika vasi, cd. 
4 karissasi, cd. 5 karissasi, cd. ^ vigaccbarupaya, cd. 
7 samutthassamtina°, cd. 


m a V a s a n 1 ^ s u k h o u t u ti ayam pathamo vasan- 
tamaso ^ sukbasamphasso ca iitu vattati ti attlio. 

Kusumitasikhara ti supupphitagga. A b li i g a j- 
janti3 va m a lute r it a ti vatena sailcalita abhigaj- 
janti 4 va abbitthunauta viya tittbanti.5 Y a d i e k a 
vanam ogahissasi ti sace tvam ekika vanam ogabis- 
sasi. K a nama t e tattba rati bhavissatl ti attano 
bandbasukbabbiratatta ^ evam aba. 

Yalamigasangbasevitan ti sTbavyaggbadivala- 
migasamubebi tattba tattba upasevitam. K u il j a r a m a t- 
takarenulolitan ti mattakuiijarebi 7 battbinibi ca 
miganam cittatapanena rukkbagaccbadmam sakhabbaii- 
janena s ca alobtam padesam kiiicapi tasmim vane idisam 
tada n'attbi vanam nama evariipan ti tarn bbimsapetukamo 
evam aba. E a b i t a n ti janarabitam vijanam. B b i m- 
s a n a k a n ti bbayajanakam. 

Tapaniyakata9 va dbitika ti rattasuvannena 
viracita dbitalika viya suknsalena yantacariyena yantayo- 
gavasena vissajjita suvannapatima viya vicarasi.^° Idani 
ce ito c'ito ca ^^ saucarasi Cittaratbe va accbara 
ti Cittaratbanamake nyyane devaccbara viya. K a s i k a- 
sukbumebi ti Kasikarattbe uppannebi ati viya sukhu- 
mebi. V a g g u b i ti siniddbamattbebi. S o b b a s i v a- 
san e b i ^2 'n o p a m e ti vasanaparupanavattbehi anupame 

Tvam idani me vasanugo asi ^3 ti bbavmam attano adbip- 
payavasena ekantikam vattamanam viya katva vadati : 

Ahamtavavasanugo siyani4ti abam pi tuybam 
vasanngo^s kimkarapatissavi bbaveyyam. Yadi viba- 
remasi(!) kananantarebi ti yadi mayam ^^ ubbo 

^ °vassante, cd. ^ vassantim°, cd. 3 °gaccbanti, cd. 

4 °gaccbanti, cd. 5 abbittbunataviya tittbati, cd. 

^ °rattatta, cd. 7 omattakarenu°, cd. 

s °bbanjanani, cd. 9 tampiniyatata, cd. 

^° vicarati, cd. ^^ ca om. cd. ^^ vasavanebi, cd. 

^3 vaso asi, cd. ^-^ siyun, cd. ^5 viramasi, cd. 

^^ yadi ayam, cd. 

THERI GATIIA. 71. '253 

pi vanai^tare saha vasfima ramama. Na hi m'attlii 
t a y a ^ p i y a t a r o ti vasanugabliavassa kfiranani aba. 
P a 11 ti satto. Anno koci [)i satto taya - piyataro may- 
hau) n'attliT ti attlio. Atliava p a ii o ti attano jlvitani 
sandhaya vadati. Mayliaiii jTvitaiu piyataraiii^ na hi 
attlii ti attlio. K i n n a r i m a 11 d a 1 o c a n e 4 ti kinuari 
viya maudaputlmvilocane. 

Y a d i me v a c a n a m k a r i s s a s i s u Iv h i t a e li i 
a g a r a m fi v a s a ti 5 sace tvam mama vacanani karissasi 
ekasanam ekasej-yam brahmacariyadukkbam pabaya elii 
kamabbogebi sukbita bntva agaram ajjbavasa. S u k h i t a 
h t i a g fi r a m Ti v a s a u t i ti keci ^ patbanti. Tesani 
sukbita bbavissati agaram ajjhavasanti ti attbo. P fi s a- 
d a n i V a t a V a s i n 1 ti nivcltesu pasridesu vasiul. P a s Ti- 
d a V i m a 11 a V a s i n i ti ca patbo. Vimaiiasadisesu pfisa- 
desii Trisini ti attbo. P a r i k a m m a ii ti veyyavaccam. 

Dharaya ti paridaba nivasebi e'eva uttaiiyan ca 
karobi. Abbirobebi ti mandanavibbilsanavasena va 
saiiram aropaya alaiikarobi ti attbo. M fi lava n ii a k a n 
ti malam c'eva gandbavilepanam ca. K a ii c a n a m a ii i- 
muttakan ti kaucaneiia manimuttanam vasebi c'eva 
uttaiiyaii ca karobi. Abbirobebi ti hi ca yuttam. Suvaiiiia- 
mayamanimuttc'ibi cittaii/ ti attbo. Baliun ti battbu- 
pagadibbedato babuppakjiram. Vivid ban ti karaiiavi- 
katiya nanavidbam. 

S u d li t a r a j a p a c c b a d a n ^^' ti sudbotakayapavri- 
bitam raj am uraccbadam. S u b b a n ti sobbaiiani. G o n a- 
katiilikapattbatan9ti digbalomakahikojaveiia c'eva 
hamsalomadipuuiiaya tulikaya ca pattbatani.^° N a v a ii ti 
abbinavam. M a b ii r a b a n ti mabaggbani. Cauda- 
na man di t a s aragand hi k an ti gosTsakadisaiacan- 

^ tassa, cd. - tassa, cd. 3 piyaiu taiu, cd. 

4 kinnaramo, cd. -^ avasau ti, cd. 

6 avasanti keci, cd. " citan, cd. 

3 sudbotarajatam paccbadan, cd. 

9 opattbatan, cd. '° pattbatain, cd. 


danena manditataya surabhigandhi kam ^ evariipam saya- 
nam aruha ^ tarn aruhitva yathasukham sayahi c'eva 
nislda va ti attho. 

U p p a 1 a il c a u d a k a t o u b b h a t a n ti. Cakaro 
nipatamattam. Udakato ubbhatam utthitam accuggamat- 
thitam suphnllam 3 uppalam. Y a t h a y a m a m a n u s- 
sasevitan ti tail ca rakkhasapariggahitaya pokkha- 
raniya jatatta nimmanussehi sevitam kenaci aparibhuttam 
eva bhaveyya. Evam tuvam br a hm acarini ti 
evam eva "^ tarn siitthu phullam nppakim viya tuvam 
brahmacarini sakesu angesu attano sariravayavesu kenaci 
aparibhuttesu yeva aram gamissasi vuddha yeva jarajinna 
bhavissasi.5 Evam dhuttakena attano adhippaye pakasite 
theri sarirasabhavavibhavanena tarn tattha vicchedenti 
kin te idani ti gatham aha. Tass' attho : avuso 
suvannakaraputta kesadi k u n a p a p u r e ekante b h e- 
d a n a d h a m m e s u s a n a v a d d h a n e idha imasmim 
kayasaiinite asuci k al e b a r e kin nama tava saran ti 
samanam sambhavitam yam d i s v a v i m a n o aiiiiata- 
rasmim arammane vigatamanasamkappo etth' eva va 
avimano somanassiko hutva u d i k k h a s i tarn mayham 
kathehi. Tarn tarn sutva dhuttako kincapi tassa rupam 
caturassasobhitam saddhammam dassanato pana patthaya 
yasmim ditthipase patibaddhacitto tam eva apassanto ^ 
akkhini ca turiya-r-iva ti adim aha. Kamaii cayam 
theri sutthu samyatataya santindriyataya dhiravippasan- 
nasammasantanipatakammanubhavanipphannesu 7 manasa . 
pancapasadapatimauditesu nayanesu labbhamanesu bhavi 
ti caturiye ditthipate yasmayam ^ caritabhavavilasadipari- 
kappavctiicito so dhutto jato yasmayam ditthirago savisesam 
vepullam agamasi. Tattha akkhini c a turiya-r- 
iva ti. Turi9 vuccati migi. Casaddo nipatamattam. 

I °gandhi, cd. ^ ai-uham, cd. ^ suphulla, cd. 

-^ evam evam, cd. 5 bhavissati, cd. 

^ apatissa^nto, cd. 7 osommasanta^, cd. 

^ yasma mayam, cd. 9 turi, cd. 



Migaccliapfiya ^ va te akkliTiii ti attho. K o r i y a - r - i v :i 
ti vfi pfili kiincakrirakukkiitiyri ti vuttaui hoti. K i ii- 
nariyfi- va p ab b a t a n t a r o ti pi»b])atakucchiyani 3 
vicavamfiuaya kinnaravauitaya viya ea te akkhlnl ti attlio. 
T a V a me n a y a n a n i a d i k k h i y a ti tava vuttfi 
guiiavisesjldinayanani disva. B h i y y o uparupari me 
k a m a b h i r a t i p a v a d d h a t i. 

U p p a 1 a s i k h a r p a m a n i t e 4 ti lattuppalaggasa- 
disasamkani. V i m a 1 e ti niinmale. H a t a k a s'a n- 
n i b b e 5 ti kancanariipakassa mukbasadise te m u k b e 
n a y a u jl n i d a k k b i y a ti yojaDa. 

A B i d ii r a g a t a ti diiram tbruiam gatasi. S a r e m- 

li a s e ti aiinam kinci acintetva tava nayanani eva anus- 

fiarilmi. A y a t a p a m b e ti digbapakbume. Y i s u d- 

dbadassane ti nimmalalocaiie. X a b i m ' a 1 1 li i 

t a y a p i y a t a r a ^ n a y a n a ti tava nayanato anno 

koci maybam piyataro n'attbi. T a y fi ti bi samiattbe eva 

karanavacanam. Evam cakkbusampattiya uccaritassa viya 

tantivippalapato tassa sadisassa manoratham viparivattanti 

then apathena ti adina dvadasa gatba abbasi. Tattba 

apathena payatum iccbasT ti fivuso suvanna- 

karaputta pantbe annasmim ittbijane }' o t v a in b u d- 

d b a s u t a m buddbassa bbagavato orasani 7 dbTtarain 

m a g g a y a s i ^ pattbesi. So tvam pantbe kbeme 

ujumagge apatbena kantakanivutena 9 sabba^-ena kiim- 

maggena payatum i c c b a s i patipajjitukfimo si. 

C a n d a m ^° k i 1 a n a k a m g a v e s a s i candamandabiiu 

kilagolakam ^^ kfitukrimo si. M e r u m ^- 1 a 1 1 g b e t u m 

i c c b a s 1 ti caturasitiyojanasahassubbedbam Sinerupab- 

batarajam lamgbayitva aparabbai^e tbatukaino si yo tvani 

mam buddbasutam maggayasi ^3 ti yojanfi. 

^ migaccbapcl, cd. - kinnarl, cd. 

3 pabbakuccbiyaiii, cd. » '^sikbarosamanl, cd. 

^ batakas°, cd. ''' piyataro, cd. / orasa, cd. 

s magiyasi, cd. '-' °nivitena, cd. 

^° Cauda, cd. ^^ ogolikaiu, cd. ^~ Meru, cd. 

^3 maggessasi, cd. 


Idani tassa attano avisayabbavam patthana3'a ca vigha- 
tavahanam dassetum n ' a 1 1 h i hi ti adi vuttam. Tattha 
r a g y a 1 1 h a pi d a n i me s i y a ti yattba idani me 
rago siya bhaveyya tarn arammanam s a d e v a k e 1 o k e 
n'attbi. Evam na pi nam j an ami kiriso ti 
nam ragam kiriso ti pi na janami. At ha maggena 
b a t o s a m u 1 a k ti. A t b a ti nipatamattam. Ayoniso- 
manasikarasamkbatena miilena samiilako ^ rago ariyamag- 
gena bato samuggbatito.- 

I m g b a 1 a k b u y a ti aiigarakasuya. U j j b i t o ti 
vatakhitto 3 viya yo koci dabano.4 Indbanam 5 yiya ti 
attbo. Yi s a pa 1 1 -r-i va ti visagatabbajanam viya. 
Aggato kato ti aggato abbirato appaggbanako kato. 
Visassa lesam pi asesetva apanibito vinasito ti attbo. 

Yassa siya apaccavekkbitan ti yassa ittbiya 
idam kbandbapaiicakam iianena apativekkhitam aparifiiia- 
tam siya. Sattba va anusasito siya ti sattba va 
dhammasarirassa adassanena yassa ittbiya anusasito siya. 
Tvam palobbassa ti^ avuso tvam 
tatbarupam aparimadditasamkbaram apaccavekkba kata- 
lokuttaradbammam ^ kamebi palobbassa upaccbandassa.^ 
J a n a n t i m 9 so imam v i b a n n a s I ^° ti so imam 
pavattim ^^ nivattiil ca yatbavato janantim ^^ patividdba- 
saccam imam Subbam bbikkbunim agamma vibaiiiiasi 
sampati ayatim ^3 ca vigbatadukkbam ^^ apajjasi.^5 

Idani 'ssa vigbatapattim ^^ kfiranavibbavanena dassenti 
m a y h a m hi ti ildim aba. Tattha h i ti hetuatthe 
nipato. Akkuttbavandite ti akkose vandanaya ca.. 
Sukbadukkhe ti sukbe ca dukkbe ca. Ittbanittbavi- 
passasu-mayoge va. Sati upattbita ti paccavek- 

^ samulato, cd. ^ sammugghatito, cd. 

3 ujjhito vatikhitto, cd. ^ dahaniyo, cd. 

5 indanam, cd. ^ kapalo asa ti, cd. 

7 katam lok°, cd. ^ upajjbandassa, cd. 

9 jananti, cd. ^° viiinasi, cd. ^^ pavatti, cd. 

^2 jananti, cd. ^3 ayati, cd. 

^"^ vigbatamd°, cd. ^5 apajjati, cd. ^^ °apattina, cd. 

TnERT OAT If A. 71. 257 

kbaiuiyutta sati vfi sabbakulaui upatthitfi sanikhatam 
as lib ban ti janiyTiti tubbumakam sainkbaraf^^atain 
kilesasucipaggbaranena asubban ti fiatva. Sabl)attb' 
eva ti sabbasmim yeva bbavassaye. Maybain in a n o 
taubalopriclinri u a u p a 1 i m p a t i. 

M a g g a 1 1 b a 11 g i k a y a n a y a y i n n ti attbangika- 
maggasanikbatena ariyayanena nibbanapurain yayiul upa- 
gatci. U d d b a t a s a 1 1 fi ti attano santanato samuttbita- 
ragadisanri . 

S II c i 1 1 i t a ti battbapadamukbadiakarena suttbii cittita 
viracita. Sombba ti sombbaka. D ar uk a c il 1 ak A 
nava ti darudaiidadibi iiparacitariipakani. Tantibl^ 
ti ubarusuttakebi. K b 1 1 a k o b i ti battbapadapittbikan- 
nakadiattbaya tbapitadandebi. Y i n i b a d d b a 3 ti vivi- 
dbeu' akarena baddba.4 Vividbam panaccitaS ti 
yantasuttadinam ^ cbannavissajjanadina7 pattbapitanaccita. 
Panaccantauam ^ viya dittha ti yojana. 

T a m b ' u d d b a t e t a n t i k h 1 1 a k e ti sannivesavi- 
sittbaradavisesayuttam 9 upadaya riipakasamannatambi 
tantikbilake pattbanato uddbate ^^ bandbato v i s - 
s a 1 1 h e visukaranena annamaiinam v i k a 1 e tahim 
tabim kbipanena p a r i p a k k a t e vikirite. A v i n d e 
k b a n d a s k a t e ti pottbakariipassa avayave kbanda- 
kbandite kate pottbakarupam na vindeyyam na upalabbey- 
yam. Evam sante kimbi tattba man am nive- 
saye tasmim pottbakarupavayave kimbi kim knanuke ^' 
udabu rajjuke mattikapindadike va. Man am ti manani 
paiinam niveseyya. Yisamkbare avayave sa panna kadaci 
pi na pateyya ^~ ti attbo. 

T a t h ii p a m a n ti tarn sadisam. Tena pottbakarupena 
sadisam. Kin ti ce aba debakani ti iidi. Tattba 

^ yanamya°, cd. - tantl, cd. ^ vinibandba, cd. 
4 bandba, cd. -^ panaccbita, cd. '^ tan tain sutt°, cd. 
7 cbanavis°, cd. ^ panaccantaua, cd. 

9 tamb' uttbate ti ya tantakbilakam sannivesa°, cd. 
^o uttbate, cd. " kbanutc, cd. 

^2 ppateyya, cd. 


d e b a k a n i ',ti liatthapadamukhadideliavayava.^ M a n ti 
me patipattim ^ upatthabanti. T e b i d b a m m e b i ti 
tebi patbaviadicakkbadidbammebi ^ vinana ppavat- 
t a n t i.4 Na bi tatba tassa sannivittbe patbaviadidbamme 
muiicitva debo nama santi. D b a m m e b i v i n a n a 
vattanti ti debo vi3^a avayavebi avayavadbammebi vina 
na vattanti na npalabbbanti. Evam sante kimbi tattba 
manam nivesaye ti patbaviyam udabu apadike debo 
ti va batfcbapadadibi va manam paiinam niveseyya. Yasma 
patbaviadipasadadbammamatte esa samanna yad idam 
debo ti va battbapadadini ti va satto ti va ittbi ti va puriso 
ti va tasma na ettba janako koci abbiniveso boti ti. 

Yatba baritalena makkbitam addasas 
c i 1 1 i k a m b b i 1 1 i y a k a t a n ti yatba kusalena cit- 
takarena bbittiyam baritalena makkbitam littam tena 
lepam datva katam abkbitam cittikam ittbirnpam addasa ^ 
passeyya.7 Tattba ya upattbambbanakbepanadikiriyasam- 
pattiya m a n u s i k a ^ nu kbo ayam bbitti apassayattbita 
ti panila nirattbika9 manussabbavasamkbatassa 
attbassa tattba abbavato maniisl ti pana kevalam tabim 
tassa ca v i p a r i t a d a s s a n a m ^° yatbavagabanam na 
boti dbammapunjamatte ittbipnrisadigabanam pi evam- 
sampadam idam dattbabban ti adbippayo. 

Mayam viya aggato katan ti mayakarena 
purato upadbavasi ^^ va mayasadisam. Supinante va 
suvannapadapan ti supinam eva supinantam. Tattba 
upattbitasuvannamayarukkbam viya. Upadbavasi ^2 
andba rittakan ti. Andba bala. Eittakam 
tuccbakam antosararabitam. Idam attabbavam evam 
mama ti saravantam viya upagaccbasi abbinivisasi. ^3 
J a n a m a j j b e - r - i V a r u p p a r u p a k a n ti mayaka- 

^ omukbanid°, cd. 2 patipatti, cd. 3 ^dhamme, cd. 
4 pavattati, cd. s makkbittam adasa, cd. 

^ adassa, cd. 7 paseyya, cd. ^ manasika, cd. 

9 nirattbaka, cd. 1° viparivadassanam, cd. 

^^ upattbasi, cd. 12 upattbavasi, cd. 

'3 abbinivisati, cd. 

TIIEIU (lATIlA. 71. 251) 

rena ^ mabajanamajjlie dassitani rupiyarupasadisani saram 
saram upatthaliantani as;Tniii ti attbo. Va t t a n i - r - i v :"i 
ti lakbaya gulika viya. K o t a r ' o b i t a ti kotaro rukkba- 
susire tbapita. M a j j b e p u b b a j b a k a ti akkbidabi- 
majjbe - tbitajabipubbalbasatlisa. S a a s s ii k a ti assuja- 
lasabita. P 1 1 i k o 1 i k a ti akkbigutbako. E 1 1 b ti 
j a y a t i ti etasmim akkbimandale ubbosu kotisu visagan- 
dbam viiyantis nibbattati. Pllikolika ti va akkbidalesu 
nibbattanaka pilikji vuccati. VividbTi ti nTlfubmaii- 
dabuiaii c'eva rattapitadiuain sattannain patablnan ca 
vasena anekavidba. Cakkbuvidba ti cakkbubbavfi 
cakkbuppakara va. Tassa anekakab'ipaggababbjivato 
p i u (1 i t a ti samiidita. 

Evam cakkbiismim sarajjantassa cakkbuno asii])battani 
anavattbitatriya aniccataii ca vibbavesi. Vibbavetva ca 
yatba nrima koci lobbaniyam bbandam gabetva corakanta- 
ram patipajjanto corebipalibuddbo tarn sobbaniyabbaiidam 
datva gaecbati evam evam cakkbumbi sa rattena tena 
purisena palibuddba tberi attano cakkbum uppatetva tassa 
adasi. Tena vnttam : uppatiya carudassana ti 
adi. Tattba uppatiya ti uppatetva cakkbu kupato 
niharitva. Carudassana ti piyadassana manobara- 
dassana. Na ca pajjittha ti tasmim cakkbusmim 
sangam napajji. A s a n g a m a n a s a ti kattbaci pi 
arammaue anasattacitta.4 Handa te cakkbu n ti 
tassa kaminam tato eva may a dinuatta te cakkbasaiinitam 
asucipindam ganba. Gabetva pasjidayuttam iccbitani 
tbanam nebi. 

Tassa c a v i r a m a s i t fi v a d e ti tassa dbuttapuri- 
sassa tavad eva akkbimbi uppatitakkbaiie eva rago vigac- 
cbi. Tattba ti akkbimbi tassam va tberiyam. Atbava 
tattba ti tasmim yeva tbfme. K b a m a p a y i ti kbamfi- 
pesi. Sottbi siya b r a b m a c Jir i n 1 ti settbacfirinl 
abosi so maybam arogyam eva na bbaveyya. Puna no 

^ mayak°, cd. ^ cbakklnd^, cd. ^ vayauto, cd. 

4 ocitto, cd. 


8 d i s a m b li a v i s s a t i ti ito param evarnpam anacara- 
caranam na bhavissati na karissami ti attho. 

A h a r i y a ti gliattetva. E d i s a n ti evarnpam sabbat- 
tha vitaragam. L i ii g i y a ^ ti pajjalitam aggim alingetva. 
T a t ti tasma dhuttapurisa. Sa bhikkhuni ti sa 
Subha bhikkhuni. Agami buddhavarassa san- 
t i k a n ti sammasambuddhassa santikam upagacchi upa- 
samkami. Passiya varapnniialakkhanan ti 
uttamehi pimnasambharehi nibbattamahapurisalakkhanam 
disva. Y a t h a p u r a n a k a n ti poranam viya nppa- 
danato piibbe viya cakkhnm patipakatikam ahosi. Yad 
ettha antarantara na vuttam tarn viittanayatta suviniiey- 
yam eva. 

Snbhaya Jivakambavanikaya theriya gathavannana 

Timsanipptavannana nitthita. 


Cattallsanipate n a g a r a m h i k u s u m a n a m e ti adika 
Isidasiya theriya gatha. Ayam pi purimabuddhesu kata- 
dhikara tattha tattha bhave pnrimattabhave thatva vivat- 
tiipanissayam kusalani upacinantT carimabhavato sattame 
bhave kalyanasannissaye paradariyakammam katva kayassa 
bhedaniraye nibbattitva tattha bahiini vassasatani niraye 
paccitva tato cuta tisu jatisu tiracchanayoniyam nibbattitva 
tato cuta dasiya kncchismim napiimsako hutva nibbatti. 
Tato pana ciita ekassa daliddassa pakatikassa dhita hutva 
nibbatti. Tarn vayappattam Giridaso nama aiinatarassa 
satthavahassa putto attano bhariyam katva geham anesi. 
Tassa ca bhariya atthi silavati kalyanadhamma. Tassam 
issapakata samino tassa viddesanakammam akasi. Sa 
tattha yavajivam thatva kayassa bheda imasmim buddhup- 
pade Ujjeniyam kulapadesasilacaradigunehi abhisamma- 

^ laiigiya, cd. 

tiier! GATiiA. 7'2. i>(;i 

tassa vibba\asampannassa setthissji (Ibitfi liutva nil)l)atti. 
IsidasT ti 'ssfi nrimaiu abosi. Tain vayappattakalc mutapi- 
taro kularupavayavibbavadisarisassa anfiatarassa settbi- 
puttassa aclamsu. Sfi tassa <i;ebe patidevata ' butva inasa- 
mattam vasi. Atb' assa kauimapbalena samiko virattarupo 
butvri tarn gbarato nibari. Tarn sabbani palito eva vifi- 
iiayati. Tesam tesam pana samikauain na ruccaneyyatfiya 
samvegajata pitaram anujanripetva Jinadattaya ^ tbcriya 
santike pabbajiivfi vipassanaya kammam karonti nacirass' 
eva saha patisambbidabi arabattam patvfi pbalasukbena 
nibbauasiikbena vltinament! ekadivasam PataHputtanagare 
pindaya caritvri paccbril)attam pindapatapatikkanta ^Taba- 
gangaya valikapuline nislditva Bodbittberiyfi nama attano 
sabayatberiya pubbapatipattim puccbitvfi tarn attbaiu 
gatbal)audbavasena vissajjesi : U j j e n i y a p u r a v a r e 
ti adina. Tesam pana pubbapaccbavissajjananam samban- 
dbam dassetum : 

Nagarambi kiisnmaiiame Patalipnttambi patbaviya ^ 
mande Sakyakiilakullnayo dve bbikkbuniyo gunavati- 

yo. 400. 
Isidasi tattba eka dutiya Bodbittberi sllasampaniiti ca 
jbrmajjbayanaratayo babussutayo dbutakilesayo. 401. 
Ta pindaya caritva bbattattbam 4 kiriya 5 dbotapattayo 
rabitambi sukbanisinna iina gira abbbudiresum.^ 40*2. 

Imfi tisso gatba sangitikarebi tbapita. 

Pasadika si ay^-e Isidasi vayo pi te aparibino 
kim disvana valikam athasi^ nekkbammam aniiyutta. 408. 
Evam auiiyufijamana sa^ rabite dbainniadesaiiakusala 
Isidilsi vacanam abravi 9 suna Bodbi yatb'ambi pabba- 
jitcl. 404. 

Ito param vissajjanagfitba : 

^ patidevata, cd. ^ .Jinarattaya, cd. ^ putbaviya, cd. 

■^ attattbam, cd. ^ kriya, m. ''' abbbudlrayun ti, cd. 

7 atbapi, cd. ^ anuyiifijamrmassa, cd. 

9 vacanabravi, cd. 


Ujjeniya puravare mayham pita sllasamvuto setthi 
tass' amhi eka ^ dhlta piya manapa dayita ca. 405. 
Atha me Saketato varaka agacchi uttamakulina 
setthi bahutaratano tassa mam sunham ^ adasi tato. 406. 
Sassuya sassurassa ca sayam patam panamam upagamma ^ 
sirasa karomi pade vandami yath'amhi anusittha. 407. 
Ya mayham 4 samikassa bhaginiyo bhatuno parijano 
tarn ekavarakam 5 pi disva ubbigga asanam demi. 408. 
Annena panena ca khajjena ca yan ca tattha sannihitam 
chademi^ upanayami 7 demi ca yam yassa patiriipam. 409. 
Kalena utthahitva gharam samupagamim ^ 
ummaradhotahatthapada 9 paiijahka samikam upemi. 410. 
Koccham pasadam anjanaii ca adasakan ca ^° ganhitva 
parikammakarika viya sayam eva patim vibhiisemi.^^ 411. 
Sayam eva ^^ odanam sadhayami sayam eva bhajanam 

mata va ekaputtakam tatha ^^ bhattaram paricarami. 412. 
Evam ^4 mam bhattikatam anuttaram karikamtam^4 niha- 

utthayikam ^5 analasam silavatim dussate bhatta. 413. 
So mataran ca pitaran ca bhanati apucchaham gamissami 
Isidasiya na saha^^ vaccham ekagare 'ham sahavatthmn.414. 
Ma evam putta ^7 avaca Isidasi pandita parivyatta 
utthayika ^^ analasa kim tuyham na rocate putta. 415. 
Na ca me himsati^9 kinci na caham Isidasiya saha vaccham ^o 
dessa 'va me alam me apucchaham gamissami. 416. 
Tassa vacanam sunitva sassu ^i sassuro ca mam apucchimsu 

^ eka, cd. 2 sanham, cd. 

3 panamam upagammam, cd. 4 so maj^ham, cd. 

^ ta ekav°, cd. ^ khademi, cd. 7 upaniyami, m. 

^ sasughami, cd. 9 odhotih°, cd. 

^° koccha passa ancaninca adayakaiica, cd. 
^^ ayam eva patibhusemi, cd. ^^ ayam eva, cd. 

^3 tattha, cd. i^ — 14 mam — tarn am. cd. 

^s utthahikam, m. ; upatthayikam, cd. 
^6 saha om. cd. ^7 puttam, cd. ^^ utthahika, m. 

^9 hisati, cd. 20 yaccha, cd. 21 sassu, om, cd. 

ther! oath a. 72. 203 

Id'ssa tayfi^ aparaddhain l)liana vissattha - yatlial)ha- 

tam. 417. 
Na pi 'ham aparajjham kifici na pi himsemi-3 na ganami •* 
dubbacanam kiin sakka katuye yam mam viddessateS 

bbatta. 418. 
Te mam pitu gbaram pati nayimsu vimaiia duklvbena 
avibbuta ^ puttam anurakkhamfma jiu' amhasi rupinini 

Lacchim.7 419. 
Atba mam adasi tato addbassa ^ gharambi dutiyakulikassa 
tato upaddbasunkena9 yena mam vindatba settbi. 420. 
Tassa ^° pi gbarambi masam avasi atba ^^ so pi mam patic- 

cbati ^2 
dasi va iipatthabantim ^3 adiisikam silasampannam. 421. 
Bbikkbaya ca vicarantam damakam dantam me pita bba- 

so bi si me jamata nikkbipa pontin ^^ ca gbatikan ca. 422. 
So pi vasitva pakkham atba tatam blianati debi me 
pontim ^5 gbatikan ca mallakail ^° ca puna pi bbikkbani ca- 

risscimi. 423. 
Atba nam bbanati tato amma sabbo ca me ^" niltiganavaggo 
kin te na kirati idba bbana kbippam yan te ^^ karibiti. 424. 
Evam bbanito bbanati yadi me atta sakkoti alam ^9 maybain 
Isidasiya na vaccham ekagbare 'bam sabavattbum. 425. 
Vissajjito gato so abam pi ekakinl vicintemi -° 
apuccbitiina gaccbam marituye pabbajissam vfi. 420. 

I tassa, cd. ^ visattba, m. cd. 

3 hisemi, cd. -^ bbanfimi, cd. m. 

5 katayye yammam vindesate, cd. ; kfitumayye, m. 

6 adbibbiita, m. " rupini Laccbl, cd. 
8 addbassa, m. 9 upaddbasukbena, cd. 

1° tassa, cd. " atba oni. cd. 

12 paticcbarati, cd. m. '3 upattbabanti, cd. 

^4 pottbin, m. ''^ potibi, m. ; ponti. ud. 

i6 paUan ca, cd. ^7 ca (»ii. cd. ; ca main, m. 

i8 kbippapavan te, cd. ^9 attba sakko ahi, cd. 

2o ekanika vicintesi, cd. 


Atba ayya Jinadatta agacchi ^ gocaraya caramana ^ 
tatakulam vinayadhari 3 babnssuta silasampanna. 427. 
Tarn disvana amhakam 4 utthayasanam tassa pannapayim 5 
nisinnaya ca pade vanditva bhojanam adilsi. 428. 
Annena ca panena ca kbajjena ca yaii ca tattba ^ sannibitam 
santappayitva avoca ayye 7 iccbami pabbajitum. 429. 
Atba mam^ bbanati tato idb' eva puttaka9 carabi tarn 

annena ca panena ca tappaya ^° samane dvijati ^^ ca. 430. 
Atbabam bbanami tatam rodanti ^^ anjalim panametva 
papam hi maya pakatam kammam tarn nijjaressami. 431. 
Atba mam ^3 bbanati tato papuna bodbin ^4 ca aggadbam- 

man ca ^5 
nibbanan ca labbassu yam saccbikari dvipadasettbo. 432. 
Matapitii ^^ abbivadayitva sabban ca natiganavaggam 
sattabam pabbajita tisso vijja apbassayi. 433. 
Janami attano ^7 satta jatiyo yassayam pbalam vipako ^^ 
tarn tava acikkbissam tarn ^9 ekamana 2° nisamebi. 434. 
Nagarambi Erakakaccbe^^ snvannakaroabam babutadbano^^ 
3'ObbaEamadena matto so paradaram asevi 'bam.^s 435. 
So 'bam tato cavitva nirayambi apaccisam ciram 
pakko tato ca uttbabitva makkatiya kuccbim okkami. 436. 
Sattabajatakam 24 mam mabakapi yiitbapo nillaccbesi 
tass' etam kammapbalam yatba pi gantvana parada- 
ram. 437. 
So 'bam tato cavitva kalam karitva Sindbavaranile 

^ sagaccbi, cd. 2 gocaramana, cd. 

3 takulavinayatberani, cd. 4 ona ca ambakabam, cd. 
5 sa pann°, cd. ^ kbajjena yam tattba, cd. 

7 ayya, cd. ^ nam, cd. 9 puttike, m. 

^° santappassa, cd. ^^ dvijati, cd. 

^2 rodenti, cd. ^3 nam, cd. ^4 bodbiyam, cd. 

^^ pbalaii ca, cd. 16 matapitubi, cd. 

^7 attano om. cd. ^s phalavipako, cd. 

^9 acikkbiyam tvam, cd. -° etamana, cd. 

21 Ekakaccbe, cd. 22 ayam pabutano, cd. 

23 asevi tarn, cd. ; asevissam, m. 24 sattabam j°, cd. 


THERl GATIIA. 7'2. Ofjr, 

kanaya ca kbanjaya ca elakiyfi kucchim okkami. llJH. 
Dvnclasa vassfmi abam nillacchito ^ darako parivaliitva ^ 
kiminfi v'atto akallo yatbfi pi gantvfina paradaraiu. 481). 
So 'bam tato cavitva govanijakassa 3 gfiviyn jato 
vaccho lakbatambo -^ nillaccbito 5 dvildase iiiase. 440. 
Te puna ^ nai'igalam abain sakatani 7 ca dbarayami ^ 
andbo v'atto akallo yatbii pi gantvfina paradfirani. 4 11. 
So 'bam tato cavitva vTtbiya dasiya gbare jato 
n'eva mabihi na puriso yatba pi gantvilna paradaram. 14*2. 
Timsativassambi mato sakatikakulambi darikfx jata 
kapanambi appabboge dbanikapurisapatababulambi.^ 448. 
Taiu man tato sattbavjlbo ussannfiya vipulfiya vaddbiya ^° 
okaddbati vilapantim ^^ accbinditvfi kulagbarassa. 444. 
Atba solasame vasse disvana ^^ mam pattayobbanam ^^^ 
kaiinam oruddba^4 tassa putto Giridasonamanamena. 44o. 
Tassa pi aiiila bbariya ^5 silavati guiiavatl yasavatl ca 
anuratta ^^ bbattaram tassabam viddesanam ^7 akasi. 446. 
Tass' etam kammapbalam yam mam apakirituna gaccbanti 
dasi va upattbabantim ^^ tassa pi anto kato mayfi ti. 417. 

Tattba n a g a r a m b i k u s u m a n fi m e ti kusuma- 
puran ti evam kusumasaddena gabitanfimake nagare. 
Idani tarn nagaram PataliputtambI ti sarupato dasseti. 
P u t b u v i y ci m a n (1 e ti sakalfiya patbaviyfi mandabbute 
Sakyakulakulinayo ti Sakyaknle kuladbitayo. Sa- 
kyaputtassa bbagavato sasane pabbajitjlya evam vuttain. 

T a 1 1 b a ti tasu dvlsu bbikkbunlsu. B o d b i t b e r i ti 
evamnamika tberi. J b a n a j j b Ti y a n a r a t a y o ti loki- 
yalokuttarassa jbayane abbirata. B a b u s s u t a y o ti 

I nilajjito, cd. ^ paribitva, cd. 3 govanijjakassa, cd. 

4 lakbatammo, cd. ^ na laccbito, cd. '' tena puna, cd. 

7 sakata, cd. ^ cattbavjiyarambi, cd.; dbarayambim, m. 

9 gandbitipurisa°, cd. ; dbanita°, m. 
^o vuddbiycl, m. ^^ vilapantT, cd. '- disana, cd. 

^3 pattayobb° cd. '^ uruddba, cd. 

^5 tassa piya bbariya, cd. ^^ anuvatta, m. 

^7 visenam, cd. '^ upattbabanti, cd. 


pariyattibahusaccena baliussuta. D h u t a k i 1 e s fi y o ti 
aggamaggena sabbaso samugghatitakilesa. 

B h a 1 1 a 1 1 h a m k i r i y a ti bbattakiccam nitthapetva. 
Kahitamhiti janarahitambi vivittattbane. S ii k b a n i - 
s i n n ci ti pabbajjasukbena vivekasukbena ca sukbanisinna. 
Ima gira ti idani vuccamana sukba bimaka. A b b b u - 
d i r e s u n ti puccbavissajjanavasena katbayimsu. P a s a - 
d i k a si ti gatba Bodbitberiya ^ puccbavasena vutta. 
E V a m a n u y u il j a m a n a ti gatba sangitikareb' eva 
vutta. Ujjeniya ti adika hi sabba pi Isidasiya 'va 

Tattba p a s a d i k a si ti nipasampattiya passantanam 
pasadavaba asi. V a y o pi te a p a r i b i n o ti tuybam 
vayo pi na paribino. Patbame vaye tbita si ti attho. Kim 
disvana valikan ti kim disam v3^aHkam dosam gbara- 
vase adinavam disva. Atbapi^nekkbainmam anu- 
y u 1 1 a ti. A t b a ti nipatainattam. N e k k b a m m a m 
pabbajjam a n u y u 1 1 a asi. 

A n u y u ii j a m ci n a ti puccbiyamana. S a imina 'si ti 
yojana. E a b i t e ti suiinattbane. S u n a B o d b i y a - 
t b ' a m h i 3 J) a b b a j i t a ti Bodbitteri abam yatba pabba- 
jita ambi tarn tarn puranam sunahi. 

Ujjeniya puravare ti Ujjeninamake Avantiratthe 
uttamanagare. P i y a ti ekadbitubbavena piyayitabba. 
M a n a p a ti silacaragunena inanavaddhanaka. D a y i t a 
ti anukampitabba. 

A t b a ti paccba mayi vayappattakale. Me S a k e t a t o 
va r a k a ti Saketanagarato mama varaka mam varenti •+ 
agaccbf . Uttamakulina tasmim nagare aggakulika 
yena te pesita. So settbi pahutadbano tassa 
mam 5 sunham adasi tatoti tassa Saketasettbino 
sunisam puttassa bbariyam katva maybam pita mam 

S a y a m p a t a m ti sayaiibe pubbanhe ca. P a n a - 
mam upagamma sir as a karomi ti sassuya sasu- 

^ pabatigatba te Bodbi°, cd. ^ yathapi, cd. 

3 yatambi, cd. 4 varento, cd. ^ tasa mam, cd. 

therT gatha. 72. 207 

rassa ca santikani upagantvfi sirasfi panrimam karonii. 
Tesain p a d e v a n d a mi y a t h ' a m h i a n u s i t t, b fi ti 
tehi yatba anusittba aiiibi tatbfi karomi tesaiii aniisillliini » 
na atikkammci ti. 

Ekavadakam pi ti ekam pi. Ubbif^^ra ti sani- 
gantvfi. A s a n a n^ d e m T ti yassa puggalassa aiuiccbavi- 
kam tarn tassa demi. 

T a 1 1 h a ti parivesanatthane. S a n n i b i t a n ti sajji- 
tam biitva vijjamanam. C h a demi ti upaccbindemi. 
Upaccbinditva u p a n a y a m T ti upanetva d e m i c a y a n 
ti mayam yassa patiriipam tad eva dema ti attbo. 

U m m a r a d b t a b a 1 1 b a p Ti d a 3 ti dbovetva gbaram 

K o c c h a n ti massunam kesanan ca uUikbanakoccbam. 
P a s a d a n ti kanbacunnadimukbavilepauam. 5 P a s a - 
d ban an ti pi patbo pasadbanabbandam. Anjanan 
ti anjananalim.6 P a r i k a m m a k fi r i k fi v i y a ti 
aggakulika vibbavasampanna visatiparicarika viya. 

Sadbayami ti pacami. Bbajanau ti lobabbaja- 
nau ca. DbovantI p a r i c a r a m I ti yojana. 

Bbattikatan ti katasamibbattikam. A n u 1 1 a r a n 
ti anubbavantam. K a r i k a n ti tassa tassa itikattaljbassa 
karikam. N i b a t a m a n a n ti apanitamaaam. U 1 1 b a- 
y i k a n ti uttbanaviriyasampannam. A n a 1 a s a n ti tato 
eva akusitam. S i 1 a v a t i n ti sihicarasampannani. X a s- 
s a t e ti dussati kujjbati bbanati. 

A p u c c b a b a m 7 g a m i s s a m i ti abain tumbe apuc- 
sbitva^ yattba kattbaci gamissami ti so mama srimiko 
attano mataram ca pitaram ca bbanati, kim l)banati ti ce 
aba : I s i d a s i y a n a s a b a 9 v a c c b a in ^° e k a g a r e 
a b a m s a b a v a 1 1 b u n ti nacembiyain {'?) 

D e s s a ti appiya. A 1 a m me ti payqjanam me taya 

^ anusittbi, cd. - apanan, cd. 

3 ummaradbovan ti liattbapadebi, cd. 
■+ sampuccbami, cd. ^ kanna°, cd. ^ °na!i, cd. 

7 apuccb°, cd. ^ apuccb°, cd. ^ saba <>in. cd. 

^° saccam, cd. 


n'atthi ti attho. A p u c c h il li a m ^ g a m i s s a m i ti yadi 
me tumhe taya saddliim samvasam icchatha aliam tumhe 
apncchitva ^ viddesam pakkamissami. Tassapi mama bliat- 
tuno k i ' s s fi ti kim assa. Tava samikassa tassa aparad- 
dham 3 vyalikam katam. 

N a pi 'ham a p a r a j j li a n ti napi abam tassa kifici 
a p a r a j j h i. Ayam eva va patho. N a pi h i m s e m i 
ti na badhemi. D u b b a c a n a n 4 ti duruttavacanam. 
Kim s a k k a k a t u y e 5 ti kim maya katum ayye sakka. 
Yam mam^ viddessate7 bhatta ti yasma akarane- 
n'eva bhatta mayham viddessate ^ viddesam 9 cittappako- 
pam karoti. 

V i m a n a ti domanassika. Puttam anurakkha- 
m a n a ti attano puttam mayham samikam cittam anurak- 
khanena anurakkhanta. Jin' a m h a s e r u p i n i m ^° 
Lac chin ti jina amhase jina vat' ^^ amha rnpavatim 
Sirim.^2 Manussavesena carantiya Siridevataya parihina 
vata ti attho. 

A d (1 h a s s a g h a r a m h i d u t i y a k u 1 i k a s s a ti 
XDathamasamikam upadaya dutiyassa addhassa kulaput- 
tassa gharamhi mam adasi. Dento ca tato pathamasun- 
kato u p a d d h a s u h k e n a adasi. Y e n a mam 
vindatha sett hi ti yena snnkena mam pathamam 
setthi vindatha patilabhi tato upaddhasuhkena ti yojana. 

So p i ti dutiyasamiko pi. Mam p a t i c c h a t i ^3 ti 
mam nihari so gehato nikkaddhi. Upatthahantim^4 
dasi viya upatthahantim upatthanam karontim.^5 Adu- 
s i k a n ti adubbhanakam. 

D a ra a k a n ti karufmadhitthanataya paresam cittassa 
damakam. Y^atha pare kinci dayanti evam attano kayam 

^ apucch°, cd. ^ apucch°, cd. 3 aparajjham, cd. 
4 dubbacan, cd. 5 katumayye, cd. ^ yamam, cd. 
7 vinde sake, cd, ^ vindesati, cd. 9 viddhesam, cd. 
^° jin' amhisi rupini, cd. ^^ ajina vat', cd. 

^^ Siri, cd. 13 paticcharati, cd. 

^4 upatthahanti, cd., both times. ^^ karonti, cd. 



vacam ca d a n t a iii vfipasantain katvu parasabliavafiataya 

J a m a t a ti duliitu pati.f X i k k li i p a !> o ii t i n c a 
ghatikan ca ti tayfi - parklahitaiu pilotikilkhandau ca 
bbikklirdiapalan ca chaddebi. 

So pi vasitva pakkliaii ti so pi bbikkbak(. piiriso 
maja saddbim addbamasamattani vasitva. 

A t h a n a m b b a n a t i^ t a t o ti tarn bbikkbakain mania 
pita matcl. Sab bo ca me nfitigano vag<^^o butva 
bbanati. Katbani kin te na kirati va idba tuybam 
kin nama na kirati na Scidbljati. B b a n a k b i p p a iii 
yan te karibiti ti.4 

Yada me atta aakkoti yadi maybam attadbino 
Idiujisso ce a 1 a m maybam Isidasiyfi taya payojanani 
n'atthi. Tasma na s a b a v a c c b a m 5 na pakkbiyam 
e k a g b a r e aba m taya s a b a v a 1 1 b u n ti yojana. 

Vissajjito gato so bbikkbako pitara vissajjito ya- 
tbaruci gato. E k a k i n i ^ ti ekika 'va. x\ p u c c b i t li n a 
g a c c b a n 7 ti maybam pitaram vissajjetva gaccbami. 
Marituye ti maritu ee. Ya ti vikappattbe nipato. 

Gocaraya ti bbikkbfiya. Tatakulam agaccbi ti 

T a n ti tarn Jinadattam.^ Uttba^'asanam tassfi^ 
p a n fi a p a y i m ti iittbahitva asanam assa tberiya i)anna- 

I d h' e V a ti imasmim gehe tbita. P u 1 1 a k a ti sa- 
maiiilfivob arena dbitaram annkampento alapati. C a r Ti b i 
tarn pabbajitva caritabbam brabmacariyadi d b a m m a n 
cara. D v i j a 1 1 ti brabmajati. 

N i j j a r e s s a m T ti jlrripessrimi vinapessami. 

B d b i n ti saccabbisamljodbim magganauau '° ti attbo. 
Aggadbamman ti pbabidbamme arabattu. Y a in 

^ dabita pati, cd. - tassa, cd. ^ bbanasi ti, cd. 

4 kim tvam bbana yan te kbippam karibi karissati ti, cd. 

5 na saccam, cd. ^ ekakika, cd. 
7 apuccbitum na g°, cd. ^ Jinarattain, cd. 

9 osauam sa, cd. '° maggananaiian, cd. 


saccbikari clvipadasettbo ti yam maggapliala- 
nibbanasanuitam lokuttaradbammam dvipadanam settbo 
sambuddbo sacchi akasi, 1 a b b a s s ii ti yojana. 

S a 1 1 a b a m p a b b a j i t a ti pabbajita biitva satta- 
hena. Pbassayi ti pbussi saccbakasi. Y a s s a y a m 
pbalavipako ti yassa papakammassa ayam siimikassa 
amanapabbavasamkhato nissandapbalabbuto vipako. T a m 
tava acikkhissan ti tarn kammam tava katbessami. 
T a n ti acikkbiyamanam tarn eva kammam tarn va mama 
vacanam. E k a m a n a ti ekaggamana. Ayam eva 
va patbo. 

N a g a r a m b i E r a k a k a c c h e ti evamnamake nagare. 
So p a r a d a r a m a s e v i 'ham ti ^ so abam parassa 
daram asevi. 

C i r a m p a k k o ti babiini vassasatasabassani niraya- 
aggina daddho. Tato ca uttbabitva ti tato nirayato 
vuttbito^ cuto. Makkatiya kuccbim okkami ti 
patisandbim ganbi. 

Yiitbapo ti yutbapati. Nillaccbesis ti purisa- 
bbavassa laccbanabbutani bijakani nillaccbesi4 mhari. 
Tass' etam kammapbalan^ ti tassa maybam evam 
atite katassa kammassa pbalam. Yatba pi gantvana 
p a r a d a r a n ti yatba tarn paradaram atikkamitva. 

T ato ti makkatayonito. S i n d b a v a r a n ii e^ ti Sindba- 
varattbe amiatarattbane. E 1 a k i y a ti ajiya. 

D a r a k e p a r i v a b i t v a ti pittbim aruyba kumarake 
vabitva. Kim in a 'v' atto7 ti abbijatattbane kimi- 
paramgato ca butva. At to attito. Akallo ti gilano. 
Abosi ti vacanaseso. 

V a n i j a k a s s a ti gaviyo vikkinitva jivakassa. Lakba- 
tambo ti lakbarasarattebi viya tambebi lomebi saman- 

T e p n n a^ ti vabitva. N a n g a 1 a n ti siram. Sakatan 

I asevi tan ti, cd. ^ vuttbita, cd. 3 nilaccbesi, cd. 
4 niccbasi, cd. ^ dbammapb°, cd. 

6 Sindharanne, cd. ^ atte, cd. ^ pbuna, cd. 

ther! cvatiia. 7*2. 271 

ti attbo. And bo v'atto ti kano va liutvfi. At to 

Y 1 1 ]i i y Ti ti na.Lijavavitbiyani. D a s i y a g li a r e j a t o 
ti gbaradfisiya kuccbimbi jato. Vannajatiya ti pi vadaiiti. 
N ' e V a 111 a b i 1 fi n a p u r i s o ti ittbl pi piiriso pi na bomi. 
Jjitinapumsako ti attbo. 

T i m s a t i V a s s a m b i mato ti uapuinsako butvfi tiniPa- 
vassakrde mato. S a k a t i k a k u 1 a m li I ' ti senakakule. 
D b a n i k a p u r i s a p a t a b a b u 1 a m b 1 2 ti iiiayikanam 
pnrisanam adbipatanababiile babiibi inayikebi abbil)bavi- 

U s s a n n a y a ti upacitaya. Y i p u 1 a y a ti niabatiya. 
Y a d (1 b i y a 3 ti inavaddbiya. Oka d d b a t i ti avakad- 
dbati. K u 1 a g b a r a s s a ti mama jcitaknlagebato. 

r n d d b a t a s s a p u 1 1 o ti assa sattbavrdiassa4 putto 
mayi patibaddbacitto n a m e u a G i r i d a s o n a m a . 
Avarimdbati attano pariggababbavena gebe karoti. 

A n u r a 1 1 a b b a 1 1 a r a n 5 ti bbatta anul)bavati. Tas- 
s a b a m v i d d e s a n a m ^ a k a s i n ti tassa bbattuno tarn 
bbariyam patividdesauakammam 7 akasi. Yatba tarn so 
knjjbati evam patipajji. 

1^ am mam a b b i k i r i t u u a ^ g a c c b a n t T ti yam 
d a s 1 V i y a sakkaccam upattbabantin9 tattba tattba 
patino apakiritva ^° chaddetva anapekkba apagaccbaiiti. 
Etam tassa maybam tada katassa paradarikakammassa 
patividdesanakammassa " ca nissandapbabim. Tassa pi 
an to katomayati tassa pi tatba anunayapfipakam- 
massa pariyanto. Idrmi mayji aggamagp^am adbigac- 
cbantiya ito param kinci dukkbam attbi ti yam pan* ettba 
anantara vibbattam vuttanayatta uttfinattbam eva. 

Isidcisiya tberiyfi gatbavaiinana samatta. 

Cattalisanipatavaniiana nit tbitTi. 

^ tassakatikao, cd. ^ dhanita°, cd. 3 addhiya, cd. 

4 sattavahassa, cd. ^ anuvatta Idiattanain, cd. 

6 videsanam, cd. 7 satividesami°, cd. 

8 abbikiritum na, cd. 9 upattbabantl, cd. 

1° assakiritva, cd. " pattividesana°, cd. 



M a h a n i p a t e M a n t a v a t i y a n a g a r e ti adika 
Sameclhaya tlieriya gatha. Aj-am pi purimabuddhesu 
katadhikara tattha tattha bhave vivattupanissa^'am knsalam 
upacinanti sakkaccam vimokkhasambhare sambharenti 
Koiiagamanassa bhagavato kale knlagehe nibbattitva viniiu- 
tam patta attauo sakhihi kuladhitahi saddhim ekajjhasaya 
hutva mahantam aramam karetva buddhapamukhassa 
bhikkhusanghassa niyyadesi. Sa tena puimakammena 
kayassa bheda Tcxvatimsam npagacchi. Tattha yavata- 
yukam dibbasampattim anubbavitva tato cuta Yamesu 
uppajji, tato cuta Tusitesu, tato cuta Nimmanaratisu, tato 
cuta Paranimmitavasavattisil ti anukkamena pancasu kama- 
saggesu uppajjitva tattha devarajilnam mahesi hutva tato 
cuta Kassapassa bhagavato kale mahavibhavassa setthino 
dhita hutva anukkamena viiiiiutam patta sasane abhippa- 
sanna hutva ratanattayam uddissa ularapufmakammam 
akasi. Tattha yavajivam dhammupajlvini kusaladhamma- 
nirata hutva tato cuta Tavatimsesu nibbattitva aparaparam 
sugatisu yeva samsaranti imasmim buddhuppade Man- 
tavatinagare Koiicassa nama ranilo dhita hutva nibbatti. 
Tassa matapitaro Sumedha ti namam akamsu. Tarn 
anukkamena vuddhippattam vayappattakale matapitaro 
"Varanavatinagare Anikarattassa nama ramio dassama" ti 
amantesum. Sa pana daharakalato patthaya attano samil- 
navayahi rajakannahi dasljanehi ca saddhim bhikkhunupas- 
sayam gantva bhikkhuninam santike dhammam sutvil 
cirakalctto patthaya katadhikarataya samsare jatasamvega 
sasane abhippasanna paiinavayappattakale kamehi vini- 
vattitamanasa ahosi. 

Tena sa matapitiinam natinam sammanam sutvana "may- 
ham gharavase na kiccam, pabbajissam' ahan" ti aha. Tarn 
matapitaro gharavase niyojenta ^ nanappakarena yacite pi 
saiinapetum nasakkhimsu. Sa ''evam me pabbajitum lab- 


niyojento, cd. 


bhati 'ti chandam gahetva sayam eva attano kese chinditva 
teeva kese Tirabbha patikulamanasikfirani pavattuuti tattba 
natikriratriya bhikkbiinTnani santike manasikaravidbanassa 
sutapubbatta ca asubbanimittam uppfidetva tattba patba- 
majjbrmam adbigaccbi. Adbigatapatbamajjbana ca attaiia 
gharfivfise uyyqjetuiu ' upagate matapitaro adikatvA antc- 
janaparijanam sabbam rrijakubim sasane al)bippasannaiu 
karetva gbarato nikkbamitva bbikkbimupassayaiii gantva 
pabbaji. Pabbajitva ca vipassanam pattbapetvri sammad 
eva paripakkanana ^ vimuttiparipacaniyanani dliammanam 
visesitfiyas cana cirass' eva saba patisambbidabi arabattam 
papuni. Tena vuttam Apadaue : 

Bhagavati Konagamane samgharamamhi navanivesamhi ^ 

sakbij'O tini janiyo^ vibciradilnam adcisimba. 1. 
Dasakkliattum satakkhattum dasasatakkhattum^' satani ca 

devesu upapajjimba. Ko vado mjlnuse bbave. 2. 
Devesu mabiddhika butva7 manusakambi ko vado 
sattaratanamahesi^ ittbiratanam abam bbavim.9 3. 
Idba sancitakusalam susamiddhakulappaja^° 
Dhananjani ca Khema ca abam pi ca tayo jana 4. 
Aramam sukatam katva sabbavayavainanditam 
buddbapamukhasanghassa niyyadetvfi pamoditfi.^' 5. 
Yattha yatthiipapajjami tassa kammassa vjibasa 
devesu aggatam patta manussesu tatb' eva ca. G. 
Imasmim yeva kappamhi brabmabandbu mahayaso 
Kassapo nama namena iippajji vadatani varo.^- 7. 
upattbclko mabesissa tada asi uarissaro 
Kasiraja KikI nama Baranasipuruttame. 8. 
Tassasum satta dhitaro rajakanna sukbedhita 
buddbupattbananirata brabmacariyam carimsu ta. 9. 

^ uyojetum, cd. "" paripakkata, cd. 

3 visositaya, cd. 4 saiigbe c'eva nivesambi, P. 

5 sakbiyo vatiyo rajiniyo, P. ^ dasasatakkbattuni nm. P. 
7 deve mabiddbika abumba, A. 

^ sataratanassa mabesi, P. 9 abani .asi, P. 

1° °kuluppajji, P. " samodita, A. '- varatani varo, P. 



Tasam sahayika hutva silesu susamahita 

datva danani sakkaccam agare vasatam carim. 10. 

Tena kammena sukatena cetanapanidhibi ca 

jahitva manusam deham Tavatimsilpaga aham. 11. 

Tato cuta Yamam agam ^ tato 'ham Tusitam gata 

tato ca Nimmanaratim 2 Vasavattipuram tato. 12. 

Yattha yatth' iipapajjami punnakammasamohita 

tattha tatth' eva rajiinam mahesittam akarayim. 13. 

Tato cuta manussatte rajnuam cakkavattinam 

Mandalinaii ca rajiinam mahesittam akarayim. 14. 

Sampattims anubhotvana devesu manusesu ca 

sabbattha sukhita hutva nekajatisu samsarim. 15. 

So hetu so pabhavo "^ tarn miilam satthu sasane khanti 

tarn pathamam ^ samodhanam tarn dhammarataya nib- 

banam. 16. 
Kilesa jhapita mayham bhava sabbe samuhata 
nagi va bandhanam chetva viharami anasava. 17. 
Svagatam vata me asi buddhasetthassa santike ^ 
tisso vijja anuppatta katain buddhassa sasanam. 18. 
Patisambhida catasso vimokkha pi ca attha me 
chalabhiiiiia sacchikata katam buddhassa sasanam ti. 19. 

Arahattam pana patva attano patipattim 7 paccavekkhitva 
udanavasena : 

Mantavatiya nagare raniio Koiicassa aggamahesiya ^ 
dhita asi Sumedha pasadika sasanakarehi. 448. 
Sllavati cittakathika bahussuta buddhasasane vinita 
matapitaro upagamma 9 bhanati ubhayo nisametha. 449. 
Nibbanabhirataham asassatam^° bhavagatam yadi pi dibbam 
kim anga pana tuccha kama appasada bahuvighata. 450. 

I Yamasaggam, P. ^ o^.^^i^ p_ 3 sampatti, P. 

4 sa pabhavo, P. ^ pathama, A. 

^ mama buddhassa santike, A. 7 patipatti, cd. 

^ agga om. cd. 9 upasamkamma, cd. 

^° asassatam om. cd. 

THERI GATUA. 73. 275 

Kama katukfi ' asivisiipama yesu muccliita bala 

te digluirattam niraye samappita liarifiauto' diikkhitri. 451. 

Socanti pfipakamma viuipate pripabuddhino 

sada kayena vacfiya ca manasfi ca asamviitri bala.^ 452. 

BriLl te diippaimri acetana dukkliasamudayoriiddhri 

desente ajfiuant^i na bujjbare ariyasaccani. 45:i. 

Saccani amina-^ sambuddhavaradesitani te bahutara aja- 

ye abbinandauti bliavagatam pihauti devesii5 upapat- 

tim. 454. 
Devesu pi upapatti^ asassata bliavagate aniccambi 
ua ca sautasanti bala punappunam jayitabbassa. 455. 
Cattriro vinipata dve ca gatiyo kathafici labbbanti ^ 
na ca vinipatagatanam ^ pabbajja atthi nirayesu. 456. 
Anujanatha mam ubhayo pabbajitum dasabalassa pfivacane 
appossukka gbatissam 9 jatimaranappahauaya. 457. 
Kim bhavagatena ^° abbinanditena kayakalinri asarena 
bhavatanbaya uirodha anujauatha pabbajissami. 458. 
Buddhanam nppado vivajjito akkhano khano laddho 
silani brahmacariyam yclvajivam na diiseyyam. 459. 
Evam bhanati Sumedha matapitaro na tava abaram 
abariyam " gabattba ^^ maranavasam gata 'va bessami. 460. 
Mata dukkbitci rodati pita ca assa sabbaso samabbisjito ^3 . 
gbatenti saniiapetum ^4 pasadatale cbama patitam. 461. 
Uttbebi puttaka ^5 kim socitena dinna si ^^ Vriraiiavatimbi 
rajfi Anikaratto ^7 abbiriipo tassa tvam diDnfi.^^ 462. 
AggamabesI bbavissasi ^9 Anikarattassa rrijino bbariya^^ 
silani brabmacariyain pabbajja dukkara puttaka. 468. 

^ kattbaka, cd. - baiinate, cd. 3 bala om. cd. 

-^ amma om. cd. 5 bbagavantam yanti d°, cd. 

^ uppatti, cd. 7 kattbaci labbanti, cd. 

^ vinipatagata, m. 9 gbatiyam, cd. ^° bbagavritena, cd. 
^^ abarissam, m. ^- gabattba, cd. 

'3 samabbibato, cd. '-^ panfiapetum, cd. 

^5 puttike m. ; puttika, cd. ^^' ^\\\vC ambi, cd. 

^7 Anikar°, cd. '' dinna, cd. 

^9 bbavissati, cd. ^° ariya, m. 


Eajje ana dhanam issariyam bhoga sukha dabarika pi 

bhunjahi kamabhoge vareyyam ^ hotu te putta. 464. 

Atha ne bhanati Sumedha ma edisakani^ bhavagatam 

pabbajja va hohitis maranam va"^ tena c'eva vareyyam.^ 465. 
Kim iva putikayam asucim ^ savanagandham7 bhayanakam 
kunapam abhisamviseyyam ^ gattam 9 sakipaggbaritam ^° 

asucipunnam. 466. 
Kim iva t'abam jananti vikiilakam mamsasonitapalittam 
kimikulalayam sakunabbattam " kalevaram ^^ kissa diy- 

yati ^3 ti. 467. 
Nibbuybati susanam aciram kayo apetaviiinano 
cbuttbo kabiigaram ^4 viya jiguccbamanebi natibi. 468. 
Cbaddima ^s nam susane parabbattam nbayanti ^^ jiguc- 

niyaka matapitaro kim pana sadbarana ^7 janata. 469. 
Ajjbosita asare kalevare attbinbarusamgbate ^^ 
khelassumuccbassavaparipunne ^9 piltikayambi. 470. 
Yo nam vinibbbnjitva 2° abbhantaram assa bahiram kayira 
gandbassa asahamana saka pi ^i mata jiguccbeyya.-^ 471. 
Khandbadbatuayatanani samkhatam 23 jatimuiakam 
dukkbam yoniso arucim bbananti 24 vareyyam kissa iccbey- 

yam.25 472. 
Divase divase tl sattisatani navanava pateyyum kayamhi 
vassasatam pi cagbato^s seyyo dukkbassa c'eva kbayo. 473. 

^ dhareyyam, cd. ^ edisaka, cd. ; edisikani, m. 

3 bohisi, cd. 4 va om. cd. ^ dbareyyam, cd. 

^ 'isuci, cd. 7 sasanagandbam, cd. ^ °viseyya, cd. 
9 bbastam, m. ^° sakim p°, cd. ^^ sakuna°, cd. 
^2 kalevara, cd. ^3 riyati, cd. 

14 kalikaram, cd. ^s cbaddbana, cd. ; cbuttbiina, m. 

^6 paresam bbattam nayanti, cd. ^7 sadbarano, cd. 

18 osamghate, m. ^9 kbelasuccbadassavap°, cd. m. 

20 vinibbbajjitva, cd. 21 sakkaram pi, cd. 

22 jigiiccbeyyam, cd. 23 samkbatam, cd. 

24 anivigananti, cd. 25 iccbeyyum, cd. 26 sangbato, cd. 

THERI GATHA. 73. 277 

Ajjhupiigacche ghritain ^ yo vinnii evam- satthuno vacauam 
digho tesam 3 sanisaro •+ puuappunaiii hannamrinriuani. 474. 
Devesu manussesu 5 ca tiracchruiayoniya asurakaye 
petesii ca nirayesu ca aparimitri ^ dlyante ghata.7 475. 
Nirayesu bahii *^ vinipfitagatassa kilissdmanassa 
devesu pi attanam 9 nibbrimisukhri param n'attlii. 470. 
Patta te ^° nibbilnam ye yatta dasabalassa pavacane 
appossLikka ^^ ghateuti jatimaranappahfmriya. 477. 
Ajj' eva tata ^^ abhiuikkhamissam bliogelii kim asarehi '3 
nibbinna ^^ me kama vantasama/5 talavatthukata. 478. 
Sa c'eva ^^ bbauati pitaram Anikaratto ^7 ca yassa diuua ^^ 
upayasi pitaruuavuto yareyyam ^9 upatthite kale. 479. 
Atha asitanicitamuduke -° kese khaggena chindiya 
Sumedha pasadam pidhatvri -^ pathamajjhanam 22 sama- 

pajji. 480. 
Sa ca tabim samapanna ^3 Anikaratto ^-^ ca agato nagaram 
pasade 'va Sumedha aniccasaiiua su bhaveti. 481. 
Sa ca 25 manasikaroti Anikaratto ^6 ca aruhi turitam 
mauikanakabhusitango kataiijali yacati Sumedham.^/ 482. 
Kajje ana dhanam issariyam bhoga sukha daharika pi 28 
bhufljclhi -9 kamabhoge kamasukha sudullabha loke. 483. 
Nisattbam 3° te rajjam bhoge bhuiijassu dehi danani 
ma dummana ahosi matapitaro te dukkhita.3i 434^ 

I ghata, cd. ~ eva, cd. ^ yo^ m. 

4 tesam saro, cd. 5 manussesu, cd. ^ aparimito, cd. 

7 diyate ghato, m. cd. ^ babuhi, cd. 

9 atanam, m. cd. ^^ tassa te, cd. ^^ apposukka, cd. 
12 tata, cd. 13 pasarebi, cd. ^^ nibbana, cd. 

i5 vantam s°, cd. ^^ sa c'eva, cd. 

17 Anikar°, cd. ^^ ssa sa dinna, cd. 

^9 ubhayaya pi tarunavata dhareyyam, m. cd. 
20 amitan°, cd. -^ c^ipinatvcl, cd. ^2 ojjbane, cd. 

23 sammapanna, cd. -4 Aiiik°, cd. -5 sa 'va, cd. 

2^ Aiiik^, cd. 27 Sumedha, cd. ^8 daharika si, m. 
29 bhuiljami, cd. 3° nissattham, cd. 

31 duve dukkb°, cd. 


Tarn tarn bbanati Sumedha kamehi anatthika vigatamoha 
ma kame abhinandi kamesv' adinavam passa. 485. 
Catuddipo raja Mandhata asi ^ kamabbogmam aggo 
atitto 2 kalamkato na ca tassa paripiirita icoha. 486. 
Satta ratanani^ vasseyya vnttbima dasadisa4 samantena 
na c'atthi titti^ kamanam atitta 'va maranti nara. 487. 
Asisiiliipuma kama kama ^ sappasiropama 7 
ukkopama anudabanti attbikankalasannibha.s 488. 
Anicca addbuva kama bahudukkba mabavisa 
ayogulo va santatto a,gbamula dukkhapphala.9 489. 
Eukkhapbaliipama kama mamsapesupama dukba ^° 
supinopama vancaniya kama yacitakupama. 490. 
Sattisuliipama kama rogo gando agbam nigbam 
angarakasusadisa agbamiilam bhayam vadho. 491. 
Evam babudukkha kama akkbata antarayika 
gaccbatba na me bbavagate vissaso attbi attano. 492. 
Kim mama paro karissati attano sisambi dayhamanambi 
anubandbe jaramarane " tassa gbataya^^ gbatitabbam. 493. 
Dvaram apapunitvana 'yam ^3 matapitaro Anikarattan ^"^ ca 
disvana cbamam ^s nisinne rod ante ^^ id am avoca. 494. 
Digho balanam samsaro punappunam ca rodatam 
anamatagge pitu marane bbatu vadbe attano ca vadbe. 495. 
Assu tbafinam^7 rudbiram samsarani anamataggato saratba^^ 
sattanam samsaritam ^9 sarabi attbinam ca ^° sannica- 

yam. 496. 
Sara ^i catiiro' dadbi upanite assutbannarudbiramhi 22 
sara ^3 ekakappam attbinam 24 sancayam Vipulena sa- 

mam. 497. 

I asi, cd. 2 ]^ama titto, cd. ^ sabba rat°, cd. 

4 asadisa, cd. s tittbi, cd. ^ kama oni. m. cd 

7 sabbaBir°, m. ^ oi^ankala", m. cd. 9 oppala, cd. 
1° dukkba, cd. ^^ °marana, cd. ^^ ghataya, m. 

13 otvanabam, cd. ^4 Anik°, cd. ^5 disvana mam, cd. 
16 rodente, cd. ; rodanti, m. ^7 dbannam, cd. 

18 ©to ca atba, cd. ^9 samsaratam, m. ^o q^l om. cd. 
21 sara, cd. ^2 ©(ji^annam, cd. ; °rucirambi, m. 

23 param, cd. ^^ attbiram, cd. 

ther! gatha. 73. 279 

Anamatagge samsarato ^ mabim - Jaml)uclipam upanltaiii 
kolattbimattagiiHkfi matfipitusv 3 eva na ppalionti, 498. 
Sara -^ tiiiakattbain "^ sakbapalasam upaiiitaui anamatag- 

pitusu caturangulika gbatika pitupitusv^' eva na ppa- 

bonti. 499. 
Sara kriiiakaccbapaiu pubbe sainuclde aparato ca yugaccbid- 

siram tassa ca patimukkaiii7 inanussablbbambi opam- 

mam.^ 500. 
Sara rupam pbenapiiidopamassa 9 kriyakaiino asarassa 
kbaudhe ^° passa auicce sarabi " niraye babuvigbate. 501. 
Sara katasim vaddbente ^^ punappunam tasu tasu jatisu 
sara kumbbibibbayani ca sarabi cattari saccani. 502. 
Amatambi vijjamane kim tava paiicakatukena pitena ^3 
sabba bi kamaratiyo katukatara paiicakatukena. 503. 
Amatambi vijjamane kim tava kamebi ye parilaba 
sabba bi kamaratiyo jalita kiitbita^^ kupita^s santapita.^^ 504. 
Asapattambi ^7 samTme kim tava kamebi ye babusapatta ^^ 
rajaggicoraudakappiyebi sadbarana kama babusapatta. 505. 
Mokkbambi vijjamane kim tava kamebi yesu bi vadha- 

kamesu bi vadbabandbo kamakama ^9 dukkbani anubbon- 

ti. 500. 
Adipita tinukka gaiibantam dabanti n'eva muncantam ^° 
ukkopama bi kama dabanti ye te na muilcanti. 507. 
Ma appakassa hetu kamasukbassa vipulain jabi "^ sukbam 

^ samsarato, cd. ^ mabi, cd. ^ matfimatusv, m. 
4 sara am. m. 5 tinakattbassa, cd. ^ matfipitusv, cd. 
7 paripunnam, cd. ^ upamam, cd. 

9 opamaya, cd. m. ^° nandbe, cd. ^^ parabi, cd. 
12 vaddbante, cd. ; vaddbente, m. ^^ mitena, cd. 

14 kudbita, m. ^^ kupita oni. m. ^^ santappita, cd. 
17 asampatt°, cd. ^^ babusamatta, cd. 

^9 kamesu bi asakama, m. ; vadbabandbo om, cd. 
2o muccantam, m. ^i jabe, cd. 


ma puthulomo va balisam gilitva paccha vihannasi.^ 508. 
Kamam kamesu damassu^ tava sunakho va sankhalabaddho^ 
khahinti^ khii tarn kama5 chata sunakham va candala. 509. 
Aparimitam ca dukkham bahuni ca cittadomanassani 
anubhobisikamesuyutto.^ Patinissaja addhuve7kame. 510. 
Ajaramhi vijjamane kim tava kamehi ye sujara 
maranavyadbigahita ^ sabba sabbattha jatiyo. 511. 
Ham ajaramidam amaram idam ajaramarapadam asokam 9 
asapattam ^° asambadham akhalitam abhayam nirupata- 

pam. 512. 
Adbigatam idam bahiihi amatam ajjapi ca labhaniyam idam 
yo yoniso payuiijati" na ca sakka aghatamanena.^^ 513^ 
Evam bbanati Sumedha sankbaragate ratim ^^ alabbamana 
animenti ^4 Anikarattam kese'va chamam cbupi ^^ Sume- 
dha. 514. 
Uttbaya Anikaratto paiijaliko yaci ^^ tassa pitaram so 
vissajjetba Sumedbam pabbajitum vimokkhasaccadas- 

sa.^7 515. 
Vissajjita matapitubi pabbaji sokabbayabhita 
cha abhinna sacchikata aggapbalam sikkbamanaya. 516. 
Acchariyam abbhutan tarn nibbanam asi rajakannaya 
pubbenivasacaritam yatba vyakari pacchime kale. 517. 
Bhagavati Konagamane sangbaramamhi navanivesamhi 
sakhiyo tini janij^o vibaradanam adasimba. 518. 
Dasakkhattum satakkhattum dasasatakkhattum satani ca 

devesu upapajjimba. Ko pana vado manussesu. 519. 
Devesu mabiddhika abumba. Manussakamhi ko pana^^ vado. 

I Vxbannati, cd. ^ ramassu, cd. 

3 sankhanam bandho, cd. ; sankbanubandbo, m. 

4 kabanti, cd. ; kahinti, m. 5 kama, cd. 
^ kamayutto, m. cd. 7 patinissada andbave, cd. 
s °badbi°, cd. 9 idan tamaramaranapaduso, cd. 

1° atbapattbam, cd. " payujjati, cd. 

^2 aghatamane, cd. ^3 rati, cd. m arunenti, cd. 
i5 tbubhi, cd. ^^ yava, cd. 

^7 odassami, cd. ^^ pana om. m. 

therT gatiia. 73. 281 

Sattaratanassa mahesi itthiratanam ahani asi.^ 520. 
So beta so pabhavo tain mulam sattbii sasane ^ kbanti 
tain patbamain samodbanam tain dbammarataya nil)!);!- 

iiam. 521. 
Evam katbenti 3 ye saddabanti vacanaiu anomai)arinassa 
nibbiudanti l)bavaj];ate nil)l)inditvri virajjantT ti. 522. 

Ima gatba abbasi. Tattba M a n t a v a t i y a d a g a r e 
ti Mantavati ti evamnamake nagare. R a ii ii o K o n - 
c a s s a ti Koucassa naraa raiifio mabesiyfi kuccbimbi jata 
dbltii tisi. S u m e d b Ti ti namena Sumedbri. P a s a - 
dika4 sasaiiakarebiti sattbu sasanakfirebi ariyebi 
dbammadesanaya sasane pasfidika saiijataratanattayappa- 

Si lav at! acarasllasampanna. Cittakatba ti 
cittadbammakatba. B a b u s s u t a pariyattidbammassa 
saiitbitci. B 11 d d b a s a s a n e v i n 1 1 a ti evam pabba- 
janti evam nibbanti iti silam iti samadbi iti panna iti 
suttanugatena yonisomanasikarena saiigato -^ kilesanam 
vinigatatta buddbanam sasane vinlta samyatakayavricfi- 
citta. Ubbayo nisametba ti tumbe dve pi mama 
vacanam nisametba. Matapitaro iipagantva^ 
bbanati ti yojana. 

Y a d i pi d i b b a m ti 7 devaloke pariyapannam pi 
bbavagatam nama sabbam j)i a s a s s a t a m ^ aniccam 
dukkbam viparinamadbammam. Kim an gam pana 
t u c c b a k a m a ti kim aiigam pana manussakama ye 
sabbe pi asata 'va bbjivato tiiccbci ritta sattbadbrirayam 
madbubindu viya appassada etarahi ayatin ca vipula- 
dukkbataya b a b u v i g b a t a . 

K a t u k a ti anittba sappatibbayattbena a s i v i s a - 
s a d i s a . Yesu kamesu m u c c b i t a ti ajjbositri. 
S a m a p p i t a ti sakammuna sabbaso appita kbittfi upa- 

^ asim, m. - savastisane, m. cd. 3 karonti, m. cd. 
■^ pasadbita, cd. ^ tangato, cd. ^ ugantva, cd. 

7 dibbati, cd. ^ apassapatani, cd. 


panna ti attbo. H a n n a n t e ti badhiyanti vinipatenti ^ 

A c e t a n a ti attabitacetanaya abbavena acetana. 
Dukkbasamudayoruddha ti tanbanimittasamsare 
aparuddba. Desente ti catusaccadbamme desiyainane. 
A j a n a n t a ti attbam ajananta. N a b u j j b a r e 
ariyasaccani ti dukkbadini ariyasaccani no pati- 

A m m a ti mataram pamukbam katva alapati. Te 
babutara ajananta ye abbinandanti bba- 
vagatam pihanti^ devesu upapattins ti te 
buddbavaradesitani saccani ajananta te yeva ca imasmim 
loke babutara ti yojana. 

B b a V a g a t a n i c c a m b I ti sabbasmim bbave 
anicce '^ devesu upapatti nasassata.5 Evam sante ^ pi 
na ca santasanti bala na uttasanti na samvegam 7 
apajjanti. P u n a p p u n a m j a y i t a b b a s s a apara- 
param upapajjamanassa. 

Cattaro vinipata ti nirayatiraccbanayonipeta- 
visayaasurayoni ^ ti ime cattaro 'sukbasamussayato 
vinipatagatiyo. Manussadevupapattisaiicitc\9 pana dve 
ca gatiyo. K a t b a ii c i kiccbena kasirena 1 a b b b a n t i . 
Pufinakammassa dukkaratta n i r a y e s u ti sukbarabitesu 

A p p s s u k k a ^° ti annakiccesu nirussukka. G b a t i s - 
s a ni ti vayamissam " bbavanam anuyunjissami. 

Kayak alina asarena kim abbinanditena 
ti yojana. Bbavatanbaya nirodba ti bbava- 
gataya tanbaya nirodbabetu nirodbanattbam. B u d d b a- 
nam u p p a d o 1 a d d b o v i v a j j i t o nirayuppattiadiko 
attbavidbo a k k b a n o . K b a n o navamo kbano 
laddbo ti 3'ojana. Silani ti catuparisuddbisllani. 

^ vinipateti, cd. ^ vibanti, cd. 3 upapatti, cd. 

4 anicca, cd. ^ passita, cd. ^ santa, cd. 

7 samvega, cd. ^ pittivisayo°, cd. 9 osanjata, cd. 

^° apposukka, cd. " vayamisam, cd. 

THERI GATIIA. 78. 283 

B r a b m a c a r I y a n ti sasaiiabrahmacariyani. N a d u - 
s e y y a n ti na kopeyyilmi. 

N a t a V a a h a r a in a li a r i y a in g a b a t t b a ti 
n'eva tava abani gabattbfi butva fibaram abariyrimi. Sace 
pabbajjani ^ na labbissami ni a r a n a v a s a m e v a g a t a 
b b a V i s s a m 1 ti e v a in S u in e d b a m fi t a jm t a r o 
bb a II a tl ti yojana. 

A s s a ti Sumedbaya. S a b b a s o s a m a b b i s a, t o 
ti assa pita - sabbaso abbisfitasukbo. Gbatenti safi- 
fi a p e t u n ti p a s a d a t a 1 e c b a ma p a t i t a in 
Sumedbam matfi ca pita ca gibibbavaya samiapetum 
gbatenti vayamanti. Gb a t e n t i (!) pi patbo. So eva 

Kim socitena ti ''pabbajjani na labbissami" ti 
kim socanena. Dinna si Yar a ii a vat i m b i 3 Yara- 
navatinagare dinna asi, Dinna si ti vatva puna pi 
dinna ti vacanam dalbam 4 dinnabbavadassanattbam. 

Eajje ana ti Anikarattassa rajje tava aini pavatti. 
Dbanam issariyan ti imasmim kule patikule ca 
dbanam issariyam ca. Bboga sukbfi ativiya ittba 
bboga ti sabbam idam tuybam upattbitam battbagatam. 
D a b a r i k a taruna. Tasma b b u n j a b i k a m a - 
b b g e . Tena karaiiena d b a r e y y a m b o t u t e 
put t a ti yojana. 

N e ti matapitaro. Ma e d i s i k a n i ti evarupani 
rajje anadini ma bbavantu. Tasma ti ce aba bbava- 
gatam asaran ti adi. 

Kim iva ti kim viya.^ Piitikayan ti imam piiti- 
kalevaram. S a v a n a g a n d b a n ti visattbagandbam. 
Bbayanakan ti avitaraganam bbayavabam. Kuiia- 
pam abbisamviseyyam bbastan^ ti kuna- 
pabbaritam cammapasibbakain. Sakipaggbaritain7 
a s u c i p u 11 n a m nanappakjlrassa asucino ^ puniiain 

I pabbajam, cd. ^ pj ^j^ c(j. 3 ovatim pi, cd. 

4 dalbim, cd. 5 kimi viya, cd. 

^ abbisamviseyyabbattan, cd. ^ pakip^', cd. 

^ asuno, cd. 


hutva sakim ^ viya sabbakalam ^ adhippaggharantam 
mama idam ti abhiniveseyyam. 

Kim i V a t ' a h a m j a n a n t i v i k u 1 a k a u 3 ti 
ativiya patikulam asucihi mamsapesihi sonitehi ca u p a - 
1 i 1 1 a m anekesam kimikulanam alayam sakunanam 
bhattabhiitam. Kimikulale sakunabhattam ti 
pi patbo. Kiminam avasittham sakunanaii ca bbatta- 
bbutan -^ ti attbo. Tarn abam kalevaram jananti thita 
kammam idani dhareyyavasena kassa kena nama kara- 
nena diyyatl 5 ti dasseti tassa tan ca danam kim iva kim 
viya boti ti yojana. 

N i b b u y b a t i s u s a n a, m a c i r a k a y o a p e t a - 

V i n ii a n o ti ay am kayo acirena ca apagatavinnano 
susanam nibbuj^bati upaniyati. Chuttbo^ ti cbaddito. 
K a 1 i n g a r a m viya ti nirattbakakattbakbandasadiso. 
J i g u c c b a m a n e b i 7 n a t i h i ti janebi pi jiguccha- 

C b a (1 d u n a ^ nam s u s a n e chaddetva. P a r a - 
bbattan ti paresam sonasigabxdmam annabbatam. 
Nbayanti9 jiguccbanti ti imassa paccbato agata 
ti ettaka pi jiguccbamana sasisam nimujjanti nbayanti ^° 
pag eva puttbavanto.^^ Niyaka matapitaro viya 
attano matapitaro ^dl Kim p a n a ^^ s a d h a r a n a 

V i j a t a ti. Itaro 2^ana samubo jiguccbati ti kim eva 

A j j b s i t a tanhavasena abhinivittba. A s a r e ti 
niccasaradisararabite vinibbbujitva^s viunanavinibbhogam 

Gandhassa as a bam ana ^4 ti gandbam assa 
kayassa a&abanti. S a k a pi m a t a ti attano mata pi. 
J i g u c c b e y y a ti kottbasanam vinibbhujanena ^^ pati- 

^ pakim, cd. ^ sabbakaram, cd. 3 vikulan, cd. 

4 bbutan onli/, cd. 5 dissati, cd. ^ cbuddbo, cd. 

7 jiguccbamane, cd. « chaddana, cd. 9 nayanti, cd. 
^° nayanti, cd. i^ pbuttbav°, cd. ^^ ]^[^j j^a, cd. 

^3 vinibbuj°, cd. 14 abamana, cd. 

^5 vinibbhajjanena, cd. 

THEra GATiiA. 73. 2^5 

kulablifivriya sutthiitarani upattliahauato. K b a u d li a - 
d h a t u a y a t a ii a ni ti rupakkbandliadayo ime pafica 
khandbfi eakkbudbatuadayo ima aUbfirasa dbfituyo cakkbTi- 
yatanadini imfmi dyfidasayatanrini ti evam kbandbadba- 
tuyo ;1yatanani c.l ti sabbam idaiu ruparupadbammajrita- 
saccasambbuyyapaccayebi katatta s a li k h a t a m na 
yidam tasmini bbave pavattamanadukkbam. Jatipacca- 
yatta j fi t i m ii 1 a k a m ti evam y o n i s o upayena a r u - 
c i m ^ b b a n a n t i viuayariti. I> b fi r e y y a in vivabam. 
Kissa kena = karanena iccbisstimi. Silaiii brabma- 
cariyam pabbajjadukkarci ti yad etam mfitapitubi vuttain 
tassa pativacauam datum d i v a s e ti adi vuttam. 

Tattba d i v a s e tl s a 1 1 i s a t a u i n a v a ii a v a p a - 
teyyum kayambi ti diue dine tiiii sattisatani tavad 
eva nisitanisitabbavena abbinavclui kriyasmim sampatey- 
yum. V a s s a s a t a m pi c a g b a t o s e y y o ti niran- 
taram vassasatam pi patamano yatbavutto sattigbato 
seyyo. Dukkbassa c'eva kbayo ti evam cev'atta- 
dukkbassa parikkbayo bbaveyya. Evam mabantam pi 
pavattidukkbam adbivasetva nibbanadbigamriya ussfibo 
karaniyo ti. Ajjbupagacche ti sampaticcbeyya. Evan 
ti vuttanayena idam vuttam boti : yo puggalo anamatag- 
gam samsaram aparimanam ca vattadukkbam dlpentam 
sattbuno vacanam viniiaya yatbavuttam sattigbataduk- 
kbain sampaticcbej^ya tena c'eva vattadukkbassa parik- 
kbayo siya ti. Tenaba : d i g b o t e s a m s a m s a r o 
p u n a p p u n a m h a n ii a m a n a n a in ti aparfiparam 
jatijaravyadbimaranadlbi badbiyamananan ti attbo. 

A s u r a k a y e ti kalakaujakadipetasuranikaye. G b a t a 
ti kayacittanam upaghata. Babii ti pancavidbabandba- 
nadikammakaranavasena pavattiyamana l)abu anekagbfita. 
V i n i p a t a g a t a s s a ti sesapayasankbatam vinipatain 
upagatassa pi. K i 1 i s s a m ti n a s s a ti tiraccbfinadiatta- 
bbcivato abbigbatildibi abadbi3'amanassa. 

D e V e s u pi a 1 1 a ii a n ti devassa bbiivesu pi attanam 
n'atthi ragaparilahadina sadukkbti savigbatabbavato. Nib- 

^ aruci, cd. ^ sandassa keua, cd. 


b a n a s u k b a p a r a m n ' a 1 1 h i ti uibbauasukbato 
param amiam uttamam sukbam nama n'attbi. Lokiya- 
siikhassa viparinamasaukbaradukkhasabbavatta. Tenaba 
bbagava : nibbanam paramam sukban ti. 

P a 1 1 a t e ^ n i b b a n a ij ti te nibbanappatta yeva 
nama. Ye yutta dasabalassa pavacane ti 
sammasambuddbassa sasane ye yuttapayutta. 

Nibbinna ti viratta. Me ti may a. Yantasama 
ti sunavamadhusadisa. T al a v a ttb u k a t a ti talassa 
cbinditatthauasadisa kata. 

Atba ti paccba matapitunam attano ajjbasayam pave- 
detva Anikarattassa ca agatabbavam sutva. A s i t a n i - 
citamuduke^ ti indanilabbamarasamanavannataya 
asitagbanabbavena nicite, simbalikulasamasampbassa- 
naya mudiike. Kese kbaggena cbindiya ti attano 
kese suuisitena asina cbinditva. P a s a d a n c a p i - 
d b a t V a ^ ti attano vasanapasade sirigabbbam pidbaya 
tassa dvaram tbaketva 4 ti attbo. P a t b a m a j j b a n a m 
samapajjT ti kbaggena cbinne attano kese purato tbapetva 
tattba patikulamanasikaram pavattenti yatba upattbite 
nimitte uppannam patbamam jbanam bbavam apadetva 
samapajji. Sa ca Sumedba tahim pasade samapannajjba- 
nan ti adbippayo. Aniccasailna su bbaveti ti 
jbanato vuttbabitva jbanam padakam katva vipassanam 
pattbapetva yam kiiici rupan ti adina auiccilnupassanam 
suttbu bbaveti. Aniccasaiinagabanen'evam ettba dukkba- 
saiiiiadinam pi gabanam katam ti veditabbam. 

M a n i k a n a k a b h u s i t a n g ti maiiivivittebi bema- 
laiikarebi vibbusitagatto. 

E a j j b a n a ti adina tbitakaranidassanam. Tattba ana 
ti adbipaccam. Issariyan ti 3'aso vibbavasampat- 
tibboga. S n k b a ti ittba manapiya kamiipabboga. 
D a b a r i k a si ti tvam idani dabara taruiii asi. 

N i s a 1 1 b a n 5 t e r a j j an ti maybam sabbam pi tiyo- 
janikam rajjam tuybam pariccattam. Tarn patipaj- 

^ patta ve, cd. ^ amita°, cd. ^ ^api tbatva, cd. 

4 tbakketva, cd. 5 nissattban, cd. 

THEHI GATHA. 73. 287 

jitvfi b h o <]j e ca b h u u j ass u. Ayani niaiu kame 
yeva nimanteti ti. M ft d u m m a u a a h o s i d c h i 
d a n a n i yatharuciyfi mahautani danfmi samaiiabrahma- 
nesu pavattehi. M a t a p i t a r o t e d u k kbit a doma- 
nassappattri tava pabbajjiuidbippfiyaiu sutvfi. Tasma kame 
paribbunjantl te pi upattbahanti tesam cittam dukkbain 
mocesi. Evam ettba padattbayojanfi veditabbfi. 

M ii k a me a b b i n a n d i ti vattbukfimc kilesaka- 
mebi abbiuaudi. Atbo kbo tesu kfimesu a d I n a v a m 
dosam maybani vacanrinusrirena passa nanacalvkbuna 

C Ti t u d d T p ^ ti Jambudipadlnam catunnani maha- 
dipanain issaro. Mandbata ti evamnamo raja. 
Kamabboginam aggo aggabbuto ilsi. Tenaba 
bhagava : Eabu 'ggam attabhavlnam Mandbatfi ktlmabbo- 
ginan ti. A t i 1 1 o k a 1 a n k a t o ti caturasiti vassasa- 
bassani kumarakilavasena caturasiti vassasabassani opa- 
rajjavasena caturasiti vassasabassani cakkavatti raja deva- 
bbogasadise bboge bbuiljitva cbattimsa sakkanam ayup- 
pamanakalam tavatimsabbavane saggasampattim anubba- 
vitva pi kamebi atitto 'va kalaiikato, kamesu na c'assa 
p a r i p u r i t a i c c b a . 

S a 1 1 a r a t a 11 a n i v a s s e y y a ti ^ satta pi rata- 
nani. Y u 1 1 h i m a 3 devo. D a s a d i s fi vyapetva. 
SamaDtena samantato purisassa rucivasena yadi pi 
vasseyya. A'atba tvam Mandbatu mabarajassa evam 
sante pi na vijjati t i 1 1 i k a m a n a m ; kamanani a t i 1 1 a 
' V a m a r a n t i n a r a . Tenaba bbagava : na kabapaiia- 
vassena titti kamesu vijjati ti. 

A s i s u 1 u p a m a k a m a adbikuttanattbena. S a p- 
p a s i r u p a m a k a m a sappatibbayattbena. U k k u- 
p a m a ti tinukkupama anudabanattbena. Tenaba : 
a n u d a b a n 1 1 ti a 1 1 b i k a ii k a 1 a s a n n i b b a ap- 
pasadattbena mabavisa ti bab"ibab~idimabavisasadisri 
agbadukkbassa mulakaranabbuta. Tenaba riikkbapbahi ti. 

^ catudipo, cd. ^ ratanani seyyana ti, cd. 

3 vuddbima, cd. 


E u k k h a p h a 1 ii p a m a angapaccanganam pliali- 
bhaiijanatthena. Mamsapesupama bahusadharanat- 
thena. Supinupama ittarapaccupattbanattliena 
maya viva palobhanato. Tenaha v a n c a n i y a ti 
vancaniya ti attbo. 

Yacitakiipama ti yacitakabbandasadisa tava 

Sattisuliipama vinivijjhanattbena. Eujattbe rogo. 
Dukkbata sulayo g a n d o. Kilesasu vippaggharanato ^ 
dukkbuppadanattbena a g b a m. Maranasampapanena 
nigbam. Angarakasusadisa mahabbitapanat - 
tbena bbayabetutaya ceva vadbababutaya ca b b a y a m 
V a d b nama kama ti yojana. 

Akkbata antarayika saggamaggadbigamassa 
nibbanagamimaggassa ca antarayakaratta ca cakkbubbute 
bnddbadibi vutta. 

G a c c b a t b a 2 ti Anikarattam sadisam vissajjeti. 

K i m 3 mama p a r o k a r i s s a 1 1 ti. Paro anno. 
Mama kim nama bitam karissati ti. Attano sisambi 
uttamangam ekadasabi aggibi daybamano. Tenaba : 
a n u b a n d b e j a r a m a r a n e ti tassa jaramaranassa 
sisadabassa. Gbataya4 samuggbataya gbatitabbam 

Cbaman ti cbamayam. Idam avoca ti. 

D 1 g b b a 1 a n a m s a m s a r o ti adikam samve- 
gasamvaddhanakam vacanam avoca : dig bo balanam 
s a m s a r o ti. Kilesakammavipakavattabbiitanam kban- 
dbayatanadinam patipavattisamkbato samsaro apariiina- 
tavatthukanam andbabalanam digho. Buddhaiianena pi 
aparicbindatiyo yatba bi anupaccbinna avijjatanbanam 
bbavappabandhassa pubbakoti na pannayati. Evam 
sarami koti ti p u n a p p u n a m r o d a n t a m aparaparam 
sokavasena rudantanam imina pi avijjatanba tarn aparic- 
cbinnam tass'eva tesam vibbaveti ti. 

Assu tbannam rudbirans ti yam iiativyasa- 

^ cipaggbar°, cd. ^ gaccbata, cd. 3 ki, cd. 

4 ghataya, cd. s rudbiyan, cd. 

THERI (tATHA. 73. "289 

ncipliutthriaaui rodantrinam a s s u il ca dfirakakfile ma- 
tutthanato pitam thannaiu yafi ca paccattbikebi 
ghatitriuam r u cl h i r a in s a m s <i r a lu a n a m a t a f^- 
'^ a t o samsarassa auamataggatta [auumatagattilj aviditag- 
gatta imiufi dlghena addhunfi s a 1 1 a n a m s a iii s a- 
r i t a 111 aparfiparani samsarantanani samsaritaiii s a- 
r a t h a tarn ti ca bahukan ti auussarrihi. A 1 1 h i u a m 
s a 11 n i c a }' a m tathfi attblnam saniiicaj'am s a r a b i 
anussara upadbarebi ti attbo. 

Idiiui adinavassabahubhcivani upamaj^a dassetuni : 
s a r a c a t u r o 'd a d b i ti gatbam aba. Tattba 
s a r a c a t u r o ' d a d b T ti u p a n i t e a s s u t h a n n e 
c a r u d h i r a m b I ti iinesam sattanam anamatagge 
samsare Scimsarantanam ekekassa pi atthimhi assumbi 
tbanne rudbiramhi ca pamanato upametabbe c a t u r o 
'dadbl cattaro maliasamudde upamavasena buddhebi 
u p a 11 i t e s a r a sarahi. E k a k a p p a m a 1 1 li T n a m 
s a 11 c a y a m V i p u I e n a s a m a n ti ekassa pug- 
galassa ekasinim kappe attblnam saiicayam Vipula- 
pabbatena samam upanitam. Vuttam bi c'etam : 

Ekass' ekena kappena puggalass' attbisaucayo 
siya pabbatasamo rasi iti vuttam mabesina 
so kho panayam akkbato Yepullo pabbato maba 
uttaro Gijjbakiitassa Magadbaiiam Giribbajan ti, 

M a b a j a m b u d 1 p a m upanitam^ k o I a 1 1 b i- 
m a 1 1 a g u 1 i k a m a t a p i t u s v e v a n a p p a b o n 1 1 
ti. Jambudipo ti saiikbatam mabapatbavim^ padarattbite 
matta darattbike katva tattb' ekekam ayam me matu ayam 
me matumatii ti evam vibbajiyamane ta gulika m a t u m a- 
t u s V 6 V a n a p p a b o n 1 1 ti. Matamiitusu akkbiiiasv 
eva pariyantika gulika parikkbayam pariyadanams gaccbey- 
yum na tv eva anamatagge samsare samsarato4 sattassa 

^ unitam, cd. ^ opathayj^ q^^ 3 mariyadanam, cd. 

"^ samsarato, cd. 



matumataro ti. Evam Jambuclipamahisamsarassa digba- 
bhavena upamabbavena upamtam. Manasikaro bi ti. 

T i n a k a 1 1 b a s a k b a p a 1 a s a n ti tinaii ca kattbaii 
ca sakbapalasan ca. Upanitan ti upamabbavena 
upamtam. Anamataggato ti samsarassa anamatag- 
gabbavato. C a t u r a n g u 1 i k a pi g b a t i k a ti catu- 
raiigulappamanani kbandani. P i t u p i t u s v e v a n a 
p p a b n 1 1 ti pitupitamabesv^ eva ta gbatika na ppabonti. 
Idam vuttam boti : imasmim loke sabbam tinan ca 
kattban ca sakbapabisail ca caturangulika caturangu- 
lika katva tattb' ekekam ayam me pitu ayam me 
pitamabassa ^ ti bbajiyamane ta gbatika 'va parikkbayam 
pariyadanam gaccbeyyum na tv eva anamatagge 
samsare samsarato sattassa pitu pitamaba ti. Evam 
tinakattbaii ca sakbapabisafi ca samsarassa dlgba- 
bbavena upamtam sarabi ti. Imasmim pana tbane 
anamataggo 'yam bbikkbave samsaro pubbakoti na paii- 
iiayati avijjanivaraiianam sattanam tanbasamyojananam 
sandbavatam samsaratam.3 Kim manfiatba bbikkbave 
katamam nu kbo babutaram yam va ito imina digbena 
addbuna sandbavatam samsaratam amanapasampayoga 
kandantanam rodantanam assu punnam paggbaritam yam 
ca catiisu mabasamuddesu udakam tan ti adika anamatagga 
pali abaritabbam. 

Sara k a n a k a c c b a p a n 4 ti ubbayakkbikanam kac- 
cbapam anussara. Pubbasamudde aparato ca 
yugaccbiddan ti purattbimasamudde aparato ca 
paccbimuttaradakkbinasamudde vatavasena paribbba- 
mantn jsa yugassa ekam cbiddam. Siran tassa ca 
patimukkans ti kanakaccbapassa sisam tassa ca 
vassasatassa accayena givam ukkbipantassa sTsassa yugac- 
cbidde ^ pavesanaii ca. 

Sara manussalabbambi7 opamman ti 
na-y-idam sabbam pi buddbuppadadbammadesanade- 

^ pita abesum, cd. ^ pitamassa, cd. ^ (^f Samy. xv. 1. 3. 
4 sarakakaccbap°, cd. "^ patimokkan, cd. 

^ yugga°, cd. 7 para manusse labbimbi, cd. 

THERI GATHA. 73. 291 

vamanussattalriblie opammani ^ katvfi paunfisrirajjabba- 
yassa pi atieca sal)lirivattri. Viittaui hi etain : seyyatlifi 
pi bbikkhave puriso mahfisamudde ekacchiddam yugam 
khipeyyfi ti fidi. 

Sara - riipam phenapiiidopamassfi 3 ti vimaddrisabanato 
phenapindasadisassa anekrinattbasannipatato kriyasai'ikba- 
tassa kalino niceasarildivirahena asarassa riipam asucidng- 
gandbam jeguccbapatikulasabbavam sara. K b a n d b e 
p a s s a a u i c c e ti pafica pi upfidanakkbandhe abbavat- 
tbeua auicce passa nrinacakkhuna olokebi. S arable 
niraye babuvigbate ti babudukkbe mabadukkbe 
ca anussara. 

Sara k a t a s i m v a d d b e n t e -' ti p ii n a p p u n a lu 
t a s u t a s u j fi t i s n aparaparam uppattiya punappunain 
katasim ^ susanam alabanam eva vaddhante satte anussara. 
Yaddbanto 7 ti va pali. Tvam vaddbento ti yojana. K u m- 
b b T 1 a b b a y a n i ti udaraposanattbam akiccakaritava- 
sena odakatabbayani. Yiittani hi kumbbilabbayan ti 
kbo bbikkhave udakattass' etam adhivacanan ti. S ar ilh i 
cattari saccani ti idam dukkham ariyasaccam — pe — 
a^'am diikkbanirodhagamini patipada ariyasaccam ti 
cattjn-i ariyasaccani yathavato anussara upadharebi. Evam 
rajaputti anekrikaravokc'iram avassavasena kamesu sam- 
sare ca adinavam pakasetva idani vyatirekena pi tarn 
pakasetum a m a t a m h i v i j j a m a n e ti adim aba. 
Tattha a m a t a m h i v i j j a m a n e ti sammasambud- 
dhena mabakarunaya upanivesadhammamate upalabbba- 
mane. K i m t a v a p a n c a katukena p i t e n a ti 
apariyesana Tiraka paribbogo vipako cji ti pancasu pi 
tbanesu tikbinataradukkhanubandhataya savighatatta 
saupayasattci kim tuyham pailcakatukena pancakamaguna- 
rasena pitena. Idani vuttam ev' attham pfdvatataram 
karonti aba : s a h b a p i k a m a r a t i y o k a t ii k a- 

^ opamam, cd. ~ para, cd. 3 opamaya, cd. 

4 sarami, cd. 5 vaddhante, cd. ^ katasi, cd. 

7 vaddhante, cd. 


tar a p a ii c a k a t u k e n a ^ ti ativiya katukatara ti 

Ye p a r i 1 a li a ti ye kama sampati kilesaparilahena 
saparilaha mahavighcita j a 1 i t a k u t h i t a k u p i t a 
santapita^ ti ekadasahi aggibi pajjalita pakkuthita 3 
ca hutva tarn samangmam kampanatta santappanatta 4 ca. 

A s a m p a 1 1 a m h i ti sampattarahite nikkhamme. 
S a m a n e ti sante vijjamane. B a h u s a p a 1 1 a ti vatva 
yehi te bahusapatta te dassetum r aj a g gl t i adi vuttam. 
Kajiihi ca aggina ca corehi ca iidakena ca appiyehi ca 
r a j a g g i c o r a u d a k a p p i y e h i s a d h a r a n a t o te 
sattiipama vutta. 

Y e s u V a d h a b a n d h ti yesu kamesii kamanimittam 
maranapotbanadiparikkileso.5 Andubandhanadibandbo ca 
hoti ti attho. K a m e s u ti adi vuttass' ev' attbassa paka- 
takaranam. Tattha bi ti hetuattbe nipato. Yasma 
kamesii kamahetu ime satta vadbabandbanadukkbani anu- 
bbavanti papunanti. Tasma aba : K a m a k a m a nam'' 
ete asanto. Hina blmaka ti attbo. A b a k a m a t i 
va patbo. So ev' attbo. A b a ti bimakapariyayo. Aiia- 
lokittbiyo^ nama ti adisu viya. Adipita ti pajjabta. 
Tinukka ti tinebi kata ukka. Dabanti ye te na 
mnncanti7 ti ye satta tena kamena muilcanti agan- 
banti te dabanti yeva. Ye sampati ayatiii ca jbapenti. 

Ma appakassa betii ti pubbasarasadisassa^ parit- 
takassa kamasukbassa betu. V i p u 1 a m ularam 
panitam ca lokuttarasukbam ma j a b i ma cbaddesi. M a 
putbulomo va balisam gilitva ti amisalobbeua 
babsa^n gibtva9 vyasanam papunanto putbulomo ti laddba- 
namo maccbo viya kame apariccajitva ma paccba 
vihaniiasi paccba vigbatam i° apajjasi.^^ 

S u n a k b v a s a n k b a n a b a d d b o ti yatba gad- 

^ kattbatara pancakattbakena, cd. 
2 kutbika kappita santappita, cd. 3 pakkuttbita, cd. 
'^ kampanata santappanata, cd. ^ maranampotb°, cd. 
^ °lokittiyo, cd. ? muccbanti, cd. ^ pubbassara°, cd. 
9 gilitva. lo vigbatam, cd. ^^ apajji, cd. 

THERI GATHA. 73. 293 

ilnleua baddlio sunakho ^arukabaudliena ^ baddho iipani- 
baddlio annato gautuiii asakkouto tattli' eva paril)bhamati 
evam tvani krimataiibaya baddho. Idani k a ni a ni yadi 
pi k a m e s u t a v a d a in a s s u iudriyfini damehi. 
K a h i n t i k li u t a m k a ma c b a t a s u n a k b a in v a 
candalri ti. Kbii ti uiptitamattam. Te pami kfimri 
tain tathcl karissanti yatba chatajjbattri sapfdva- suuakham 
bibhitva anaj^avyasanam papeuti ti attbo. 

Apariinitan ca dukkbam ti apariinanam etta- 
kam paricchinditum asakkuneyyam nirayadisu kayikam 
dukkbam. B a h li n i c a c i 1 1 a d o m a n a s s a u i ti 
citte labbbamanani babiini anekani domanassani cetoduk- 
kbani. A n u b h o h i s i ti anubbavissasi. K a m e s u 
y u 1 1 o 3 ti kamebi yutto. Te appatinissajjante p a t i n i s- 
saja4 addbuve kame^ ti addbuvebi aniccebi vinis- 
sara apebi ti attbo. 

J a r a m a r a 11 a V y a d h i g a b i t a s a b b a 1 1 h a j a - 
tiyo ti yasma hlnadibbedabbinna sabbattba bbavadisu 
jatiyo jaramaranavyadbina ca gahita tebi aparimutta tasma 
ajarambi nibbane vijjamaue jaradibi aparimuttebi kjlmebi 
kim tava payojanan ti yojana. 

Evam nibbanaguiiadassanamukbena kamesu bbavesu ca 
adlnavam pakasetva idani nibbattitam nibbanagunam eva 
pakasenti idam ajar an ti adina dve gatha abbasi. 
Tattba idam ajar an ti idam ev' ekam attani jarribha- 
vato adbigatassa ca jarabbavahetuto ajar am idam 
amaran^ ti ettbapi es' eva nayo. I dam 7 ajaril- 
m a r a n ti tad ubbayam ekam katva thomanavasena 
vadati. P a d a n ti vattadukkbato muncitukamebi pab- 
bajitabbato patipajjitabbato padam. Sokabetiinam abba- 
vato sokfibbavabetuto ca a s o k a m . Sapattakaradbam- 
mabhavato a s a p a 1 1 a m kilesasambadbabbavato 

a s a m b a d h a m . Khalitasankhatanam duccaritruiam 
abhavena akkhalitain. Attanuvadadibbayrmam 

I gariilabs cd. ^ sopaka. 3 kamayutto, cd. 

4 patinissada, cd. 5 addbuvo kamebi, cd. 

6 maran, cd. 7 idbam, cd. 


vattabhayassa sabbaso abhava a b h a y a m . Dukkbapa- 
tapanalesassapi abhavena n i r u p a t a p a m . Sabbam 
etam amatam amatamahanibbanam eva sandbaya vaclati. 
Tarn hi anussayadisiddhena akarena attano upatthahanti 
tesam paccakkhato dassenti viya i d a n ti avoca. A d h i - 
gatam idam bahuhi amatan ti idam amatam 
nibbanam bahuhi anantam aparimanehi buddhadihi ari- 
yehi adhigatam natam attapaccakkhatam ^ na kevalam tehi 
adhigatam eva atha kho ajjapi ca 1 a b h a n i y a m . 
Idani pi adhigamaniyam adhigantum sakka kena labha- 
myan ti aha. Y o y o n i s o p a y u n j a t i ti yo puggalo 
yoniso upayena satthara dinnaovade thatva yunjati samma- 
payogaii ca karoti tena labhaniyan ti yojana. N a c a 
sakka aghatamanena yo pana yoniso na payuhjati 
tena aghatamanena ca sakka kadaci pi laddhum na sakka 
yeva ti attho. 

E V a m b h a 11 a t i S u m e d h a, ti evam vuttappakarena 
Sumedha rajakamia samsare attano samvegadipani kamesu 
nibbedhabhagini dhammakatham kathesi. S a h k h a r a - 
gate ratim alabhamana^ti anumatte pi sahkharap- 
pavatte ratim avindanti.3 Anunenti Anika rattan 
ti Anikarattam rajanam paniiapenti. K e s e v a c h a m a m 
c h u p i ti attano khaggena chindetva 4 kese va bhumiyam 
khipi chaddesi. 

Y a c i t a s s a 5 p i t a r a m so ti so Anikaratto assa 
Sumedhaya pitaram Koncarajanam yacati. Kin ti yacati 
ti aha ? V i s s a j j e t h a S u m e d h a m p a b b a j i t u m 
vimokkhasaccadassa^ ti Sumedham rajaputtim 
pabbajitT-m vissajjetha. Sa ca pabbajitva vimokkha- 
saccadassa7 aviparitanibbanadassavini hotu ti attho. 

Sokabhayabhita ti nativiyogadihetuto sabbasma pi 
samsarabhayato bhita^ nanuttaravasena utrasta.9 Sikk h a- 

^ °kkhatam, cd. ^ yslH alabbhamana, cd. 

3 abhiavindanti, cd. 4 chinde, cd. 5 yava tassa, cd. 
^ vimokkhapaccayassa, cd. 7 odasa, cd. 

^ bhito, cd. 9 utrasma, cd. 

THERf GATIIA. 73. 295 

m a n a y a ti sikkhainrmaya samrmaya c h a a b li i il u a 
saccliikata tato evaiii aggaplialaiu arahattam sacchi- 
katam. Ac c li a r i y a m ' ab 1) h u t a n ta m nibbfmam 
1X8 1- V fi j a k a n ii a y a ti rajaputtiyii Sumedhaya kilesehi 
parinibbanam abbbutafi ca asi. Chalabhimia va siddhiya 
kathau ti ce ? P u b b en i v fi s a c ar it a in yatha 
V y a k a r i p a c c Lime kale ti paccbime khandbapari- 
uibbanakfile attano pubbenivrisapariyapauuacaritam yatha 
vyakasi tatha tarn janitabban ti. 

Piibbenivasam pana taya yatbfi vyakatam dassetum 
bhagavati Ko nag a mane ti adi vuttam. Tattba 
b h a g a V a t i K o n a g a m a n e sammasambuddhe loke 
uppanne. S a in g h a r a m a in h i n a v a n i v e s a in h I ti 
sangham uddissa abbinavanivesite arame. Sakbiyo 
1 1 11 i j a n i y o v i b a r a d a n a in a d a s i m b a ti Dban- 
aiijaui Kberna abam ca ti mayam tisso sakbiyo aramam 
saiigbassa vibaradjinam adamba. 

D a s a kk b a 1 1 u m s a t a kk h a 1 1 u n ti tassa vibara- 
danassa anubbavena dasavare d e v e s u u p a p a j j i in h a. 
Tato manussesu upapajjitva puna satakkbattum devesu 
upapajjimba, tato pi manussesu upapajjitva puna dasasa- 
takkhattum sabassavarain devesu upapajjimba, tato pi 
manussesu upapajjitva puna satani satakkbattum dasasa- 
bassavare devesu upapajjimba. Ko pana vado ma- 
nussesu evarn uppannavaresu tava n'attbi. Anekasa- 
bassavaram upapajjimba ti attbo. 

Devesu m a b i d d b i k a a b u m b a ti devesu uppan- 
nakale tasmim tasmim devanikaye mabiddbika mabanu- 
bbava abumba. M a nus s a k a m b i ko vado ti manus- 
satte labbe mabiddbikataya katba ca n'attbi. Idani tarn 
eva manussattabbave ukkam satain mabiddbigatain das- 
senti sattaratanassa mabesi ittbiratanam 
a h a m asi ti aha. Tattha cakkaratanadlni sattaratanani 
etassa santi ti sattaratano cakkavattl. Tassa sattarata- 
nassa chadosarabita paiicakalyana atikkantamrmussavau- 
na appattadibbavanna ti evamadiguiiasampannagamena 

acchariya, cd. - asi, cd. 


itthisu ratanabhiita aham abosi. So betii ti yan tarn 
Konagamanassa bbagavato kale saiigbassa vibaradanam 
katam. S o yatbavuttaya dibbasampattiya va betu so 
pabbavo tarn mulan ti tass' eva pariyayavacanam. 
Sasane kbanti ti sa eva idba sattbu sasane dbamme 
nijjbanakkbanti tarn tarn patbamasamodbanan ti. Tad 
eva sattbu sasanadbammena patbamam samodbanam 
patbamo samagamo tad eva sattbu sasanadbamme abbi- 
rataya pariyosane nibbanan ti pbaliipacarena karanam 

Ima pana catasso gatba tberiya Apadanassa vibbavana- 
vasena pavattatta Apadanapajiyam pi ^ sangabam aropita 
osanagatba : e v a m k a r o n 1 1 ti yatba maya purimat- 
tabbave etarabi ca katam patipannam evam anne pi 
karonti patipajjanti. Te evam karonti aba y e 
saddabanti^ vacanam anomapaniiassa ti 
iieyyapariyantikananataya paripunnapannassa samma- 
sambuddbassa vacanam. Y e puggabi saddabantis 
evam etan ti okappanti te evam karonti patipajjanti idani 
tattba ukkamsagataya patipattitam dassetum n i b b i n - 
danti bbavagate nibbinditva virajjanti ti 
vuttam. Tass' attbo : ye bbagavato vacanam yatbavato 
saddabanti te visuddbipatipadam patipajjanta sabbasmim 
bbavagate tebbumike sankbare vipassanapannaya nibbin- 
danti nibbinditva pana ariyamaggena sabbaso virajjanti 
sabbasma pi bbavagata vimuiicanti ti attbo. Virage ti 
ariyamagge adbigate vimutta yeva bonti ti. Evam ettba 
tberiyadayo Sumedba pariyosanagatba, sabbagena idba 
ekajjbam sangabam ariilba dvasattatiparimana ti, bbana- 
varato piaa dvadbika cbasatamatta, tberiya ta sabba pi 
yatba sambuddbassa savikabbavena ekavidba kata, asekba- 
bbavena ukkbittapaligbunayam. (?) Samkinnaparikkbata 
abbuHie sikataya niraggalataya pannabbarataya visaniiut- 
tarataya dasa ariyavasesu vuttbavasataya ca. Tatha bi ta 
pancaiigavippabina cbalangasamannagata caturaiigavasena 

^ °paliyambi, cd. ^ dassabanti, cd. 

3 dassabanti. cd. 

THERI (JATIIA. 73. 297 

ekfirakkba panuiiiifi paecekasaccri samavayatthe saiifLhassa- 
ddbakaya saiikhriraratriyri visaimuttaratriya dasa ariyavaeo. 
Anavilasamkappri suvimuttacittfi suviiiiuttapafina ca iti 
evamadmfi nayena ekavidhfi. Sammuklia parammukba 
bhedato duvidba. Ya sattbu dbaramrinakfdo ariyfiya jfitiya 
jata MabapajripatTgotamiridayo ta sammukba ^ savika nama. 
Y;i pana bbagavato kbandbaparinibbaiiato paccbfi adbiga- 
tavisesa ta sati pi sattbu dbammasarlrassa paccakkbabbTive 
sattbu ca paresam apaccakkbabbavato parammukba savika 
nama. Tatbfi ubbatol)bagapanna vimuttatavaseua idba 
pali. Agata pana ubliatobbagavimutta yeva. Tatba 
Scipadananapadanabbedabbedato. Yiisam bi purimesu sam- 
masambuddbesu paccekabuddbesu savakal)uddbesu va 
puniiakiriyavasena katadbikarata sankbati attbi Apadauam 
t(i Sclpadana. Yasain tarn n'attbi ta napadana. Tatba 
sattbu laddbupasampada ti duvidba. Garudbammapati- 
gabambi biddbupasampada Mabripajapatlgotaml sattbu 
santikil va laddbupasampadatta sattbu laddbupasampada 
nama. Sesa sabba pi sangbato laddbupasampada. Ta pi 
ekato upasampanna ubbato upasampanna ti duvidba. 
Tattba ya ta Mabapajapatigotamiya saddbim nikkbanta 
pancasata Sakiyaniyo ta ekato upasampannTi bbikkbusau- 
gbato eva laddbupasampadatta Mabcipajapatigotamim ^ 
tbapetva itara u1)bato upasampanna, ubbatosangba upa- 
sampadatta ebibbikkbu dukkho viya ebibbikkbuni dukkbo 
idba na labbbati. Bbikkbuninam tatbii upasampadaya 
abbavato yadi evam yan tarn Tbeiigatbaya Subbaddaya 
Kundalakesaya vuttam : 

Nibacca janum vanditva sammukba panjall abam. 
ebi Bbadde ti mam avaca sa me iis' upasampada ti. 

Tatba Apadane pi : 

ayacito 3 tadil aba ebi Bbadde ti nayako 

tadabam upasampanna parittam toyam 4 addasan ti. 

^ samsukba, cd. ^ °gotamiya, cd. 3 mayacito, cd. 
■+ tiyam, cd. 


Na y-imam bhikkhunibhavena iipasampadam sandhaya 
vuttam, upasampadaya pana hetubhavato ya satthu akan- 
khanti sa me as' upasampada ti vuttam. 

Tatha hi vuttam Atthakathayam : Ehi Bhadde bhikkbu- 
nupassayam gantva bhikkhunlnam santike pabbajjam 
upasampajassii ti mam avoca anapesi. Sa satthu ana 
mayham upasampadaya karanattji upasampada ahosi ti. 
Eten' eva Apadanagathaya pi attho samvannito ti 

Evam BhikkhuDivibhange ehibhikkhuni ti. Idam kathan 
ti. Ehibhikkhunibhavena bhikkhunlnam upasampadaya 
abhavato jotanavacanam. TathJi upasampadaya bhikkhu- 
ninam abhavato yadi evam katham ehibhikkhuni ti 
Vibhahge niddeso kato ti. Desanaya sotapattitabhavena 
ayam hi sotapatita ta nama katthaci labbhamanassa pi 
agahanam hoti. 

Yatha Abhidhamme manodhatuniddese labbhamanam pi 
jhanangapancavinnanasotapattitataya na uddhatam kat- 
thaci desanaya asambhavato yatha tatthevatthuniddese 
hadayavatthu katthaci alabbhamanassa pi gahanavasena 
yatha thitakam pi niddese yathaha : katamo ca puggalo 
thitakappi? Ayam ca puggalo sotapattiphalasacchikiriyaya 
patipanno hoti kappassa ca uddayhanavelaya tassa na tava 
kappo uddayhati yavayam puggalo sotapattiphalam sacchi- 
kareyya ti. Evam idhapi labbhamanagahanavasena vedi- 
tabbam. Pai'ikappavacanam sotam sace bhagava bhikkhuni 
tava yogyam kinci matugamam ehibhikkhuni ti vadeyya 
evam pi bhikkhunibhavo siya ti. Kasma pana bhagava 
evam na kathesi ti tatha katadhikaranam abhavato ye pana 
anasanna ^annihitabhavato nikaranam vatva bhikkhu ehi 
satthu asannacari sada sannihita va tasma te ehibhikkhavo 
ti vattabbatam arahanti. Na bhikkhuniyo ti vadanti tarn 
tesam mati mattam satthu asannadurabhavassa bhabba- 
bhabbabhava siddhatta. Vuttam h'etam bhagavata : sah- 
ghatikannam ce pi me bhikkhave bhikkhu gahetva pitthito 
pitthito anubandho assama pade padam nikkhipanto so ca 
hoti abhijjhalu kamesu tibbasarago vyapannacitto padut- 
thamanasankappo mutthassati asampajano asamahito 

THERi tiATHA. 299 

vibbbaDtacitto pakatindriyo atba kbo so araka va mayhaiu 
abafi ca tassa. Tain kissa beta? Dbammaiii so bbikkbave 
bbikkbu na passati dbainmain apassanto inaiu na passati. 
Yojanasatena cl' pi l)liikkbavo bbikkbu vibareyya so ca boti 
anabbijjbalu krunosu na tibbasarago avyapannacitto appa- 
diittbamauasaiikappo iipattbitasati sampajano samabito 
ekag*^acitto samvutindriyo atba kbo so santike ca maybam 
aban oa tassa. Tarn kissa betu ? Dbamoiam bi so bbik- 
kbave bbikkbu passati dbammam passanto mam passati ti. 
Tasmfi akarauam desato sattbu asannanasannata akata- 
dbikrirataya pana bbikkbunmani tattba ayogyata. Tena 
vuttam : ebi bbikkbuui dukkbo idba na labbbatl ti. 
Evamvidba aggasavika mabasavika pakatisavika ti tividba. 
Tattba Kbemfi Uppalavaiiiicl ti imfi dve tberiyo ^ aggasfivika 
nam a, kamam sabbfi pi khinasavatberiyo silavisuddbiadike 
sampadentiyo catusu satipattbanesu supatittbitacittji, satta 
bojjbai'ige yatbasutam bbfivetva maggapatipatiya anava- 
sesato kilese kbepetva aggaphale patittbahanti. Tatba pi 
yatbfi saddbavimuttato ditthippattassa pafmavimuttato ca 
ubhatobbagavimuttassa pubbabbagabbavanavisesasiddbo 
iccbito viseso evam abbinibaramabantata pubbayoga- 
mabantatji bisasantane satisayaguiiavisesa nippbaditatta 
slbldiguiiebi mabanta savika ti mabasavika. Tesu 3'eva 
pana bodhipakkbiyadbammesu pamokkbabbavena dhura- 
bbutanam sammadittbisammcisamadhinam satisayakicca- 
nubhavanibbattiyakaranabhutaya tajjabbinibarabbita ni- 
barataya sakkaccam nirantarain cirakfde samlibutaya 
8ammapatipatti3^a yathakkamam pannaya samadbimbi ca 
ukkamsaparamippattiya avisesam sabbagunebi aggabbave 
thitattfi tfl dve pi aggasavika nama. Mabapajapatlgota- 
miadayo pana abbiniharamabantataya pubbayogamaban- 
tataya ca patiladdbagunavisesavasena mabatiyo savika ti 
mabasavika nama. Itara tberiyo Tissfi - Dbira Dbira ti ca 
evamadika abbinibaramabantatadlni abbavena pakatisfivika 
nama. Ta pana aggasavika viya mabasavika viva canapa- 
rinimita atba kbo anekasata anekasabassa niveditabba. 

I theriya, cd. ^ Tiya, cd. 


Evam aggasavikadibhedato tividha. Tatha sumiatavimok- 
lihadibhedato tividha patipadadivibhagena catubbidba 
indriyadhikavibbagena pancavidba tato patipattiyadivi- 
bbagena pancavidba animittavimuttadivasena cbabbidba 
adbivimnttibbedena sattavidba dburapatipadavibhagena 
attbavidba vimuttivibbageiia navavidha dasavidba ca. 
Te pan' ete yatbavuttena dburabbedena vibbajjamana 
visati bonti, patipadavibhagena vibbajjamana asiti bonti, 
atbava sunnatavimuttadivibbagena vibbajjamana cattabsa- 
dbikani dve satani bonti, puna indriyadbika vibbajjamana 
satta sabassam rekanti(?) ti. Evani etasam tberinam attano 
gunavasen'eva anekabbedabbinnata veditabba. Ayam ettba 
sankbepo. Vittbaro pana bettba Tberagatbcisamvainianaya 
vuttanayen'eva gabetabbo ti. 

Sumedbaya tberiya gatbavainiana samatta. 
Mabanipatavannana nittbita. 

Ettavata ca : 

Ye te sampannasaddbamma dbammarajassa sattbuno 

orasa mukbaja putta dayada dbammanimmita. 

Sibidigunasampanna katakicca anasava 

Snbbiitiadayo tbera tberiyo tberikadayo 

tebi ya bbasita gatba anilavyakaranadina 

ia sabba ekato katva Tberigatba ti samgabam 

aropesum mabathera Tberagatba ti adito. 

Tassa attbam pakasetum poranattbakatbatayam 

saba yassa mayaraddba atthasamvannana maya. 

Sa tattba paramatthanam tattba tattba yatbaraham 

pakasani Paramattbadipani nama namato. 

Samatta aparinittbaiiam anakubiviniccbaya 

dvinavutiparimana paliya bhanavarato. 

Iti tarn sankarontena yam tarn adbigatam maya 

puiinam tassanubhavena lokanatbassa sasanam. 

Obbasetva visuddbaya siLadipatipattiya 

sabbe pi debino bontii vimuttirasabbagino. 

•Ciram tittbatn lokasmim sammasambuddbasasanam 

tasmim sagarava niccam bontii sabbe pi panino. 



Samma vassatu kaloiia devo pi jagatlpati 
saddhammanirato lokam dhammen' eva pasasatu ti. 

Padaratittliavihavavasina Acariyadhammapalattlierc'iia 
kata TherTgathrmaiu atthasamvaniiana nitthitri. 

Tassa Atthakatba esa sakalassapi nittbita 
ciratthitassa dhammassa, nitthapentena taiu mayri. 
Yani pattam kusalam tassa aniil)bavena paiiino 
sabbe saddbammarajassa katva dbammaiu sukbavabaiu 
Pripunantn visuddbaya sukbaya patipattiya 
asokam anupayasam nibbanasukbam uttamam. 
Ciram tittbatu saddbammo dbamme bontu sagarava 
sabbe pi sada kjxlena sammcl devo pavassatu. 
Nibbanapaccayo botu. 




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Therika, 4-7 



Dantika, 51-53 
Devadaliauagara, 75, 140, 152 


Dhananjaul, 130, 273 
Dbammaclinna, XVIU. 5, 15- 

20, 59, 75, 104, 114, 131, 

181, 192 
Dbammasenapati, 168 
Dbamma, 23, 24, 104, 114, 

131, 180, 181, 192 
Dbira, 12 

Nanda, 72 
Nandakumara, 3 
Nandamiilakapabbbara, 140 
Nandci, 91, 92 
Nanduttara, 87-89 
Nalakagama, 162 
Nala, 223 
Neranjara, 224 

Pakubl, XXI. 91-95 
Patacara, XVII. 18, 47, 49, 

104, 108-122, 131, 161, 

181, 192 

Pandavapabbata, 2 
Padumavatl, 39,73, 140, 185- 

Padumuttara, 14, 15, 53, 69, 

82, 91, 95, 99, 102, 112, 

129, 150, 180, 190 
Paseuadi, 22 
Pataliputta, 261, 265 
Phigiya, 222 
PippaHkumfira, 68 
Pukkusa, 222 
Piiniia, 9-11 
apara Punna, XXII. 199-206 

Pbussa, 15, 213 


BaudbumatI, 25, 36, 47, 50, 

58, 70 
Bandbuma, 25, 36, 47, 50 
Babunandi, 222 
Baranasi, j^dssim 
Bimbisara, 3, 39, 66, 127, 131 
Bodbittberi, 261, 265 
Bodbimanda, 2 
Brabmadatta, 73 


BL'aggavassarama, 2 
Bbaddajittbera, 3 
Bbaddavaggiya, 3 
Bbadda Kapiblni, XX. 67-75 
Bbadda Kundalakesa, XYIII. 

87, 9iM08, 114, 131, 181, 

Bbadra, 12, 13 
Bbaddiya, 222 



Bharukacclianagara, 171 
Bhikkhadayikci, 18, 103, 104, 

114, 131, 181, 192 
Bbikkhunl, 18, 104, 113, 114, 

131, 181, 192 
Bhojauavattliu, 135 


Magadha, 106, 127, 162 
Majjha, 139 
Madda, 73, 131 
Mantavati, 272, 274, 281 
Mandhata, 146, 275, 287 
Mahatitthagama, 68, 73 
Malianama, 3 
Mahanidanasutta, 131 
Mahapajapatigotami, XL 3, 

Mahamaya, 141 
Mahamoggallana, 3, 76, 77, 

Mabasatipatthana, 89 
Mahasuppabuddha, 140 
Mara, 61, 64-67, 135, 157, 

158, 163, 164, 198, 199 
Mitta, 12, 13 
Mittakalika, 89, 90 
Mitbila, 125 
MucaliD'^a, 150 
Mutta, XXI. 8, 9 
apara Mutta, XX. 13-15 
Metta, XXI. 36-38 
Mettika, 35, 36 
Meru, 150, 248 

Yasadarakft, 3 


Kajagaha, passim 

Kabu, 8, 287 

Kahula, 1, 3, 81, 144, 145, 

EohaninadI, 3 
Rohini tberi, XXII. 214-220 

Lumbimvaua, 1 


Vakkali, 28 
Vakkula, 8 

Vaiikabarajanapada, 220 
Vajji, 106 
Vaddba, 171-174 
Vacidbamata, XXV. 171-174 
Vaddbesi, XXIV. 75 
Vappattbera, 3 
Varanavati, 272, 275, 283 
Vasettbi, XVII. 124-126, 

Vijaya, 159, 160 
Videha, 69 
Vipassi, 8, 36, 45, 46, 49, 57, 

58, 70, 129, 191, 200, 214 
Vimalakondanna, 207 
Vimala, XXIV. 76, 78 
Visakba, 5, 16, 19 
Visakba, XVIII. 18, 20, 104, 

114, 131, 181, 192 
Veluvana, 127 
Vesab, imssim 
Vessabbu, 57, 58, 200 

Sakubi, see Pakula 




Sakka, 289 

Sanghadayikri, 18, 104, 114, 

131, 181, 192 
Sanpjba, 24 
Safijaya, 8 
Sattbikattliera, 2 
Satthuka, 99-105 
Samanagntta, 18, 104, 114, 

131, 181, 192 
SamanI, 18, 104, 114, 131, 

181, 192 
Salakantha, 222 
Saketa, 137, 138 
Scigala, 68, 73, 131 
Sama, 44, 45 
apara Sama, XXI. 45, 46 
Samavati, 44, 45 
Sariputta, 3, 156 
Savatthi, passim 
Sikbl, 41, 58, m, 200, 213 
Sidilbattha, 35 
Sindbavaranna, 264 
Sitavana, 41 
Slsiipacala, XXIV. 162, 168- 

Sibasenapati, 79 
Siba, XXIV. 78-80 
Sukka, XXIL 57-61 
SucimatI, 73 
Sujata (Padumuttara's agga- 

savaka), 16 
Sujata Pippalaj^aua, 73, see 


Sujata, 231 
Sujata, 2 
Sujata, 136-138 
Suddbodana, 1, 2(1, 83, 125 
Sudbamma, 18, 104, 114, 131, 

181, 192 
Sundari, XXVI. 228-236 
Sundaiinanda, XL 80-8() 
Subhadda, 221 
Subba Kammaradbita, 236- 

Subba Jivakambavanika, 

XXVII. 245-260 
Sumaiigalattbera, 28 
Sumaiigaiamata, 28-30 
SumanadevI, 73 
Sumana, 20, 21 
Sumana vuddbapabbajita, 22, 

Sumitta, 72 

Sumedba, XIX. 130, 272-300 
SurupasarT, 162 
Sulakkbana, 152 
Sela, XXlil. 61-65 
Sona, 95-99 
Soma, XXIII. 66, 67 


Hamsavati, 15, 16, 53, 54, 61, 
62, 67, 69, 82, 92, 95, 99, 
102, 108, 113, 127, 129, 
150, 174, 180, 182, 190, etc. 


(Nouns and adjectives are generally given in their crude form). 

akalla, 270 
akkhalita, 293 
aggikkhandha, 242 
agha, 288 
angarakasu, 288 
angini, 226 
acirakaya, 284 
acetana, 282 
accliara, 252 

accharasanghatamatta, 7C^ 
ajjhosita, 284 
aiijana, 267 
atta, 270 

attbangika, 142, 160 
atthikankala, 287 
atitamsa, 233 
attana, 285 
aduragata, 236 
adhikuttana, 65 
anamatagga, 289, 290 
anagarupanissaya, 242 
anavila, 251 
animitta, 50 
anukampika, 174 
anuratta, 271 

anusasani, 162 
aneja, 245 
anomapanna, 296 
antarayika, 288 
andha, 258 
apatha, 255 
apapika, 281 
appativaniya, 61 
appamatta, 239 
appassada, 244 
appossukka, 282 
abbhuta, 233 
abhimia (6), 295 
abbiyobbana, 211 
ayonisomanasikfira, 79 
arati, 239 
ariyadhana, 240 
ariyamagga, 205 
ariyasaccani (4), 178, 282, 291 
aruci, 285 
avitakka, 78 
avitivatta, 170 
asangamanasa, 259 
asapatta, 293 
asambadha, 293 
asara, 282, 284 



asita, 280 
asurakuya, '285 
asecanaka, Gl, 168 
asoka, 293 
assn, 289 
ahakama, 292 

fikincaiina, 240 
fidJnava, 23, 287 
riyatanani (12), 49, 285 
ayatapamlia, 255 
cwilacitta, 251 
jisava, 94, 173 
aharima, 227 


iiighrdakhu, 256 
itthipada, 199 
itthibhava, 178 
itthirupa, 225 
indriya, 168 


ukka, 287 
nkkhalika, 29 
njjbita, 256 
iincba, 235, 242 
uttbayika, 267 
uttamakulma, 266 
uttamaiigabbiita, 209 
uttamattba, 160 
udakecara, 204 
udadbi (4), 289 
udayabbaya, 90 
upanTta, 289, 290 
upapatti, 282 
upauumita, 255 

upalitta, 284 
upasagga, 242 
npasampada, 107 
uppala, 254, 255 
uppada, 282 
ubbigga, 267 
ummadana, 243 
ummara, 267 
ulfira, 173, 220 
ullapana, 243 
ullolana, 243 
ussanna, 271 


ekaggacitta, 219 
ekattha, 94 

ojava, 168 
oddita, 243 
opamma, 290 
orabbbika, 204 
orambbagamanlya, 158 
orasa, 236 


kaiikana, 211 
katasi, 291 
katuka, 281 
kaimaprili, 211 
katakicca, 236 
kapanika, 178 
kammaphala, 270 
kaliiigara, 284 
kalebara, 254 
kalopi, 219 
kalyanamittatfi, 174 
kanakacchapa, 290 



kanana, 210 
kamahetuka, 243 
kayakali, 282, 291 
karika, 267 
kimi, 270, 271 
kilanaka, 255 
kutlnta, 292 
kupita, 292 
kumagga, 205 
kiimbhi, 219 
kumbhila, 291 
koccha, 267 
kottha, 219 
koriya, 255 
kolatthimatta, 289 


khanda, 211 

khandba (5), 49, 99, 285 
khalita, 211 
khipa, 243 
kbematthana, 242 


ganda, 288 
garuka, 251 
gulika, 289 
gedba, 242 
gehavigata, 234 
gonaka, 255 


gbatika, 269, 290 
ghata, 285, 288 

candala, 293 
caturaiigulika, 290 

cittakatba, 281 
cittappamatbin, 243 
cirassam, 217 
cetopariyanana, 76, 197 
cetosamatba, 119 


cbattaka, 29 
chanda, 21 
cburika, 227 

jajjara, 212 
jaragbara, 213 
jalita, 292 
jatimiilaka, 285 
jatisamsara, 159 
jamata, 269 
jina, 268 

tbiti, 241 

takkari, 226 
tantikbilaka, 257 
tapaniyakata, 252 
tamokkbandba, 10, 65, 160 
tana, 242 
tapana, 243 
tala, 286 

tavatimsa (deva), 169 
tiladandaka, 212 
tuccba, 281 
tun, 254 
tusita (deva), 169 


tbanaka, 212 
tbaiina, 289 





damaka, 'im 
dabara, 2:V.), ^251 
dayadika, 'I^^^^ 
dririikacillaka, 257 
drilimalatthi, 22r) 
dittlii, 165 
dibbacakkhu, 94 
dubbacana, 268 
dubbalika, 211 
dessa, 268 
debaka, 258 
dvangulisamifi, 66 
dvijati, 269 


dbanika, 271 
dbammattba, 244 
dbammasamvega, 174 
dbammadfisa, 179 
dbatu, 20, 21 
dhatuyo (18), 49, 285 
dbareyya, 285 
dbitika, 252 
dbutakilesa, 266 
dhuttaka, 250 
dbuva, 241 


nangala, 270 

nandi, 65, 67, 167 

nay ana, 255 

nikiijita, 211 

nigba, 288 

nicita, 286 

nibbinna, 286 

nimmanaratino (devfi), 169 

nirattbika, 258 
niraya, 282 
nirupatapa, 294 
nirupadbi, 233 
nirodba, 13, 142 
nisaiiba, 28 G 
nissaraiia, 233 
nibatamana, 267 
nekkbamma, 266 

pakka, 270 
pakkba, 269 
paccbada, 253 
pancakatuka, 291, 292 
patimukka, 290 
patinipa, 240 
panama, 266 
patoda, 174 
pattali, 211 
padbanapabitatta, 174 
panaccita, 257 
pabbajja, 251 
pabbangura, 95 
paramattbasannita, 174 
parikamma, 253 
parikammakarika, 267 
pariklesa, 241 
pariddava, 241 
paribandba, 242 
paribabira, 209 
parilciba, 41, 292 
palambita, 211 
paHgba, 211 
palipa, 224 
palepa, 213 
palokin, 94 
pasada, 267 



pasadhana, 267 
pahita, 212 
pahitatta, 143 
pahutadhana, 266 
patali, 211, 226 
patiharikapakkha, 38 
pana, 253 
pasanda, 164, 165 
pavacana, 286 
pasada, 253, 286 
pasadika, 266, 281 
pindita, 259 
pitaka, 211 
pitisukha, 160 
pilikolika, 259 
putliu, 241 
puthuloma, 292 
pubbalhaka, 259 
punabbhava, 142 
pubbenivasa, 74, 197 
purakkbata, 170 
purisadammasfirathi, 178 
pntikaya, 283 
ponti, 269 

phalaka, 212 
phalaviprdva, 271 
phita, 234 
phutika, 212 

bandha, 241 
bandbaniya, 243 
balisa, 292 
babuayasa, 241 
bahuvigbata, 281 
bojjbanga, 27, 50, 160 
brabmabandbu, 206 


bbattikata, 267 
bbavagata, 282, 283 
bbavatanba, 282 
bhasta, 283 
bbavitindriya, 164 
bbimsanaka, 252 
bbitti, 258 
bhimariipa, 242 
bbedanadhamma, 254 


makula, 211 
maccbarika, 204 
manikundala, 234 
manda, 265 
madana, 240 
manussalabba, 290 
mantabbani, 219 
mabiddbika, 295 
mabila, 271 
manusika, 258 
maya, 258 
migavadhika, 204 
muccbita, 282 
mnduka, 286 
muddika, 212 
musala, 29, 118, 161 
mala (3), 218 
mulamulika, 212 
medhaka, 241 
momuba, 164 
mobana, 240 
mobanamukba, 242 

yathabhucca, 142 
3^ama (deva), 169 



yugaccbidda, 290 
yiithapa, 270 
yoga (4), 8, 78 
yogakkbema, 18 


rajavaddbana, 240 
rana, 244 
ranakara, 244 
ratana, 287 
rittaka, 258 
rupparupaka, 258 
riipasamnssaya, 98 
roga, 288 

lakbatamba, 270 
lokamisa, 243 
lobbana, 240 
loma, 199 

vajjbagbataka, 204 
vattani, 259 
vaddbi, 271 
vaiinarupa, 139 
vadba, 241, 288 
vanasandacririnl, 211 
vantasama, 286 
vandanfi, 143 
varaka, 206 
valika, 266 

vasavattino (devu), 169 
vasanuga, 252 
vasikata, 226 
vada, 295 
vasita, 209 
vikala, 257 

vikulaka, 284 
vijja (3), 75, 167 
viddesana, 271 
vinipata (4), 282 
viparTtadassana, 258 
vimuttamanasa, 251 
vimokkba, 98 
virala, 210 
vividba, 257 
viveka, 64 
visamyutta, 236 
vissattha, 257 
vltaraga, 236 
vuttbima, 287 
velunali, 212 
veilitagga, 209 
vyasana, 241 

samsarita, 289 
samsara, 289 
sakantaka, 242 
sakipaggbarita, 283 
sakunabbatta, 284 
sakkaya, 239 
saggapaya, 74 
sankilesa, 243 
Rankbana, 292, 293 
saiikbara, 94, 173 
sankbaragata, 294 
saccani (4), 291 
saccribbisamaya, 239 
saunojana, 159 
sati, 164 
satti, 288 
santapita, 292 
sannibita, 267 
sapatta, 242 



sapattika, 178 
samagga, 143 
samauta, 287 
samappita, 282 
samiissaya, 28, 98, 212 
samillaka, 256 
samphusana, 250 
salomagandliika, 210 
sallabandhana, 242 
savanagandlia, 283 
savighata, 242 
sassata, 282 
sahavatthu, 269 
sakatika, 271 
sakuntika, 227 
sataka, 205 
sanavaka, 209 
sapateyya, 240 
sadharana, 292 
sasanka, 241 
sikhara, 255 
sitibhava, 244 
sila, 282 
silasampanna, 168 

sihanada, 235 
siimsumara, 204 
sukkapakkbavisosana, 244 
sunka, 32 
simfiata, 50 
suddbavasana, 239 
suddbi, 225 
sunakha, 292 
supina, 258 
suppavedita, 240 
surabhikarandaka, 209 
^uvisama, 242 
susanavaddhana, 254 
sukarika, 204 
siila, 288 
soka, 241 
sombha, 257 
svagata, 236 


baritala, 258 
harittaca, 235 
bataka, 255 
hemavanna, 235 


When nearly the whole of the text was printed off I 
obtained from Professor Griiuwedel in Berlin : (1) A tran- 
script of the Apadana MS. belonging to the Phayre Collec- 
tion in the India Office. (2) A Sinhalese paper MS. copied for 
Professor T. W. Rhys Davids at Kalutara, Ceylon, in 1885. 
As these MSS. offer in a certain number of cases better or 
equally good readings as those which I could use, I have 
thought it advisable to mention these readings among the 
corrections and additions. 

Griinwedel's transcript is marked by the letter G, Ehys 
Davids' MS. by D. 

At the same time I had the opportunity to read Mrs. 
Mabel Bode's articles : " Women Leaders in the Buddhist 
Pieformation " in the Journal of the Ptoyal Asiatic Society 
for 1893. Here also I found in a few cases better readings 
than those offered by my Paramatthadipani MS. 

I am sorry to see that under these circumstances the 
list of corrections and additions has become rather too 
extensive. E. M. 

P. 31 line 3 from bottom read " dutopasampadam " in 

one word. 

P. 42 line 6 " nangalam padayam' aham," D. 

P. 54 „ 2 from bottom ''malika," G.D. 

P. 55 „ 14 nwZ " ubbiddham." 

P. 58 ,, 17 ,, "ito pi tidivam gata." 

P. 62 „ 1 from bottom '' bodhini," G. D. 

P. 63 ,, 2 ,, " ajaramaram " G. D. 

P. 64 ,, 9 " sabbavositavosana," G. D. 

P. 70 ,, 12 " thiipass' ima disa tisso," G. D. 

P. 71 „ 14 " sovannam satahatthakam," G. D. 


P. 72 line 8 read " itthakagharam." 

P. 73 „ 7 „ " Mahatitthe.*' 

P. 83 ,, 1 „ ''adantadamako." 

P. 84 ,, 4 from bottom "na sanha," G. ; " na panha- 

kale subliage," D. 
P. 85 line 10 read " vadanam." 
P. 92 ,, 11 from bottom and p. 93 line 7 from bottom 

''Vakula," G- ; " Nakula," D. 
P. 98 lines 16 and 17 read " samussayasaddo " and " sa- 

P. 99 line 9 read " thitivatthuj' anej' ambi." 
P. 115 ,, 11 from bottom read " paricinno maya 

P. 127 line 11 from bottom read " Samanaguttadlbi." 
P. 130 ,, 8 ,, '' sangharame," G. D. 

P. 13] ,, 6 ,, read '' mamanuggababud- 

P. Vd'2 line 2 ,, 7-t'a^^ " vijamanam." 

P. 140 „ 14 „ „ ''dasim." 

P. 141 „ 5 read "anesi." 
P. 144 ,, 6 " tabim setapure ramme," G. D. 
P. 144 ,, 16 rmfZ " Kbemadikanarp." 
P. 144 ,, 4 from bottom *''sabbam," G. D. 
P. 145 ,, 18 " taya na yuttam," G. D. 
P. 146 „ 16 " thiyo yava," G. ; " piyo yava," D. 
P. 146 ,, 5 from bottom " karissam uttame abam," 

P. 147 line 4 " na tarn okkam' ahani puno," G. D. 
P. 148 ,, 1 from bottom reac? "gato yattbanarissaro." 
P. 152 ,, 10 read " satabi saba pancabi." 
P. 153 „ 15 ,, " Na ca me vandanam vira tava pa- 

desu komala sampbusissati lokaggam. Ajja gac- 

cbami nibbutini. 
P. 154 line 1 from bottom read " suriyodaye." 
P. 155 „ 9 „ „ "mahiya." 

P. 156 ,, 11 read " daddham c'assa sarlrakam." 
P. 157 ,, 1 „ "jatavedaso." 
P. 163 „ 18 „ " Andbavanam." 


P. IS'l line 19 read '' susiinarathiyclhi ca." 

P. 188 ,, 9 from bottom read "puttfi assu." 

P. 188 ,, 18 rcrtJ ** posrivanikamiilam." 

P. 188 ,, 20 ,, 'M)bujissa." 

P. 191 ,, 4 from bottom ?'c'rt<^ *'vinayakam pujayitvri." 

P. 200 ,, 7 read " Sibanadasuttantadesanaya," and 

" udakasuddbikam." 
P. 214 line 11 from bottom read '' mahavibhavassa." 
P. 220 ,, 4 ,, ,, " ahancbam," and co»?|). 

Majjbima Nikfiya, ed. Trenckner, p. 545, " Pali 

MisceUany," p. 74, 
P. 225 line 14 read " Capa " instead of " Ciipaya." 
P. 260 ., 8 from bottom reafZ " sakatikassa." 
P. 277 „ 10, and 286 line 9 read '' Ulii vattbukata," 

and eomp. Buddbagbosa's explanation Vinaya 

Pitaka, ed. Oldenberg, III. 267. 
P. 290 line 3 ff. conip. Journal of tbe PaH Text Society, 

1889, p. 210. 


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